31 Years Old, 1 Kid, 32aa/a, Going for 375cc Hp Silicone - West Bloomfield, MI

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I'm so excited that I'm finally doing this. Before...

I'm so excited that I'm finally doing this. Before my daughter I was a full A cup and not I'm lucky to be at a AA.

Last week my husband and I met with Dr. Wolf in West Bloomfield. He was the 2nd consultation I had that week. He also was recommended by 2 other patients of his who have awesome boobs! He made me feel welcome and was straight to the point of everything. He let me try on the all the different sizes and didn't rush at all. He left the room and told my husband and I to have at it LOL and to come get him if we have any questions.

After we picked out a size we set up the surgery date. We didn't need to go home and think about this. it's something I've wanted for a while now.

I'm so excited and can't wait for my surgery date. Will post before pix soon :)


1 week to go!

I cannot believe my surgery is in 1 week! I'm so excited! This is going to be the slowest week ever I'm sure. I am going to try and have my house cleaned and laundry all done by Thursday...but we a 2 year old we'll see how easy that goes.

I've order a few bandeau bras and got them already. I have my medications filled. I didn't get a medication for nausea though, do you think I should ask my PS? I've read a lot about you ladies getting that with your prescriptions.

Well happy Friday to you all! Will post again sooner to my surgery date! :)

2 days to go!

Well I'm down to just 2 more days. I don't think my nerves have kicked in yet. I'm so excited right now. I'm sure tomorrow night will be different.

I am starting to double think the size I chose. I'm barley a 32a and am going with 375cc silicone high profiles under the muscle. If anyone has any input I'd love to hear it :)

I've got my all my prescriptions filled and an herbal laxative. I don't think I will need the vitamin E right away so that can wait. My husband will be home with me all weekend (usually he's on call) so this will be good. If I forget anything I can send him out ;)

Tomorrow I'll update some more pictures.

Got my new girls! Days 1&2

Yesterday was the day! Overall I feel pretty good. We had to be there at 9am and as soon as we got there I was taken right back. I did ask to try on the size again and ended up going 375.

They took me back to my surgery room and then the nurse came to start my IV. Next thing I knew I was waking up and everyone said I did great!

The ride home wasn't bad except I couldn't get warm. Whe. I got home I took my painkiller and hits the sheets for a nice long nap. I woke up about 2pm and my breasts were really right and sore. I took a muscle relaxer and iced them on and off a few times. That icing sure does help.

But I ate lunch and dinner with no problem. It was just soups. I did have to call my doctor for anti-nausea pills. Those helped right away.

So far today (day2) I woke up and my sides hurts a lot. It feels way better without the bra. That thing is so tight lol. I'm going to shower here shortly and try a different bra I bought. I'll try and post some pictures. It wouldn't let me yesterday from my phone. I'm on my iPad now so we'll see.

Day 2 pictures

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