Primary Rhinoplasty and Facial Fat Transfer by Dr. Motykie

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Prior to undergoing surgery I had never had a...

Prior to undergoing surgery I had never had a cosmetic procedure before- I am now 17 days post op (surgery 01/27/16) from receiving a primary rhinoplasty, breast lift and augmentation, liposuction to the upper arms and facial fat transfer to my chin, temples, under my eyes and in my lips. Needles to say, recovery has been rough- yesterday was my first day of feeling semi-normal again. Despite this, I made sure to take pictures every day post-op and will be uploading them later today :)

Pre op pics- rhinoplasty/facial fat transfer

So.... Here are a bunch of pics I pulled from my phone which show all the unflattering angles of my nose pre-op.

Upon reviewing these pics I noticed that I mostly seem to selfie from one side only- eek! This made it a bit hard to pull a wide/clear variety of angles so I hope you're able to get a pretty good idea on how my nose wss prior to my rhinoplasty :)

Formal pics- front, L/R and under profiles

Here are the formal front and left/right profile views.

I hated taking these because it felt awkward and unnatural to not smile! I'm a smiley person so trying not to was HARD. Which I think is why my front profile looks strange, as when it was taken I literally remember repeating to myself 'don't smile, don't smile you'll mess it up!'

Dr. Motykie morph

I live on the east coast so I chose to do a virtual consultation with Dr. Motykie as opposed to flying in for an in person consultation. In hindsight I wish I would have made the trip as my virtual consultation was pretty basic and involved sending off some pics for review, morphing and the provision of a quote. After doing this I received a quote and one morph back from Dr. Motykie. I was a bit taken aback as I had thought I would receive at least 2 morphs (front and profile views) so that both Dr. Motykie and myself could see if we shared the same vision for my nose. After receiving the above morph I enquired about receiving a front angle and was told that Dr. Motykie typically only provides a side morph.

So... It wasn't much to go on but I loved the provided profile morph and Dr. Motykie's website gallery was SO good that in lieu of a front morph or a face to face discussion with Dr. Motykie, I decided to book my rhinoplasty and ultumately.... Trust.

Consultation Day

Nothing is more vexing when you spend close to two hours writing a book of an update, post it then... nothing and it's lost forever :( So here goes take 2!

My first face to face consultation with Dr. Motykie was on Jan 26th (Surgery was on 1/27/16). My appointment was scheduled for 9:30am and despite a GPS estimation of it being a 22 minute trip to Dr. Motykie's office, the dreadful LA traffic ended up making it a 1hr and 5 minute trip- so as a tip to anyone who has an early morning consultation and is not staying super close by- expect your trip to take FOREVER and plan accordingly :)

So... I arrived late to my consultation, which really ticked me off because tardiness is a something I take exception to, and there I was late. Fortunately I was only 15 minutes late so not too terrible and when I finally arrived I apologized profusely to the front desk gals while simultaneously cursing all things LA traffic- but it didn't seem like a big deal to tem at all and I was immediately given a huge stack of paperwork to sign in the sitting area. As a side note- I had already scheduled and paid for my surgeries so the paperwork was related to that, if you were doing a standard consultation I'm sure that wouldn't be required.

Paperwork completed I waited in the sitting area for awhile before being taken back to a consultation room by Diana who instructed me to change out of my clothes (bra and top off as I was having a breast procedure) and into a surgical gown which resembled a shirt but was completely open in the front- I'm sure you can keep your clothes on and skip that awkward for a facial procedure though :) Before she left Diana asked if I would like a drink and offered me a variety of options which was nice. I was then left alone for awhile and as we all know waiting in consultation rooms for a Doctor to come in can be horribly boring, fortunately in Dr. Motykie's consultation rooms there are TVs which feature Dr. Motykie's appearances on various TV shows which run on a loop so you have something to watch which distracts you from the time spent waiting, educates you about all things plastic surgery and helps you forget the fact that you're sitting in a plastic surgeons office doing something so HUGE.

After awhile a lovely gal came in and introduced herself as Menal and informed me that she would be taking my pre-op photos and proceeded to take pictures from all angles, after which she left and Diana returned to give me a nose folder and a breast folder to peruse and instructed me to pick out the noses and breasts which most closely represented my ideal surgical outcomes. The nose folder contained magazine pages of noses of all different shapes, sizes and various ethnicities- kudos to Dr. Motykie for being so inclusive, I thought that was awesome and indicated to me that much like a menu and a chef- if you're offering it you must be able to do it well- which increased my confidence in Dr. Motykie's ability to sculpt the nose of my dreams

For those curious, I selected what were probably the 3 smallest noses- my ideal being a tiny, feminine, cute nose suited to my facial structure. I have a finely boned, pretty small face so my thought process was this- in seeking a rhinoplasty, I wanted my new nose to be significantly reduced in overall size with some extra tweaks- anything less a viewed as being both a waste of time and money.

After a wait that felt like forever, Dr. Motykie entered the room with Diana who stayed during my whole consultation and examination- I'm guessing it as because I was having a body procedure and exam it was his standard practice to ensure another woman was in the room which is perfectly understandable and may be reassuring for some women. I'm not sure if that would be the case with just a rhinoplasty consultation though, however, those who have met Diana can attest that she is lovely and has a very calming presence.

There is so much hype surrounding Dr. Motykie and with all the press he is built up quite a bit but what I experienced was the total opposite of what I expected- that being, an egotistical, flashy surgeon with a Hollywood-esque attitude. Dr. Motykie was anything but that, and I found him to be very approachable, down to earth and efficient.

We first discussed my nose and I pointed out everything I wanted changed- my bulbous tip, significantly reduced, my bridge bump shaved and width reduced, nostril size and width reduced. Dr Motykie then examined my nose and said he wasn't sure I needed my nostril width reduced, but after seeing the pictures I had chosen which most resembled what I wanted for a surgical outcome- the 3 very small and delicate noses and hearing me explain what I liked about each one he said he would probably have to take in my nostrils otherwise I wouldn't be happy. Dr. Motykie's demeanor and approach to our consultation was great- he was very open and easy to talk to about what I liked/didn't like and I appreciated his willingness to be flexible in his vision of my nose and by the end of the consultation I felt Dr. Motykie had a clear understanding of what I was hoping and expected to achieve. Right before we moved on to the next part of the consultation Dr. Motykie removed the 3 pictures I had selected as my ideals, and placed them in my patient folder- I thought that was great, because if I was wrong, and hadn't successfully conveyed my 'vision' of my future nose- like the old adage says; a picture can be worth a thousand words.... and he had 3 so I felt pretty covered :)

After our nose chat, we discussed my breasts and I had the same consultation experience but with an added exam- however, as I am not uploading those pictures I am not going to add that part, but I welcome private messages and am happy to try to answer any and all questions you may have regarding that part of my pre and post surgical experience.

I then mentioned to Dr. Motykie that I really disliked how large my upper arms were and wanted his opinion on whether liposuction was an option or whether I would need an arm lift. Dr. Motykie agreed that I was a good candidate for liposuction to my upper arm and was reluctant for me to go the arm lift route as it would leave me with long and visible scars. This part of my consultation was eye opening- an arm lift would have been a much more expensive procedure but instead Dr. Motykie's suggested liposuction so I could avoid the scars- recommending the less expensive procedure- which really impressed me!

My consultation with Dr. Motykie over, Diana then instructed me to change back into my clothes and after I did so, we went to her office where she pulled out a Motykie goodie bag. It was a lovely surprise and included an incredibly soft grey robe, a bottle of Body by Motykie Arnica Recovery Complex and Body by Motykie tinted mineral sunscreen (see pics)- I thought this was a very thoughtful touch and was a great way to end Consultation day!

Pics from consultation Day!

Surgery Day and a little more about me :)

My surgery was on Jan 27th and I was told to be back at the office at 11 am the next day with the plan for my surgery to start at 12:30. Not wanting to make the same mistake and be late again, we planned for a nightmare trip and arrived a bit early at 10:22..... Of course ;) After I arrived I was given some more paperwork to sign and a cup to pee in (they need to make sure you're not pregnant) then I headed over to the Med Spa to to buy some aftercare products for the IPL/Pixel treatment I had planned to do in combination with my surgery. I had not planned to add any more procedures but after venturing over to that side of Dr. Motykie's practice following my consultation him the day before I spoke with Dr. Tsai (who Is a plastic surgeon who practices there also)- I felt I could benefit from adding IPL/Pixel (I was told that because I was under anesthesia it could be an aggressive 2 in 1 treatment) and because I was having liposuction to my arms that I could use the fat removed to pad out my tiny face in areas of volume loss- temples, under my eyes etc. At this stage I hadn't even discussed these two extra add on with Dr. Motykie because the IPL/Pixel was going to be performed by Dr. Tsai while Dr. Motykie was working on other areas so the only thing to do was ask Dr. Motykie his thoughts on if I should go ahead with the facial fat transfer or even if he would have the time to do that also.

After I was done over at the Med Spa side I went back to the sitting area and waited for quite some time before being taken back to a consultation room and instructed to change into a sugical gown and surgical underwear which I did placed my clothes (I was instructed to bring no valuables and wear loose fitting pants, zip up top and slip on shoes) to the side.

Now I will preface this by saying I don't know how typical my experience was on this day of his practice in general, but I'm thinking it probably was out of the norm and that as a Military wife of 10+ years I am well accustomed to waiting, ups and downs, waiting some more, having additional curve balls thrown at me then waiting even longer :)

A little background one me for those curious- I'm a married mom of 4- one of our children is autistic and when we received that diagnosis of 'severe autism' 4 years ago- my world stopped. Nothing prepared you for that devastation and the next 4 years after it was spent completely devoted to meeting my child's multiple needs and multiple therapies alone- my husband was pretty much gone for work for the whole 3 years after the diagnosis so it was all on me. It was very overwhelming and in an instant life completely changed I had 0 time for me- I had to pause my studies and gone was the fake blonde hair, makeup, nails.... everything. When I say I had 0 free time to do fun things like even go to a nail apt believe it- it was an intense 3 years.

Only over the last year did things get easier and slowly I began to get back to being 'me' plus my husband was mostly home so it made a big difference. However, now that I had time to actually look at myself in the mirror every now and then I started to focus on more on the things I disliked about myself physically and at the end of 2015- I was completely surprised when my husband sat me down and told me to go ahead and book what I wanted, that after I had given so much to our family that it was time for me to invest in myself.

So.... That said I was pretty nervous today and I was spending a small fortune on the procedures and as we all know military salaries aren't high. This was my one chance at the big change I had always wanted so I went with Dr. Motykie hoping and trusting at by going to the best, my results would be phenomenal.

So.... Back to the consultation room- I waited for what seemed like forever before a nurse came in took some general history, told me to place my clothes in a special bag for post-surgery pick up then left. I waited a long time again before the anesthesiologist arrived introduced himself answered any questions I had nd left.
Then... Waiting again for quite some time before Dr. Motykie came in and we discussed and decided to go ahead with the facial fat transfer also, he marked my breasts then wanted to know my the top 3 things I wanted to change about my nose- they were 1. Significant reduction of the bulbous tip, 2. Significant reduction of bridge and bump, 3. Significant reduction of nostrils and nostril width.

I stressed SIGNIFICANT to Dr. Motykie because I did not want a subtle change. After that he left and I was left to wait again for what felt like ages before the anesthesiologist came back in to tell me things were delayed and that my surgery would not happen for some time- he was genuinely apologetic and we made small talk before he left again.

For a time reference, I was told to be at the office at -11am for a 12:30 surgery start. I was still waiting in a consultation room at 4:30pm (and when you've eaten last at 4pm the day before and had your last drink at 10pm the night before your stomach rumbling loudly is quite embarrassing in the company of others).

But again... Thanks to my usual lifestyle I didn't really mind as my whole life is a bit of "hurry up and wait" :) At the time all I cared about was that I was lucky enough to have Dr. Motykie make my dreams come true and honestly, I would have happily waited much longer, after all life happens, things get delayed and elective cosmetic surgery running on time is not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things :) So my tip to others who may be in a similar situation is to go with the flow, have s good attitude and to not sweat the small stuff :)

That aside, the one doubt that did creep in with the later it got was that I hoped it would cause Dr. Motykie rush and I hoped that I wouldn't end up with a nose that wasn't his best work or breasts which were not perfectly symmetrical (any asymmetry would be a big problem for me).

Shortly after that I was taken back to the surgery room, IV in and lights out :)

I have 0 recollection of recovery and was told by my husband that I was wheeled out by a nurse and loaded into our car at 9:30pm so if you guesstimate recovery as being
1 hr- all my surgeries probably took about 4 hours.

Day 1 post op- Jan 28

I was super puffy and on pain pills round the clock. The first day post op I was pretty out of it and I only took these 3.

Day 2

Day 3

My nostril width was reduced so I had a bit of bleeding where the stitches were and it hurt when I ate, talked or tried to smile. The first week of recovery was tough, but after the 3rd day the pain improved greatly.

Day 4

Because of the nostril width reduction the stitches were painful to clean so I was working on that slowly- I had been pretty much sleeping around the clock until today which was the first day I actually got out of bed and put on pants that weren't covered in kittens ;)

Cast off Day! Day 7

On Feb 3rd I was so excited because it was time for the cast to come off! I was shown to a consultation room- everything today went by FAST! Almost immediately Menal came in to clean up my nose and gave me some supplies for my nose/breast aftercare. For those considering Dr. Motykie- he has AMAZING staff and they were so good to me at every step along the way- I had met Menal briefly once before (she was my Consultation Day photographer) but this this time it wasn't just a quick in and out visit and I quickly found out that she is SO sweet and caring. Talking with her was like chatting With an old friend- she just has this way about her which instantly puts you at ease and you feel so comfortable with her. If you can't tell, I absolutely love, love, love Diana and Menal so kudos to Dr. Motykie for picking some winners there!

Today was my first and last post op apt with Dr. Motykie as I was due to fly home the next day. After Menal had finished prepping me, Dr. Motykie stepped in, examined me and we talked briefly, I was cleared to fly the next day then it was time to go. Not much face time with Dr. Motykie but at that stage I guess the important stuff is over :)

Also- things they don't tell you about having a rhinoplasty or perhaps it was because I had my nostril width reduced stitched- smiling is hard! On the inside you're being but the outside photographs as a pained grimace. Lol. Oh well.... I tried :)

----- You may notice some forehead bumps- I had Botox right after my consultation at the Motykie Med Spa.

Feb 4- leaving California 8 days post op

I was so sad to leave as I love, love, love California, but who doesn't?!

Flying out I was 8 days post op and 1 day after my cast came off. Flying was a breeze- absolutely no issues just lots of stares and whispers as I was travelling home with my family and I'm pretty sure everyone thought my husband had given me my black eye which was... Awkward. He handled the gawking and the one 1 point at us we had from a stranger- like a champ though. Ha!

For out of town patients- if you are particularly sensitive and bruise easily you may want to spend more recovery by time in town instead of leaving the day after you are cleared to fly if being a bit of a sensation in airports would be too much for you.

However, I think these moments can be as scary as they are liberating- you know the ones, when you know you look like a hot mess but are brave enough hold your head up high and just rock it, regardless :)

10 days post op

Today I felt absolutely awful as I was in a lot of pain so I spent the day on the couch wallowing and eating sweets. As if that wasn't enough, the skin on my forehead and cheeks started flaking off because it was (and still is) super dry :(

18 days post op (Valentine's Day)

Definitely NOT Valentine's Day ready this year :) I've noticed my face photographs so differently sometimes- either normal or super puffy. Maybe it's swelling, lucky angles or from the fat transfer- or all combined? It's hard to tell.

I still have facial bruising and my face often feels pretty tight, it REALLY hurts when I try to smile big or eat food that isn't cut into very small pieces and brushing my teeth can be both painful and difficult.

My nose is SUPER sensitive, when I touch it lightly I can feel the pressure but it feels numb- like when your skin is freezing and you press down- you register the touch but the typical sensation you would expect to feel is off. I wish I could figure out a better way to describe it but that's the best I can do.

My nose also throbs for at least a few hours every day which I'm sure doesn't help with swelling- I haven't needed to take meds for it but it is far from pleasant :(

Generally my nose is quite large right now but I'm not too bothered by it as its all part of the process! Besides, if what I'm seeing now is the point from which it gets much better I'm positive I will be absolutely thrilled with the final result!


So... I have a BIG secret :) No-one in my real life knows I went to California for surgery. As far as everyone knows it was a family trip to Disneyland. Now, believe me I get that you're probably thinking- if you're going to post on RealSelf looking like a hot mess with no makeup on and not disguise what you look like by covering your eyes with a big panda head why not tell your nearest and dearest? Truth is, I don't know why I didn't tell everyone, or at least my parents.

Or maybe I do.... Even though my parents have heard me lament the big honker they stuck me with, when it gets down to it, it can be REALLY hard to admit to your parents that you hate your nose, have always hated your nose and in fact hate it SO much you are buying a new nose which is waaaaayyyy cuter than the one they 'gave' you :) It's kinda bad form. In fact it reminds me of when you get a really bad present and muster up a half hearted "thanks, I looovvvveeee it" but instead of keeping up appearances and being polite, you instead throw the gift on the floor and stomp on it.

Don't get me wrong I have the best relationship with my parents but I know that hearing what I was going to do would have caused my mom to get all judgy then wonder why I hadn't bought her a better Christmas present, because, clearly, I must be a secret millionaire to afford all of this :)

Instead like the mature adult I kept quiet and avoided the issue and all face to face contact with my parents and friends. Now, friends are easy, lots of "I'm sick, I'm sorry.... Next week for sure". However, my parents live overseas and FaceTime me every few days... Calls which I've dodged, mysteriously not gotten etc etc.
Well, tonight the gig was up, we had a birthday in our family so I had to pick up the call tonight.

First issue was the black eye so I draped half of my hair over my face and angled the phone thinking, sure I may have just had a rhinoplasty and a facial fat transfer but surely I don't look THAT different.

Do I? I waiver between yes and no.

Turns out I was kidding myself tonight because despite the weird hair 'do ( which btw bafflingly didn't get a comment) my mom instantly shrieked at me " OH MY GOD! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FACE? Why is your top lip so huge? Why can't you talk properly? Why is your face so fat?"

Mothers :(

So...... Just as I was feeling like I could almost leave my house and see friends because my puffy face and bruising was going down- it turns out, in case you didn't know this- people can TELL you've had work done ;)

For those interested I made up some terrible story about how I couldn't talk properly because of tooth pain, was congested and puffy because of a cold. I'm 99.9% she did not buy it as I am a terrible fibber.

With those that had facial fat transfers how long does it take to see your final result? I'm a teeny bit worried I have lost my fine bone structure which I loved- forever... I hope not.

So.... I was right, I am an even more terrible liar than I had originally thought. My mom called back and told me that "You look like a truck hit you in the face" and then asked if I had botox.... In my lips. At that point I knew if I didn't admit to something that this would not end well for me, so I admitted to 4 shots in my 'angry lines', I think at this point I'm going to either; 1. Have to start watching YouTube tutorials on how to be a better liar or 2. Admit the truth, or 3. Gain 60lbs so my body matches my face. Hmmmm......

So, with that I'm never leaving the house again :)

---- I'm curious, who did you tell or not tell pre surgery? What stories did you make up to explain the difference/s in appearance?

Facial Fat Transfer update and a note to my readers..,

So... I'm not sure if you can tell but I'm not from here :) I'm an Aussie who has lived in the US for a little over 10 years and love, love, love this country and its people more than anything :)

However, there are certain moments which make you really aware of the differences between Australians and Americans and while this is a bit of s sweeping, blanket statement and yes, there are many exceptions to this, I've always found Americans to be exceptionally polite. Australians, not so much. Not that Aussies are rude, just brash and honest to a fault which can and often is interpreted as the former.

Living in my US bubble of joy (ha!) I often forget this, but was reminded yesterday when I had a meeting and then a mandatory skype conference with my thesis adviser who hasn't seen my face since November. After catching a glimpse of the new me, The following comment slipped out "you look like you really enjoyed Christmas and New Year feasting" i.e. You look like you've spent the last few months on an eating mission, you heifer.

Unlike most people who would probably take exception to this, I just laughed along out aloud, agreed and said I did let it get a bit out of control but I was reigning it in now- all the while internally chuckling that I got away with the BIG stuff! Which is kinda awesome given that I've made some huge changes.

My success with someone I see face to face once every 2-3 months made me think that while I definitely have a chubby face now (only 3 weeks post op) having the FFT the same time as a rhinoplasty is kind of brilliant in so far that it makes everyone go WTH is wrong with you....not be able to pin point it exactly because your hot mess self has SO much going on AND.... Go with perhaps the most obvious and most logical answer (because 'normal' people don't do plastic surgery... only ridiculous celebrities do, dahhhhling) that you've gained weight! Love it!

What makes this even better is that as the FFT settles down over the next few weeks/months and my nose shrinks... The beautiful- small nosed more youthful in appearance- butterfly will emerge having 'lost' those pesky holiday pounds with (hopefully) people still none the wiser.

Regarding the FFT- today is the very first day where my cheeks don't feel really tight so I'm thinking it might be going down a bit.

I posted some pics- taken yesterday- where you can see the fullness.

It is pretty obvious that there is a significant difference volume wise between my pre and post op face. Unfortunately I don't have a whole lot of padding on my body to 'even' out the change, so I do look like a bit of a bobble head right now, but I am keeping the faith that it WILL reduce and the results will be fabulous!

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has commented on my posts and offer words of encouragement and support- it is so very much appreciated! I am new to this Plastic Life nd have no point of reference IRL so THANK YOU all a million times over for taking the time out of your life to post- e-hugs and love to all!

When choosing a surgeon.....

I was thinking about this today and thought it was too important not to share.

When choosing a plastic surgeon you spend hundreds- if not thousands- of hours researching procedures, pouring over website galleries, reading up on surgeon credentials and talking with other plastic surgery minded folk online in order to find 'THE ONE'. You know, the plastic surgeon of your dreams who will make all your hopes and dreams come true.

However, one thing we often don't realize is the important role of the staff. They are the unsung heros in a surgeons practice and will likely be your first point of contact when enquiring about having a consultation and your last when giving you aftercare instructions.

At the time I had NO idea how important this was until now. However, after reading horror stories on this site on the subject- I cannot stress how important choosing a competent plastic surgeon like Dr. Motykie, is to reduce the risk of dissatisfaction/complications.

Another factor that you should weigh heavily (in my opinion) during the surgeon selection process is the office staff- because long after you leave the surgeons table and radar- these people will be the ones who care for you, who email back and forth with you and call you when you're completely panicked and having a OMG what did I do to myself moment. Not once, not twice but maybe 12 times.... Or more :)

Dr. Motykie is clearly amazing- his skill and results speak volumes as to his talent, but (in my opinion) what make his office so great are his people. They are wonderful, patient, kind and knowledgeable.

I'm not going to lie-my appearance from my FFT is confronting- my face is enormous! I am finding it hard to not obsess over it and in a moment of weakness (I know, I know- I totally did not take my own advice of 'trust the process') I shot off frantic emails to Diana and Menal about it. However, unlike the stories we all too often hear on this site of surgeons/offices ignoring or fobbing off patient concerns, BOTH Diana and Menal immediately responded and I even received a call from Menal today who wanted to follow up with me and patiently answered all my questions and concerns. She probably regrets doing so as there were many! But never once did I feel like I was a bother or that she wasn't there for me as long as I needed her to be.

So.... Just another thing to consider for everyone on the hunt for their dream surgeon- keep your eyes wide open and SEE what goes on around the surgeon and who they have on the 'ground floor' because the staff are SO much more than what they appear to be at first look.

And.... If you're like like me- I hope your pre and post surgical aftercare has been positive and that you too have been lucky enough to have a Diana and Menal in your life as well!

It can truly make all the difference :)

Facial Fat Transfer freak out.... Thank goodness for Menal and Dr. Motykie's reassuring calls!

So.....for the past 3.5 weeks I have been hiding out at home only stepping out in public when absolutely necessary as I feel incredibly self conscious due to how puffy my face is. My reclusive ways have left me with 3 things to do daily; 1. Obsess over my face, 2. Be social media present and 3. Obsess over my face some more when I'm not trying to sting some brilliance together for my thesis. For those wondering, brilliance has been in short supply :(

One thing that has become realllllyyyy obvious to me during this whole post op process is that I am horribly vain. I always knew I was a teeny bit vain which was confirmed by having the kinds of procedures I did, but... Little did I know just how much stock I placed in how I look until yesterday :)

I consider myself a very chill go with the flow kinda person, I'm not one who has ever ridden a wave of emotional extremes. EVER. However, the healing process with all its what ifs and unknowns has really brought out an obsessive side that I had no idea was in me.

Over the past 3-ish weeks the chill chick I was has morphed into a 200 a day photo taking-ask the husband a million times daily if my nose looks small- is my face is going down/do I look normal again?- nut.

It is not an exaggeration when I say that at only 3.5 weeks post op my husband is thoroughly sick of me and my incessant questioning- I can't blame him though as I am being a royal pain.

Even though everything I've been told and read stresses how swelling is unpredictable and can last from 6 months to 2 years- it hasn't helped me stress less. So basically..... I'm stuck in a post surgery wait it out-there's nothing you can do- limbo like kind of torture :)

Looking back I was so excited to be having my surgeries that I was totally focused on all the planning that goes with it- the financial side-surgeon selection-medical clearance-pre op stuff etc that I didn't even think ahead. However, in the wake of the many mini post op freak outs I have had with regard to my facial fat transfer I have come to realize I did not manage my expectations appropriately. Or, if I'm being 100% honest, at all. I mean it's not like I thought it would be smooth sailing right after and that Dr. Motykie would work his magic and I would suddenly be transformed from a frog into Disney princess, but I also didn't expect to look like Mr. Potato Head. Okay, who am I kidding, I was going to be Sleeping Beauty and birds were supposed to follow me wherever I went. Sad to say, it never happened :(

That said.....

For those who have thinking about having a rhinoplasty/facial fat transfer as a combined procedure, let this be a warning- you will look horrid for weeks at a bare minimum. You will have an extremely swollen face (think Princess Fiona from Shrek) and bruising. You will probably FREAK OUT when you see the volume change. The change is not subtle and for me going from a face that had barely any fat to a face that felt super tight and stretched was a BIG change. Confronting even.

It was after one reading particularly terrifying post at midnight that prompted me to I email Diana asking Dr. Motykie to contact me to talk about the procedure.

Instead, I received a call from Menal yesterday and she helpfully (as usual) addressed my concerns and questions. By the end of our conversation I was feeling much better and despite having told Diana that I understood if Dr. Motykie was too busy and couldn't get in touch with me- you know, basically giving him every 'out' to not address my concerns personally- well, imagine my surprise when Dr. Motykie himself also followed up with me!

Now this may not seem like a big deal- your plastic surgeon returning your call, but Dr. Motykie's office is unique in this respect so I truly impressed that he took the time to personally reach out and answer my questions (i.e. Confirming ccs injected, injection sites etc), giving me that oh so priceless peace of mind :)

After my conversations with Menal and Dr. Motykie I was in a much better place with all the facial fat transfer details/variables and was hopeful that I would soon turn that magical post op corner and begin to look like a much improved version of the old me :)

So here is my pro tip for those about to undergo a facial fat transfer- the month before surgery is a good time to start working on your personality or other talents, because trust me- after it you ain't pretty no more and your pretty ain't coming back for quite some time :) But seriously, manage your expectations, research the procedure and go in with your eyes wide open- this way you will know that seeing final results may take some time. It's super hard but I keep reminding myself to follow my own advice to trust the process and remember that I chose Dr. Motykie because I wanted the BEST so now is not the time to be plagued with doubt. If nothing else in this looooong posts sticks, I hope this does- seeing a final result for this procedure can be likened to a marathon, not a sprint... So let's all hang in there together :)

That said, TODAY was the first day since surgery that I thought I caught a glimpse of the 'old' me under the puffiness! TOTAL RELIEF and it could not have come at a better time :) Don't get me wrong, my face is still huge compared to my old self, but for the first time since surgery I think I can see Dr. Motykie's vision. And I like it!

Another interesting thing happened today- I think I captured first hand what seems to be some pretty distinct bridge swelling somewhere between pic 745 and 803 of todays photo fun over an 8 hour period. Holy bridge bump!

You wouldn't think something like bit of swelling could turn your day/week/month upside down, But it does! Even cool, chill chicks who are only a tiny bit vain are not immune to the crazy :)

And.... In closing; swelling is the devil :(

Happy healing all!

PMs about Breast Lift and Augmentation with Dr. Motykie

Thank you to everyone who has been reading and following my recovery journey, I appreciate all the comments, advice and calming vibes more than I can express!

Since starting up this page I've tried to personally reply to all comments and PMs as I receive them so if I've missed yours please let me know as I would hate for your questions to go unanswered.

As we all know Dr. Motykie has quite the reputation, is highly sought after and is the topic of many threads on this site- starting this review really brought this home as almost instantly I became inundated with private messages about my procedures.

So... To the many who have sent me messages privately regarding the cost of my surgeries and if I will be posting photos of my breast lift and augmentation there is a two part answer coming :)

Dr. Motykie has an awesome 'deal'- when you book multiple surgeries- you get a discount! This makes it kinda hard to estimate a true cost, especially when you consider how different every one is- so the best way to ascertain cost- in my opinion- is to contact Diana through Dr. Motykie's website and arrange an in office or virtual consultation so you can get an accurate quote for YOU! I will keep my fingers and toes crossed that your quote will end up a lot less than mine. Lucky for you, I was a hot mess pre surgery do there is a very real chance your quote could be a lot less :)

As an FYI: Dr. Motykie also has this awesome tool on his website called Build My Bod- when I first discovered it I was like a kid in a candy store! All you do is select the procedures you're interested in, enter your details and then find out a basic ballpark cost. Very cool AND helpful! In fact..... I was on there again today adding more procedures for a future date (hopefully)- but sshhh! Don't tell my hubby :)

Now for the one I've gotten MANY private messages about- the boobies ;)

I WILL be posting pics of my lift and augmentation... Just not through pm or email and not now.

I will be having a 3 month check up with Dr. Motykie in a few months to discuss everything and some time after that I will review that procedure and include pics... So stay tuned!

I know that this probably isn't the answer you guys want to hear and I'm sorry I've disappointed those who have written to me asking to chat about it/send pic, but... Soonish, I promise :)

Hugs and happy healing all! xoxo

Recovery observations at 1 month post op!

Hi all! I wasn't going to update for another few days but I have observed some things over the last month and would love some input from my plastic surgery veterans!

1. My skin is awful! I'm sure a lot of the dryness has to do with using a super moisture stripping antibacterial soap right before and for 2 weeks post surgery. Well, my skin has still not recovered :( My nose is peeling like crazy and I have been breaking out like a teen. Interestingly my breakouts are concentrated to my temples and chin area which were injection sites for the facial fat grafting. I wonder if that is common? Hmmm.....

2. I am still bruised! Even though I knew going into this I bruise extremely easily- I never thought it would take over a month to resolve at the facial fat transfer injection sites- I have very large and noticeable darkish-yellow colored patches of bruised skin. My black eye has gotten much better but I still have a little (pinky nail) size red/yellow mark beneath my right eye. To put it in perspective, without make up I look like I was hit in the face with a toy and not punched... So not a total public spectacle anymore :)

3. My nose is still numb! How very weird it is to touch your nose but not be able to properly feel it. Right now I have a normal touch sensation half way down my bridge and at the bottom of my nostrils, everywhere else is completely numb.

4. Facial fat transfer- I'm still very puffy and I hope it goes down a good bit more as I feel I still look a bit big in the cheeks, but it has been going down so I'm sure a desirable final result will be forthcoming :)

As a side note- I'm getting more facial movement back which makes me look a whole lot less weird overall which has made me less freaked out over the facial fat trsnsfer. Up until a few days ago I couldn't smile as the skin between my nose and lip was SUPER swollen. Thevfirst 3.5 weeks post op it was SOOO hard to smile, talk and eat as my whole face felt incredibly uncomfortable, tight and full. For instance when I tried to smile it felt like the weight of the fat in my cheeks was so heavy my smile couldn't lift the heaviness so my facial expression range was about 2- pained or peculiar. The combination of that with having a big, puffy face made me so worried that I was going to look like a disaster forever! It's also really hard to know what side effect is from each procedure as I had them both at the same time so it's a bit of a jumble :)

5. About the nose-

Right now from the front my nose is huge and blobby and I really dislike it. It is about double the size of my ideal noses I showed Dr. Motykie and that I was hoping it would be- which is scary! My husband hasn't helped calm my fears as he says my nose looks exactly the same and even wider overall from the front than it used to be which is in one word, crushing. Also my nostrils are still really large and wide. I don't think my nostril size was reduced and if I didn't see the post op stitches myself I wouldn't have thought they were altered. I am hoping that what I see is swelling and that they will shrink down but I'm not sure if placement can be affected by swelling? Or by how much roughly? Anyone know?

My profile is SO MUCH BETTER!!! The projection was definitely reduced and my nose is noticeably smaller from the side and I'm very happy with that change. I do catch glimpses where I think the bridge bump from before is still there a tiny bit but I'm not sure if I'm seeing what I think I am or if it's swelling.

So... My nose is a bit of a hit and miss right NOW with the front still being super bulbous and very large in overall size. However, I'm still very early in the healing process so these observations are just that- what I've seen in the very early recovery process. Don't forget (as I try not to) that I'm only ONE month post op, so big, positive changes will likely be in store for me :)

For those who have had a rhinoplasty- when did your swelling completely resolve? What month/s post op did you notice your biggest changes?

Big healing hugs to all! xoxo

Jan 27th surgery to Feb 27 pic update!

Not a long update today, just a quick pic update :)

In the last few days I've noticed that my nose numbness is reducing a lot and that I have feeling back everywhere except for the tip. Which makes putting on the face much easier and a lot less clumsy- you wouldn't believe how hard it is to try to apply foundation on a nose you cannot feel- and yes even typing that I realize what a ridiculous first world problem comment that is :)

My face is still really puffy but photographs nicely and not very big, but it IS! I swear.

Also, smiling is still difficult and looks really pained, also I've noticed that when I try to smile one of the sides of my lips (where they meet in the corner) goes up and the other side quivers and remains neutral. I don't know if it's affected by the fullness from the facial fat transfer, swelling or.....? Whatever the case in hoping that sorts itself out soon because I have the most uncomfortable/creepy smile right now- if it wasn't so bad it would be funny! However, it's forced me to evolve, adapt and perfect this side smirk which to me looks a little smug.... It's totally not 'me' but it's all I've got right now and is a much better alternative than my usual smile :)

I've also included some pics from this morning- a couple of different angles so you can see how it looks 1 month post op. Also, you can still see what's left of my my bruising ever so slightly under my right eye in the first pic.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday! Xoxo

To cry or not to cry.....

.... At 1 month post op, there is only one answer to this question and it is DO NOT CRY, it freakin' hurts.

Or should I say, don't start to cry, I never actually made it to a real cry, just starting to was SO painful I somehow managed to reign it in this morning because the pain in my nose outweighed the pain in my heart it was so bad.

I'm not really a big crier, I'm more of a just get over it and move on type of person but now that I'm back on full time mom duty to a special needs son there are some really sucky times which break your heart and today was the first time in months I had another one of these. I won't go into all of the depressing details of this morning but I will say that I have had to undergo costly cosmetic dental work due to trauma caused by some pretty bad shenanigans- that should give you a bit of an idea that it isn't always easy.

Now that I'm 1 month out I've been protecting my face and body like they were made of gold and have succeeded by some miracle but today was a close call. Because of my surgeries I was unable to help during a meltdown in the school foyer- which really means to put myself in the way of potential harm- for the first time ever and it was devastating.

So the tears welled up in front of everyone at school and instantly my nose began to BURN and THROB. The pain was awful! The only thing I can liken it to was a feeling that your nose is on fire while simultaneously being stabbed by needles. In fact, it was so bad that it almost made me want to cry harder. Lol.

Fortunately I was able to pull it together, no tears spilled down and everything quickly descalated. However, an hour later my nose still feels burning HOT. But visually my nose doesn't seem like it's excessively swollen or any different, so thank goodness for that!

So, along with sneezing I can now add crying to the 'things I'm now terrified to do post-op'. If you've made it this far down the spiel- I would love to hear some of the things on your list! Maybe we can laugh and commiserate over them together :)

On that note, be sure to stay calm real-selfers and happy healing! xoxo

Holy Thin Bridge! 35 days post-op

It's funny how when you least expect it, good stuff happens :)

After a looonnnngggg day of ups, downs and a hair change kept me too busy to obsess over my face today, I was surprised to notice right before I removed my makeup, this- a much thinner bridge... Or at least I think it is? What do you think?

I was going to post the pre-makeup removal pics but figured a naked nose is probably best as you get the 'real' view, even though I look like a mess. Oh well, you brave souls who keep up with me should be used to my good, bad and horrifying self by now- so.....

Huge improvement? Yay or nay?

A hot date with Jim tonight..... 5w4d post op!

And by Jim, I really mean the Gym :) Yep, that's about as good as my Friday nights get these days- a standing date with cardio machines. The hot part was true though, it sweltering in there, I think they were having temperature issues.... Or it could just be that the past 6.5 weeks avoiding exercise has taken a toll and turned me into an unfit,-honey barbecue chip loving- trash tv watching- couch potato.

It's my own fault though, Dr. Motykie cleared me to go back to the gym 2 weeks ago but my recovery from my BL/BA has been a lot slower than expected, so I put it off until tonight. You know how people on Real Self say their first return workout felt GREAT? Well... Mine was as expected, that being, a bit of a disappointment. I usually run every night but I've heard so many conflicting reports on here about when it's 'safe' to run post-augmentation that even though I was wearing a high impact VS sports bra I worried that it wouldn't be supportive enough and that my boobs bouncing all over the place would negatively impact my healing and final result. Maybe I need to wear 2 or 3 of them at once? Ha! If any of my real self pals have a recommendation on a great brand of sports wear or tips to keep the boobs in firmly in place when running please let me know! Maybe after I have my 3 month follow up with Dr. Motykie I will start up running again... I never thought I would miss it as much as I am.

Tonight was tough, Since running is out I just cycled. I was slow, I felt weak, my time was pretty bad and by the end of the hour and a half I was exhausted! This may just be a wakeup call that my post surgery sedentary, gluttonous self needs to get movin' and put the chips down and pick up some celery :)

After I finished my workout I didn't notice any changes in swelling that people typically report after exercising, except s bump on my bridge, but I'm not sure if that is swelling or not, but maybe I'm not seeing other changes? If you spot anything please let me know!

For those following my recovery process- I've included some pics so you can see the nose at 5w4d- as it was first thing in the morning to right after my work out which was done by 9:30 with pics taken around 10pm tonight.

Please excuse the crazy hair and smudged makeup.... It was a long day and I'm not one who can gym pretty it seems :)

Happy hot Friday, friends!

FFT- a little pic of my cheeks for reference :)

Here is a pic so you can see what I mean when I reference cheek fullness and visible asymmetry. It definitely bugs me and has been commented on by acquaintances who don't know I've had any work done- but in a nice hey, just thought you might need to know one side of your face is bigger than the other, something might be going on in case you want to get it checked out- kind of way :)

Fortunately no children have hidden behind their parents or run away screaming in fear after catching a glimpse of me so I'm not too concerned at this point and am VERY aware that the FFT healing process can be long and bumpy. Can any FFT veterans weigh in here? How long after the procedure did you stop seeing changes or your PS called it a final result?

I will say that this morning my facial puffiness seems to have subsided a fair bit and my cheeks feel less 'bunched up' and uncomfortable when I smile so I'm hoping I've turned the healing corner and it all gets better from here!

Happy healing, friends! :)

Well, look at that! Your face isn't so fat anymore... 7w4d post op

Said the most critical mum ever on face time today, So yay! My fat-look like you've been hit with a truck- face seems to be finally going down :)

I'm not going to gloss this over at all- the last 7 weeks post- FFT have been rough. Never have I felt so hideous, unattractive and stared at than these past weeks. I'm sure part of this was in my head because we all have a tendency to over dramatize about ourselves, but there's no getting around it- having a big pumpkin head and majorly limited facial movement/expressiveness not only made me feel weird, but look weird too. That said, I also had a rhinoplasty so it wasn't all the FFT, I'm sure it would have been a bit of a different experience if I had just had the FFT :)

For those considering a FFT/rhino the general RealSelf surgeon estimation time range of being public ready around 2 weeks are not true! At least, they weren't for me, I was a house bound hermit for the first 4 weeks with a massive moon face, a black eye (I still have a little bit left at 7w4d) and noticeable large yellow bruises at injection sites (only 1 temple site has slight yellow was at 7w4d) that make up couldn't cover well. I loved my FFT for a week after the surgery as it seemed to fill my face out beautifully then out of knowhere I puffed up and for the last 6 weeks I have had countless- OMG what the hell did I do, I've ruined my face and now I'm a plastic surgery horror story- freak outs. I was stressed out and spent hours researching FFT removal techniques and thoroughly convinced I had made the biggest mistake of my life by going ahead with this procedure.

I'm a pretty chill chick so this should let you know that this procedure is not for the faint of heart and that it gets much worse before it gets better. It should also serve as a warning that if you do go ahead with this procedure PLEASE for your peace of mind choose a plastic surgeon with stellar credentials and experience like Dr. Motykie- it is a procedure that can completely change your life and not always for the better. If you want to have a good cry and educate yourself about the pitfalls of having this procedure performed incorrectly- look at the Not Worth It reviews/pics. The pain and devastation botched FFT patients express is heartbreaking and cuts you to your core. Many times I have read their reviews and personal journeys and been a blubbering mess at the end.

Which takes me to this- do not bargain shop with your face! I paid a lot more to have my procedures with Dr. Motykie than I would had I gone to someone local. And yes, there were good plastic surgeons near me and after researching them had good faith I would get good results, but I didn't want just good..... I wanted GREAT! Never forget that we only have one body and one face so be very careful who you entrust with yours :) this sentiment was really brought home to me in my weak FFT freak out moments- as the one thing I clung to was Dr. Motykie's proven track record and impeccable results in his FFT galleries (if you are still surgeon shopping STOP! Go there now, you've found your guy!)- I can't even tell you how much this helped, seeing his FFT transformations and knowing that there was a proverbial light at the end of my fat faced tunnel and what do you know... I made it and feel a million times better and more positive about this procedure than I have during the last few weeks.

Cue: MASSIVE sigh of relief :)

But... It's not all roses yet- at 7w4d post FFT I am still very much in the healing and swelling ups and down phase- I still feel my face is bigger than I would like with the right side feeling and looking fuller than the left. However, the last few days I've seen big changes! The left side of my face is pretty much perfect- I only want it to go down a touch more. The right side is a bit bigger by comparison but smaller than it was even a day or two ago- I will keep you all updated on that but I have complete faith in Dr. Motykie's ability and aesthetic eye and am sure it will even up eventually.

I have included some pics from this morning and late afternoon (the darker ones) so you can see how my face changes throughout the day- I think I swell up a lot as the day goes on- what do you think? Don't worry about sugar coating it, I can take it ;)

I hope you've all had a wonderful Saturday! Happy healing friends xoxo

Confessions..... 8 weeks post op!

So this whole post op recovery period has been interesting. I had never had 1 single cosmetic procedure beforehand- so I really had no idea what to expect. Add to that I ended up having a bunch all at once.... Well, let's just say I have been captain of my very own hot mess express :)

I was reflecting this morning on my pre op expectations v reality and ended up having a big chuckle about the absurdity of some stuff and thought you might enjoy a good laugh at my expense also :)

Perhaps the biggest change has been my sleeping arrangements. You know how post op you're told to sleep upright to reduce swelling? Well, I've done so faithfully every night for the last 8 weeks.... Downstairs on my couch :) At the start it was hard and uncomfortable but about 6 weeks in I started to get used to it and now I dont want to move back upstairs. Ha! But seriously, I've become so used to this that lying down now feels odd. It also doesn't help that when I do lie flat it's very uncomfortable- I'm not sure if it's just that I have to get used to having big boobs or the post op pain- either way, I have put in some serious couch miles. What's worse is that my husband tosses and turns a lot in his sleep so I don't foresee moving back upstairs anytime soon as I'm terrified he is going to whack me in my nose and ruin it :) However, a real plus side to this deal is that the horribly expensive leather couch in our entryway that my husband complains about at every opportunity- to anyone that will listen- as being uncomfortable and purely decorative- is now useful, so I consider this a win-win for both of us :) That said, I don't know if sleeping upright at this stage reduces swelling, but I hope it's helping! My nose still throbs a lot, mostly around midnight for about 20 mins- it's mildly painful but nothing unbearable.

I am in love with my arm compression garments. Seriously! But... I recognized the need to break this unnatural attachment when my first thought when buying clothes recently was- will this hide my compression sleeves? Ha! I had liposuction to my upper arms and was given 2 compression sleeves by Dr. Motykie's office and have since ordered 2 Rainey brand sleeves from Derma Care because I am wearing them around the clock- in part because the backs of my arms are still super sensitive to touch and I've noticed hurt less even at 2 months post op when compressed. Plus I'm always cold, so wearing them helps me stay warm without needing my usual 3-4 layers, besides (I'm sure occupational therapists would have a field day with the sensory aspect of this) wearing them is like having a big 'ol hug 24-7 :) Hopefully my arm sensitivity will reduce in the coming months because I hate flinching and feeling pain when my kids run up to me for a big hug... Would wearing these for the rest of my life be a tad weird..... Please say no!

I am blind as a bat- as in I can't see anything more than a few yards in front of me unless I have my contacts or glasses on. I typically wear contacts during the day and glasses at night when I'm doing my research. However, I'm terrified to wear my eyeglasses or sunglasses anymore as I don't want to put any weight on my bridge, so... I bought this contraption called a pro nose guard for eyeglass suspension from Amazon. It is straight up nerd wear and holds your glasses off your nose - brilliant, but you can't help but laugh at how ridiculous you look (please see my pic for reference and giggles). However, the headaches I was having at not being able to wear glasses while staring at a small screen for hours on end in the wee hours of the morning saw me quickly warming up to my geeky fate :)

My skin was disgusting for 6 weeks post op- in fact I developed a horrible cold sore on my Lowe lip within a few days of my surgery having never had one before. Maybe stress-related? Whatever the case, my skin was awful- I had never had any real acne issues even as a teen so having my face be all oily, peeling and breaking out daily at my temples, cheeks and chin was hard. I spent way more than I will admit on cleansers and nothing worked. It was so frustrating because having bumpy skin and a huge face (from the FFT) was seriously demoralizing. On a whim when I was at Target I picked up Neutrogenas Oil Free Acne Wash (pink grapefruit foaming scrub) and this stuff was a godsend! It was the only thing that worked and within two weeks everything cleared up. I think it was around $12 so a total bargain.

Which brings me to my secret shame- cheap Cover Girl foundation. This is what I'm using now- my horribly overpriced long lasting foundation was a nightmare to scrub off in the early days post rhinoplasty. I went through a couple of foundations at similarly outrageous price points as my typical brand trying to find the right mix of coverage/ease of removal and the best one turned out to be Cover Girls Smoothers collection. For about $10. Go figure :) I never realized just how sensitive/painful post makeup application would be on my nose so I recommend finding something that you can remove with a feather before you have your surgery. This is especially important if you need to be work ready in a fairly short period.

I am still rocking a black eye at 8 weeks post op. Clearly, a career in MMA is not going to be in my future. But to be fair, I bruise super easily- it's always been a problem with even light touches leaving bruises. I never thought I would have any bruising at this stage and it's not a huge deal- I have shadow-like but a still very obvious yellow patch underneath my right eye. I also still have bruising at my left temple and on my breasts. But that's a bit of an over share, I know :) How long did your bruising last for? I can't help but think this is going on a little too long... Even for me :)

Swelling. 'Nuff said. The swelling game is brutal. I have found that eating salt even in small amounts makes my face swell like crazy. Now for normal people you would just cut out the salt, no problem, right? Well I have cut the salt but it has been HARD. Salt and sugar are my favorite food groups :) I wish I could say I turned this into an opportunity to get healthy but nope- now I've cut the salt out I eat more cake. Oh well, like my appearance, I am still very much a work in progress :)

I hope this gave you a giggle or two! Happy healing friends xoxo

New Beauty Standard

The Husband: "You almost look normal today"

Me: (happy dance/beaming smile combo) "See this big smile here? (Points) it makes my face hurt so maybe email that to me next time".

You hear that, I'm *almost* normal looking :) No sweeter words can be said in the post op phase.

I may just have to venture outside today and capitalize on this because you know this face will double in size and be back to scaring children and small animals by tonight :(

Happy Saturday Real Selfers! Xoxo


It's been awhile between updates- not because I don't love you all (I do!) but mostly because I'm trying to not ramble on incessantly about the same things and.... Well.... Lifes ups and downs combined with a quick trip to VA has kept me busy this past week :)

Today I'm 9w5d (pics taken the day before) post op and over the last few weeks not a whole lot has changed- which makes me think what I see now is probably a good indication of what my final result is likely to be. I'm hoping that it isn't though and that both my nose and face size continue to shrink considerably.

To be honest, the last few weeks have been HARD! I've tried not to obsess about my puffy face and I've spent more time than I would like to admit comparing and contrasting my pre/post op pictures with increasingly mixed feelings. I suppose this is all part of the healing process and I'm adjusting.... What a bumpy ride this post-op express is!

9w6d... Much improved!

It is AMAZING how in a few days things can really turn around! My swelling seems to be subsiding and my nose seems slightly smaller which I am SUPER happy about. My cheeks are feeling a lot less full and today is the first day where I am able to smile semi-properly. I still can't do a wide-I'm-deleriously-happy kinda grin but it no longer feels horribly painful when I attempt to do anything other than a closed mouth smirk so... Yay!

One thing I have noticed which is weird is that the right corner of my lips no longer curl up at all- when I smile (see pic)- I hope it resolves soon as it just looks bizarre. Now, my lips were never particularly 'curly' ha! But post op the right side seems to have gotten worse. Does anyone know if this is common post rhino/FFT? I'm thinking it's due to facial swelling as my right mid face area is the more padded (swollen?) side which feels more heavy/bunched up when I try to smile than the left side.... I had the issue before and it slightly bothered me then but now that it's horribly obvious... Well, does anyone know if there is some kind of surgical procedure or filler tweak which can improve this? I am going to talk to Dr. Motykie about my options but if you know of anything which may help- please share :)

As I didn't include profile pics a few days ago I took some pics tonight from a few different angles so you can see how I'm progressing.

Happy healing friends xoxo

Facial fat transfer = WORTH IT! (Week 10)

Some of you may have noticed that I have changed my RS assessment of my procedures from 'Not Sure' to 'Worth It'. I wasn't going to make the change until at least 6 mos out, because let's face it, a whole lot of changes can occur within that timeframe but I am happy with how things are RIGHT NOW so while premature, I feel it's a reflection of how I feel and that Dr. Motykie definitely deserves some props and e-gratitude.

Let's talk facial fat grafting- I never intended to get this procedure, in fact I had NO idea this was even a 'thing'. However, after it was pointed out to me (not by Dr. Motykie) that this could help reduce my nasiolabial lines and eye hollows, I added it after Dr. Motykie also agreed I was a good candidate for the procedure. Despite some major worries and occasional freak outs that I was destined to look like a bobble head forever and that my mum would never stop calling me and asking if I was back on my college tiramisu binges (YES! She really went there. ha!) can now (10w post op) honestly say that I LOVE how my face looks now and am THRILLED with the outcome .

Even though there is still slight asymmetry with the right side slightly larger than the left, it's gone down so much and is barely noticeable unless I really study my face, call attention to it or lighting gives it away. So, in a nutshell I am SUPER happy and would not hesitate recommend any and all who feel they may benefit from the procedure to take the first step and contact Diana to arrange a consultation with Dr. Motykie so he can work his magic on you too!

Seriously, with as stressful-turned-awesome as this procedure is, take it from me, if price is the major consideration in your surgeon selection STOP. I know I've said this before, but here is the PSA once more- I cannot emphasize enough how important it is that price be a low-ish deciding factor when choosing a plastic surgeon to perform a facial fat transfer. Once your face is botched through fat grafting from what I've read/researched it will be a costly, soul destroying nightmare to attempt to fix, and that's if you're lucky to see any improvement at all. Most people spend WAAAAYYYY more and undergo potentially disfiguring procedures trying to reverse a bad facial fat graft than they do on the initial procedure! Don't get me wrong, I'm not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination but going for the most ecomomical option has the potential to be a total disaster and I'd rather go without than entrust my face to chance. I mean, once your face is botched, it's OUT THERE. No hiding, no option to throw a t-shirt over it or turn back the hands of time. PSA over! :)

Last night I had an evening engagement but I snapped some pics afterwards so you can keep up with the (often drastic) day by day changes.

I also added some pics (blonde) taken the night before surgery- looking back now I can see how gaunt and tired I looked and as I sit here writing this, I'm wondering how NO-ONE in my life mentioned that I could easily pass for an extra on The Walking Dead. Note to self: may need to find new friends :)

Since the proof is in the pictures, what do you think? Improved?

Week 10 snaps continued!

Some of my pics failed to upload so here are some more :) I have to say I feel a bit... Okay, ALOT ridiculous taking a ton of selfies. I just hope all the good, bad and (let's be honest) ugly angles help!

I also included a pouty pic- I LOVE the extra plumping the FFT gave my lips, sadly it wasn't too long lasting though I feel some stuck? It's hard to tell as my lips weren't tiny before but I loved the fullness so much that I'm considering another FFT there and/or fillers- any suggestions on type to try? Right now I'm leaning toward Voluma but am open to suggestions with advice especially appreciated! :)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that Monday is kind to you. Happy healing friends! Xoxo


Hi RealSelfers! I'm now 12-ish weeks post op and feeling pretty much back to normal. I'm now able to smile almost as wide as I did pre-op- it still hurts a bit but has improved a lot. My facial swelling comes and goes, my right side is still larger than the left and cheek size has reduced considerably- thank goodness!

I will be seeing Dr. Motykie for my 3 month post op apt in a few days and have a few concerns to bring up and am hopeful we will see eye to eye on a plan moving forward and that it will work out well. If so, I will be planning a few more procedures for this summer and again a few months after that. And.... Lets just say we will probably become great friends over the years for this aging business is definitely as lucrative as it is depressing... Highly ;)

I was thinking about this earlier today, how I had never had any cosmetic procedures before my surgeries but now I'm planning even more for a few months from now and have a more long term plan for another few procedures a few months after that. As I was making this long term plan my inner voice was shouting at me "How after a few procedures did you of all people become addicted to plastic surgery?". Sounds silly, but it is a huge fear of mine- not knowing where to draw the line between necessary and.... Well, doing too much and looking like a completely different, too tightly nipped and tucked disaster. But... I suppose this is where it's SO important to not only select a skilled plastic surgeon but one who demonstrated a commitment and investment in YOU, your outcome and your happiness. But... I digress, after I have my follow up I will post an update on how the appointment and our discussion goes. Until then.... Here are some pics from today, I wasn't feeling well so I snapped some pics from my couch/bed this afternoon. The quality isn't great because of the lighting but I hope you can still get a general idea on where I'm at.

Happy healing friends! xoxo

14w and a recap of my 3 month follow up apt!

Hi RealSelfers! I'm so sorry for the late update, ALOT has been going on and I've missed our chats both on here and through PMs- I'm sorry for the response delays but I'm now up to date and I hope I've helped :) So.... To catch you all up, I had my 3 month follow up with Dr. Motykie on April 25th- I flew in to LA that morning so I was super tired but everyone was WONDERFUL as per usual. After I arrived at Dr. Motykie's office I was quickly shown to one the consultation rooms. Dr. Motykie arrived shortly after and examined how I was healing, commented on how well the facial fat transfer had taken (for those wondering- I LOVE it! He did some beautiful work- with that procedure I've learned that trust in your plastic surgeon AND patience is key.... Well, as long as you choose a phenomenal surgeon like Dr. Motykie!), mentioned that I was still swollen in certain areas (my right side- the slightly larger side) but was quick to mention that if I wasn't happy with the final result in a few months that there were options we could explore. I am pretty sure it will be fine as its not blatantly obvious and is constantly improving but what I was so impressed by was Dr. Motykie's supreme focus on patient satisfaction- evidenced by bringing up corrective measures before I did. To me this spoke volumes with regard to his personal character and if I wasn't sure before, I knew it then- Dr. Motykie is not only a man of integrity and a meticulous surgeon but is truly invested in the outcome and happiness of his patients. Now for the nose- I mentioned that my nose at this stage was too large for my liking- but... I'm only 3 mos post op so I TOTALLY expect it to be- Dr. Motykie examined my nose and said it would continue to reduce in size and that my tip was pretty stiff. He recommended massaging it which he said would help to soften it as well as improving my nostril symmetry. Since I have started massaging the tip it has helped ALOT in both areas so I'm excited to see how my nose will look in a couple of months as it continues to shrink and even up :) With my questions and concerns addressed my 3 month post op follow up part of the consultation over, Dr. Motykie and I chatted about a few more procedures I would like to have, booked them in for September and of course after I returned home I realized I didn't ask ANY questions about one of the procedures and it's one that makes me pretty nervous so a big thank you to Dr. Motykie's amazing patient coordinator Diana for scheduling me in for another visit on July 18.... So stay tuned for more reviews! For those considering Dr. Motykie for a cosmetic procedure, the man is an artist! Seriously. I could have gone to any plastic surgeon in the world, did not make my decision lightly and have no regrets AT ALL. Well, I do have one- my only regret is not doing this years before! :) Attached are some pics taken today, I'm sorry they're not great I had about 10 seconds to snap them before heading out this morning. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Happy healing friends xoxo


Just a quick check in as I don't have a whole lot to report :)

My nose is still mostly numb and pretty stiff- I've been massaging it frequently per Dr. Motykie's suggestionand I can feel the tip has softened up a bit. I don't notice huge ups and downs with swelling anymore, however, when my nose does puff up it isn't a significant change (I think?) so it doesn't bother me at all. I am still sleeping downstairs and upright so it's likely that is off setting some of the effects. I was thinking about this today that despite my nose still throbbing for about 10-20 minutes around midnight each night my pain level from the rhinoplasty has been so minimal it's shocking. Shockingly wonderful! I was expecting to be in agony post-op after seeing pics of black and blue eyes and reading horrendous recovery stories but this whole thing has been a breeze- maybe a 3 on a pain scale at the worst time. From what I've been reading, it seems to be suggested that surgeon skill/case complexity can influence the degree of post op discomfort, so this is yet another reason I'm thrilled with having selected Dr. Motykie to perform this procedure. Priorvto surgery I was terrified that I would feel as bad as I looked, but nope, aside from looking like a hot mess, I felt pretty great after the first few weeks and now at 4 mos post op bar numbness I'm back to normal and patiently hanging in there waiting for the final result.

My facial swelling has been pretty significant this week, I've been pretty stressed lately so I wonder if there's an interplay? I'm not concerned though, as I feel the appearance of the facial fat transfer is much improved and when swelling is not present the added padding looks fab :)

Attached are some pics taken late tonight- again, I'm sorry they are not great I had a few minutes to snap them before heading out.

I hope you've all had a GREAT week and that the upcoming weekend is even better!

Happy healing friends xoxo


Another week has passed! it's hard to believe it's been 4 months since my surgeries as SO much has changed since I walked into Dr. Motykie's office in late January.

Healing wise things are going well- my nose is still stiff and I'm still massaging it and its numbness has reduced a lot this past week. I am still loving the FFT but this week I am having more swelling than usual- I think lack of sleep and stressing about whether I was accepted into a new course plus some other stuff- may have contributed to that as my diet has been super clean, I've been working out more than usual and have dropped a bit of weight.... Who knows though? Swelling is a beast and I've long since given up trying to explain or rationalize it :)

Here are some pics from today/tonight- my face has been really puffy all day but, like I keep telling myself, this whole process is a marathon not a sprint. I can't wait to see the final result in 2 months!

Happy healing friends! xoxo

6 month update!

Hi RealSelfers! Sorry for the
stretch between updates but the last few months have been rather challenging (not at all related to my procedures) but from now on I will be more e-present so if anyone has questions they would like to ask privately, please feel free to do so and I will be sure to get back to you in a timely manner.

So.... 6 mos post op, I am happy to update that I have 0 regrets and love, love, LOVE my results!

I uploaded some pics I took this afternoon so you can see how things have progressed. Given Dr. Motykie's stellar reputation I had no doubt that the appearance of my nose was always going to be improved but the big surprise for me was the HUGE difference facial fat grafting has made. It has been a night and day difference and I am beyond thrilled with the result!

While I haven't reviewed my breast lift/augmentation formally here- I'm going to give a quick update in case anyone is curious.... My result is nothing short of SPECTACULAR. I could not have hoped for or dreamed of a better outcome.

Looking back 6 months on I have only positive things to say about my experience. Diana, my patient coordinator and Menal, a medical assistant at Dr, Motykie's practice have both been absolutely wonderful during every step of the pre and post op phase. They are two truly intelligent and compassionate ladies whom I hold in the highest regard and am so thankful to have had such wonderful individuals directly involved in my care.

It is no secret I think highly of Dr. Motykie- However, before I had my procedures I had no idea if he was as amazing as he appeared. I had my doubts, I mean, how was he able to create perfection where so many others failed miserably leaving a slew of devastated patients in their wake? After digging deeper, discovered Dr. Motykie's foundational educational background to be impressive and very telling- his academic concentration inspires confidence in his ability to deliver results which are both structurally and functionally sound as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Learning this connected the proverbial dots for me and sets him in a class of his own- as evidenced by his phenomenal online galleries (be sue to check them out!).

As a 'real' patient I can attest that I have found Dr. Motykie to be very approachable, open and receptive to my feedback and am extremely pleased with my results. In fact, so much so that I will be having a few more procedures in September with many more to come thereafter.

Attached are some pics from today (see separate post) I am fairly certain that what I see now is a good indication of what my final outcome should be as I no longer experience any obvious swelling. Enjoy!

Happy healing all xoxo

6 mos pics!

Attached below.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Motykie was very low key during our consultation, not flashy, no huge ego just seemed very down to earth and quiet. He had a very calming presence which immediately put me at ease, which when you're half naked in front of a stranger exposing what you perceive as being SO bad that you seek a plastic surgeon to permanently alter your appearance... Well, to feel comfortable in that awkward situation is testament to Dr. Motykie's sensitivity and understanding of how emotional (and embarrassing) this process can be for a patient. I selected Dr. Motykie to perform multiple procedures (primary rhinoplasty, breast lift and augmentation, liposuction and facial fat transfer) based upon his reputation and phenomenal photo gallery despite living on the east coast and the considerable expense associated with doing so. I am only a few weeks post-op and still recovering, so the final result is yet to be seen, but I am very hopeful for a great outcome!

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