SOOO Ready for This Change - scheduled for surgery on Aug 19 in Wellesley, MA

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I am very excited to have found this website and...

I am very excited to have found this website and honestly just reading the stories and seeing the photos encouraged me to take some action. I have always had large breasts, however having my son and nursing for almost two years, my breasts are in worse condition. I am a 38JJ and I'm 5'2 and about 180 pounds. I have had back pain since I was in high school. I go to the chiropractor several times a year for several months at a time. So I went to my primary care doctor they referred me to a surgeon. I also found a couple doctors online and scheduled my consultation. I had my consult last week and I was excited and nervous. The doctor told me he would utterly shocked if my insurance did not cover it. I told him I wanted to go to a large C or average D, he advised he couldn't go as small as a C. I am waiting to hear back from them about my insurance's approval, then I will have my surgery.

This process is scary and exciting all at the same time, but I just can't wait to look at myself in the mirror and feel better about self and to not hunch over and have so much middle back and neck pain.

So it's been two weeks since my consult and I'm so...

So it's been two weeks since my consult and I'm so anxious and I'm getting alot of opinions about making sure I see multiple doctors. So I think I'm going to schedule some more visits. Did any of you just find one doctor and go with that one doctor, or did you see multiple doctors? If you did see multiple doctors, how does it work if one doctor has submitted to your insurance company? Thanks for the input.

Okay so this process has been emtionally...

Okay so this process has been emtionally exhausting. I called my ps about 1 month after my consult I was told they had not heard from my insurance, so I called Cigna and they told me this was denied as it was deemed not medically necessary, they deem it as cosmetic. I was literally in tears, I have this since I was 16 years old. I look at my breasts and I actually hate them I wish I can cut them off myself. So they said I have 90 days to submit information for a reconsideration and I also have 1 year to appeal the decision after the reconsideration. So I took a break from this whole process and didn't too much about it for about a week. Then I was going to request all my chiropractors that I been since for last 10 years. My medical records from my obgyn's when I complain of constant back pain. When I received a call from PS and they called to tell me that after doing a little work they got my surgery approved. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear I could've done back flips. I was soo excited and that mental picture I have in my head of smaller breasts is beginning to become a reality. They scheduled my surgery in August, so now it's a waiting game.

However, I did see antoher PS before the whole insurance denial situation and they suggested another method, so now I'm going through the motions of which is better. They advised they would cut around the areola and not have the scar down my breast, which is very confusing because I have so much stretched skin. So now I'm going crazy trying to find out which is better. The first PS would be using the inverted T-method.

So my question is has anyone ever heard of this other method and would this really work for a reduction from size 38JJ to D. I am going to post pictures tonight so I can get better answers on which doctor to choose.

The countdown is begins

So after my insurance my procedure and my ps did some work and then got my surgery approved, I'm scheduled for August 19th. I am so elated, I can't wait to have this weight on me.
Currently I am a 38JJ and my ps said I would be either a D or DD and honestly I do like have large breasts, just not gigantic and hanging down. So I'm very excited about what the outcome will be. I am 5'2 and I'm 175 pounds, I've been exercising and I even stop eating meat and most carbs. I did this to lost weight but also to try to as healthy as I can as a healthy body will heal quickly and better.

I'm nervous and excited about the procedure, I most nervous about my 3 1/2 year old son, I'm a single mom and he's a hugger. So I'm hoping that he will understand mommy has a big booboo. My mother will be here for two weeks but then it's just the two of us, my boyfriend will be around to help as much as possible, but I'm so nervous.

I have been stalking this site for sometime and this site and you ladies are what made me got my doctor and talk about having this procedure, I've wanted this since I was 16, but I always wanted to be able to nurse. So with that being done, I'm ready to have my surgery.
I'm trying to make a list of things to get before my surgery, if you ladies have suggestions, please send them my way, the best things for scarring, how to prepare my little one for this process.

Some before photos

I'm so ready for the awkward stares to stop

I went out with my son today and I'm typically used to people staring at my large breasts, everyone from women to men to teenage girls. Sometimes I feel like a freak show, anyway today it was different I just kept thinking this will be over in three weeks and there will be no more stares and no more gawking. Also funny thing is I think because I'm so aware of my impending surgery, I feel like my breasts are so heavy and the back and neck pain is even more bothersome.

STD- Ladies I have question about short term disability

Hello Ladies,
I am wondering for all the ladies whose surgery was covered by insured and deemed medically necessary, did you have a hard time with it being covered by your short term disability carrier. I have read the policy and it says that cosmetic surgery is not covered, however since my health insurance has already deemed this medically necessary can they make their own determination and not cover it?

My company's STD covers 100% so this would be soo needed for them to cover it.

OMG, less than 24 hours to go!!

I'm so ready for this to come. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. My PS office called me on Thursday to confirm everything and I didn't know I am supposed to stay overnight. I have to be there at 6:30. I feel like I haven't really prepared for the aftercare, like the rest of you ladies.

1 week post op

Sorry I waited so long to update, but it's been crazy. Okay so the process happened so quickly. One minute I was talking to the nurses then the next thing I know I was waiting up and I honestly didn't know the surgery was done until I looked down.

I was very sick afterwards, very dizzy and I threw up at least three times, however I think it was anesthesia, when I had my c-section when I had my son I immediately threw up while holding him. Anyway I went home and took my Vicodin every four hours and I took it on clockwork so my pain wasn't that bad. I was nausea and dizzy for about three days, then I took off my nausea patch off and stopped the Vicodin on day four and I started to take Tylenol. So now I'm off the pain meds and feeling good.

Yesterday, I had my post op appt and finally got the drains out (side note: I HATE THE DRAINS) it hurt a little to have them removed but all in all it wasn't. Now it is ten times better, I go back to work next week, so I'm trying to get back into my routines and still take it easy.

My mom is going back to NJ on Friday, so it will just be me and my four year old.

More pics

Oh yeah

They are uneven but the left one is very hard still so I think it will drop and soften and they will look more even. I'm very excited about what they look like, especially given how they looked before.

I did a search online and read reviews and then I met him face to face and I really liked him and his background information.

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