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Hello my nickname is Mia, and I had my 3 surgeries...

Hello my nickname is Mia, and I had my 3 surgeries all done at the same time on August 19 2013. My surgeon is the best reconstructive surgeon in the USA and comes highly recommended by hospital staff all over the country. He also had done work on several people I know and they look amazing so I did not hesitate a second when I decided I wanted to do this. I am now 32 days post op- a little over 4 weeks almost 5- I took pictures the night b4 and the night I came home from the hospital. I was admitted for an over night stay at royal oak buemont hospital and my care there was excellent as well.
As for how I'm doing now- I'm not a happy camper. Lol I guess because I know people I expected my body to recover at a quicker pace like some of the other people I know. Well I'm not, I'm swelling up like a ballon- and it comes and goes when it wants to. I saw my surgeon on Saturday August 16 and he had to needle drain out the fluid from my stomach. NO THIS DID NOT HURT lol I expected it to hurt and I was giving him hell if it hurt I was not going to react well. I didn't feel a thing. I even helped press on my stomach to get the fluid to come out. It sounds horrible but I wish I had one at home I could drain it myself lol. The reason for my fluid build up is because I had lost 108 lbs and he said "sometimes" when you have such major weight loss like that it takes the body, muscles and skin tissue longer to reattach and therefore fluid builds up I between the skin and the muscle. That's why he has me wearing the proper garments such as maiden form spanx or assets. I wore my binder the first 2 weeks and since then I been wearing the garments.
Last week I was aloud to start putting "scar away" a roll on silicone to diminish the scars I have and it's easy and quick to do. I was told in the beginning I would have to be off work about 4-6 weeks and well I guess I was thinking I was super healer and could go back at 3-4 because my friend did so I'm just discouraged that I'm still sitting in this bed with my feet propped up writing this review. Lol. The only other things I can tell you about me is that 2.5 years ago I had to have emergency gallbladder surgery to remove it and huge stones, they also found at that time I had a hiatal hernia to repair and I also told them to give me the VSG (vertical sleeve gastronomy) that's where they removed 80%of my stomach and made me a new tiny one. I was not over weight my entire life it was only after I got married that my husband and I both just ate like crazy, we loved food and going out to eat and because we had no kids we work crazy odd hours and fast food was always the option along with to many snacks and junk food. I gained 100lbs. He had gained like 80 lbs. - so after my body decided to tell me hey you, your fat lol I decided to make the life altering changes. I had done diets - exercise- but never kept it off. So after I lost all the weight, I had saggy boobs and a pouch for a stomach- this was my gift to myself - and although I feel like crap right now all bloated up- I know it's going to be worth it!!!! Nerves in my life had I had a flat stomach, always a little tiny pooch that was no big deal but u know u always wanted to have that sexy flat model tummy and I know I have it now bc when I'm not swollen that's how it looks.
**the pics I added were one night b4- then my first night home after over night stay in hospital , then picture after 9 days when drain #1 was taken out and then sept 16 was last picture when we drained my stomach by needle

5 weeks today post op-

35 days-5 weeks and at this point I'm still off work- I wanted to go back last week, no way, I wanted to return today and I just still don't feel ready. I forgot to mention I also had torn muscle repair ( I didn't even know you could tear your muscle from weight gain) so along with the lift/ reduction, tt, lipo- AND muscle repair. Ugh - I'm starting to except as iread more of all of your comments and journeys that I'm going to have this swelling problem for a while. I'm at the point now where I can go about 3 hours of errands ( store, grab a Starbucks, post office ect...) little stuff and then I'm all swollen up again. And I'm never not swollen at all lol - I see the doctor this Saturday and I'm hoping he needles out some more of this fluid build up, we will see. Ty everyone for all your kind helpful words, encougement, honesty.
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My doctor is amazing- he took care of me, answered all my questions ( even the embarrassing ones) he has a gift that I don't feel all surgeons have and I actually consider it an art form. He reconstructed my body, he had a vision and I trusted him because he was so though and honest with me about every step he was going to do and take. He took inconsideration what I wanted and what scared me the most and my scar is actually beautiful - not many people can say that. It's a fine line, cut properly and it's already fading which he has said my body is healing much faster then outside then most. After my surgery (I didn't want to look before) I reviewed many peoples scars and stories and I felt horrible for them- some of the butcher jobs are just awful and had I seen those b4 my surgery or read anything I would have chickened out! I'm sorry if this sounds like bragging I don't mean it that way I just am trying to say that it's so important you trust your surgeon and you know what your getting into. His staff, all the nurses in the OR were awesome, they came and talked with me b4 and after and my surgeon was there when I woke up and everyone made sure I had no pain, I was bandaged up like a present lol clean, and perfect. I can't rave about that part enough. They were very good with me and showed me all that I needed to know b4 I went home and I felt confine dr when I left I was ready and ok to go.

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