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Well, were to start... I have been following so...

Well, were to start... I have been following so many ladies that have gotten a neck lift and eye lid fix, so I was sure that is what I wanted to do; and the research begun.

There are two Dr that I have been impressed by their work here in RS; one is in Costa Rica and the other in NC, both in the affordable side (9K to 10K with lugging and flight), in comparison with 2 others here in Houston (19K to 24K)... the bad thing for me about going out of my home town is that I just got a new job and don't have vacation time to
take off for10 days or more...
Then a co-worker got here eye lids done, I loved the results and when she told me that she had only paid 1880 I thought "I have to go see this Dr" so I set up me free consultation... When I met Dr Adam I told him what I wanted to get done, a neck lift and my eyelids. He said that he thought I did not needed a NL and that I would benefit a lot from lipo (Smart Lipo) to my chin that it seem like I had a lot of fullness, I told him that I did not wanted lipo because in the past I had it done and it seemed like it really did not do nothing to my neck and jaw line; that it seemed that the skin was a bit more loose, plus I wanted the pull of the neck lift so that the lines on the side of my mouth would desapier too. So he went on saying that the other Dr did not pull to much fat out of my neck and that he would do better and the procedure done privuiesly was the good old lipo and that smart lipo does help with skin retraction and that he would get my jawouls and that would do fat graft to my deep lines on the side of the mouth and my under eyes, that he was sure that I would very happy with the results,,, that could hold on that neck lift until I get older (I am 46)... so I left his office with a quote of 4350 for eye lids, neck/chin/jaw lipo and fat graft to marionette lines and under eyes,,, I have to say that I was a little disappointed; since that is not what I was looking forward to get done, as far as the neck...
So as soon as a got home I came here to RS and started researching on chin lipo with Smart Lipo and facial fat graft... there were several people with very good results some were very impressive, plus the down time is less of that of a NL,,, I knew that my eyes are going to look awesome since I have seen my co-worker and the pics at his office,,, I did a second consultation and exterioraized my concern of having a clean jaw line, my skin laxity, the facial fat graft. After researching some more I decided to take the plunge and do it,,,

Tomorrow is the big day :) !!!!!

I have not had the time to get nervous or nothing like that since I have been super busy at work.
I am doing to be off from work Wed, Thur, Fri is a holiday, then Sat and Sun. Hopefully back to work next Mon. I will post my before pics later today

Today is the day !!!

So have been up since 5AM, about to leave to the office,will work from 6AM to 10AM. Surgery is at 2PM, but I have to be there at 12:30. My daughter is taking me...

Here are my before pictures

There are my before pictures,

Me yesterday

Well I got up yesterday at 5:30AM to be in at work at 6, I left at 10 home took a shower end was on my way to the Dr surgery was going to be at 2PM and I was starving,, the Dr came in and mark me, I like him he is very sweet took time to listed to my last minute consurens, I can't remember nothing coming out other that I kept on telling my dougther that I was hungry,, as soon as I got home I ate a jello and I smoothie with my pills, which I thru up almost immediately, then my husband arrive home with some soop and that was much better, I iced my eye 2 straight hours and I was finally able to see, my eye were so swollen I couldn't not see a thing. There is no pian in my chin the strap does not fill that is a picture of me on Wed

Pic of me on wed

I looked horrible yesterday

Is looking better

Here are a couple of pics from Thu and today Friday,, icing every day

Well so far so good

So far everything is going well as far, there SA not been that much swelling, but then again I hardly take the strap off, and I sleep with a lot of pillows, I almost sleep on a siting position, there is almost no pain, I can easily wait for the 6 hrs for my painkiller, I am also taking Arnica, Bromelia and tumeric pills, I took 2 pic, but the side one does not show the progress that well,planing on using the strap for 2 weeks, will see how that goes

Here a few pic

Have not had time to update, since I have been working,,I am still wearing the chin strap on and off now since I have to take it off to relieve pressure on my eyes, so far so good, I know is 3 months for the swollen to go away
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