275 Overfilled to 300 Saline Implants 15 Years Old, Small C Cup. I Want to Go to 500 Silicone Under the Muscle - West Des Moines

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I am scheduled for surgery 9/23 and really want to...

I am scheduled for surgery 9/23 and really want to make sure I go big enough. I was never satisfied with my 275 overfilled to 300 saline implants. They were to small to me right after I woke up from surgery. I was an AA cup before implants and I want to be a D or DD, nice full big breasts. I am thinking 500 cc silicone smooth and under the muscle. I am 5' 0" tall, muscular build, and 122 lbs. I have my preop appointment to discuss size next week. Any suggestions?

PreOp appointment today!

I have my preop appointment today to figure out size of implant. Got my wish picks and ready to go! I will not go smaller than 450. Can't wait to see what we decide.

Size decided!

We are going with 475! A little nervous but i don't think i will have to worry about them being big enough. :)

Had my BA today!

I had my implants exchange today! I really feel great! I got naturell silicone round 475 under the muscle. So happy it's done. I will post a pic tomorrow after shower. My PS and all the nurses were awesome. ????


The band is in the middle due to pocket needing to be made smaller because i guess it was originally too big.

Too painful to take bra off!

Went to take bra off and take shower today, but way too painful. I will try again tomorrow. My clevage is really swollen. Is this is common?It freaks me out that it might be symastia. Yikes! That's one of my biggest fears.

2 weeks post op

So it's been 2 weeks now since my BA. I'm waiting for the implants to drop and fluff yet. I have to wear a strap across my chest to squeeze my cleavage together due to having some pocket repair on my right side. I'm also not suppose to raise my left arm for 2 months! That i have to say is nearly impossible, especially with hair. I notice the bottom of my breasts are odd shaped. I'm hoping they will fill and round out as the implants drop. Pain is pretty good except that my left ribs hurt and back spasms a lot. Im also getting a burning or stinging sensation around the left ribs where i had the pocket repair. Other than all of that things are going pretty good. I did get the 475 silicone under the muscle. My surgical bra is a C! I'm hoping they have me a smaller bra to keep things extra supported. I was really hoping to be a D or DD. I suppose time will tell.