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I’d like to share my experience with you during...

I’d like to share my experience with you during this bitter and sweet time that I’ll be getting my third set of breast implants. The adventure began in 1976, when silicone implants were novel and the rage! I’ll never forget how I felt for the first time ever, that I had self-esteem. My new boobs were looking so perky and voluptuous! But, after seventeen years, these puppies were low down, and had ruptured into two pancakes. I knew then that I had to do something about the relentless, tightened, and contracted capsules in my chest or I’d freak out! I felt really lost because all the self-esteem I had gained, was now gone, and I had lost all confidence.
So, in 1992 the second surgeon decided to use saline implants, so I trusted the decision to be a safer alternative. Back then PS’s were so conservative and I remember him saying, “Oh you don’t want to look too big!” (But the truth was I did). He said he used only 325cc, and 350cc, on my athletic frame. That was the surgery from Hell! It was excruciatingly painful, and I could barely walk out of the recovery room. But considering I wanted to look normal naked more than anything again, I accepted my new roommates, even if they weren’t as big as I wanted, especially after the swelling went down. To make things worse, when I do any rapid movement I can hear them swishing around like water balloons; plus, over the years, I lost 30 pounds and they look wrinkled like a cold prune, as they hold cold temperatures. Eeeek!
After the surgery was over, the PS said he had to take a lot of my own breast tissue when he scraped-out all that silicone! Ugh, and to make matters worse, the Radiologists told me that the silicone had spread throughout my body. It was very tense for a while until the team gave me the green light assurance by saying they were 99% sure that the silicone wouldn’t cause any problems. But later, around 2005 during a mammogram, they were again concerned about silicone granulomas, in or around the arm pit lymph node. They concurred with the first group that it was no issue. To me however, that still remains to be seen.
Circa now; my DD’s shrunk down to B’s, and the left one completely bottomed out. The encasing is empty, and all saline is gone. I feel so much pain; it is like I have sharp rocks in my chest that sit low down on my rib cage! I can't hug anyone; I won't let my boyfriend even look or touch them at all! I can't sleep on my sides, and my bras are so painful I have to wear sports bras all the time; I’m so sick of them. Worse of all, Now, I admit to dreading and fearing the worst kind of excruciating pain, but I am forced to do something about it because I'm concerned about my overall welfare.
Currently, I have researched a good surgeon here in Palm Beach that I consulted with on December 10, 2015. I was surprised when even he said that inside my breast was sharp feeling objects, and that he felt my case was almost an emergency. Doc measured me and said he thought the Memory Gel, 590cc's, Ultra High Profile is right for my build, and I agree. I’m not real clear, but he will remove the entire pocket, clean everything, and put something like an internal bra, and the implant under the muscle, and will do a lollipop lift. He said if I look nice and dry, then drains won’t be necessary. (By the way, my previous sets were on top of the muscle).
The big day will be January 20, 2016, and I'll keep you posted. I’ve included photos of my deformed breast so we can compare later. (It’s not discussed here, but the doctor is also doing a lateral thigh lift at the same time; but that's another post.). Thanks ahead for your support, and I wish you beauty, both inside and out! Peace.

Pre-Op 1-4-16

Pre- Op Tomorrow, Jan. 4. I have to first go to my PC doc, then to my PS, so it's a full day to get past the dreaded painful mammogram, ECG, and blood work. I'll let you know how it went. Peace!

Pre-Op Update and Anxiety!

Less than a week after my Pre-Op, (and 5 business days from surgery), the nurse called and said that the Anesthesiologist was requiring a Cardiologist to give me clearance for surgery! Yikes, I'm in so much pain with these sharp rocks in my chest that I don't feel so good now. I met with him today and he was a delightful physician, thank God! He made me feel better by saying Anesthesia is getting more cautious than ever before, not to worry, it should be okay. But, here it is 2 days before the surgery and I have to postpone it indefinitely until we find some answers. Next Monday, Jan. 25 I go back for an echo and stress test! We shall see, I'll post an update.

Surgery Today

I want to add that I this am I had a BA revision to 590cc Memory Gel, Ultra High implants, and a Medial Thigh Lift. I'm being cared for at The Secret Garden for the first 24 hours. I will post before and after now. I'm woosey from the meds, plz bare with me. I've only had one pain. Pill. Getting to the bathroom was complicated, but doable. Otherwise I feel surprisingly good! Pics coming next.

Before Shots

Surgery was 2 days ago and wow! I'm still goofy from narcotics and sleeping pills, so ask me how I'm feeling? Overall good, mostly hurt from my Medial Thigh Lift. I don't have a blog for it, but I might post pics later. Peace.

10 Days After

Doing ok I thinks. Yeah!

One Month Post-Surgery Update

Well ladies, here I am with a new set of roommates on board, and boy is it fun! They are still a little high and wide, probably haven't dropped and fluff enough yet! But wow, amazing! I'm so happy I went with the Memory Foam Gummy Bears - Ultra High Profile - 590cc. I am a small woman, about 125lbs, at 5'4" tall; a body builder with a medium frame. So, I am so use to pain from bench pressings, flys, push ups, and tons of incline presses, that the pain I have had from the surgery under the muscle isn't as painful of what I do normally at the gym! Go figure. So here's some updated photos. Some are with or without my silicone scar strips. I'm using them to keep the scars from widening under pressure from gravity, and to make them get whitened and flat faster. Anyway, next challenge will be to find the right bra sizes.

6 Weeks Post-Op

Week 7 coming up. I'm a happy camper with my new roommates on board!

4 Months out and not real happy, need suggestions!

As I've mentioned, I got 595cc Ultra-high Memory Gel Implants. They feel wonderful to touch but they are sitting too low on my rib cage, like an old lady. I expected they would have cleavage and sit high up on my chest. I feel I have "side boobs" that spread out towards under my arms, especially upon lying down. Also at the top of each is a flat indentation against the chest wall, and one is bigger than the other. I asked the PS about it and he said it's hardly noticeable. For everything I went through, I wanted perfect, not almost. This is my 3rd set and I know he had a challenge with them, but I've decided to go to him and explain my concerns and ask for a revision. What do you think?
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