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I am 39 and mom to 4 wonderful kids. They are...

I am 39 and mom to 4 wonderful kids. They are 21,17, 10, and 3. I weigh 179 and I am 5"5' tall.
I found that, while deciding of a tummy tuck was for me, It has been so helpful to be able to look at other people's experiences with plastic surgery. So, I'm also sharing my experience to hopefully help someone who's trying to make their decision!

Last week I finally scheduled my extended tummy tuck and flank lipo! I can't believe it's less than two weeks away! It's been kind of an emotional roller coaster coming to the decision. I'll post more about that later on.
Here are a few "before" photos.

10 days and counting!

So excited and nervous too! Im working hard to get our home super organized to lessen the load for my daughter and my husband who will be helping me during my recovery!

One week from today is the day!!!

Im stocking up on stuff I might need in recovery: magazines (because im sure I will get tired of TV and staring at my phone screen!), ice packs, popsicles (in case of nausea- popsicles usually work well for that), buying a few extra pillows for added comfort, some palmers cocoa butter, some pre made fruit smoothies. I will be doing some more reading to see if theres anything else that may come in handy.

Took some more before photos too. Theres an old nasty tattoo that the doc said he can take off for me.. Its my ex husbands name and it got stretched with my pregnancies so its now illegible too! Lol cant wait to be rid of that!!!

Tummy tuck day is friday!!

Today im feeling super nervous because the bid day is just 4 days away!! Now that Im basically out of stuff to do in order to prepare, im finding myself left just feeling very anxious! My fun cute lime decorated ice packs came today... Maybe it was that delivery that made it so real??!! LOL

Essential oil scar healing recipe

For topical application once incision is closed and doc okays it

Surgery complete!

I had my surgery from 7:30 to 9:30 AM yesterday. Today is my second day of healing. It's been a little rough. This time extended abdominoplasty thing is definitely not for the weak! LOL
My drains were filling really fast yesterday and have slightly slow down throughout today. I'm taking my pain meds every four hours to try and stay ahead of the pain. Had to call my doctor because I was not able to urinate after I got home. They had me drink a ton of water and then sit on the toilet with my legs elevated on a stool. It worked! I've learned that I really just need to wait until I have to go a lot in order to get results when peeing.
All in all, i am more sore today than i was yesterday, but as a whole I'd say I feel better because I'm not as dizzy or mildly queasy like I was yesterday. Fingers crossed that day three will be even better!

I almost forgot!

I almost forgot to mention, he was able to get my whole tattoo removed! Yay!

Day 3 - I peeked under my compression garment!

I was finally feeling well enough and brave enough to see what it all looks like! I can tell i am very very swollen, especially in my upper abdomen (probably from lipo and muscle repair), but even with all the swelling i already look much smaller! Yayyyy!! Finally feeling like this was indeed worth it!! :)
Im also posting a pic my husband took of my super bruises bottom (from flank lipo)
My husband has been AMAZING through this recovery! Waiting on me hand and foot, emptying my drains, giving me all my meds, and walking mw to the bathroom. Such awesome support from my man!!! I could not have gotten through this without him.

Day 4

I can tell im beginning to get better, but today started as a very hard day for me. :,(
I got up and got myself together and ready with help, of course. Unfortunately all this was happening around the same time that the laxatives i took were beginning to work and my stomach was pretty upset. I think getting up and moving around so much added to my feeling so woozy. I felt HORRIBLE by the time i got to my appointment. Doc says all looks good. My pain pump was removed and i go back friday to possibly have one of two drains removed. Between pain and nausea i was an emotional mess today and totally feeling regretful that I had the surgery. As the day went on and i rested i began to feel much better. This evening i actually feel like ive progressed as far as pain goes. I have read and also been told that i would "love my compression garment"...that has not been the case for me. It does help with stability while standinng, but other than that i find it just plain UNCOMFORTABLE. Ive had it off more than i really should have today but i plan to do better once im not so sore. Right now im just trying to get through each day. The nurse told me the compression does NOT sculpt your results (ive read on here that it does but apparently thats incorrect) it only helps control swelling. They do want me to wear it most of the time but its absolutely fine for me to take it off here and there... Thank God!

Day 5 - finally human again - feeling thankful!

Today is a breath of freah air. Yes, im still in a good amount of pain, but it's not more than I can handle. I still need hell Standing up from a laid back position but i can walk well (hunched over though), sit sown and atand back up alone, and i just feel much more normal in general. What a difference a day can make! I can also see great results today :)

Before/after 5 days

Day 6 ...this is getting old...

I'm so tired of sitting back and laying down. I can walk around a little bit but it's really difficult and makes my back hurt so I have to sit down again. I cannot wait to be normal again and enjoy my tummy tuck

Day 7 and feeling MUCH better!!

I slept a lot yesterday and i think the power rest did me well! I woke up this morning feeling lots of improvement pain wise and I was so excited to see that i can suddenly walk almost straight up! I went from just as hunched over as i had been since surgery to standing barely hunched LITERALLY OVER NIGHT! Wooo hooo!

Day 13 - doing great!!

Every day i feel better than the last! My swelling has been less each day as well! My Stomach and front pubic area are still numb, which feels so WEIRD! I guess that gets better gradually. I got one of my drains out last Friday and i am scheduled to have the second one removed today, although i think i am still draining too much fluid :( so that may have to be rescheduled. I cannot wait to be drainless!

Still have my drain.... But loving how my jeans look!

Undortunately my drain is still producing too micj fluid to have it removed :( ... But on a very positive note, I tried on my jeans today and was SO EXCITED with how they look. These were my old jeans i wore when i was thinner and before My last pregnancy. Before surgery they were sooooo uncomfortably tight in the stomach, hard to button, and left me with HUGE muffin top. I wish i would have taken a before photo in the jeans, but oh well! Now i have zero muffin top and they button with some room left! I havent looked this good in jeans in at least 15 years!

19 days post op

Feeling really good. Loving having my drains out (the last one was taken out 4 days ago). I can see my results getting better too! Feeling progressively thinner as swelling gets less and less. Im finding that the compression garment is key to keeping away swelling and I wear it most of the time. My "dog ear" is going down significantly too!


A little before and after comparison
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