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First I would like to say hello to all of the...

First I would like to say hello to all of the courageous women that have gone through this battle. I have been lurking on this board for so long until I can't remember the exact date, that I feel like I already know alot of you since I have been following alot of your stories. So my day is getting near and I decided it was time for me to share my story. I am 38 years old, 5 2, and 170lbs. I do not have any children and I am engaged an will be married June 2014. I developed breast in primary school, I was an A/B cup 4th grade, B/C 5th grade, C/D 6th grade, DD in 7th grade cause I started my monthly the summer before 8th grade etc....... I have wanted a breast reduction before I even knew there was such a thing. I have been teased so bad growing up in a small town. I always tried to make them invisible... now I am suffering from terrible shoulder indentions, a jacked up back, contstant pulling of my neck, and frequent headaches 3 to 4 weekly...

I have tried to get a reduction twice before now. I tried to get it through medicare but they deemed me overweight and told me I needed to be 150 lbs. At that time I was 218... So I went away and licked my wounds. I didn't try again for awhile cause I went through stage three cervical cancer. But thats another story. After that I tried again through Cigna in 07 and was denied tried again approved but company switched carriers in middle of buyout. So here I am over 40lbs lighter with tons of stomach and armpit fat... I decided it was finally time, besides I wear a size 4 in pants and a 2x and 3x top. I had been seeing this commercial on TV of this doctor that specialized in breast reduction and decided to give him a try. I went in for my initial appointment and was very nervous, a man approached me and ask me if I was okay. I began telling him I was a little nervous, and he began telling that he had heard great things about this doctor and he would calm all of my fears.... He then turn to me and extended his hand and said "Hello My name is Dr. Maguire." I could only smile cause he made me feel so at ease. He has a small friendly staff that answered all of my millions of questions. He said I am now a DD/DDD and he is going to take me to a B/C. I am scared as HELL!!!

I had my Pre-op today. Maybe that really confirmed it for me. It's real... Sorry insurance is BCBS.. At first I was denied big time. Then we did an appeal and I called for a few days and my doctors office called them and we had to resubmit everthing so I decided to write them a personal letter about how I just wanted to live my life pain free. SO TRUE!!
And guess what they approved me, when I got the call I was so excited I screamed so loud.. (I was at work) So the bad part was I just had start another semester and couldn't miss school, so that's why we set the date for Dec 11. I have been on this site daily since then trying to learn everything I can. But any advice and all advice is welcomed.

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Okay, I went back in today to do the lab work and...

Okay, I went back in today to do the lab work and EKG. Hope this pans out well. Anyone had any trouble out of lab work??? I have exactly one week to go and for the most I am good. I have finals this week but it's so hard to study for thinking about The Surgery. I know that I am going to be fine but I don't think I would be human if I didn't worry about the unknown. I also paid my money today and it ended up still being a little cheaer than I anticipated. I only have to spend 509.40. Yes!! This will be the best money every spent. Ididn't want anyting unexpected coming along and changing the plan. I have waited so long for this time to come till I won't to make sure I have my ducks in a row.
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