46 Year Old, Mum of 3, Nana of 2, TT and Lipo. Waterloo, ON

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It's taken me years to make the first consult appt...

It's taken me years to make the first consult appt and another 8 months to book, but I've finally scheduled my TT for March 29!! Excited and nervous!

I only weighed 98 lbs when I got pregnant the first time and I gained 55 lbs, lost most of it and only gained 45 lbs with the second. Managed to get looking pretty good after that, but having a third child 12 years later, gaining weight, and getting older has taken its toll. Over the last few years I lost about 35 lbs and just hate the belly that's left...every day it bugs me...

I've had a couple friends have breast augmentation which really got me thinking seriously about the TT. They loved the ps here in our town, so I finally booked a consult last June. Then I started a new job at a new company so had to wait a bit before taking the time off.

So happy to be connecting with others on this journey!

Getting there...

Got paperwork and info from the ps today, it's becoming very real! They're really taking care of things, anti bruising mess will be provided, and all my prescriptions will be ordered and ready for the day of surgery. Hubby is eager and ready to help with whatever. We have a busy March so im hoping the time flies by. I'm such an organizer so like to plan ahead but the waiting is agonizing now that I've made the decision to proceed!

Sharing some before pics with clothes on!

Wanted to do some before and afters in the same outfit, you can also see how well I can tuck my tummy in on my own with control top everything!

Surgeon markings from my consult last year

Getting ready to leave work

Wow, just finished a 12-hour day trying to get work stuff wrapped up...only two days of work left to get everything done and of course, all hell seems to be braking loose! I have a job that doesn't really lend itself to having a back-up so pretty much most of my work will sit until I'm back :(. Oh well, a long weekend is ahead so hoping I can get all caught up and get he home stuff done. Reading the riot act to the family today at dinner that I don't' want all their crap left laying around as it will stress me out as I recover lol

Made it through

Yesterday when we got home from the hospital, feeling good, they said I was a star recovery patient. When I went to go home though, I had a setback, laid down, and promptly threw up the coffee my ps had made for me! He's so so nice. Said I'm nice and tight, took 800 cc of fat in the lipo. Surprise surprise though, I woke up with no drains!! They said he's doing that more now if there isn't a lot of fluid during surgery. Interesting, so glad I heard all about everyone else's experiences so nothing too strange to me.

Evening was worse, took a pain killer (OxyContin) and then threw up twice. I just can't do the narcotics I think, so just taking Tylenol 1s and that seems to be better.

Slept well last night, just feeling a bit tight and sore.

Day 1 post-op pics

Took a shower after lunch and took some pics with the garment off. So glad I followed the advice from this site and planned a nap right after, it really takes a lot out of you!

Rough night

It was a rough night last night, couldn't get comfortable, restless legs, gassy, swell hell so my CG felt so tight. Finally made it asleep around 2:30am. I've heard lots of women renting hospital beds so was worried about my choice to use pillows, but my bed has been very comfortable. Hubby's close by and I've mastered getting in and out of it, it's fairly low so I think that helps.

Day 2 PO - a good day

Considering I didn't sleep well, it has been a good day. My 26-year- old daughter has been here to help so it's been a good diversion. Went to see nurse as ps office, all looks good she says, my staples will come out Monday. Then we picked up a few groceries, had lunch, and watched a movie. Now resting and then realized I did not take my pain meds at 2:30 per my 4 hour cycle, and I don't hurt much so that's a great sign. Hope all the other late Marchers are doing well!

3 days PO, feeling good

Slept better, little unsure when I woke up this morning but after eating, showering, and dressing, felt so much better. Had a BM so glad to get that out of the way. Daughter and I ventured out again today, just to pharmacy, as the waterproof first aid tape was bothering me so I wanted some cloth tape, plus the maxi pads I bought to cover my incision were too bulky so back for long panty liners to us instead. Think I've finally got that figured out! It's nice to get out and walk around for a bit. Then home, parked back on the couch for a chick flick, daughter headed home, now I'm going to close my eyes before the chaos - I mean kid and hubby get home - begins again! Hubby is getting groceries so we'll have food for the weekend!! Hope everyone else is hanging in there!

Day 4 PO - napped on my side, woo hoo!

Hubby always has funny lines...while in bed last night, he said he feels like we're sleeping in bunk beds. Me with my stack of pillows echoing down at him. Definitely getting more horizontal as my neck hurt from the vertical sleeping.

Slept all through the night last night, up in the morning, suffered through the first BM, then was so exhausted I went back to bed after only two hours. I am typically a side sleeper, My ps said I could sleep on my side anytime so decided to try a nap that way, got hubby to position the pillows and it was like heaven!

A few have commented on how well I'm doing so thought I would provide more details on my pre-surgery regime. I'm pretty healthy, thanks to my naturopath. I have to admit that I was always sceptical of naturopaths, I'd heard wacky stories about them so didn't agree much with their approach. Then a few years ago, a friend who works for one started telling me some of the science behind what his treatments and I was intrigued. At the same time, I was feeling worse and worse and struggling to lose weight, I had done the gym thing, the calorie thing, the weight watchers things, with no luck. My weight continued to increase until I weighed about 190lbs at 5'3". My mom was diagnosed with cancer around the same time and I knew I had to get back on track to avoid the family fate.

So, off to my first appt with the naturopath. I was very honest with him, said no quacky stuff, only scientifically based stuff. My first blood work came back so bad, low in pretty much every vitamin, my iron was at 4. I don't want to make this post long so I'll just say that we got all my levels back to normal with supplements then worked on the weight. He works with a program called "Healthy & Active" (www.healthy-active.com) which examines your blood and determines the optimal food plan for weight loss (I don't call it a diet because it truly is a lifestyle change you have to make). Immediately, I began to lose weight and continued until I had lost 35lbs over many months. I've plateaued, probably because I was really happy with my size (I dropped from size 16 to 8-10) and I really like wine and treats!

I'm getting to the point....so three weeks ago, I went to see my naturopath, I wasn't going to tell him about this surgery, as you never know how people will react, and plastic surgery seems a bit contradictory to naturopathy. But, he kept saying how good I looked so I said I was unhappy with the belly that was left and was doing this. He immediately said I can help! With other patients having surgery he recommends 4 intravenous treatments prior to surgery and 2-4 after, finishing 5 days before surgery.

His cocktail included 12.5 grams vitamin c, b-vitamins, zinc, selenium, carnitine, aminosyn, magnesium, electrolytes. He also has me taking 2 zinc supplements a day. It was a bit pricey, hubby and I totalled it today - pre surgery was over $500, but we figured we should do everything possible to recover well. After all, were spacing a lot of money on this surgery!

We don't know how much to attribute to this IV treatment but I have to say I'm glad I did it. I've read so many women suffering and I'm so thankful and blessed to be healing well so far.

Sorry this post is so long, if anything I've done can help others on this journey, then it is worth it! Hugs to all of you out there!

Shout out to the hubbies

Appreciating my hubby, as many of you are, as they support us in this journey, and do lots of things for us like:
- clasping the CG in my crotch (his quote: "I've never seen so much action down here in one day") the first day until I could do it myself
- propping pillows in our bed (his quote: "it's like we're in bunk beds")
- washing my butt in the shower since I can't reach yet (sorry, no funny quote for this one)
- drying my hair
- doing laundry (his quote: "laundry is so hard, putting it inthe machine and pressing a button", which he would prefer to my daughter who put his dress shirt is the dryer, a big no no)
- cleaning the house (his sarcastic quote after: "I'm so tired, I have to sit down and rest")
- cooking (which he prefers to my daughters vegan food, can you imagine, three hungry boys who eat A LOT of meat, sitting down to a dinner of vegan lasagna with no meat or cheese in it?!?)
- putting up with my whining
- enjoying YOUR updates and offering to go help the woman whose husband wasn't letting her have pain meds!

Well, he's at church now so doesn't know I'm posting it but will likely see it later when he snoops here again.

I am truly blessed and very grateful!

Day 6 PO - Staples out

Not much to report today, except that I got my 57 staples out so pretty happy about that, they were so irritating last night! My CG was bothering me too, seems too tight around the legs, so I slept with the crotch undone and found if I just clasp 2 of the 4 hooks, it feels a bit better.

Today was my first day home alone, nice and quiet, two more days to do what I want until I have to log into work from home. Finished a book a friend bought for m, watched Netflix then napped. Probably same tomorrow!

Hope all of you are doing well!

Day 8 PO - getting there :)

Finally feel like the brain fog has lifted! Thinking it might be because I hardly took any Tylenol yesterday, just didn't feel like I needed it.

Today I venture out by myself, picking up a few things and doing an IV treatment at my naturopath. Got showered and put my CG back on all by myself too! Bruising is fading. Feeling more swollen this morning than other mornings, certainly felt it through the night too, but still so happy with the flat side.

Have a great day everyone!

One day at a time

Emotionally I've been good, it was good to be prepared for some ups and downs, but today, I logged in to work for a half day and within the first hour, I was in tears! 200+ emails with tons of work that just sat and needed to be handled right away, lest I delay them any longer. It was a bit overwhelming, but did some positive self-talk and said, this is just the first day and it will take me a few days to catch up. Working on the computer gave me a headaches so Forced myself to get off and just leave it. Now for a nap!

On the brighter side, when I cough or sneeze, I feel less worried about my incision and although it hurts a bit, it's not excruciating.

Thanks for listening ladies, feel like your the only ones who would understand!

Brushing is almost gone

Looking on the bright side, my bruising is almost gone now. My belly button looks much redder than it seems in this picture.

Feeling a bit down here and there. Did too much on Saturday and really felt it Sunday so some extra rest and napping helped.

Been back to work half days since last Thursday, first couple days were rough trying to get back on track but today was much better.

Swelling still bad, don't seem to notice any difference between morning or evening, just bad all the time.

Anyways, hoping y'all doing okay!!

2 weeks PO today

Retail therapy works....new dresses arrived today, I tried them on and one actually zipped up (barely lol) but I really noticed the flatness of my tummy even with the swelling, which by the way, is a little better today. That's what I needed!

Was at ps today, nurse is alittle concerned about my BB, it's red but not infected so she told me to put polysporin on it for a few days. When I've done that before, the scab seems falls off and it weeps. She also said my scar is too dry, I need to moisturize it more but I didn't want to put anything on it without their permission. She also gave me some scar treatment - Kelo-Côte spray - to use twice a day, which I don't think I've heard anyone mention here before. CG for two more weeks but can trade it out for a spanx type garment if it doesn't work under what I'm wearing! The ones I have aren't great - one has a semi-built-in bra high makes my boobs look funny under things so I see a shopping trip this weekend. Based on everyone's comments, having it for extra support might be a good idea even after the CG comes off.

Happy continued healing everyone!

Just have to share

To encourage others on this journey, thought I would share my first before and after pics side-by-side.

With the swelling going down, my weight is finally dropping too. One pound under my normal pre-surgery weight! And I tried on my pre-surgery jeans today and they fit.

Like so many others have said, it really does get better day by day!

3 weeks PO yesterday

Not much to report, mostly because it's been a rough week. Back in the office Monday and am swollen so much, so uncomfortable and really crabby lol. I wake up swollen which just seems too weird to me!! I am drinking lots of water, elevating my legs, sleeping on my back, not doing too much, etc etc.

Hoping for brighter days ahead. It's hard to read about everyone at the same stage doing so well, but I guess that's how it goes - just different people with different recoveries!

It is encouraging to read some of he posts from ladies who are 6-8 weeks PO, hoping I get there, the faster the better :)


Happy to see the end of this week! Swelling finally feels like it has abated a little. Had appt with naturopath today, he gave me some amino powder to help with healing and added another supplement, as just before my surgery I had run out of my anti-depressant and we've been talking for a while about eliminating it and going a natural route.

I worry that the ups and downs of this surgery don't help as I'm trying to get off the anti-depressant, but oh well, the nice weather is coming and I have a great relationship with my naturopath so well just monitor it.

He also mentioned that acupuncture might help with the scarring but I said I'll wait until I've followed through on the ps instructions for the first three months first. He also gave me instructions for a castor oil pack which draws blood to the scar area to promote healing so might check that out.

Here's to a good weekend everyone! I get to see my grandkids after missing them for almost four weeks so excited for that. Back to my regular babysitting schedule next week so hoping that doesn't tire me too much!

Will see about taking some new pics soon.

New pic

You can see some shaping coming back at the waist :) BB still a little weird but coming along slowly.

Just shy of 5 weeks po

Time to share new pics...I have to keep doing this because it's the only way I "see" progress! Still quite swollen, trying to transition out of the CG. Have now bought two firm support underwear that go up to my bra line, I like them and they seem to help with the swelling. Think I will just wear CG at night for a bit longer. Still trying to take it a little easy. Yesterday I did stairs at work and it was okay, so it will be good to get in more a routine that way. Still disappointed no change in weight but certainly hoping as I'm more active that will happen. It's a real balance between activity and swelling for me!! Retail therapy update: one dress fits better now and second zips up!

Almost 7 weeks PO

Belly button has finally healed, posting a couple collages, think it really shows the swelling as I almost look puffier than the first couple weeks.

Swelling at 8 weeks+ PO

Still swollen, this past week more in the mons area, pics show what I mean. Weight is still up a bit, so depressing, can't seem to do much without more swelling and pure exhaustion. Have a bit of stress with my son in the hospital again (bipolar with ADHD and psychosis) so can't be too hard on myself I guess! One day at a time.

Happy at 11-12 weeks po

This past Tuesday, it was 11 weeks post-op for me, and like so many others, I finally feel like I can say it was totally it! With every outfit I put on, I am so pleased with my flat stomach!!

For me, swelling still seems to come and go, but happy when I get that break and know eventually, it will be completely gone. I'm not sure about the small dog ears or the little love handles I still seem to have but I have a 3-month follow up at the surgeon soon so we'll see. The little love handles make a weird side roll but I'm just trying to remember I won't look perfect and that okay! After all, I've had three kids and I'm 47 (just this week!) and I have a real aversion to exercise lol.

We got invited to a pool party on Canada Day so I tried on bathing suits and was so happy with the look. Not a lot of clothes shopping yet, waiting for the full results after swelling is gone but everything I have fits so much better.

For those who have been following me and offered lovely words of encouragement in my down state a couple weeks back, I'm happy to report my son was released from hospital this past Wednesday and is doing better. He's had great care in Brampton and some positive support from his psychiatrist on an adjusted schedule at work (off night shift, limited hours per week) which should really help his bipolar going forward.

Thank you lovely ladies for all the support! This journey would have been so much harder without you :)

5 months PO - wow, what a journey!

Hello ladies, it's been two months since I posted an update, been so busy, funny how we get back to life at full speed in no time!

Feeling great and able to do everything as before. I get a muscle spasm in my tummy rarely which really hurts, but otherwise, no negative outcomes. Really happy with the look, there are a couple little things I'm not sure about - small dog ears which have subsided a lot over time, not thrilled about my bb but hoping that too adjusts, and feel like some more lipo should be done on the sides. Swelling comes and goes, I am noticing more last couple weeks. I'm paranoid about gaining weight, lest I wreck everything I've done, but I have been back to walking and running, and the family just joined the gym together to stay active over the winter, so hoping to tone a bit more.

Took some pics today to show you - I found a bikini I liked and actually wore it to a pool day in Colorado where we vacationed earlier in August! I have dropped a size so thrilled about that and find I can wear clothes I didn't before and everything else just looks so much better!

I missed my 3-mth PO with the PS as was just too busy at work but am due to see him again Tuesday.

Hope you are all doing well and having a good summer too!

Wow, it's been 8 months!

I can't believe it's been 8 months now, seems so long ago but has gone quite fast too!

Wanted to post some photos, mostly to keep encouraging others on the journey that it is so worth it!

Posting some comparison pics - tried to keep the same outfits for a true picture. The bra/panty pic was taken a month ago, the dress pic about a week ago.

Feeling more rounded lately, not sure why or just that same old paranoia of going 'back there'. Going to the gym about twice a week so feeling stronger and focusing on just building strength and getting fit.

I did go to get the dog ears revised in early October and they also smoothed out the one side a bit that I felt was a little flabby. When I told the PS About the tummy roundness, he jabbed my tummy and said see that, there's no more fat there so that made me feel a little bit better!

I love Dr. Shenker and his staff. Everything has been great! He has a fantastic bedside manner, he makes you feel so comfortable, even as he's pushing your flab around! Nurses were wonderful, especially the recovery room nurse, Lauren, so friendly and helpful.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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