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I have been really focused on working out and...

I have been really focused on working out and getting healthy, but I just can't get rid of this overhang on my belly. My breasts have deflated since breastfeeding and appear droopy. I can't fill my bras in that are "supposed" to fit me. My first baby was 21 years ago. I had her naturally and got my stretch marks (battle wounds). They really don't bother me anymore because they were all below my belly button so I was hoping a mini tuck would do the trick. My second little one is just 18 months and she was breach so I got this awesome incision right across my stretch marks. 2nd pregnancy I got zero stretch marks just this incision. I had decided that I wanted to have breast augmentation after we were done having babies and after I realized this flap would not go away I thought I should look into it. I am excited for the results, but I really struggle with my c-section and recovery. I am very anxious about the pain and recovery. Right now I scheduled 2 weeks off, but I really don't think that will cut it. I am so excited that I came upon this group!!

Six months pre op - still working to lose some lbs

Pics 6 months out

Focused & Working Towards a Healthy Lifestyle

I have started taking Thrive and increased the frequency and intensity of my workouts. Body fat is decreasing, I have lost inches and 8 lbs. I am questioning my decision to have the TT. I am really excited for the lift and BA, but I am not sure if the TT is the right decision for me...

3 months from today...

I am getting excited and nervous all at the same time. I almost pulled the plug on the TT this summer. I just was struggling with justifying the cost, the pain, how long I may be out of commission, am I just getting to an age where I should just thank God for what he gave me?? I have searched deep and I know that this is what is what is right for me...what I am ready for. This bod had an awesome run for 40 years!! Now it just needs a little maintenance! Anyone else struggle on your decision?

Time to start checking things off the list!

I turn 40 next month and with this surgery I know it is time for a mammogram. Got this scheduled for November 23rd. I ordered some Arnica tabs off Amazon. I still have a ways to go to get everything ready, but I also have just shy of 3 months. Now I am getting excited!!!

Spoke to the Care Coordinator Nurse

My pre-op appt is not until 12/11 with my surgery on 12/29. I have had a list of questions stacking up so I called the nurse today and she answered all my questions and is going to send me the pre op packet early so I can get my list of post op items going. It made me feel better just to understand what my PS does or will do after reading about what everyone else's does.
For instance, I will not have a pain pump for the TT as I will have drains and it would get released in the drains. I will have a medicine ball with tiny catheters for my BA for the first 3 days. Better 1 than none!! Starting to get excited!

Time is going by so quickly!!

I have so many mixed emotions about this. My youngest is almost 2 years old and quite dependent on me since I stay home with her. Would it be best to move the recliner in to our bedroom the first few days so she doesn't climb in me?
I ordered the Recovery Kit for my breasts from Eden Knows. Has anyone else? It looked like it would all be quite helpful.
I never received the email from the Patient Coordinator. I will likely call her tomorrow to see if she did not have my email correctly or forgot. Not too pleased, but we will let the first miss go and kindly remind... I have been looking through pics for what I think I want my new tatas to look like. I think a full C or D may be where I land. Sometimes I struggle with...am I being selfish? Should I just scrap the whole thing and be happy with what God gave me? How can I be proactive to do all I can to start recovering quickly? How long until I can hold
my baby?? I am sure my anxiousness is normal, but any thoughts are all welcome!

Mother Nature Decided to be Nice...

I booked this back in April and one thing that really started to concern me was the timing. From April through Sept I had my "monthly friend" the first week of each month and my surgery is scheduled for the 29th of next month...not exactly good timing. Last month it came 3 days early and this month it came in the 20th! I may be good to go!! Thanks Mother Nature!! (I think...)
Today I have my mammogram. I turned 40 last week and it is a prerequisite of the surgery so here we go!! Hopefully it looks good.

What do you tell people??

I am interested in what you all have told people? My parents, close family and close friends know but what about the others? What do we tell my 10 year old step son so his mom doesn't know and complain about me having PS to everyone? What do I tell my in laws? What about my Personal Trainer that is always on me to workout and very much into her faith and not altering what God gave you?? I could just say forget it and not care, but want to be thoughtful and keep it simple while being able to fly under the radar for a few weeks. HELP!!

Counting my blessings

I had my 1st post 40 mammogram last Monday. I elected the 3D imaging. It's crazy how one test can make you so nervous. Too many classmates my age have battled cancer so it definitely made me just take a moment to pray. I am so thankful that I received a letter yesterday that all is well!! It all looks good... House is decorated for the holidays. Now to get the Xmas shopping and cards done so we can kick back and enjoy.

Keeping my eye on the prize

Today it was time to get back into healthy eating and some power workouts 4-5 times a week until my surgery. Any additional weight I can lose would be great. Also, it seems that being in good shape before any procedure is always a good idea so I don't want to stop working out now! Next Friday is my pre op. So anxious, but looking forward to having my husband there with me.

Pre Op Appt Today!

I am gathering my questions and getting ready for my pre op. Excited and nervous. Any last minute tips or questions I should ask?

Pre Op Done and Ready to Go!!

My pre op appt went GREAT! There is a new nurse and she was wonderful! The consult room was so nice and comfortable. The nurse was there the entire time, but spent over 30 minutes going over the procedures, pre op instructions and shopping list. She answered all my questions and then the PS came in. He came in for questions and to help me pick out my plants...he was in there for over 30 minutes. Very pleased!! I landed on Natrelle Inspira SRF 415cc. I am getting excited!!! Still insanely nervous, but excited!!!!

What would you do differently?

I am 12 days until the flat side. PS says no alcohol, aspirin, ibuprofen, fish oil for now until about a week or so after surgery. Also started using antibacterial soap in the shower (man, that dries you out!) For those that have done this...are there instructions you would have been more vigilant about? I am following all the rules, but a glass of red wine is calling my name!! ????

One week!!

It's about time to start taking measurements and post my final pre op pics. I am getting everything in order and will soon post pics of that as well. I have my pills all sorted in my pill case that I will start this Saturday. They include: Arnica Montana, Quercetin, Bromelain, Colace and Balance. I plan to get my prescriptions filled this evening. I got a mani/pedi yesterday and will really only have time to get to the gym likely just tomorrow...we will see if I can squeeze any more workouts in with the holiday. I am so excited and anxious about this... What a whirlwind!!

T minus 24 hours til the flat side

Office just called to confirm my 7:20am arrival and plans for any delay due to this terrible snow storm. I am excited and incredibly anxious. Today my wonderful hubs is helping me get ready and we are talking thru my meds. All the best to you all. Happy healing and wish me safe travels and a smooth surgery!! Here are my pics and measurements:

Made it to the flat side!

All went great! I am just trying to stay away when I can. My chest doesn't hurt at all. I am just really sore in my armpits. I do get a burning sensation every once and a while in my tummy incisions, but it just feels like an elephant is sitting on me. Lol... We have only need to dump my drains once so hopefully they just keep slowing down. My hubs is being amazing and the walker is a God sent. Thank you for kind word and thoughts.

Day 1 PO

Just got up to take some meds and boy am I sore. It's odd because it is not full in pain, I do feel like for ran over. I was so nervous and a little scared but so far the pain is less that I expected. It is hard for me to have to rely on my husband for everything but he is doing a great job. He even slept in the living room last night to help me in case I needed to go to the bathroom and to stay on top of my meds. I will try to post a few pics later today. Dr says I can shower today but I don't have a shower chair and getting to go pee is already exhausting. Maybe tomorrow. Happy healing Ladies!!!
Here is a pic of me yesterday before surgery

Day 2 Post Op

My husband removed the catheters from my boobs for pain relief. I almost passed out. Decided I will have to wait until tomorrow for a shower. Couldn't stomach my own stomach after that. Boooo


What a painful nightmare coughing has been for me!! Ugh

First Shower: Post Op Day 3

Finally had the energy to get to shower. My hubs washed my hair and I tried to clean my body. Just the warm water felt good. Here is a look at my first post op pics!! I love that my incision is nice and low!!

Slow and Steady...

My doctor's orders are to lay down in this recliner for 7 days except to go pottie and maybe a couple showers. I am over it. I tried to get my own jig of water today...dropped it. I did actually eat food of structure tho. I did have some Diazipam today but no hydrocodone. I am hoping I can go to the bathroom tomorrow. It has been 4 days so it is probably time. I will share pics tomorrow after I try a shower again. Today my boobs just feel full like I need to nurse! Lol. Otherwise I attached my view for the day! Bahahaha

PO Day 5

Today I took a shower again and I actually washed my own hair and shaved! It was amazing! As for how I am feeling: I am only taking Ibuprophen right now so I can try to have my first BM. My right drain is very sensitive. It burns quite a bit. I can't even tell my left one is in. My drains only need to be dumped about twice a day now. My back is very sore and my chest feels tight and sore. I am doing all I can to get my first BM to happen within the next 24 hours. Crossing my fingers. Attached is a pic to see if there is any difference between Day 3 vs Day 5.

PO day 6

Thank goodness I finally went to the bathroom! So happy that has been conquered. Bad news: had my first sneeze---OUCH!!
Anyone else with a BL and BA feel like your boobs are hard and painful? I had no pain until yesterday. Of course I also had a pain pump for the first 3 days, but man! Everything else is pretty status quo.... I haven't turned that "corner" that I have read about yet. I hope it comes soon. Happy healing all! Keep those spirits up!

PO Day 7!

Yay! One week since surgery thank goodness! I slept like a baby last night - it was amazing! I am still sleeping in the recliner, but I have a flannel sheet over it and multiple pillows so it is pretty cozy. Today the only thing I have taken is my antibiotic (last day of these) and some Colace. No pain meds of any kind so I have a clear head, rest and I just feel good. I have had some great feedback from some of you out there so even though I feel pretty good today I am going to hang out in this recliner again. I did get up and made my Thrive shake to get my vitamins and greens in, did my daughter's hair and picked up a few things around the house. I also had to let the girls out! Good grief sometimes they just need a break out of this tight bra!! I threw a bag of frozen veggies on them last night and that seemed to help. Any other tips for what to do to help with swelling and/or pain with breasts or TT after the first week?? My post op appt is Thursday so for now I am just relaxing. More pics later after I get the motivation to shower.

I ?? My PS!!

Dr Robbins has been so wonderful. He has taken time with me, my husband and staff to make sure I am comfortable. Now that I have a clear head I was going through emails and voicemails and he had actually called me the evening of my surgery to check in. I, personally, do not require that kind of bedside manner for me to like a physician...HOWEVER I will now recommend him even more because of it. His voicemail was kind and so appreciated. If you are in or close to Des Moines, IA and considering a PS you should get a consult with him. His work is beautiful and bedside manner has been top notch.

PO Day 8

Bit of a roller coaster today. I didn't sleep very well last night. I DID take a shower standing up for the first time...It was great and exhausting all at the same time. I did have to take some Hydrocodone today. When I talked to the nurse yesterday she said my pain was normal as the nerves reconnect. The meds finally took the edge off. I also did make dinner tonight. It wasn't anything super fancy, but I did it! Now I feel incredibly swollen. I'm not sure the top of my stomach has felt this swollen. No fun. Tomorrow I hope to get my drains out. Crossing my fingers.... Happy healing all!!

PO Day 9 - 1st PO Appt

Well last night was my first night back into bed. Actually I am still laying in my bed. It went fairly well. I have about 4 pillows under my knees and 4/5 behind my back/head. I didn't want to start laying flat until the dr says as I hear it can widen your scar or stretch it. I have my follow up appt today. We will see how it goes. I am just trying to think happy thoughts.
Now off to muster up the energy to shower and get ready for my first outting today!! Whew this will be exhausting.... Happy healing all!!

PO Day 10: Time to Relax

Let's focus on the good today! My incisions are closed, stitches/stery strips have all been removed, 2 nights in my bed, I get to sit and watch whatever I want on TV for as long as I want, I have both drains, but I will take that over a huge needle draining my stomach any day.
Ok...so my swelling is pretty significant and the nurse showed me all the stretches and massages I need to start doing to get my big swollen boobs to settle the hell down. I also bought some overpriced scar therapy yesterday, but when you pay what we are all paying to get our bodies back...what is $85?? Lol.
Long story short, after my first PO appt I have been advised to sit except to go to the bathroom. Of course all I am thinking is I need to take a shower and get some dried blood off me now that they pulled all those stery strips off and then I can start my scar therapy. But the activity of prepping and shower Is about a 45 min excursion after I get lotioned, dressed, brush my teeth, etc. Am I slow or do you all take forever too? Time to relax and prepare my energy for shower and my first booby massage and scar therapy. Eek! Oh and I will post pics later too so you can see how my scars are as of today...and my swelling.

Day 10 PO Pic

I attached a pic of the scar cream my PS uses and how I am looking today. Lots of swelling, but I hope it goes down soon.

Stabbing boob pain anyone?

Am I the only one that is having stabbing pains in their boobs? I hear it is my nerves reconnecting but it is exhausting! How much longer does this go on?! Awh.....

PO Day 11

Best sleep in our bed last night. My stomach is feeling better. I feel like I have even used my abs a little to get out of bed slowly and it didn't hurt so that is good. My boobs are still in pain, but I have to keep in mind I had a lift and aug so it isn't surprising that I may have some nerves firing off as they are reattaching. Just excited for it to start feeling better.
Yesterday was day 1 of booby stretches and me massaging them. It didn't hurt too bad during but certainly did afterwards. Is it Feb yet?!

Preparing for your TT? BA? BL? Or BR? We have a tip!

Me and a fellow RS'er that are already post op are finding some relief with some products that help with tissue repair and closing those nutritional gaps post op.
1. Juven Powder Mix: you can find this at Walgreens or Amazon. It is $20+ for just 8 packets but seems to be helping post op. She is really loving it. I plan to give it a shot too!
2. Thrive: I have been on Thrive vitamin supplements since June of 2015. Typically when you prepare for surgery your PS will want to ensure you are taking a multivitamin. I shared the ingredients of Thrive and they gave me the thumbs up! I went off it for the last week and just started back today and it is like night and day difference. Although I must still relax I am feeling SO much better. There is white willow bark to help with inflammation, over 100 plant based vitamins, minerals, anti oxidants. I may be biased, but I love my Thrive. If you want to check it out more, here is my site: https://Terriwhitmore.le-vel.com - Sign yourself up for a free account and get your bod working on all cylinders.
Just some tips to help you get back to yourself as soon as you can. Happy healing!!!

PO Day 12

I think I am starting to turn a corner. My worst pain is still in my boobs. Yesterday I wondered, "Did I go too big?" Why does this hurt so badly? My stomach is swollen but healing and feeling better each day. My left drain is ready to come out and I will check here soon to see if my right is getting any better yet. My right drain has been stuck with output of between 44-50cc and I need it to be under 30 in a 24 hr period. I cannot wait to get rid of these drains and start using Spanx. 12 days is not long but it feels like a lifetime when you have kids and a family you are used to providing for. Today I will just get creative and order our groceries online for delivery. I will need a friend to take me around for some errands this week. I will still make resting a central theme but shit needs to get done around here! I can say I do feel better and that is what makes resting so hard, but on the flip side my motivation is to get these drains out! Happy healing all! It is a process. Some are lucky and progress quite quickly, but if you are planning for your date just plan for slow and steady healing. Get that mind set so you don't get disappointed. I feel positive overall...I am just a doer so now to figure out how to rest and to get stuff done. I got this!! Take care all!!

PO Day 13

Well, I can say that we underestimated the recovery time on this. I can also say that each day I have progress. Yesterday I was just excited to be able to stretch up to remove the detachable shower head and to put it back. My stomach incision is doing much better than I expected at this point and I had a much easier and better experience in scar treatment and massaging my breasts and stretching.
Today I finally got my left drain removed!! On the flip side, my right side is being quite stubborn so back on antibiotics 3x/day I go and we are hoping my output decreases by week's end. Isn't that drain removal bizarre?? Good grief.
Happy healing all!!!

Day 14 PO!

I figured it is time to post some pics. I still look weird and swollen, but I am making progress! Today was a good day! No ibuprofen or pain meds of any kind until 2:30 this afternoon, my right drain finally decreased in output. If it keeps slowing then I may be able to get it out tomorrow or Thursday! Almost there. No major pains today and I took a shower, shaved, did scar therapy and my breast exercises and massaging.
My weight is down 5lbs according to my scar. I drink a ton of water but I am afraid it may be some muscle loss.
Pics below of preop vs Day 14 PO and each breat for scarring.

The lessor of the 2 evils -- PO Day 15

I am officially right at 30cc coming out of my right, very stubborn, drain. I scheduled an spot to get it removed tomorrow!! I may have been able to get it out today, but would I rather deal with this dumb thing for 1 more day or risk a seroma? Drain it is!!
Of course, the right drain has been the sore one since Day 1. It is the #2 source of my pain so since I am not good at being a patient... I am excited to get rid of the pain and anxious it may hurt to have it removed since it has always caused me troubles. Ok...vent over. So ready to have the poking and prodding over with in the next 24 hrs!
I did get up and do some dishes, pulled out some items to make for dinner and then felt the swelling in my BB. Soooo...here I sit. I plan to finally drive later today. Kids need to get to basketball so time to get my taxi hat back on! Hope you all are doing well. Happy healing RS'rs!!

Happy Dance!!!!

Day 16 and my right drain has finally been removed!! My swelling in my tummy is way down today and I feel so much better!!! Thank GOD!!!
Strict doctor orders to still rest. Don't overdo it or I will be back with fluid to have removed. Don't have to tell me twice!! I am over all the poking and prodding!!! Yahoo!
I hope this finds you having a good day on the healing roller coaster as well!

3 weeks PO

When I think about the last 3 weeks, it mostly feels like a blur. I finally feel the last couple days that I am getting my life back...very slowly. i made breakfast for the first time today for my family. We finally got all the Christmas decor down and I have been doing dishes, bathing the baby, and lifting her when I need to. I do need to take breaks and put my feet up in between all of this, but I have doneore in the last 2 days than I have done in 3 weeks. Once you start to turn that corner, it is wonderful. Tomorrow is my first day home alone with my toddler. It will be a challenge, but I am committed to napping when she naps and not over doing it.
Took my 3 week picks at shower time tonight. The second line on my TT scar is from my underwear and swelling.

Turning a Corner

So it has been 3 1/2 weeks and this week I stayed home with my toddler. She is 25 lbs and has a cold. I have been able to bathe her, get her in and out of bed (carefully), and find ways to care for her so it is easy on us both.
Today her PaPa came over to play with her and I went out to run a few errands. Good grief I am exhausted.
Ladies that are back working at 3 weeks, you are super heroes!! I get tired so easily now.
I am overly worried that I over did it so she is in bed for a nap and I have my feet up where I plan to try to keep them for most of the rest of today since I have been on the go doing housework, toddler stuff and running errands.
Scar therapy is going really well. My BB and stomach incision are looking really good. My boobs still feel like a foreign object. They are still tight and feel huge. I just keep stretching and massaging in my spare time.
Happy healing!!!

Almost 4 Weeks!!

I have made so much progress this week! You were all right, once the drains are out is when it all starts to come together! I still have a ways to go, but today was such a good day. I took a cg and bra break today for an hour to do the wash and just relax...holy moly. It was so relaxing to not be all cinched up!! Amazing.
Afterwards I took these pics. Happy healing!!

4 weeks today!!

Today I got out of the house with my little one for the first time. It was not easy since I may lift her however I am not carrying her yet, but she needed to get out and play with other kids. We were there for 2 hours and I am swollen and exhausted. Wowsa. I cannot wait to get my endurance back.
I took a few pics after my shower this morning. My breasts still need to settle, the scars are improving. Nothing too crazy to write home about. My follow up appointment is next Monday. I told my hubs I am hoping I get released for normal activity, can burn this cg and can go bra shopping!! Yay!! Happy healing all!!

Follow Up Appt - PO 5 weeks

Today was the best Monday in quite a few weeks! Bathed the baby, showered, hair, makeup, ran errands, had my follow up appt and went bra shopping!!
Doctor said I am still swollen and will continue to experience that, but he released me to slowly resume normal activities. Listen to my body, be patient and call with any questions. I had a straggler stitch removed from my BB and breast. After pics were taken. I told him that have feeling in my right nipple but not in my left and was just happy to have it in one. He said to be patient as I will likely get it in my left one as well. He said the numbness in my abdomen could take months to go away.
No more CG for this girl! I left it off for the rest of the day and I can really feel the swelling, but it is nice to not deal with. I can also wear an underwire bra, go without at night...whatever!!
I left there and went to Victoria's Secret to get measured and find some new bras!! It was so fun. So I have gone from a 34D (36C) to a 34DD. ;) It is crazy and awesome all at the same time!!
Happy healing all! I'll share my doctor's pre and post pics when I get them!

New Bra!!

Finally in a regular bra and it feels amazing! 5 weeks PO.

Am I the only one struggling with pain?

Hi all! I am 7 weeks PO now and loving my results. I am starting to get feeling back in my stomach and I must say that I feel like someone beat the crap out of my stomach. It looks good but it feels bruised and painful. Sometimes I have stabbing pains in my incision site. My breasts have settled more but still are having some pain as the nerves are reconnecting. Anyone else feel this pain as the nerves reconnect?? Thanks!

11 Weeks Post Op & loving my curves

All is well here! Just a quick update to show how my lift and augmentation look these days. I am loving how they settled down.
West Des Moines Plastic Surgeon

Dr Robbins has been so wonderful. He has taken time with me, my husband and staff to make sure I am comfortable. Now that I have a clear head I was going through emails and voicemails and he had actually called me the evening of my surgery to check in. I, personally, do not require that kind of bedside manner for me to like a physician...HOWEVER I will now recommend him even more because of it. His voicemail was kind and so appreciated. If you are in or close to Des Moines, IA and considering a PS you should get a consult with him. His work is beautiful and bedside manner has been top notch.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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