425cc Gummy Bear Breast Implants on 9/29/2016 - Wellesley, MA

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I'm a 26 year old mom of 4 so as you can imagine...

I'm a 26 year old mom of 4 so as you can imagine my breasts are pretty deflated and pretty uneven as well.
At my consult I decided on 325cc and 315cc gummy bear implants but have since decided to go with 425cc and 415cc's. My surgeon told me I could maybe use a lift on the left side but I've decided to see how they look after the implants and go from there. I'm very anxious, nervous, and excited for my day!

26 Years Old 5'4" 125lbs Getting 445cc Gummy Bears

Figured I'd write an updated one because some details have changed
and right after I submitted my first I realized I forgot to add my
stats. So I'm now less than 2 weeks away (eek!!!) I've already gone for
my pre-op, was sized for my post op undergarments and picked up my
prescriptions! I bought 4 button up/zip up tops and still debating on
whether to get pillows (I've been reading good things about the wedge
and neck pillows) or just making do with the ones I've got.

So last time I posted I had JUST gone and tried on implants for the
second time with the nurse and I loved the look of the 425cc. Being that
at my consult the surgeon and I discussed 325&315cc's I assumed it
would be 425&415cc's. With that said I was awfully confused when at
my pre-op they asked me to sign agreeing to both 445cc's, I assumed the
extra 20cc's was due to placement but I was worried about going from 2
different sized implants to the same size so we tried them AGAIN. The
two different sizes were obviously 2 different sizes when I tried them
so the surgeon and the nurse assured me I'd be better off getting both
sides the same size (even though they're not exactly the same size now.)
Here's to hoping they come out okay! I'm very excited, anxious,
nervous, and everything in between!!!

It's Done!

Today was surgery day! I originally had a 12:30 arrival time but they asked me to come in for 11:30 anndd I ended up in the waiting room for an hour which was frustrating for my husband because he HATES waiting and that's basically what he did all day but the staff was great! I ended up going in around 1:30-2:00 and was awake around 3:00 I was a little sore which was quickly resolved with pain meds. OH speaking of they even gave me local anesthesia to put the IV in which I'd never had happen before but didn't mind at all! I got home a little before 5:00 (it was about an hour drive) and I ate then napped until around 8:00 (woke up for greys anatomy of course!) was pretty sore so took a pain med and now icing but overall (so far) the pain is less than I expected! Right now they're high and swollen of course but I can't wait to see what the next few weeks brings!

1 Day Post!

I feel a bit more sore and swollen today but still not nearly as bad as I expected, really just does feel like I'm engorged so if this is the worst of it it's totally worth it! It is a little tough getting in and out of bed having limited use of my arms but I'm managing. Still just taking my pain meds as needed and icing! My kid brother has asked to stay with us so I managed to go out and get the paperwork for his schooling sorted today (my husband drove) and that wasn't so bad. Under my right boob is pretty bruised but overall I think I'm doing fine.

Waking up!

I was so worried about back sleeping but last night I slept great!
Now this morning hit and I'm super stiff and I slept through 3 doses of pain meds which I'm really feeling right now! I struggled so much to get out of bed I almost decided to wake my husband so he could give me a push out of bed but alas I made it! Used the bathroom and then got my ice pack and painmeds now just waiting for them to kick in!

Rough patch

The first few days post op felt like a breeze to be honest but now I just want to crawl out of my own skin!
I went from 5 days no bowel movement, to vomiting, to 3 days of diarrhea! I finally felt "good" yesterday afternoon, ran some errands, went outside for a bit to get some fresh air with the kids. Then came bed time, I was restless and when I did sleep it was just nightmare after nightmare (The worst of which my mom died of heart failure, when she has been dealing with heart related issues for some time now) Eventually I gave up on sleep and just laid in bed until I eventually decided I'd just get up and get the kids things ready for school and I'm just uncomfortable and so ready to feel myself again and get my house good and clean the way I had it the night before this journey started. I feel silly in a way paying all this money and putting myself through all of this for something while I wanted I'm not really feeling was worth it in this exact moment.
So just a bad couple days where "boobie blues" hit maybe, and I feel rightfully so but right now I just feel over it! Hopefully I'm in better spirits after my post op appointment tomorrow.


My chest feels great today! I have this one little annoying pain in my right rib area here and there but they've begun to feel a lot like a part of me today.
I also had my post op with my surgeon today and he said everything with my chest looked fine.
On the flip side I'm still dealing with GI issues which he said could be C.diff caused by the antibiotics so I'm currently waiting for the results for that.
Haven't slept well the past two nights right now I'm laying in bed hoping for a better night so I should go ahead and put my phone down and end it here.

Dr Davidson

Wanted to take a second to point out that although I've had this bump in the road Dr Davidson has been so good! I chose to get tested for my GI issues closer to home but he has been so on top of it even though it's a holiday weekend. He seems to genuinely care and I think that's great.

I feel good!

I have minimal discomfort now and I was checking the girls out after my shower today and they look great! I feel like they've already dropped very well and are a nice shape. I feel like they look and feel pretty real even apart from a tad bit of firmness. I still have 2 weeks left but can't wait to ditch this surgical bra for something cute!

So pleased.

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