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Starting around age 38 I began to workout hard. I...

Starting around age 38 I began to workout hard. I lost weight and got toned. Best shape of my life but never can get rid of big belly, loose skin. Now boobs are more sagging. My goal is to get even more fit and muscular after the surgery. I love the fact that even at 40, I can be fit. I just really want to finally get rid of those last negative body parts that are such a bummer! My stomach gets so huge it looks like I am pregnant. I have posted some pics here but that is not even the worst. It hurts to try to suck it in all the time. I guess I have no muscle.

Already went to a consult and loved Dr Shenker, in Waterloo. I like that he had amazing reviews and does reconstructive surgery for women who need it, so I know he is talented!!

I am nervous mostly because my job is SO busy. I have taken off two weeks with nothing to do and then easing back into work. But by 1 month post op I will be slammed with a huge project at work, that is the scariest part for me because I have heard that people get so tired after MM. I don't want my work colleagues to know I had the surgery

At first I just wanted small implants but now I am looking on here and some of the larger are so beautiful and real looking. I don't want to regret going to small!!

Bra shopping with rice sizers

Thanks to a nice RS tip, I decided to take my rice bra shopping. Lol. So here are some pics of bras that are 36c and 36d but with same amount of rice (2 cups in each 'implant'). I think that is about 240 cc per cup rice if I remember correctly. So this should be about 450 to 480cc if you count what goes under muscle..

I swear I'm not pregnant.

This is the frustrating part of body after baby. Always looks pregnant. Tiring to suck this baby in all day :(


Had a great pre-op appointment! Finally settled on the size. I am SO excited :) At first I was considering going really small - within the 200 cc range. But since my actual breasts are already a 36b it seemed on the vector 3D that it would be hard to tell. After really pouring over Realself I have decided that I actually want boobies and big enough that I have always dreamed of. So we decided on Allergan 415 cc moderate profile. Jenna and I agreed that with my height (5'8) and weight (138) that they look the best. I'm thrilled... date is 4/20/16. It can't come sooner :) :)

One week to go

My surgery is only 6 days away and I am both excited and scared. I ordered a hospital bed because I won't be able to climb up on my high bed. I got the meds ordered and am avoiding all the foods and meds the doc requires. But they made me go off the pill and I am definitely crashing from the estrogen loss :( major Body aches and pains. Can't wait for this to be over and healing to begin! I need to get some button or zip up shirts for the day of and after surgery. I feel like I'm missing something huge. How is your appetite in the first few days?

On the FLAT SIDE :)

Hello Ladies
I made it through surgery with flying colors. Doctor said it it was excellent! And he said he didn't need to do the vertical scar on the TT. Yahoo! And no drains, which I am so so happy about. Ok here is some more details about the surgery:
I got to the clinic at 7. Did some paperwork and then nurse took lots of before pictures. Standing naked in front of big camera and lights was kinda funny.

Then up to the prep room. Robe on, pregnancy test, and all the blood pressure and prep stuff. Then anesthesiologist came and talked to me. He asked lots of questions about my history with surgery and was very very thorough, which I appreciate because they are really the ones keepin you alive.
Doctor came in and drew all over me and said I was a great candidate because of all my loose tummy skin. That's the first time I have ever heard that. Haha. Loose skin gone, hurrah!!

Then wheeled into surgery, double checked everything and went to sleep like a baby :) when I woke up I was in recovery room. I was pretty loopy but really felt like there was a blow torch to my tummy and an elephant on my chest. Nurse quickly gave me morphine but it still wasn't enough. I felt weird asking for more but when I did she was like, absolutely! So don't be shy about pain. After about an hour snooze I started to come to. The awesome thing was that there was still aching but no burning and the weight on my chest felt a bit better. It's nice to be clear headed again. I definitely want to stay ahead of this pain though, I can imagine that it would be bad not too.

I LOVE my boobies already. They are torpedoes now, lol but I have a band to push them down. I got the 415cc's like I wanted and he says they are going to settle great.

The staff was exceptional. What an amazing experience. I am going to write them all a fantastic review!!

Now I'm going to rest. Pain is manageable, more like an ache in both places. I got hydroconde and Valium and seems to be working. Peeing is hard but my dear friend is helping me, no shame. Lol

Oh yeah, and I tested my nipples and they are not sensitive or painful. AND they still feel good to touch. Lol tmi. But that was extremely important to me.

Take care lovely ladies

PLEASE EAT after your surgery. I forgot and fainted 4 times

Omg, soon after I posted the last update, things went to crap. The anesthesia wore off and so I popped 2 hydrocones, stool softener and some other nerve pain blocker they said I should take. Since I am gluten and dairy free, none of their snacks were ok to eat so my friend only had rice crackers. Plus they gave me a coffee to help wake up for the 35 min car ride home. At home I was feeling fine, went peel several times and then suddenly, luckily back in bed, I passed out for about 30 seconds, was gasping for breath (so said my friend who is caring for me) and soaked in sweat. I sort of came to and spoke to her, then I passed out again and a third time. Then I had crazy shake attack from getting cold from the sweat soaked clothes. I felt so sick and hurt bad cause the shakes and tension. We finally got me changed and then took the pain pills again, still forgetting I hadn't eaten. Around dinner time, my friend helped me to the bathroom and I went pee, got up to wash hands, all with serious help from her, and then felt a faint coming on again. Swirling darkness, nausea and sweating. So I had to lay down fast on the floor outside the bathroom. And since I had to be hunched over for the TT, that meant lying on my side and boobies were squashed. It was bad news. I couldn't seem to get out of the spiral. Then she finally said, holy crap you haven't eaten really since 9.30 the night before. So she got me some orange slices, didn't have the juice, and they worked like magic. She fed me a bunch until my blood sugar went back up. So I laid there on the floor for quite some time. She called the doc and he said it was common to faint and especially without food. Getting up was totally overwhelming to me. I couldn't imagine how the hell I was going to get up off the floor without using my stomach muscles. It ended up that my friend , who lifts weights, deadlifted me up into a nearby chair. She is a total lifesaver. Then I ate a veggie burger on the chair and waiting till that all settled and then made the slow careful walk back to the bed.

The absolute worst thing about yesterday was the fainting. It's terrible on your muscles and everything hurt more from the tension and cold shivering. Anyway, after that I ate a bunch more and had Gatorade. And we got the timing of the pain meds better. I found its better to take 1 pain pill every two hours than two pain pills at the same time every four hours. Two is just too much!

I didn't sleep at all last night. Kind of dozed with the pain meds but no sleep. I'm going to try to take a nap now. Now I am taking one pain med every 2.5 hr and will slowly ween longer and longer between pills as I can handle it. I feel better today, pain is controlled but belly feels like it's in a permanent crunch or sit-up. The boobies ache but honestly, nothing compared to the TT. Glad I did them together cause I never want to go through this recovery again!!

Boobies are about the same condition today, hard and swollen but no excess redness or bumps. They seem huge to me but I think as they settle they will be the perfect size. Happy healing ladies.

3 days POST OP and feelin good

Hi ladies

Wow, today I started to feel a lot better. Probably helps that I slept all of last night, yahoo! My pain is under control, I'm now weaned to one hydeocodone every three hours and nerve pain blocker in the morning and before bed. It makes me super drowsy so probably the reason for the good night sleep :)

Had my post op today and doc said my progress was great. Most of the purple in the pic is from his marker that smudged after the surgery. He said my incisions look great, nothing open or oozing. Staples come out on day 6, so next Tuesday.

I had read on here that most people's day three was horrible. But I guess after my horrible day 1 fainting, everything seems better, lol. But also, I have had an amazing caretaker. So I get to lay around, watch tv and just rest and heal. I give most of the credit to my friend who is waiting on me hand and foot. Being a single mom, I haven't been treated like that in God know how long. Lol. Anyway, it's nice.

I am IN LOVE with my new boobies. I know they are swollen and super high, but knowing from other people's profiles how they settle, I'm really excited. They are the perfect size range for what I was looking for!
Some might think that my TT incision looks like still wrinkles skin but that is just the staples and swell hell. That will all go away, so says the doc. And I am going to trust him. I love how my incision is so straight across. Like a smiley face. Happy healing ladies!!

Post op day 3 (the last day was supposed to be 2 days)..

This morning I woke up feeling pretty good. Had a nice slow morning, took a shower and got ready to go to Old Navy. I have to get some front zip bras and some new shirts to wear when people stop by, so I don't look like I'm splitting buttons on shirts, lol.

I still had not had a BM since the day before the surgery and was feeling pretty constipated. By the time we were going to the mall I was super uncomfortable (tried all the stool softeners each day as recommended). By the time we got back from the mall i was almost in tears. This has been horrible. I sat on the toliet for over an hour while my friend went to get an enema. She brought me microax, little gel enemas. I did the first, waited and waited..nothing! Did the second, waited... almost nothing, no real relief. Finally did a THIRD ONE. Walked around, lots of water (have been drinking a lot each day). FINALLY a small BM. At least I am not in severe pain like I was. Today was the worst day since the day of surgery (see 'fainting' experiences).. and all because of the constipation. I was, and still am to some extent, totally bloated.. to the point where I think I am jephordizing my surgery because of the pressure on the stitches. You can even visibly see how bloated I am. Such a bummer... I really can't believe that there is nothing that can't be done or recommended in order to avoid such horrible constipation and potential compromising of surgery results. I'm just frustrated and feeling so exhausted now. Climbing into bed. Would post pics but there really is no difference from yesterday.. and probably more bloating this evening. Hope everyone else is having a better day and am not suffering this ridiculous constipation.

Support for all of you from me!

Day 4 and feeling like a new person :)

Wow, woke up this morning, more water, stool softener and chia seed gel. Got up and around, tried on my new clothes from Old Navy, and found a great way to camouflage the girls when I need to. Lol Anyway, soon after my clothes session, I felt like a bathroom stop. Ladies, I cannot tell you the gloriousness of the end to serious constipation. I had a transendant experience this morning. Haha. wow, now I feel so much lighter and happier. Washed my garments while I took a shower even put laundry and listened to my daughters piano concert. Feeling a million times better today. I will do some walking today, docs orders, and tons of water I am still so hunched over. It does not feel good to stand up. How long were you all hunched over with a TT?? Happy day everyone!!

Day 5 post op

Hi ladies,

Feeling good on day 5. My mind really felt less cloudy today and I got some work done on the computer. But forgot to eat enough, took 2 Tylenol and almost fainted at dollarama. You would think I would learn my lesson! I guess I am not hungry cause I haven't been moving much. But eat lots when food is in front of me. So just have to be on a better food schedule.

Loading some Pics from after the shower today. I had no idea the extent of the bruising. It seems to be getting even worse down in my lower tummy and by my lady bits :/
But I guess that is all part of the healing process. I tried on my old bikini top. Definitely looks different. Lol

Happy healing everyone!!

Post op day 6

Hi Ladies...

Short report today. Had post op appointment and staples out. Today was tough.. I've been feeling so sick to my stomach and so dizzy. I can't figure out why cause I have been eating and resting and just taking tylenol. Had an emotional afternoon. This just seems like a bit too much. I hope this will pass because the thought of re-entering the world as a productive person is overwhelming. The bad thing about that is that my mind is ready and sharp but my body is totally busted. Just feeling discouraged today :(
Hope you are all having a better day!

8 days post op

Hey ladies

So I had my staples out on Tuesday, 2 days ago. Wasn't as bad as I thought. Just have been laying low. Doc called in some anti nausea meds for me. That way I can eat more and not feel like fainting or dizzy all the time. Slept a lot today but did make a trip to Costco with my mom. In the middle of shopping I didn't feel so good. Ended up riding in one of those wheelchair carts. By the time I got home I decided to lay down again. Might have pushed a little to much.

I haven't noticed a vast improvement in anything, but also nothing has gotten worse, so I am happy about that. Still totally hunched over but doc says he has seen people totally hunched for 2 weeks..

One thing that has gotten really annoying is how tight the clasp is on my binder in the crotch. I usually only wear light cotton underwear cause everything else seems to bother me. And now I have a chastity belt strangling my lady bits. Lol. Got irritated today so had to unclasp but then it feels like not enough around the lower abdomen. My mom had a great idea, she bought some bra extenders and so it still clasps but not like a vice and not so squished up against me. Hope this helps!!

Post op day 10

Well, today is the first day I woke up feeling like there is hope for recovery from this surgery. Yesterday I was in tears but today I actually felt like I was getting my body back again. I still can't stand up straight but can go straighter than before and for longer. Also my incisions felt better and I had more energy. What a huge relief. I was really depressed there for a bit. Today was also the first day that I felt like regular Tylenol was enough. The other days I rarely took pain meds but wasn't ready not to have them, which added to the distress I think. I'm still really bruised looking, and swollen, but as a whole, I feel better.

Hugs to all of you healing and waiting to heal!!

Post op day 12

I woke up at 3am today, couldn't go back to sleep. Finally got out of bed around 4.30. Was thinking of all the work I have to catch up on. Got a bunch of email and work projects (all sitting at desk in home office) finished up by about 3pm and realized I was starting to feel nausea coming on strong. Think I pushed it a little to much, but am crawling back in bed for a nap now.

Question tho...I have a really weird ridge on my left side. It's like a hard ridge or cliff that then falls off underneath. I have noticed that on that side it hurts more than the other side when I am getting up or accidentally stretch up too far. I remember really pulling that side by accident on one of the first few days. I'm so worried I gave myself a hernia or split some stitches on that side. Has anyone else experienced that? Is that even what a hernia looks like. Would be ironic since I told people I was getting hernia surgery to actually get one from the recovery. If that is even what they look like. I better read up on them before I go back to work, lol

My skin looks so gross. Bruising and terrible lighting. My fingers are sound the worst of the ledge.

On the upside, I LOVE the girls more everyday!!

First real whole day back at work, PO day 12

Whew, long day today. Up at 5.30 am, worked till 4.30, cooked dinner, took my daughters friend back to her house and finally crawling into bed at 9. But intense as that day was, it was the best I have felt since the surgery

I worked a half day on Tuesday and was exhausted all Tue and Wednesday. Fought major nausea on Thursday that I ended staying home from work. Had my 2 week post op on Wednesay. Although the the bruising is going down, I have a huge ridge on my left side. They actually called in another nurse to check it out. It appears to be scar tissue forming they said. I have a huge hard bump of skin under the left breast too. I am super bummed. It looks so bad. It will be really horrible to have gone through that TT hell and have a huge slashed red scar across the middle of my stomach. Or worse, a hanging flap :( the lump under my boob is also gross. at least it is hidden by my boob, but feels huge. I had no idea I would develop such huge scar tissue under my skin. I've had two lumpectomies and the scars are almost imperceptible. Anyway, not to complain all the time, but I would never repeat this TT experience if this doesn't work out. I don't even know if I can handle scar revision therapy.

They also told me no sex or orgasms for 4 MORE weeks. I just started seeing someone a few weeks before the surgery and it had been 8 months of a dry spell for me. I don't think I can wait another month for any type of activity. Nurse kept saying, you don't want to ruin your surgery. But honestly, I have had an allergy sneezing attack that lasted much longer than an orgasm, sorry, tmi, and that would have been the thing to ruin it.

Has anyone had that horrible ugly scar ridge and it healed fine? They gave me scar spray and told me to massage the lumps. Feels so gross to do it with my half numb Frankenstein belly.

Hope you are all healing well!! On the up note, my girls are turning out to be my favorite thing about this whole experience. I am SO glad I got them done. I was able to hide them with a loose shirt today at work but really bust out in a tank at home :) they are the bright spot to this slow recovery!

No string bikini's for me :(

Well, I love the boobies and the flatness of the tummy, but definitely bikini's are out. Which seems sort of opposite of the point of a TT. Looks like I will be getting a long tummy tattoo later to hide this Frankenstein scar. My old sports bra no longer offers support. A fact that I am happy about!!

3.5 weeks post op

I have t posted it a few days. Been quite a horrible week. Back to work 12 hour days on my feet, not much sleep, broke up with new boyfriend that was sad, and my precious doggie got hit by a train. My sweet dog lived but his back leg and tail had to be amputated. He was close to death. Done a lot of crying lately. I also felt like I ruined my surgery because of all the stress and sort of split my incision in the middle a bit, started oozing again. I told the doc yesterday that there is nothing I can do. If I am ruining the surgery then I guess that's the way it has to be. Really feeling like the TT was just too much. But doc says almost everyone feels like that at some point and just to wait it out. I have a little dog ear on my right side. Looks terrible. He says it is an easy office procedure to fix. Still... It's just one more thing. Left my house this morning at the crack of dawn to travel for work for 5 days. Work never ends. The more you do, the more people expect of you. Huge lumps under my boobs. Can't fully see how large they are unless you feel them. Just another gross thing. I like the boobs overall though.
Hope you all are doing better than me!!

3.5 weeks post op

Better day today. I am traveling but heard that my 3 legged pup did go out for his first walk since the accident!! I'm traveling for work but Got to hang out with friends and have some drinks. Had good food, although some major bloating happened from the amount and type of food I had. Not sure if I mentioned before but I should be following the FODMAP diet for people with IBS. When I do, for the past 3 months, I have avoided the crazy bloating and stomach pain that I used to have. I have wanted to maintain that way of eating because I don't want to keep bloating out the stitches that the doc worked so hard to tighten. But I'm in the Midwest and cheese here plus Mexican food restaurants are going to be my downfall lol. I ate so much that my stomach stitches hurt from pushing out and pushing in. Was weirdest sensation. Definitely have to stick with smaller but more frequent meals. Doc said he tightened my stitches with both hands so I am good and tight. My belly button was an inny but now it looks like it is popping out cause of the bloating. Lol. Anyway, here are some pics. Boobies are doing well. Still wearing the band because they have not dropped and doc said 2 more weeks. Happy healing everyone.

One month post op!

Can't believe it has been just over 4 weeks since my crazy surgery experience. I'm back working crazy hours again at work. But relaxing as soon as I get home. My mom is still here helping out with the transition back to work cause there is no way I could do all the single mom stuff, get enough rest and work these crazy hours again. Update on progress:

Boobies I love! They are slowly dropping but still have a ways to go. Still look like torpedos sometimes, lol. The scars under the girls are large and still have those big lumps of scar tissue. You can't see them so much but just running your finger across is like touching peas in a pod :( I know I'm not supposed to buy bras yet but had to give a presentation so I bought a cheap one at Walmart. I was sad cause it was the 38C cup that fit the best. I thought for sure with 415cc I would end up a D cup at least. I used to wear a 36b so my friend was explaining something about the cup going up when the strap goes down?? Who knows. Maybe once they settle I will be a D. I was shocked to realize I felt a twang of disappointment, like the girls were not big enough. But I do think I stayed within a reasonable size for the look I was going for. Just funny to have a bit of Boobie greed for a second.

The TT.. Sigh. The scar that never heals. I keep opening part of the scar right in the middle. It's no surprise because I move around constantly at work and seem to be splitting it open by the end of the day. So I still have to wear gauze pads in my binder to block the goo. And then the binder runs up against it and I feel like it just irritates the opening more. Last night I slept without the binder for the first time. It was so uncomfortable. It's also uncomfortable not to have it on squeezing but it's a cost benefit analysis as this point. Lol. Does anyone else have these issues???
The other problem I have is the binder is way to squeezing and non breathable for my girl parts. I usually don't even wear underwear or have to wear light cotton because things irritate down there. The binder has been uncomfortable but now with that and the combination of sweating in the heat, it is unbearable. I am so sore! Probably tmi but ouch! I got a pair of spanx that go up under the boobs and down the thigh and I cut the crotch out. Was enough of a binder but getting the damn thing pulled down to go to the bathroom was ridiculous and rubbed my TT scar very painfully. So now I am in a bind, literally. Lol. I have to figure something out by next Tuesday cause I will be working in the heat, on my feet, so I need the binder but can't do the sweaty crotch vice. :( any advice anyone has is super welcome!!!

It's going to be gorgeous this weekend and I have been invited to go out to a cottage but am worried about keeping the sun off my scars, and of course, no swimming. I guess I just don't feel quite ready yet but I want to go.. Hmmm we shall see.

Happy healing everyone!!!

Infection :(

I felt like I should update on this issue in case it helps anyone else avoid. I have mentioned that the middle of my abdominal incisions are not healing well. They continue to scab and drain. One spot in particular has been bad. There was a huge scab that I left alone, without picking at it but it was hanging off more and more the last three days. Lucky I picked it off this morning ( barely had to pull, it was hanging) because there was an infection behind it. Super gross, I know! I called the doc and he called me in antibiotics. Tomorrow I start an intensive 4 days of work from 5am to 6 pm on my feet the whole time. I guess getting an TT was just not a good idea for me since I had to go back to being so active so quickly. I had to stop wearing the binder because the friction and pressing was so irritating and because it gave me girl parts distress. I found control top underwear that are cotton and should be fine for the girl parts but I know that is not much support. It just is not working out the way I planned. I think my doc is worried too because he is willing to stay until 8pm at night just to see me tomorrow or Wed. Ugh. Wish I could turn back time and only get the BA. I sure love the girls!!!

Boobie progress

Just 2 days shy of 6 weeks. My right breast is smaller than the left :( it seems like the right one dropped more and is not a swollen as my left and then became smaller. I really like my left one, that is the size I want, it's a small difference but still.. I don't want them to shrink anymore!! Also the right one on the side has this weird tucked up look that the left one doesn't have. So weird. Maybe that is contributing to the difference in size. Any thoughts? To feel better I went and tried on some Boobie attire and they seem to look the same when dressed up, so that's good for now :) I am so happy about them overall, just don't want them to shrink AT ALL! My TT still has a hole in it. The special bandage came off today accidentally but at least the wound is smaller. I see the doc tomorrow and hopefully he will patch it up again because that did seem to help the healing process. I had a really restful weekend so I'm trying to help the healing process :) Happy healing to you, ladies :)

TT infection update

What a gross name for a post, lol Doc was surprised today when, after a week, I still had an open wound. So he began digging around in there and found there were some stitches that had come undone. The stitches are hard plastic and what he pulled out was 2 that were about an inch long each!!! They were just poking out of my wound apparently and not allowing me to heal. Super barf. But after he took those out he said it should finally start healing. He packed the wound again with the special packing and let's HOPE that this is the healing week, ladies. I could really use a break. I at 6 weeks and not cleared for any activity or swimming of course, and all my RS MM buddies from April are already workin out. Luckily this week is just an office week for me so I will lay low and do a lot of sitting and resting. I also asked about the difference in my right and left boob that is apparent when you look at them from the side. My left is starting to drop normally and I think is looking larger and more natural, but my right he sewed up the pocket extra tight underneath so it is not allowing the boob to drop at the same pace. He said I need to keep massaging the incision site and if it still is weird at 6 months he will release it, same time he chops off my dog ear. Yep, you heard right, I have a lovely dog ear on top of all the rest of this crap. Positive point for the day, I no longer need to wear the compression band to hold my boobies down :) small happiness.

Small revision needed

So I saw he doc on Friday. After 3 weeks I still have an open wound :(. I am on my second round of antibiotics, stronger ones than the last time. But still the hole is not closing. So I go in on Monday for a small revision. He had to cut the wound open more, all around, dig out the gross stuff and infection and then sew up the newly exposed tissue. Hopefully this will be the end of my frickin saga. The doc was def annoyed and I was a little frustrated by their offic's lack of bedside manner. This crap is definitely not my fault, they can't explain it, but say it is just luck of the draw. Crap luck if you ask me. Here are some pics. Doesn't look so bad, I think the revision will solve the problem. I love my boobies. I feel like I should have gone bigger, like 500cc. But I still like what I have. And I haven't started working out again. I work out pretty intensely when I do so maybe the 415's will be ok. It's all good. I just hope to god that nothing happens with these lovely boobies!! Happy healing lovely ladies :) :)

Successful revision at 7 weeks and feeling great!

So I had my revision last Monday, and this Friday (yesterday) the bandages were taken off. Finally, I no longer have an open wound after 7 WEEKS!!! The stitches are looking great and were the solution. Doc also got rid of the dog ear on my right side. The left side is still a bit wrinkly so will have to wait and see if I need a dog ear revision on that side too. Now I don't have to see my PS for another month, yay. I'm still not cleared for workout activity for the next two weeks. I definitely have lost all my workout muscle gains, but on the bright side, my abs look better than they ever have lol. To celebrate I went and bought two bathing suits and a bra. All on sale cause I know things will still change, but i needed them anyway. Hopefully my healing journey will be a positive story from now on! Thanks to all of you for your support!!

Almost 8 weeks, bad reaction to antibiotics

I can't believe yet another hiccup. So I started getting a rash on Saturday but thought it was just razor burn on my legs. Sunday had a few more spots and by Monday morning I was covered. Doc thinks it was a delayed reaction to the second round of antibiotics. But another problem... I also have a sore throat since Thursday and they found I have strep throat. That gets treated with more antibiotics :( I swear I just need a break from all this. Please someone, send me some good luck!! I

2 months post op, finally good results starting to appear

Hey Ladies, So if you have kept up with my progress so far you know it has been a difficult healing journey for me. Finally though, I am beginning to feel better and really am seeing results that make me happy. A couple of good things to list: 1. My rash from the antibiotics reaction is basically gone, can only see faint spots and they will go away. 2. My incision from the surgery and revision remain closed and seem to get smaller and more healed each week. They are now a thin line that I see on other RS women who have had great TTs. 3. My boobies are dropping and fluffing and look more natural each week. The left is a bit bigger, and my favorite, lol, but I am hoping the right will catch up. 4. I never realized how flat I actually was pre op. I have comparison pics with pre op, my wish boobs and my new boobs. It is amazing how close my new girls are to my wish boobies. My PS really nailed it!! 5. I am loving the results of the TT. fINALLy I feel like it is worth the cotinuous pain I experienced. Interestingly, I still get bloated after I eat, and that is related to my crazy digestive issues, I am sure. The TT could not fix that because it is internal. However, when I don't have food in my belly I finally have a flat stomach. For that ugly flap of skin to be gone and the ever present cottage cheese fat on my stomach to be gone is just something I rejoice about daily. I am finally not disgusted when I look at my naked body in the mirror. 6. I can't wait to start lifting weights again ( have to wait another week to start easy WOs) because my results will actually show now, at least that is my hope. So for all of you women considering a Mommy makeover or TT, I say go for it. Don't even stress about your results in the first two months because it is nothing like the final result you will see. I can't wait to see how much more my body changes in the coming months. Sorry for the book length post but am just so excited to share good news, finally!!

9 week update :)

Hi ladies, After all that craziness I have FINALLY been cleared for activity and getting back to gentle workouts. This week I started walking longer and longer walks and then today I did my first body weight exercises in 9 weeks!!! Squats were totally fine, push ups were WAY to weird, had to stop after 10. Felt like boobs were going to pop out lol. Then I did crunches and leg lifts. Belly felt right and now a few spasms, so we shall see how this feels over the next couple days. Hopefully did not overdo it. But omg I already have ABs!!! For the first time in my life there is actually shape to my abs region. This is going to be good lol. Some update pics on the scars and belly. I get really swollen all the time. I still am bloated after eating, there was no cure to that I am afraid, but overall the abs thing is so uplifting.left Boobie is still the best one, seems to have dropped properly, can't say the same about righty. Hopefully will correct itself over time. Love to all, happy healing!!

11 week up date

Hi Ladies

I know it's been awhile since I have updated. The good news is that I am feeling a million times better. Almost back to normal, I would say. I don't get as exhausted by the end of the day and my scars have been closed and healing well for some weeks now. This last week I tried running again. I did a 5.5k and several 2k runs and lots of long walks. I even tried some body weight exercises and crunches. The stomach feels real weird after stomach exercises but at least it doesn't feel like the 'wrong' kind of pain. I am going to avoid push-ups and pull ups for a while though, those felt too weird.

I went swimming yesterday for the first time. Oh my god, have you tried it? It felt like my implants were trying to float up to the surface. It was the weirdest most uncomfortable feeling. And as for swimming, maybe it uses more pec muscles than I thought because that was uncomfortable too. Anyway, just wondered if that was your experience too?

As for healing, I have started using the 'scar away' silicone strips. One package costs $80 US :( but you can reuse them and cut them to size, so this box should last me the summer. Not sure if they are just hype but figure they are also extra protection from the sun under my suit. Here are some pics of them and my healing so far. Totally in LOVE with my boobies :D

3 month since MM

Well, I'm back to full life as before surgery. Back to my beloved (read hate) burpees and intense workouts and running. Love it! I feel like my PS worked a miracle with my muscle repair, perfect abs now seem possible with some minor work. Love the boobies, but they sure seem small from some angles. Really wish I had have done 500cc. I guess I will have to wait some years until I need new ones. But overall I love them.
TT scar is thick, red and hard. I am using the silicone strips. Seems to be fading my BB scar but don't see much progress on the TT scar. For so long I didn't feel like the TT was worth it because of my horrible healing journey. But now, seeing the abs and not the hanging skin... Wow, seems worth it.
The main thing I am thrilled about is being back to full energy and not getting so tired at the end of the day. I did not feel like myself for closer to three months and that was brutal. I think docs should tell patients that TT might screw them up for that long, lol. Then if it is faster they will be happy! I still get bloated and swollen but think it's more related to my food habits and sensitivities.
Hope you all are well, and happy healing!!

Before and after BA and TT

Someone had requested I do the before and after shots. These before shots are with bra. Somewhere in all my pics are the naked before shots, so just skim through.

4 Month update

Can't believe it has been 4 months already. I have been back to feeling my pre surgery self only really in the last month. I had a bit of a tough recovery.

Overall, totally happy with the boobies, best thing I ever did!! Now I can even work out hard, swim, do burpees, push-ups and run, etc, without them feeling like hard balls strapped to my chest. It's fantastic!!

I have mixed emotions about the TT. Sure, I am super glad that the hanging skin and cellulite is gone. Only surgery could have removed that. But I still get hugely bloated, and that is from food. No amount of stomach muscle repair can hold in my belly. But the worst of the TT is the very big red scar. It's quite hard and ridge like, sticks up from my belly. I didn't have a T incision (where they cut up towards the belly button) but from the way the surgeon closed me up, it looks like I did. My biggest recommendation to women considering TT is to insist on a stitch closure, NOT staples. The stitch takes a bit libber in surgery, about 30 minutes, but it saves you a ropy hard red scar. So I would make sure with your PS what kind of closure they are using. Also, make sure the closure is not too high. To hide my big scar, I have to hike my pants way up. I love how flat my stomach can be, but bikini's are still out of the question for now. Overall, I am undecided about the benefits of the TT. But the BA was the best decision I have made. I can totally hide my implants with a tight sports bra, if necessary, or show them off in all their glory :D
I tried to take photos from lots of different angles so you can see what my results are. My boobies at 415cc silicone unders. I am 5'8, 133lbs. I wanted a very natural look, lots of slope and lower pole fullness. My PS achieved that hands down!

6 month update

Hi Ladies

I am actually closer to 7 months post op but here are some photos. Am back to my old energy levels and luckily no more problems with infection. Issues:

Still swelling around tummy incision when I workout. My scar line is ridiculous, red, hard and ugly. It even looks like a ledge this long afterward. I do like that my skin flap is gone and all the cellulite but the fact that this horrible scar could have been better but isn't, due to surgery technique, really bums me out. So expensive to be left with this butcher scar. It also cuts me right across my stomach so bikini's are out.

Breasts are best investment ever. I really love my size (415cc mod +) for my body size and shape.

I am finally getting some of my fitness back. I have had a really hard time with motivation and getting back into a workout routine. I was so dedicated before but this last 6 months have been pretty stressful for other reasons as well.
Happy healing everyone. Much love!

8 months update

Hi Ladies

Happy New Year!!!
Just a quick update because not much has changed. I still feel back to my normal self and energy levels so that is good. Scars are healing but my TT scar is still very hard and bumpy to the touch. I have been rubbing them with bio oil every day. I tried the silicon strips but didn't see any change for a couple months so I've taken to massaging the scars everyday. I feel like that helps displace the lumpy skin.

Some musings on this whole process... well, you never quite know how intense the surgery (MM) will be until you have it, or the lasting effects of complications. I was off from working out for almost 6 months and that really squashed my motivation to be active because I lost all my fitness gains I had worked so hard for over the past years leading up to the surgery. It has really been a struggle to get back to the gym and move around. I was also eating really well when working out and around the time of the surgery but have discovered that I can go back to eating crap even though it still causes stomach pain and bloating. But I really don't want to ruin all this surgery success by stretching out my stomach again. so definitely some resolutions for the new year!

Bottom line is, I finally believe that it takes a year or more to see the final result. It is such a major procedure that it takes many months, and depends on our life situations, stress, eating, workout, etc.

So don't be hard on yourself if you are not magically back in the gym in a month doing everything you were doing before. And don't be mad if you start and stop a couple of times(or a million). It is normal. Just stay focused on moving forward, not standing still :)

I posted a before pic here in the collage with an after of my stomach now. Want to keep the new belly :)

Waterloo Plastic Surgeon

I had the surgery and I have to say that the staff, the facility and Dr. Shenker were exceptional! Wow, so impressive and kind and knowledgeable. I felt completely safe and in good hands. My friend who was taking care of me lives in Illinois. She wants to get the same surgery and is now planning to come to Dr. Shenker here in Canada to do so because she was so impressed. I highly recommend this excellent team!

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