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Certainly, the credentials and medical pedigree a...

Certainly, the credentials and medical pedigree a doctor acquires can speak volumes. But what of those intangibles that separate good doctors from great doctors? Can you quantify a "feeling"? I preface my review with these questions because I don't know that I can adequately convey Dr. Tsai's skill as a surgeon without markedly noting his ability to translate a generosity of spirit into a medical practice. Standard nomenclature refers to it as "bedside manner". As lay people, we've grown accustomed to using the term to bestow praise (when compassion and understanding is found in abundance) and derision (when that compassion and understanding is lacking). It is all glorious applause when it comes to Dr. Tsai. But it isn't just that he has an innate ability to reassure (which he clearly does). It's that he understands how to engineer an environment that fortifies your belief that he has, to the exclusion of all else, your best interest at heart. It may sound trite or cliche, but in earnest, Dr. Tsai makes you feel like you're discussing with your best friend, who just happens to be a doctor. You will never be met with condescension. He is receptive to your ideas for the direction you want to push your aesthetic, while being able to integrate his expertise to dissuade considerations for lesser techniques you may have researched and encourage more beneficial processes you may have missed. He is fluid in his approach - never being grafted to rigid, traditional courses of action specified for conventional surgeries. He is adept at managing your expectations, so he never falls short of what he promises to deliver. You don't have to be concerned with being oversold.

In terms of his surgical skill, his technique is impeccable. Directly out of my closed rhinoplasty I could see how meticulous and precise his suturing is. In fact, when I returned to have my non-dissolvable sutures removed (the week following my surgery), his assistant playfully and lightly griped about the difficulty in removing them because they were so tiny. His incisions were inconspicuous. His attention to detail remains consistent even in aftercare and post-surgical followup.

To give you further insight into his willingness to please and accommodate his patients: I have been deeply interested in having bone shaving surgery. It isn't a specialty big in the US currently. Few surgeons perform it domestically. Much to my chagrin, Dr. Tsai has also not delved into this arena. When I mentioned my distress at the prospect of having to potentially locate a surgeon for it, Dr. Tsai, on the spot, decided to make a commitment to research it further and vet what measures and surgical tools are necessary to create the feasibility of him performing it! I simply do not have the wherewithal to express what a top notch doctor and human being Dr. Tsai is. You must, must, must experience him for yourself.

Procedures I've undergone with Dr. Tsai:
Buccal Fat Pad Removal
Fat Grafting
Liposuction of Chin
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