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I couldn't have been more nervous for my procedure...

I couldn't have been more nervous for my procedure. I'm 32, travel frequently and the idea of recovery alone scared me half to death. I heard about Dr. Sherbert (who I just saw is listed by HOUR Detroit as a Top Doc) through a friend who raved about him. I also consulted my nurse friends at Beaumont who all said he was "AMAZING!" I only did one consult with him and knew immediately he was "my guy"! When I had my consult I explained my concerns and he addressed them. I did not feel nervous or scared- his bedside manner is so comforting and informative. After reviewing my situation, I scheduled a Lift, Implant, and Nipple Reconstruction (I had inverted) and he also suggested he Lipo a small area under my armpit to create a clean look. At first I wanted silicone, roughly the 275-250cc range. After more thought, I knew I wanted a tad bit bigger than what I had before the sag and went with something in the low 300 range. I was looking to be a full D, as that's what I was before I went in for surgery. Dr. Sherbert ended up using one 300 and one 325 to even them out.

I would be lying if I said this recovery is easy, it's more than I bargained for but totally worth it.

There is a ton of swelling- I gained almost 15 lbs of water weight from having the procedure! (Lost it all within 4 days)

You're very limited in what you can do- ice yourself every other half hour as much as you can and stay on top of the pain meds! Make sure you have help! Prepare for the car ride hurts! (Bring a pillow!)

Will update far so great!!!!

Two Weeks Post Op!

Feeling overall much better than even a couple days ago. I stopped taking pain pills and am feeling somewhat normal. I am starting to get those shocks they described in the discharge paperwork. Not so fun...

The scabs on my incisions are coming off now and I am getting excited to have these things settle into a nice pocket! I was a D before with all my extra's crazy to have that in some kind of shapely form! Really anxious to find a bra that is a little more versatile with clothes...front closure, non wire sports bras that aren't hot pink or black are hard to come by!!

By the way- the marks on my breasts are from the bra fabric- another reason I need to find something a little different! The Lipo incisions are the small dots in the pictures.

I think these are still swollen because the 325 and 300cc look rather large on me compared to some others!

Ready to be back at the gym!

I think what's getting most frustrating now is the boredom, constantly asking for help and missing THE GYM! I got hurt late summer and healed about 5 weeks prior to my surgery and then traveled for all but three days the month prior to my surgery. I work from home so that means....I'm kind of tired of myself!! I am loving the progress I'm making but can't wait to get back to working out and getting back into shape!

I am still having some soreness- I'm trying really hard to not overdo it. ...Easier said than done. The exterior of my breast is much more healed...incisions really do look incredible (Props to Dr. Sherbert) but the nerve pain is more intense the last couple days and I can tell the bottom of my breast where my largest incision was is still undergoing massive healing.

On another note- I did find a couple sports bras but be prepared to have some difficulty! Finding front closure, no wire molded cups was more difficult than I expected!! I can't wait to get out of a sports bra or this surgical thing. #grandma

Woo Hoo! A walk or stationary bike!

So so so excited that I can do a little bit of activity...I asked for a little walk or bike ride because I felt like I was going crazy and so long as I don't break a sweat I can go! Hooray! ???????????????? Another large section of scan came off...incisions are really pretty. So happy with the work! Almost three weeks!

3 week appointment / first work overnight trip....and some shopping!

Woot! Three weeks in the books! Finally feeling loads better! There really is a light at the end of the tunnel! ???????? Next week I get to ...drumroll please......sleep without a super hot medical OR sports bra! I can lift my arms above my head (I can't believe this is even a thing...) and I can even sleep on my side!!! (even though I'm still a wee bit nervous about that). I got a new and exciting massage technique and my breasts are really starting to soften! I am now applying Neosporin versus the ointment they gave me at the hospital...poly-something.... to my nipples and incisions because I find that it helps with some of the uncomfortable feeling. To add to the fun daily boob regimen, Dr. S advised me to start using some lotion...mild, unscented to give the girls some moisture and so far, it's been well received. I'm completely off any pain killers but I was excited to get the go-ahead to use Motrin and, if I want, start back on some supplements. I'm taking some Biotin and heading to GNC tomorrow to see what else can help aid in healing. (If anyone reads this awful long post, and knows of some good stuff...please let me know). I did get a couple extra surgical bras from the office because I've been slowly noticing the ones I had bought outside the office just didn't fit/feel as good and the XL and L ones I was sent home with were a little large in some areas. Once you're accustom to the compression, it's a little weird to go without it. I also find the rubbing I get in some of the sports bras I purchased made me REAAALLLY sensitive around my incisions and especially nipples. (Ouch) To top it off, some of the fabric would get kind of caught on the stitches and even with me trimming them it was annoying. I also was pretty pumped to hear that at my next appointment I'll get some scar patches...can't wait! I can do one room of vacuuming a day and even a load of laundry. Even if he said I could do more...I wouldn't. I'm milking this recovery!

After my appointment I headed to Ann Arbor for an overnight work trip. It was nice to be human again and get out of my house (I work from home) but I really should have done a better job icing...Don't forget to ice!

Not gonna lie...I did hit up Victoria's Secret because let's be's exciting! I got some bralettes and a few bras with underwire for a few weeks out...didn't want my colors selling out with the Christmas shopping starting. The girls look stunning! All of you who are thinking of working with Dr. S....he is amazing!

Measured at 34D pre op (mostly saggy skin)
Now measuring 34DD - still swollen up top 300/325cc
(I am not actually wearing these bras yet, just getting tired of posting nekked pics)

Hope this helps some of you- still zero regrets and I'm the world's biggest baby!

Cheers to Confidence!

A month and some change...

Finally. Hit that four week mark and I'm so glad. Wearing no bra at night and sleeping on my side has made me one happy girl.

Scars are slowly fading and I know it takes time but I think they look great. Really pleased with the lack of incision considering how massive my surgery was. Nipples have a couple stitches coming out but they're much less sensitive and feel more comfortable and not so easily agitated. The swelling has really decreased up top and I can see there's more to go but everything is fitting much better and I'm pleased with the size I've chosen!

Getting back to the gym, even just doing the bike and elliptical without arms is awesome, too. I've gained a few lbs but I know I'll get that off- surgery was well worth it for me!

I started using some essential oils on my scars- frankincense and lavender along with a light moisturizer and Neosporin. I started taking. Ore supplements including biotin and vitamin D. Also taking an oxygen pill to help bring oxygen to the wounds.

I'm not sore at all anymore- pain is completely gone. I can tell if I lift too much in my chest...still taking it somewhat easy on the lifting and vacuuming.


Well I think unfortunately I have a small infection. It isn't overly painful but it's uncomfortable. I think I caused it from working out and having sweated in my bra...even though it was just cycling. I was doing my massaging last night and on the side of my nipple in three spots it was oozing white/yellow infection! Gross. Calling Sherbert today....

Waiting for Silicone Patches

Everything is going well! Infection is gone, I can wear regular bras and I ordered my silicone scar patches to start wearing! I'm quite confident my scars will almost be gone by time I'm with the treatment!

Still not chest workouts and running. Other than that I'm alright with limited arm exercises.

Silicone Patches

Silicone Patches are here! Looking forward to seeing how much they help over the next 6-8 weeks!!!

Progress Update....

All is going well. I wear the patches as much as I can and I think I'm finally seeing results! I didn't put them on my Lipo incisions just as a point of reference! Can't wait till I can start running again! Next appointment is mid-January!

Running...not such a good idea.

I've had the itch to run for the last few weeks. Partly because I feel huge from not working out and party because I need to get rid of my stress...that wreaking havoc on my skin.

I took it slow and just did a 3 mile jog....and felt alright until about 3 hours post workout. I feel a tingly, stinging, warm sensation inside my breast and nipple... ???? Took Motrin and hoping I didn't just set myself back!

Almost three months...

Haven't been able to use the patches as much as I wanted because I keep getting small infections, almost like a pimple on my incision lines....but overall, healing well!

Before and After

34D -- 34DD

Post 4.5 months

Still battling scars. They seem to get puffy and then go down. Not using silicone strips, using a needle roller now.
Bloomfield Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sherbert is a very gifted surgeon who I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone I know who has interest in exploring Breast Augmentation. He is a true perfectionist and takes extreme pride in his craft. His bedside manner is exquisite- makes you feel comforted and at ease. He answers all your questions and does it with a smile. I never felt rushed when I saw him and his staff is very sweet! Also recently released - 2016 Hour Detroit Top Docs for Plastic Surgery!!

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