28 years old, had rhinoplasty / septoplasty December 7th, 2015. Everyday I love my new nose more than I ever could have imagined

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So far, I have had a consultation. The...

So far, I have had a consultation. The consultation fee is $150 and goes towards the cost of your surgery. Dr. Joseph made a very great first, and everlasting impression on me. He became very personable from the moment he walked into my waiting room to introduce himself. He made small, but entertaining small talk that eased my anxieties about a potential procedure. My goal was to have a conversation about the aesthetic appearance of my nose, but I learned a few other things about my nose that I did not previously know. In addition to having a more, in my opinion, masculine nose, I also had a deviated septum on my left side of my nose. He did a small breathing test with me to validate his diagnosis. After that, he took pictures of my nose and did a simulation of what my desired results could look like post rhinoplasty. I was nothing short of impressed. He was very honest and did not PUSH ME/PRESSURE ME to go through with the procedure. After this, I was taken to a different room and spoke with staff about setting up a preop date and time, as well as potential payment methods (cash/check/Care Credit only). Also, this is when I was given a quote for total surgery cost. Since the facility does not accept insurance, it is vital that you contact your insurance company in regards to covering the fee for anesthesia (it's estimated to be a little over $1,700). I contacted mine, but I am still waiting to hear back. To schedule an actual surgery date is an $800 deposit. My preop is scheduled for December 1s, 2015. I was thinking about scheduling for the spring, when the weather is nicer, but I am so excited to go through with this that I scheduled it for December, 7th!


Prospective results. Every time I look at this photo I am more and more certain I want to do this!

I GOT MY SURGERY! December 7th, 2015!!!

Okay! WHEW! What a week it has been! I got my rhinoplasty / septoplasty on December 7th, 2015. Here's a photo of me six days post-op! I do have a bit of bruising left. Listen. This procedure was a PIECE OF CAKE. I had NO pain from beginning to end, and I also had no complications. Everything went SO SMOOTH! The day of my surgery, I entered the facility and was warmly greeted by a nurse there. She gave me paperwork to sign. I went into a small, back room and laid down in a chair to start my IV drip. The anesthesiologist appeared and went over everything with me to expect. THEN Dr. Joseph appeared. Happy and down to earth as always. He marked up my nose and had a brief conversation with me about what he was doing / what to expect. After that, I was walked to the operating room. I was assisted getting on the operating table and laying down. Dr. Joseph held my hand and massaged it until I fell asleep, which was SO SWEET. I felt very very little anxiety the day of this surgery. Everyone there makes you feel so welcome you forget you're actually getting an operation done. When I woke up in the recovery room, it felt like I was out five minutes. Again, the wonderful staff took excellent care of me and made sure I was feeling my best before they sent me on my way home. BEST EXPERIENCE EVER. I would do this ALL OVER AGAIN. I can't express enough gratitude to Dr. Joseph and his staff for making this plastic surgery experience the most positive. Endless thank you's. ENDLESS. Tomorrow I get my splint off and you will see my results!

This is a picture of me as soon as I was coherent enought to take a photo of myself, lol!

After I woke up from my surgery, I wanted a mirror / my phone / anything to take a peek at what my face looked like. The bruising did not appear until the next day, and only last for a few days. I looked like an alien for a hot minute, but everything subsided very quickly.

Here's an idea of before / after to see how long / bulbous my nose was! CFN status achieved!

This is usually how I take a lot of my "selfies," from this particular angle. Check out the CFN on fleeeek. I already have so much more confidence due to my more feminine nasal appearance.


This was so short lived, thank God! The thing with rhinoplasty surgery is that it looks like it's painful because of the bruising, but it's not!

Splint removed / stitches removed = Newly revealed nose + me!

Okay! Today marked one week since I had rhinoplasty / septoplasty done by Dr. Joseph. Take a look at these results! I am ELATED. You know what's crazy? I already forget what I used to look like, because this is what I was SUPPOSED to look like. My advice to you if you're considering this surgery with Dr. Joseph? DO IT! You will absolutely not regret it. You'll say "why haven't I done this years ago?" Well, until you find Dr. Joseph, you may not get it done!

The pictures with the mustache gauze pad are the day of / day after the procedure

Okay. When you wake up from surgery, you may notice that your not very bruised, which is great. The next day, however, the bruising under the eyes may be a little more obvious. The alien eyes will come around the third day and leave on the fourth / fifth day. It looks VERY scary, but don't worry, it's a VERY short lived stage in recovery.

The extent of my bruising on one week post-op

I watched one of my friends (who also had rhinoplasty by Dr. Joseph) go through this process through her pictures / seeing her. I can't express enough how important it is to see pictures like this. You want to have an idea of what you're in for. It helps relieve anxitieties when you wake up to alien eyes. Now I am eight days post op. I am still amazed how fast and well my face healed from this. Now I'm ready to go back to work tomorrow! This is a photo of me from yesterday, seven days post op. Almost back to normal!

Two weeks post op rhinoplasty / septoplasty.

Photo update!

Three weeks since surgery!

Found a few photos of my old nose!

Looking back, I can't even believe this was once my nose. The difference is just amazing! One thing that was brought to my attention for my consultation was that my tip drooped when I smiled with my teeth. I never thought of this before, but there's a reason even I didn't fully know about why I hated smiling with my teeth. I remember when I took my pictures for my simulation Dr. Joseph noticed I didn't like smiling with my teeth. For some reason, him bringing that to my attention made me think more about why he noticed what I noticed. I guess having a nose I didn't like made not smiling with my teeth second nature to me. Anyways, no teeth smiles in these photos. Also, I can't believe how bulbous the tip of my nose was and how large it was. I think I looked pretty in these pictures, but having a nose that fits my face makes a world of a difference.

My nose prior to rhinoplasty! The angle I despised!

The bone at the bridge protruded out. It's weird to feel my nose now and it's not there. It was too long and too bulbous. I couldn't help but always study my face from this angle. I would look at it, and say in my head: "self, you really should consider rhinoplasty."

Before / After

Profile view of my nose. Before: left | After: right


Just a little collage of my nose. I took these pictures today.

1/14/16 One month post op appointment + new lippies!

I had my one month post op appointment yesterday. It's hard to believe I am at this stage in the process already. My nose is not only perfect, but I have more volume in my lips thanks to a treatment with Silikon 1000!

Two months post op rhinoplasty!!!

Loving my results. I feel a confidence I never thought possible.

Two months post op rhinoplasty / septoplasty

I am in love with my results and I seriously am so happy to look at my face in the mirror each day.

6 months post op.

6 months post op.

6 months post op.

A little peek

6 months post op

West Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon

BEST BEDSIDE MANNERS / Highly informative / a MASTER of his craft | passion! I am so stoked to go through with this!

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