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I had my first consultation today. I love this...

I had my first consultation today. I love this doctor. If it had been such an encouraging and informative visit I wouldn't be able to push through the mommy guilt.
Dr morrissey recommended the full tummy tuck, small implants and some lipo on my flanks. He explained about the muscle separation and how it would even help my back pain to have this corrected.
I've had 4 children including full term twins. I'm 42. I'm ready to enjoy my body again. I've lost my weight. I'm at a good Bmi. I'm healthy and I'm ready to stop hiding all the loose skin.
I'm waiting to get an estimate from the doctor personally to make the final decision.

Scheduled!! The count down begins.

Surgery date is March 10. I never ever thought i would ever do this. I'm getting a full tt with muscle repair. My boobies aren't too bad so minor improvements with implants and lipo on flanks inner thighs and my chin. I've always hated my chin.
I am so excited. Nervous. Spending a lot of time reading everyone's posts. I need to post pics but I'm so embarrassed!!!

Before picture

So this is me before my mommy makeover. I'm 42. 4 kids the last two are twins. Carried them full term. Breastfed all of them. No c section. What size boobies do I get??

Which boobies to pick???

So I've been trying on the implants. Oh my. They're so BIG!!! I though I wanted to go bigger until i wore them awhile. I'm leaning toward 300 cc. I think that's plenty to fill out a D or even a DD. Hubs seems a little disappointed but I don't want to look like a porn star and I like sleeping on my side. Also I wear scrubs every day. They'll be a tight fit even with the 300. I think I'm afraid if I go bigger I'll regret it and want them removed.
I've always admired women with awesome boobs. I chatted with one mama who has some amazing boobies. I could almost do it because her pictures are so pretty. But I don't think I can carry it off. Maybe I'm still a little embarrassed by my body. So why am I getting a mm if I'm going to hide it? Hmmm. Am I taking myself into the 325?

Still pondering boobs

These are all boobs that I admire and can imagine having. I'm 5'7. Will these make me look huge?

Trying to post pics again

All paid up and ready to go

All paid and ready to go. Of course my life around me is exploding with kids appointments and my husband has appointments and everyone need something from me or demands my attention. I am struggling with jerk-mom syndrome but I want this so badly.
I think I'm settled on boob size. T minus 9 days and counting. Whoop whoop!!!

Some nasty before pictures

Omg. I didn't realize how gross I felt about myself until I started looking at these pics. No way am I backing out now. This must be fixed. Tummy tuck with muscle repair. Flank and inner thigh lipo. And chin lipo. Breast augmentation (thank god!) with implants.

2 more sleeps!

Almost there. Surgery is scheduled for Thursday morning. I'm anxious and anxiety. Nervous. I keep thinking "what am I doing??" I'm a pretty tough cookie but do I really want to do this? YES!!! Bring it on! I want my body back. I want to feel good and look good. I want boobies and a flat belly without all the overhanging skin. I worked hard to grow healthy babies and now I want to swim with them without hiding my body and wear shorts and make my husband say "Hot damn! My wife is smoking hot!!" :)

4.5 hours

Just did my hibiclens bath. Getting dressed. Almost time. Nervous. Excited. Ready to get this show on the road!!!

Pre op pics

Lots of purple market


I feel great!!! Not really slept much but all is well. I'll post pics soon. Thank you, sweet ladies, for all your messages of thoughts and prayers and encouragement!!!

Post op!!!!

Ok first of all. I feel great. I'm sleepy but not in pain except for my elbows!!!! That's what kept hitting the pain button for. They're finally getting better. Still sore. Hurt worse than my stomach. Crazy!!
My chest just feels a little tight but no pain. My abs are sore. Not bad. This is way less than I thought it'd be. I feel like I could take a Tylenol and be fine. I haven't gotten up to walk yet so my song may change then. I'll let you know.

End of 1st full day post op

So this morning I felt really well. Great even. Then came time to get up and pee. I was more scared of thinking about the pain than the actual pain. Which was minimal. Peeing took a while. Finally able to do it. I'm home now. Yay!! Hubs took this picture of me. I'm very pleased. I'm so glad I finally did this for myself.

Ice packs are a gift from god

Seriously. Such relief.

Feeling better - day 3

So yesterday was awful. I missed a dose of pain meds and couldn't get it under control again. The muscle repair burned and spasms. Doc called me in some muscle relaxers and another pain med. woke up this morning feeling much better. Uncontrollable pain like that made me very panicky and closterphobic. But. Everything is better. I got this!! Still no regrets. Can't wait to get rid of drains and stand up straight. Just a few more days.

A few more pics

3 days post op

Amazing doctor

He's called to check on me twice. I feel like I'm in really good hands. Seriously, how sweet is that???

Day 4 post op pics

I like my flat tummy. I don't feel like I have any curves. Maybe I'm just swollen.

Contemplating my belly button

Weir. It just looks weird. Looks like tiny spiders have made a home there. I'm sure it's still healing and will look normal in no time. I think the placement is good. I felt like it was high but hubs thinks it's just right.

I love my new boobies!!!

These girls amazing. I mean "hot damn!" Amazing. The only incision be made was around the areola. I think they still need to drop and fluff. I'm so glad I told doc to decide for me. In case I didn't post he went with 325 CCs. I was a deflated 36D. I have no idea what I will be when these fabulous ladies heal. Probably a full DD?

My view - end of day 4

I just had a shower. Felt really nice. Glad to get most of that purple marker off. Avert your eyes if you're squeamish. This is my view of a full tummy tuck with muscle repair breast augmentation with implants and lipo to flanks and thighs.

Look at my boobs!! Look at them!!!!

Here is a side by side picture of my boobs. I love my new ones so much. They're still swollen but coming along nicely. I didn't plan on caring one way or another about the boobs. I just wanted the tt. My whole perspective has changed. These are amazing boobies!!!

50 shades of lipo

I hadn't really looked at my thighs since I've been wearing compression all the time. And when I did take it off I was more interested in my boobs and belly. But this after I took t all off to give myself a little inspection. Yowsers! So this is why my thighs hurt. I had inner thigh lipo. You can see my two little stitches. I'm pretty happy that my thighs don't touch anymore.

Constipation anyone or just me?

Probably not just me. So understand that pain meds and anesthesia can really stop a girl up. I started stool softeners and fiber tabs 3 days before my surgery. 6 days post op... After years or pain and joy... I pooped.

Drains gone! Bye bye!!

1weekPO. Omg that was creepy watching him pull those drains out. But they're gone! I'm free!!!

1week after surgery

Here are a few pics. Not sure how I feel about it. I know I'm swollen. Doc told me this morning after my drains came out. I know I had lipo between my thighs. I just look like a tree trunk. I was hoping for more curves..?.?? I don't know. I still feel fatty. What's wrong with me! Physically I feel really good. Emotionally I'm kind of a wreck and wondering why everyone else at 1 week looks so curvy and small and beautiful.

14 days post op

Feeling good. Still a little sore and bruised. Swelling some in the evenings. But felt so good to try on a swimsuit!!!!

Superior surgeon

I've read A LOT of reviews. From beginning to year later updates. I'm also in a very large tummy tuck group on fb. I've read hundreds of posts. I've come to conclusion that my doctor, dr morrissey, is a genuine rock star of plastic surgeons. I have not had ONE issue. Ok minor things like muscle spasms - he was all over that with additional pain meds and muscle relaxers. My incision line is pencil thin. I truly believe in a few months it will hardly be noticeable. My abs are rock hard. My back pain is gone. My breasts are gorgeous with very small incisions around my aerola. They look amazing. Feel amazing. The compression garment he gave me is one that I see other ladies scrambling to order and wear. He gave me two.
I wish I could say I just shave superior genes. Haha but I don't think I do. I really feel like my surgeon is a master of his craft and I feel extremely blessed and lucky that I found him.
I am so sad when j see the pain and suffering that other ladies are going through. 4,5,6 months and more post op they are still struggling. I'm 2 weeks post op and I feel GREAT. almost back to normal activities but using common sense not to hurt myself.
So. Please for the love of God. Please take time to research your doctor. Get a feel if he really cares about you and your outcome. It's so important. You do not want to go through a horror story. This is not minor surgery. It is life changing and you deserve to have it be positive.
Thank you Dr. Morrissey. You have my heartfelt thanks and eternal gratitude and respect.

6 weeks post op

Not used to this. I usually hide in my clothes. I love my results and I will be rocking a bikini in a few weeks

Little black dress

I've always wanted to wear those cute little tshirt dresses. So cute right? Funky jewelry. Blingy flip flops. Makes such an adorable outfit. Gutted up and tried one at at the gap. So in love. I should have bought it it in every color. Oh. .. Did I mention the size? MEDIUM!!!

Bigger than expected

I kept having some breast pain. Couldn't figure it out and then noticed the lines my bras were leaving on my boobs. I went up a cup size to see if that helped. Yep. Worked like a charm. So my lovely 36DD boobies are really 36 DDD. Hubs seems very pleased. It's not s trophy. Lol. But I still love them. I'm a little shocked by the size of the cup. Porn boobs??? Whatever. They're still fun!!!

3 months

Still pretty darn happy with results. Scar is a little high but very manageable. Not one single regret.

Best Thing I Ever Did for Myself

Dr. Morrissey is an amazing man and an incredible doctor. I was very nervous about even making an appointment but I had heard and read good things about him. He is so reassuring and so patient and kind. He answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns. I felt right away that I was in good hands. Its been 5 months since my mommy makeover. My breasts are beautiful - my husband practically high fived Dr. Morrissey at the follow up visit and my tummy is flat - I've had 4 children, including full term twins. He also did some spot lipsuction around flanks, thighs and a little under my chin. I feel amazing and look amazing. I am very pleased with my results and can not recommend him enough. He took really good care of me after my surgery. He called to check on me twice and made sure I was comfortable. Dr. Morrissey is THE BEST hands down. Thank you, doctor!!!!!

I love this doctor. He is very kind and patient and spent a lot of time educating me and drawing pictures to show me exactly what would be done and how. After my operation, he came by twice to check on me and was very pleasant and concerned about my comfort level. He called twice at home to see how was I doing. I would very highly recommend him to anyone have a procedure done.

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