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I had my surgery today.. I was an hour late...

I had my surgery today.. I was an hour late because we put the wrong address in the GPS.. So I was a nervous wreck about that. Got there and they had get things done quickly to begin, I think this helped me so much because I was panicking when they were about to take me back. I started wondering if I really wanted to do it and if was worth all the pain. They gave me my medication to put me to sleep and the next thing I know I hear my Doctor saying I am completely finished! I woke up with a really dry throat and a sore throat, I wasn't in pain at all. They had to put the pipe down my throat during my surgery so that is what hurt me, the Doc said that should subside by tomorrow. I am at a hotel room now in recovery since I drove 6 hours for my surgery. I haven't had trouble eating I just can't eat a ton at once. I hate sitting in one place so I've been moving around the hotel and finally my sister told me I just need to sit and relax. I go to see my doctor in He morning and then we are heading back home for the week until next Saturday! They have a ton of shopping here and I was sad I could not go with my sister and my friend. We are going to shop next weekend!!:)

Day 2

Had to drive 6 hours home.. It sucked. I wish I wouldn't have had to drive so far but I am happy I chose a good doctor. It is worth it now that I'm in my nice cozy bed. Today pain wise is okay, my eyes are bugging me the most just because they keep getting fuzzy. I attached my photos that Dr. Pontell made for me for what it should look like after, nothing is ever spot on but I had a deviated septum and my nose slanted to right after a fall.

Day 4

I have just been relaxing and just feeling sleepy.. Not in pain for the most part, just slight sting here and there on my face. Keeping my ointment on when I am supposed to and trying to keep up with eating. I have basically ate applesauce, yogurt, and finally Chinese food yesterday!:) I live 6 hours away from Dr. Pontell so I will not be getting anything taken off until Saturday the 16th!

Early Day 7

Well.. It's early Wednesday morning and I can hardly wait to see Dr. Pontell. I wish I was scheduled to see him earlier, even if it was Saturday. I love so far away so Saturday was the best day so we could take all stitches out for each procedure. My eye stitches are the worst.. They itch so bad I have been so uncomfortable. I talked to Dr. Pontell today and he said everything looks good to go. The tape on my nose is becoming loose but he said as long as the cast is on then it is okay. I am going to continue leaving my head elevated because I am to afraid to sleep with it straight with all the blood flow. I am counting down the days until Saturday, I usually don't pray for days to pass because I cherish them but Saturday can come any day. I have only been able to clean my body and I will have to go 10 days without washing my hair. With all the ointment and greasiness I am started to get so frusterated and irraitable. I hope it comes soon! I keep getting nervous that if I yawn or laugh I am going to mess up my nose or even do the smallest thing. I waited so long for this to screw it up with such an act.

Day 8

Well.. I buckled and email my PS last night. My eyes are just getting so irratitable from the stitches even though they are in good condition and I feel like a dirty person and want a shower. Dr. Pontell is so nice that he changed my appointment to tomorrow night! I am so excited.. I just want everything off my face and to begin my next step of recovery! I can't breathe at all and can't wait until the day I can blow my nose! My mouth is starting to get super dry at night again. The number one thing I look forward to is a shower.. I just want to wash my hair and style it!!! I hope I like my results.. I'm scared I won't like my nose and it's a permanent peice of my face. My sister and I leave first thing tomorrow morning to drive the 6 hours to get this all removed. If I could do it again I definitely wouldn't pick a doctor so far away from me because I would have liked to have him close. I am happy with my doctor choice but it has definitely been an experience. I will post my after when I am ready! Thankkk you!!:)

Cast & Stitches Removed

So happy! Will post later!

Cast & stitch removal :)

Well.. They are off and I am showered!:) getting the stitches out of my face was probably the worst experience of all.. I had automatic tears running down my face but nothing that wasn't tolerable! I still have to have tape on my incision marks for my chin and my eyes.. Which stinks because I have to wear them back to work on Monday. They usually fall off within a week Dr. Pontell said.. Then I look forward to putting makeup on when I am healed and see what the finished product looks like! I am so amazed at my results and I am so excited to see what it looks like without swelling!:) here is to wishing just a few more weeks away;)


Loving it:)

Day 11

Feeling great.. Went shopping the day after surgery in the HUGE mall they have by my doctor since I had to stay in a hotel. It made me nervous because Dr.Pontell put tape on my eyes and chin and said the tape stays on until it falls off. I was paranoid shopping with no makeup and tape but I did it! I was home today and went for a walk outside with a hat on.. Felt so good to get out without a cast on! I am so happy with my results and couldn't ask for anything better. The pain of my nose is still there, I feel tightness when I laugh or little tickles on my nose so I rub it a little or put a qtip on it to take it away. I'm so nervous to mess my nose up so I'm not doing anything crazy.. Back to work tomorrow and feeling so nervous cause I can't wear makeup and have tape on my face, hoping to not get a million questions!

Profile before & after

Getting comfortable

It has definitely been a roller coaster of emotions after my surgery. The swelling has put me through a lot of panic during the healing process. I got nervous about my nostrils but didn't doubt that it was the swelling. I believe all along it has just been the fact that I had something huge done to me. I am getting more comfortable as the days go on and hope that in the next few months all the swelling will be somewhat gone.
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