Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift, Post Five Children, Journey of Self Love - West Bloomfield, MI

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I have always had a 'tummy', a little pooch.....

I have always had a 'tummy', a little pooch...since I was 13. Otherwise, I was tall and slender. I was chastised by my mother for any weight gain and fought it like demons throughout my teens. In retrospect, I was very attractive, fit and healthy looking, but there was some 'warp' psychologically to my belly. I wore a bikini occasionally and always felt ashamed of my little pooch.

Five kids later, ranging from 8lb 6oz to 10lb12oz(ouch), I have been left with a belly, stretch marks, a "double butt"(the line running from my belly button south a couple of inches, which makes my tummy look like a bum). I also became single two and a half years ago, after an almost 27 year marriage. I began to date and finally fell in love with Mr. Wonderful(buff, 9 years younger) which required INTIMACY( read: getting naked with someone 'new' after a lifetime of someone else) GASP, so...my sensibilities to my own body have been very discriminating. Alas, Mr. Wonderful LOVES and cherishes every inch of me and has suggested that my mommy makeover is NOT necessary. I am going forward, tough, as this decision however anxiety provoking, is for me and about me. But it was a journey of self-acceptance and of baring myself to someone else, which is certainly a new and daunting experience!

Boobies-well, I have only ever been a DD while nursing. When I am average weight, I am a small C, heavier a full C. I like my boobies and was not even certain that I wanted a lift. They are a nice 'handful', round and full enough, look great in a bra, not bad in a bathing suit, but that aging sag that they do isn't as appealing as the thought of being a bit more perky. My doctor provided good information and I scheduled a lift as well. After seeing the myriad of before and after lift pics, I think it's a good decision for me. I am convinced I do not want implants, although he discussed that option. I am very active and don't know if I want larger breasts.

I am now counting down the days(less than a month), picking up recommended 'post-surgery' products, scheduling hair appointments, organizing some things that I won't be able to do for a couple of weeks post. My foot surgery in late November left me NOT walking for four weeks(well, hopping on one foot to the bathroom), so for me, an energizer bunny, being down any amount of time is a killer to my psyche. But with my youngest children gone for spring break with their father, and my daughter(a new mommy) still at home with baby girl and willing to nurse me to health, this is likely my only opportunity to have this done and to recover as needed.

I am a tennis NUT, play five times weekly, so the last three months sans tennis have been a challenge. It is my happy place, and now with this surgery, it will be a little while until I can resume playing. It is intrinsic to think of others, as women and as moms, we do this. This decision we choose for ourselves, to have these procedures, is a BIG DEAL for most of us. I am not afraid, just anxious about those first couple of post-op recovery days. I don't sit still well, and I don't like being waited on, don't watch tv, so it's going to be an interesting two weeks post surgery! :)

I hope to encourage anyone considering a procedure. I am not vain, nor will flaunt my new bod(maybe I will?) lol. I have a healthy sense of self, I like "me" inside and out, but this is truly something I feel will make me happy and more comfortable in my clothes, from a fashion standpoint.) As women, making these decisions and choices for ourselves often feels selfish, but I have grown to realize that taking care of US makes us healthier, happier people. :) A lot of emotional consideration goes into a decision like this-I am grateful to have found this forum pre-surgery, where I can be prepared, informed and share with others. Thanks everyone!

Tomorrow's the day!

I am battling a scratchy throat and some congestion, taking antibiotics, which makes me nervous. I am packing my youngest two for their spring break vacation with their father, and making sure that the Easter Bunny is ready. I'm not feeling anxious as much as obsessively thinking about the surgery. I am a poor eater post-op, so purchased things yesterday for recovery. I don't really think about the results right now, as much as the pain and suffering to get there.

My wonderful boyfriend of a year+ is taking me, and spending the night with me in the hospital. It will absolutely be a new level of intimacy for us.

I wear Invisalign braces, and contact lens, and stress about forgetting to resume wearing them.

Overall, I am as ready as I can be, and trying to not feel afraid. It helps that I had foot surgery in November and easily recall my hospital stay, my struggles with recovery(read: sitting still for weeks).

Will post before pics later. Good luck to everyone.

Day before new bod

A couple of photos. I was more fit until a November, 2015 foot surgery. During good health, I play tennis 4-5 times weekly. It's my passion! Can't wait to recover and play again! Right book slightly droopier than left due to breastfeeding baby #5 solely on right breast due to issues with left breast. I am a 38C, on the small side, but fill my bras out generally, and did not want implants due to my high activity level. I look forward to some "perk" after five babies!


I keep trying to post this and I'm talking into my phone so please forgive any errors as it keeps deleting my post. My surgery was scheduled for 8:45 p.m. a.m. but was moved to 12:45 p.m. yesterday little ass kiss to my honey Kama I was wheeled away at 1 p.m. I remember the tail end of recovery before being taken to my private room. There was discomfort but no excruciating pain. I was in and out of sleep and they kept giving me pain meds. I know I said some funky things there was a hook on the wall that with a shadow look like a dagger. I kept saying why is there a dagger in here? I finally ate 2 Saltines around 5:30 a.m., my mouth is very dry due to anti nausea meds that we're given to me on a patch. I could hardly swallow the crackers and I'm sipping very little water. She remove a catheter and emptying my drainage containers. Then it was time to try and go to the bathroom. The fear was bigger than the pain exclamation point. I will describe my stomach as a burning pulling sensation like a bad sunburn not so much like a cheesecake Tuesday toothache I'm sorry I can't delete words for a lose this whole post and I want to share my experience. I'm finally alone as my boyfriend stepped out for a coffee and the nurse gave me an anti-anxiety Med I swallowed my first pill and my only nervousness is released time, I don't know when that will be. It was very difficult to get out of bed you definitely need help once you start walking towards your bathroom there is more of a fear of falling or sitting down on the toilet than there is of the actual pain of walking. I am not a good sleeper so I don't anticipate going home and sleeping this off. I had a breast lift and feel nothing in my boob area. That is a park and a bonus. I don't have any desire to look at the work Orca jump through hoops at this time. For me. Fear of injuring My Boo Boo's is high. I'm not so much afraid of the pain. It definitely hurts but for me today is not an unbearable. I spoke with another Forum member one week post-op for her, and she sounded amazing. My boyfriend has been just perfect. He's very sweet and kind completely patient and helpful. I'm very thankful that he's here with me. The nursing staff has been incredible. My doctor was so funny and nice . Update. My sweet doctor just visited I will be here another few hours he is sending me home with Norco and Valium. He said everything went amazingly well he said my breast looks phenomenal I just had a lift but I had good breast tissue to work with you should be my tummy it is a bit swollen. I will be anxious to see how the next few days ago and will update again, perhaps with a pic or two.

Boobs, day 3 post-op

I was lying down( propped on wedge and pillows) and snapped this. They feel tight, itchy and hurt, but nothing like my tummy! My only anxiety is how my nipples appear to be facing outward. I was a 38C, not overstuffed, and doc expects me to remain a small C. I have stayed on top of my meds, spent all my time in bed when not using the restroom. Getting out of and into bed is getting easier. I'm eating minimally( cup of soup, half a biscuit, small,fruit cup, hot tea) NO,appetite whatsoever and living for the cold ice compresses. I hope those still,to,go are feeling well and excited! I think in a couple of weeks I'll be thrilled. Just no energy for the happy,dance just yet...love to all

5 days post-op

Well, I finally showered, five days post-op. I had not seen myself wrap-free so it was exciting and relieving to see my new body. My back is awfully bruised from the lipo, hurts like a very bad sunburn and very itchy. I can't say enough how thrilled I am. I initially had no intention to augment my breasts, so I am really pleased and thankful that I did. Still resting in bed. My suggestion is that a bed wedge and under knee wedge have been the best investments. Makes getting in/out of bed mych easier and resting there quite comfy. No appetite, very modest eating, still taking pain meds. Had first BM yesterday with no issue.
Bloomfield Hills Plastic Surgeon

A friend of a friend had a BA/implants with Dr. Sherbert, and is thrilled with the results. So I contacted him and scheduled my consultation. (I had seen a doc about 3 years ago, but divorce was in the works, and stress was too high to consider procedures at that time). His office staff is amazing, makes you feel very comfortable, and his attentive time spent with me 'sealed the deal'. I was very comfortable with him; he took measurements and provided clear expectations for each procedure and likely results. I had no qualms about scheduling my surgery(slated for 6 1/2 hours) and there will be an overnight stay. A neighbor(much younger) had a full tummy and BA and came home that day, sans drainage tubes. Dr. Sherbert uses two drainage tubes and that is probably the 'ickiest' thought to all of this. But it seems that his attention to detail and ensuring that I am comfortable with the information is important to him and to his staff. I have only read excellent reviews about him and his practice.

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