Broken Nose & Bad Previous Rhinoplasty! I Cant Breathe! - Wayne, NJ

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So long story short about 3 years ago I underwent...

So long story short about 3 years ago I underwent surgery for a crooked septum. The surgery was miserable (I've had surgeries in the past) but this surgery left me bruised and nauseous for several days. I also told this doctor since I was undergoing surgery anyway to straighten my nose and make my tip smaller. He over scooped my bridge and did not bother touching the tip which left me with a very round tip and it does not fit my face at all.

A year after that I broke my nose .. ughhhhh .. and completely ruined any work the doctor did on my sinuses. My nose heeled crooked and more round then before. I was so upset!

So I went in for my allergies to an ENT specialist and when she looked up my nose her reaction was "how are you breathing through that pin hole".. this confirmed I wasn't just going crazy .. i really cant breathe at all! When I'm at the gym I sometimes feel like I have to take out my music in order to catch my breathe. I sleep with my mouth open now and people have told me I snore! I neverrrrr used to snore. And I am so used to pulling on the right side of my nose to breathe that I catch myself doing it in conversations hahah It sounds so stupid but its the only way for me to get air up there!

I finally made an appointment to meet Dr.Kassir because I have friends who have had surgery with him in the past and had all good things to say. I booked my septoplasty with him and am anxious and excited. The surgery is scheduled Nov. 15 Kassir said he is going to build my bridge back up because my right nasal is collapsing .. ew! make my nose straight the way I want it and bring it closer to my face.



More Pictures ...

Sleeping ..

I remember having to sleep sitting up for the first few nights after my last surgery. I tried to sleep in a recliner because I thought this would be the easiest to not hit my nose. Does anyone have any suggestions other than that round airplane neck pillow? I never find those things comfortable hah

App question..

Does anyone know of any good apps or websites in order for me to alter my picture so when I go in for my pre-op next week I can show my doctor what I picture? He already altered a picture for me which i LOVE but I want to try and do one myself

What I want ..

Well NUMBER ONE .. i just want to be able to breathe again! haha I cant tell you the last time I was able to take a deep breathe without pulling my nostrils open .. I cant imagine what it will be like when I can breathe .. ahhhhh

Also (i did this myself on my phone) this is what I want my nose to look like. This is a weird angle .. not a side angle and not front view but i figured it was a good view to edit. Straight straighttttt bridge and not a bulbous tip

Getting closer ..

So I finally got all my pre-op appointments out of the way (physical, catscan, bloodwork). And this morning went in for my pre-op with Kassir. He listened to everything I had to say and I could tell he knows exactly what I want. I'm so used to doctors "yessing you to death" but I feel like he actually is aware of what im asking for. He's SUPER nice. He also edited a picture from the front and I loved it.

I edited my own pictures and showed him and he said "wow good job!" because the picture he edited before he even saw mine almost was identical to my picture. He even took the pics I edited to bring with him the day of my surgery.

Its getting closer and closerrrrrrr .. im getting excited !

Few more before pictures

Well with 10 days to go I figured I should post some more before pictures ..

10 more daysssss

So my surgery is tomorrow morning ..

about 12 hours from now i will be heading to the city for my surgery. I am getting there around 6am and they are going to start around 6:30am .. im super anxious/nervous/excited .. but i guess its the good kind of nervous haha

i have to wash my hair and body good with a certain wash he gave me .. take my antibiotic .. and apply a cream in both nostrils tonight before bed

ahhh ..

Surgery is done!

So i had my surgery early this morning at the Park Ave NYC location. I arrived at 6am and was back in the car around 10:45 .. i didnt feel sick or anything when i woke up which was good! my nose is draining a lot but i know thats normal .. just annoying to change the drip pad so often lol

im not really in pain .. feels more like pressure around my nose and forhead .. kind of like a weird headache? im drinking a lot of water and eating soft foods like soup and yogurt

so now the healing process begins .. lets hope i dont swell up like crazy! i know my last surgery i didnt swell too bad .. i actually looked and felt the worst after i broke my nose - lucky me right?

the doctor told my mom "theres a lot of stuff goin on in that nose" hahahaha glad its over with

Got my packing out today ...

Got my packing out today .. its only been about a day and a half since surgery but what a releif to get that out .. i kind of felt like i was choking a little cuz i couldnt breathe through my nose at all and my throat was very dry and had dried blood in it .. i had bad anxiety yesterday for the first time ever .. i tried my best to go to sleep but its hard when you feel like your going to choke

the left side of my packing felt extrememly weird when it came out but the right side got stuck ughhh .. hurt pretty bad when he pulled it out because that was originally the side of my nose that was closed completely .. understandable that the right side has a lot more swelling .. when he finally pulled both out though it felt amazingggggg like pressure out of my nose! my nose swelled back up on the inside now so i cant breathe again but at least i dont feel like i have post nasel drip and extreme pressure .. just glad him taking the packing out is DONE .. that was one of the worse parts of having surgery haha

he did tell me he rebroke my nose and the inside of my nose was "a mess" .. he said not to worry though because he fixed it .. i get my cast off in 5 or 6 days so well seeeeee

hope everyone is relaxing and healing!

Post Day 3

Last night was one of the first nights i actually felt like i got some sleep. I woke up maybe 4 or 5 times but at least it wasn't once an hour. I feel much more alive today. Still super stuffed up and swollen but at least I feel awake.

I hope everyone else is doing great :)


.. so i dont want to post any pics that look gross & bloody hahaha so here is two pics that arent so bad

back to the doctor

Heading back to this doctor this morning for him to clean out my nose again .. so glad he does this every other day because its not pretty lol he took the packing out monday and cleaned it up .. hes going to clean it again today .. and then cast off fri or sat yay!


I didnt want to post anything that "gross" .. this pic isnt too bad. I had this packing out on Monday thank god. They did break my nose and the doctor called the inside a "mess" to my mom when i was in recovery. This is a pic 3 days after surgery

Post-op Day 5

so these pictures are a little scary haha bed head much?? ..

but here is a front and side view of my nose so far. the bone that was sticking out from my septum on the bottom of my nostril seems to be gone! i still cant get air yet .. but its only day 5

I found out I get my cast off tomorrow!

Cast off ..

its been less than 6 days since I had surgery but I got my cast off about an hour ago. I didn realize how mant stiches I had not only on the outside of both nostrils but also on the inside haha i got a little lightheaded when he started to pull them out because it def hurt a little. I finally got to see my nose and ..


i know im only 6 days out but it looks so much better. He pinched it to show me how the tip will look more pinched when swelling goes done and the bottom will be more flat .. not turned up .. i look a little piggish right now haha but my nose will drop

i cant get any air through either nostril just yet but he said to now panic .. it will be at least another week until i finally get some releif from the pressure in my nose .. i mean its only been 6 days?!

Maybe a few of you could help me with the following questions:

1) How long are you or did you wait until going back to the gym?
2) I'm going to continue for at least another week to sleep upright for swelling. Did anyone else do this? I want my nostrils to open up to get rid of some of the pressure in my head.
3) He said taping your nose works. I was so exicted about my nose I forgot to tell him where to put the tape and how that works. Does anyone have any experience with that?

Post-op day 8

im so so swollen today ugh. My face is actually hurting pretty bad from the pressure. I'm trying to ice it and eat pineapples but nothing seems to be working. Does anyone have any advice to help with pressure and swelling?

Post day 8

10 Days Post

Hi real selfers. Today is post op 10 days. I am still really swollen .. my nose almost feels like i have water in it? strange feeling haha i am going back to the doctor again tomorrow so he can clean my nose. In the front picture I added to this post my nose actually looks crooked. It's because it's still really swollen. I could also tell im swollen because my bridge and tip look different than the day when my cast came off. I hope everyone is feeling better and getting the results they want!

Post Day Day 11 with Pictures

I went to the doctor this am and he removed more stiches. I still have a few in but he doesnt want to take them out yet. Im still super swollen. I'm going back to him next wednesday and if im still this swollen he mentioned he may do steroid injections into the areas inside my nose that are swollen shut.

I posted a few more pictures I took this am. I also included one before and after I took at the doctor this am. Even as swollen as I am I am very happy the way my nose is progessing. Some days my nose is much more swollen than others haha I've been sleeping sitting up and trying my best to mnoto eat anything high in sodium. I know when I eat too much sodium because my nose feels weird hahaha.

Post Day 12

Still super swollen and cant get any air through my nose grrr


Post Op - Day 16 - with Pictures

Hi guys. So today I woke up super swollen and stuffy. I've been sleeping sitting up but last night my head fell to the right and I woke up with a bad headache - so I'm sure this has to do with my swelling as well. My swelling seems to go up and down lol its so random. I've attached some progress pics from over the weekend.

Hope everyone is healing and had a great thanksgiving weekend :)

Post 16 Days

hi guys! i thought the pic i attached may help some people understand swelling a little bit better. The pic on the left side was what I took around 9am..the picture on the right side was talkin about an hour after i had a wrap with turkey that i assume was high in sodium lol only a few hours difference but you could see the difference in the tip! this is why i have to watch my sodium while im healing

Before and After - 14 Days post

Hi guys. These after pictures were taken at 14 days post op. The left side is the before and the right side is the after.

Post Day 18 - Swelling

I just left Kassir's office so he could clean my nose out again and check out how the swelling is coming along. He said I def have hit the point where my swelling is starting to recede instead of swell up .. so thats good! He then squeezed my nose and said, "wow you def have a lot more swelling to go down! wait until you hit the year mark - you wont believe the difference." So im assuming my nose is going to be even more straight and the tip much more defined. It's crazy how after he squeezes some of the swelling out how different my nose looks haha So I guess I do have a lot more swelling. I like my nose now .. and it can only get better from here :)

Update with Pics

Today my tip def feels swollen .. its because of my lunch I just ate lol but here are some updated pics

Post 23 Day Update

Hi guys just posting an update. So this swelling is really out of control lol Saturday and Sunday I was superrrrr swollen .. I almost looked like I did the week after I got my cast off. I'm not sure why because I still sleep sitting up and eat as well as I can. Today I am def still swollen and stuffed up. Not as bad as yesterday but still really swollen. Sleeping sitting up makes all the difference though. When I accidentally fall asleep laying down my nose swells like crazy. I've posted some pics from today as well as some before and after pics.

Before and After Pics

These are from his website. They are 6 days post but you could see a dramatic difference when I was only 6 days post op. I'm obviously super swollen in these pics lol

Update With Pics from Dr.Kassir

Hi Real Selfers! Just a quick update. I went back to Dr.Kassir today and he cleaned out the inside of my nose (ahh .. feels amazing since I cant blow my nose or anything, it allows me to get some air!) and spoke to me about my swelling. I still have a lot of swelling on the right side of my nose where my septum was severely deviated. He said don't worry and that I am only three weeks. The left side feels much more open though and I can get so much air through it. Feels amazing just being able to get some air! My tip is still really swollen as well but he said that's also really normal. I've attached some before and 3 week post op pics. You could see in a few of the attached pics that my septum is now straight. He said I am also really swollen on the left and right side next to my nose. Time is key here :) I'm still sleeping upright and attempting to eat low sodium.

Update! One month 2 days

Its been one month and 2 days since surgery. Time flew by I cant believe it! I still am pretty stuffy .. especially in my right nostril that was originally really deviated .. and depending on the day my swelling seems to go up or down. I hope everyone else is healing well!

Post Update

So i went into the doctor today and asked why i still cant get air through the right side of my nose. When i look into my right nostril it looks swollen shut still and its so aggrevating. This is the same nostril i cuoldnt get air though in teh begining. I know he def fixed the bone that was blocking my breathing because you can no longer see it sticking out of the bottom of my nose. However, when i asked him he said if that does not go down sooner .. he is going to "cut it out??? When he said it i got sick. He also said "i cant do that in the chair ur sitting in right now" so would this be another surgery?

Has anyone had a similar experience? My outer appearance looks better everyday but ive been waiting YEARSSSSS to just get air. Its so annoying.

Updated Profile Pic

7 Week update

Update with pictures. Im still swollen. It hasnt even been 2 months but I already see big changes. I still cant get air through my right nostril though.

Tomorrow I go back to Kassir

Wish me luck! I still cant get air through my right nostril and it's driving me crazy. I also now have a weird bump on the right side of my nose (which was previously deviated). I just want to be able to breathe. I've posted some pictures. My profile looks 100x better than it did before surgery but I also wanted to be able to breathe. I've also attached a pic of the front of my nose so you could see the bump I'm talking about on the right side.

Post Kassir Appt

Hi real selfers. So I went back to Kassir this am. Long story short .. I mentioned the bump on the right side of my nose and also the fact that I still can not get air on the same side. I am going to wait one more month (I go back Feb. 18th). He told me the right side is still very very swollen and my nose valve when I breathe in seems to shut. So I can breathe out .. but not in without my nose closing. When I go back he is going to see if any swelling went down and if not .. he is going to have to surgically open my nose valve. At this point - I dont even care. I just want to be able to breathe. Not being able to get any air on one side is causing me to get headaches so I just want it open lol He also said my bump (since its not hard) is swelling and that I should not be worried about it because I am only 2 months out. He said revision septoplastys take the longest and hold swelling for the longest.. plus I have thick skin.

So more waiting for me.

Updated before and after pics

Still really swollen .. well depending on the day lol but here are some updated pics

Talk about swelling ..

I am about 9 weeks post op now but I could still tell how crazy swollen I am when i put my glasses on. I posted a pic of how crazy the dents are on each side of my nose from the glasses. My doctor said i could have started wearing glasses a few weeks ago but I waited until now to wear the lightest frame i have lol I also posted a pic of the front of my nose. To most people I dont look swollen .. but to me i know i am. My nose is wider now than it was before surgery .. it doesnt look bad .. it just looks swollen. And obviously i know im not losing my mind after i took off my glasses with those dents lol I hope everyone else is healing well!

Pics - Before and 10 Week Post

I still have that strange bump on my right side of my nose (your left if youre looking at the screen lol) and I still cant get air through the same side.


So I went to Kassir yesterday. And I am scheduled for surgery for a graph in my nose and to cut out scar tissue on Feb 17. I thought this would be over with by now :( Does anyone have experience with a situation like this?

I forgot lol

The reason for the graph and everything is because the right side of my nose is still completely closed. I cant get any air at all through that side.

Some picture updates ..

Hi guys just thought I should upload some more pictures before my surgery next tuesday for my collapsed valve. You could see the smaller nostril when i tilt my head back. I cant get a picture of what it looks like inside my nose lol but its just completely shut with scar tissue. You could also see the swollen right side of my nose. Ugh soon I will be able to breathe .. I .. CANT .. WAIT lol

I'm about 2 and a half months post op. If you look at my pics pre op the difference is pretty drastic .. now i just want to breathe lol

Question ..

Hi real selfers. So i know next tuesday Kassir told me he is going to harvest the grafts from my ear. A few people commented that this is painful. Ughhh has anyone had this done? If so what was your experience with it. I know my nose never really hurt just felt swollen and had more of a headache than actual pain. I just want to get it over with lol

Post Surgery

Hi guys. So yesterday I wanted to update this .. but I was super light headed and for the first time had a hard time "waking up" from the anesthesia. I felt like i literally couldnt keep my eyes open. I think it was due to the fact that my surgery wasnt until 12pm and by the time i left i had not been able to eat or drink any anything for over 12 hours. So on top of my being queezy with blood i general, not eating forever, and the surgery I just felt like a mess. I also was bleeding a lot which i guess was making me feel worse.

I didnt sleep much last night because my nose is packed again. Ugh the packing is the worst. Buttttt good news. He didnt have to touch my ears! he told me before i went into surgery he was going to try not to touch my ears. Im not sure what he used? I am going back to him in 2 hours so I guess he can talk to me about how everything went.

Updated pictures.

Wow these are attractive hahaha I havent uploaded any pictures yet from this surgery so here you goooooo hahaha ugh.

Video Update

After Valve Surgery 6 days post
Hi guys. I get all this off on Wednesday. But I figure posting an update with a video is better than posting 5 seperate angles ha. I can't smile like the first surgery because I have no feeling in my top lip haha. The same thing happened last time.

Surgery to breathe ..

So i got everything off today ..

and oh my goodness - I CAN BREATHE! I almost started to cry when i realized i was able to get air hahaha

only downfall is how swollen i am .. im super super swollen. i have thick skin so i know how long my body contains swelling which stinks :( but i can breathe so im SUPER happy! all this was worth it.

it wont let me attach pictures? the redness is where he pulled stiches out. you could see how swollen i look though. its ok i know it will all go back down and my nose will be nice and straight like he made it 3 months back :) i didnt want to have two seperate surgeries but .. dr kassir is AMAZING. he gave me the nose i always wanted teh first surgery. and then went back and fixed me breathing 250%

Pictures for previous post

2 Weeks Post Surgery

Hi guys I am two weeks post my breathing surgery. I am still super swollen .. but I know since it was a revision and my skin is thick i am going to hold onto my swelling for a longggggg time lol Some days I wake up so swollen that i feel pressure between my eyes .. other days i feel fine. Swelling is a pain!

One month Post Update

Hi everyone! Just posting an update with some pictures. I am still swollen .. especially where the grafts were placed on the left and right side of my nose. I have to keep reminding myself it's only been one month though lol I went to Kassir two days ago and he seemed to be very happy with the progress. He said to come back in one month because I am still "crusting (ew gross!)" around where the stitches were placed inside my nose. Swelling seems to change day to day. Especially when I wake up or after the gym I am a lot more swollen.

Will continue to update with pictures :)

Post Op 3.5 Month update

Hi! I havent updated in a while so I figure why not now. Its been about 3 and a half months since my surgery. I got it on February 17. I am still swollen depending on the day and what I eat/drink. My doctor joked with me last Friday before Memorial Day Weekend to "stick with hard liquor .. no red wine!" because that contributes to the swelling haha.

I also am posting some new pictures. I go back to him in July and he said if then I am still swollen he may give me a steroid injection. I am breathing AMAZING still though.

Since I havent Updated In a While!

Hi guys! So I havent updated this in a while. My surgery was February 2015. So its been about 6 months now.

update!! 8 months!

So its been almostttt 8 months since surgery so heres some updated pictures! i forgot to take a side profile so I'll post one of those shortly. Hope everyone is well!

10 month update!

Ive posted a before and after picture 10 months after surgery. I can still breathe AMAZINGGG and I still feel as if I am getting used to breathing through both sides of my nose haha

Video added!

Side profile
please read video description :)
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Kassir has been nothing but perfect my entire procedure. He answered questions and even phone calls on a Sunday the day after my surgery. He was even willing to go into the office on a Sunday to take something out of my nose that was causing me to have anxiety. He's a sweetheart and really does listen to everything you say. For any other procedure I decide to get in the future - he will be my man. Hands down. He is a true artist not only with his artwork but his patients. I can't thank him enough.

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