Contemplated Lipo for years, Finally doing it!- Wauwatosa, WI

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I had my consult with Dr. Ken Dembny this week and...

I had my consult with Dr. Ken Dembny this week and my procedure is scheduled for next Friday, May 8th, 2015. I am having liposuction on my back, abs, flanks, and inner thighs. He was very thorough in discussing my wants, expectations, and concerns. I am excited and wI'll post pics of my progress along the way.

3 Days After Surgery

Hi all,

It has been 3 days now since the procedure and I am finally feeling awake! Here is what my surgery day was like:
The night before I didn't eat or drink past 8pm, and showered (thoroughly scrubbed as instructed) and went to bed nervous and excited at the same time.

Since the surgery was scheduled a bit at the last minute, my husband was unable to get off of work that day, so I was dropped off by my sister in law at 6 a.m. upon checking in I was told by the nurse that I had a great surgeon and he was one of her favorite doctors to work with. She assured t I would be happy with my results. I only waited for 2 to 3 minutes before someone came and walk me back to my own private room. I changed into a gown, and my vitals were taken. All of the staff that attended to me were very nice and personable. a few minutes later someone came in and put these inflatable pressure cuff around my legs to help decrease the risk of swelling. She also hooked my gown up to a hose which blew warm air all over me, further comforting and relaxing me before surgery.

Soon after my line was put in, the anesthesiologist came in and asked me some basic questions. from that point I was rolled into the OR and don't remember much after that.

I woke up very groggy and had a hard time staying awake; for a few hours all I wanted to do was go back to sleep! it was very much out of it and didn't end up leaving until around 5 p.m. my friend's boyfriend was kind enough to pick me up and give me a ride home, poor guy had to see me in quite a state!

The first day after was very hard, I was very swollen and bruised, and pretty much stayed in bed the entire day. the second day I was more coherent and was itching to get up and about. I was still pretty swollen but after showering and putting on a new garment, I noticed that it went on easier and felt less tight. and by the third day, today, I was up walking and showered with no problem, and even made my own breakfast. Everyday it gets a little bit better.

And even though I'm still swollen at 3 days after surgery, I can already see the result and I'm so very happy. I could not have asked for a better doctor or staff at Wheaton Franciscan.

the consult consisted of a discussion of the procedure, evaluation of all my areas of concern, and the taking of the before pictures.

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