41 Yrs. Old, 2 Kids, 5'5", 170lbs - Moderate Plus Silicone 500-600cc - Waukesha, WI

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Well after many years of waiting and researching I...

Well after many years of waiting and researching I finally set a date for my BA w/ lift 10/06/2016 with Dr. Alex Colque. I have two beautiful kids 18 & 16. Shortly after I had my son (16) I started thinking about the possibility of a BA. At that time really didn't have the money or time so, it got set on the back burner. Well now its time to do something for myself.
After lots and LOTS of researching I met with 3 different Dr.'s. The first one I met with seemed very rushed (of course being the first consultation I didn't know what to expect). After the appointment I told my fiance the price seemed good but the Dr. had awful bedside manners. Just seemed like he had been doing it so long that it was almost like listening to a recording when he talked. He did inform me for the look I wanted to get I would probably want to also consider a breast lift (mastopexy).
So ended up meeting with two more Dr.'s. Both of them took a lot of time to answer any questions and basically go through the whole process step by step. They both looked at my wish boob pictures, measured me, took pictures and had me try on sizers (all stuff the first Dr. never did). I left both of their offices very comfortable and informed, I did decide on Dr Colque only because he was $1000.00 cheaper then the other Dr. I liked. I will post pics soon of my deflated girls.

Before Pictures........YIKES!!!!!!

Well, finally got enough guts to post before picture. I hate pictures of myself. And I have NEVER taken any nude pictures of myself. But I have found so many of these stories on RS helpful and inspirational, and if it weren't for pictures these stories wouldn't have the same effect. So here they are.

Mentor vs Allergan.......?????

I have read some articles about the differences in mentor vs allergan implants. But I'm hoping that some of you ladies could chime in on some suggestions. My Dr typically uses Allergan implants, from what I have read there are not a lot of differences. I have quite a bit of breast tissue already and I'm going under the muscle, so I'm really hoping that being able to see rippling will not be a problem for me. I have a larger body frame in general so the implants I go with will have to be the more wide profile, but I still want fullness & cleavage on top and projection. Just trying to get any info or suggestions. Thank you so much ladies.

YIKES!!!!!! It's getting real now.

Well, can't believe how close the special day is. The procedure is paid 100% in full, thanks to some help from my very supportive fiance. We received my prescriptions and were able to talk to Dr. Colque one more time to double check on all the final decisions. I will be getting Allergan Natrelle Silicone Moderate Plus Profile, 500-600cc. Dr Colque is ordering 3 different sized implants for my surgery. I have given a wish picture to Dr. Colque which he will have in the surgery room with us, and at the insert of the implant he will decide what implant size will get me the closest to my wish picture. I trust him very much and I'm very comfortable with letting him decide the final cc size. WOW!!!! I still can't believe this is really happening.

So my surgery is on a Thursday and I'm going back to work the following Weds. I have a desk job so I think I will be fine. I have only told three people I'm having this done, which are my fiance, daughter and my son. I really don't now how to bring it up to people. I don't want people to think I'm trying to hide it, I just don't know how to bring the subject up in a regular conversation. I was thinking of just waiting til its done and over and then if someone asks at that point I will cross that bridge. I don't know if that's the best way, but I think that's how I'm going to deal with it. Well I guess that's all I have to say for today. Good bye for now!!!

Allergan Natrelle Silicone Moderate Plus Profile, 500-600cc. Pre sugery supplies???

Well I have just a little over 1 week before my upgrade. Just looking for a few ladies that have some good advice for the must haves right after surgery?? If anyone has some good suggestions that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you ladies!!!!!
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