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I've been trying to lose weight after having baby...

I've been trying to lose weight after having baby #3 for almost 2 years and has not been in luck. I've done everything; changing my diet, signing up for food plan, daily workout, zumba, cardio mix, lifting weights, 8+ cups of water, green tea, no soft drinks, fiber drinks, whole30.. literally everything and I can't seem to lose weight. I've consulted with my doc just recently and it may be a thyroid issye but I'm still waiting for results. I recently got a consult for tickle lipo. It's 6k for the abdomen and back/flanks.

I really just want to be "normal" again and losing weight after this child hasn't been working. I mean the first two works magic and I bounced back to normal but this time I'm afraid I'll never be able to get back to normal. Should I follow through with this? My emotions are a roller coaster these days,.. I shouldn't spend money recklessly because I think of my children, but then, I just want everything back in place. The hub is super supportive but what do I do? Any suggestions? Any advice on what to try. I'm feeling like a lost soul... lol >_

One Year Post Op - Tickle Lipo

It's been a year post op since my tickle Lipo. Instead of getting my tummy and back/flanks, I opted for just my tummy. The healing process went well and I went to work with 48 hours, should've rested but I didn't. I've seen myself shrink and my tummy is not bulging as it used to. Of course, never the same prior to children but so much better than looking 8 months pregnant. Was it worth it? $2k for my tummy wasn't too bad. Lately though I've been considering a full mommy make over. I have extra skin and my boobs are flat like a pancake after breastfeeding and 2.5years postpartum. I'm really considering it but I'm not sure.
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