Tummy Tuck w/ MR and Hyst 3/16/12 - Scar Revision and Vaser Lipo done 1/11/13

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I am a 36 yr old mother of 3. I have NEVER had a...

I am a 36 yr old mother of 3. I have NEVER had a flat stomach for as long as I can remember. I always was alittle on the chubby side and seemed to carry most of my weight in my stomach. The most damage that was done to my stomach was with my first child. I gained 52 pounds due to excessive eating and being young. My 2 sons later didn't do much more damage.. they just kind of went into the pouch that was already there. All children were vaginal deliveries so I never had any scaring on my stomach but I had alot of stretch marks that luckily faded really good but covered most of my stomach above and below my belly button.

In any case, I looked into the tummy tuck procedure a few years ago when I was considering some lipo but when the doctor say me,. he said I would need a tummy tuck to really improve my appearance. I didn't really have the money then and was nervous about the procedure and scar so I left it alone. Then a few months ago, I was having some gyno issues and it was determined I had a condition called Adenomyosis and the only cure for it was a partial hysterectomy. I went to see a uro/gyno and determined I should get some uro procedures done along with it to not cause future problems down the line. Since I was planning to do this, I figured it would be a good time to revisit the TT surgery to see if I could do it at the same time. I researched several doctors and most of them were not familiar with doing the surgeries together so I was getting frustrated in thinking it was not possible. In searching, I came across Dr. Walker's website and her FAQs page and there it said it would be no problem to do them together. I made the appointment and I liked her demeanor and look right away. She was well dressed and seemed to care about her own appearance which was reassuring to me that she would do a good job on me. When she told me her fee and it was less than what I had been getting I was even more sold.

So I scheduled the surgery. I think maybe I moved alittle too fast and didn't ask all the questions I should have. We didn't really discuss my scar or expected result. I just remember her saying I would be happy with the result. The day of surgery, she was little late as she had went to the wrong building and so we kind rushed through the marking me up and I was off! Surgery was long but everything seemed to go well. When Dr. Walker came to check me the next day and she changed my garment for the first time., I was appalled when I saw my scar coming high up my stomach on the right side and alittle up on the left... not low at the bikini line like I was expecting. I tried not to pay attention to it and just focused on the healing. When I finally got to talk to her about it in her office a few days later, she showed that she was not happy with it either and wished she didnt have to go up like that but it was because of my position on the table. I was really upset about that. I tried not to focus on it but the more I looked at it and thought of what she was saying, it just sounded like a lack of coordination ahead of time with her and my other doctor. My stomach is definitely improved from the way it was but after the surgeries and ordeal I went through to recover and the cost, I don't just want improvement, I want the best I can get. She originally said she may be able to fix the scar but the last time I went back she said she probably couldn't but would possibly do some smart lipo if after 6 months I am not happy with the result because in addition to the high scar, my stomach is not really flat like I was expecting it to be. I will see how I feel at 6 months when I am better and see what she says then. If she won't consider the revision to the scar, I will most likely get a second opinion.

Ok, here I am at 3 and a half months. I am soooo...

Ok, here I am at 3 and a half months. I am soooo frustrated with what appears to be the swell hell I am in. I just added some pictures of me today. I haven't worn anything like spanx or any compression today and I have been average busy and this is what I look like. I need to take some early in the morning and see if there is any difference. Notice my scar? What do you guys think about it and how its going up and not to the side?

Ok, I just broke down and called my PS about my...

Ok, I just broke down and called my PS about my concerns. She was VERY assuring to me that she will stick with me through this process and will do whatever she can to make me happy and satisfied (as long as its achievable). That made me feel so much better. I am going to meet with her next month (5 mos PO) and see how things are then and then we can see how things look then and what if anything can or needs to be done. She also suggested that I get with my GYN doctor to get my hormones checked!!! LOL, I think she's right cause I did have a partial hysterectomy done at the same time so my hormones may be messing with me. I have been alot more weepy than normal lately and maybe that's causing me to be depressed and focus on the negatives and not the positive. I made an appointment for Monday with my GYN doctor to see what the heck is going on! Wish me luck!

Good morning Real Selfers! I know I am totally...

Good morning Real Selfers! I know I am totally overwhelmed with my feelings of wanting a scar revision now. I just woke from having a dream about it. I think about it all the time and now find myself constantly pulling on my skin in hopes that the skin is loose enough to do it. I really am trying to think of other things but this is so consuming. I have been searching feverishly to find people that's scar looks like mine and the few that I have found talk about being depressed and it ruining their life, etc.. A few have had revisions and feel better after that so I hope I am one of them. The waiting is just the worst! I have an appointment next month with my current PS and I will make some with a few others so I know all of my options. Please pray for me that I get some resolution on this and can move on. I am adding some pics of me today and some close up of the scar and me with bikini style underwear so you can see what I am really talking about.

Hey guys, its been alittle while since I posted an...

Hey guys, its been alittle while since I posted an update. Not much change over here. Still feeling fat, still look the same to me. So many people on here talk about swell hell, well I can't tell if I am swollen or just still fat. Its sooooo frustrating. I think its just my result though. I am alittle less fat in the morning but its not a HUGE difference I don't think. I still seem like I have small dog ears on both sides.. you can see them from the most recent pics I added. The scar is doing pretty good though. I mostly use the silicone strips but I also use Palmers skin oil and mederma when I am cleaning the strips. I don't know how important it will be for the scar to be healed if I am trying to get a new one with a revision in September but I guess I got to do something with it so I have been. BB still looks pretty good. I just put the mederma all around and in that to lighten it up but other than that, its fine too but again, if I get a revision, I don't know if I will have to get a new BB or not. I don't wear a compression garment every day but I feel awkward without it, if that makes sense. I am very aware of my stomach muscles when I don't use anything so most times I try to keep something on during the day and just not at night.

When I am sitting, my stomach actually hangs over alittle into a small roll which disgusts me to the max.. that can't be swelling, can it? And when I stand, if I push my stomach together I can actually make a little butt... Sooooo not cool! Well, I guess enough of the depressing stuff. I have my appointments to talk to some PS's next month, so I will have to patiently wait for that to get some mental relief. Happy healing to all of you!

Hey guys, Nothing really going on today but wanted...

Hey guys, Nothing really going on today but wanted to post some pics... This is me at 4.5 months. Not sure if I am in swell hell or just didn't get a nice tight result. I think its more of the latter but I will find out. I have my appointments next month to see about a revision of the scar and the whole TT.

Well, I am a week before 5 months PO and I still...

Well, I am a week before 5 months PO and I still am not happy - posted new pics of me today. My only saving grace is that I have my follow up appointment next week with my PO so we can discuss how I feel and what we can do about it. I don't have the money I had 5 months ago so I pray there will not be any major costs to me. I know I don't look as bad as my pre-op but its crazy because I know my PS said she did alot of muscle repair but it just doesn't look like it. I am so surprised because I have seen women on here way bigger than me that ended up being flat. I just really hope that this can be fixed. I am not as emotional as I was about this last month but I just want to be happy about my results, the long recovery and everything I went through to get here. I hate being such a doom and gloom on here since this is supposed to be a happy site full of lilife transforming changes but I just am not feeling that way right now. I hope by this time next month, I will be able to say something different :-)

Ok so I had my follow up with my PS to discuss a...

Ok so I had my follow up with my PS to discuss a revision. Boy was I nervous.. my stomach was all butterlfies as this was a very important appointment for me. Hy husband went with me, which was very helpful both emotionally and to keep me focussed. My doctor came in the room very welcoming with a big smile on her face. She was very pleasant and friendly and seemed genuinely interested in getting me the result I wanted - to lower my scar incision line and to reduce some of the remaining fat in my stomach area. The plan is for me to try and lose some weight - approx 5-10 pounds to give some more loose skin that she can pull down to make the scar especially lower. The shorter side could probably be worked on now but she wants alittle more on the higher scar side. She will also do some lipo this time on my frontal abdomen and possibly on the flanks. She plans to do the procedure in her office under local so that is good so there will be no hosptal and anesthesia fees! She wants me to come back in the beginning of October to see how I look then and if all is good, she will schedule the procedure. I have a call in to her now to just confirm that there will be no charge to me for her work cause I forgot to ask that cause I was so excited that she could see the issues, but from the way she was talking, I don't think there will be. She will just be touching up her first work.Next month I will be 6 months PO so I was expecting to wait at least that long so one more month I guess is bearable. I am so glad to at least have a plan and know that this can be improved!! Now, I am going to have to be on my hustle to get some weight off!

Ok, just got a call back from my doctor's office...

Ok, just got a call back from my doctor's office regarding the revision cost and I am not happy now. Her office manager said I am going to have to pay a Post Op surgery scar revision fee (almost a grand) and also the Smart Lipo she offered is also going to cost me if I want that (which apparently would be done later after the scar revision). That is NOT cool!!!! Now I am not a happy camper. I just don't think that is fair. She was telling me today all the complications with doing combined surgeries but I was never told originally that one of the risks was a not so desirable result costing me additional money. I am going to try and talk to her about that to try and work something out. :-(

Ok so I called my PS yesterday cause I wanted to...

Ok so I called my PS yesterday cause I wanted to ask her about my weight loss that she recommended before my scar revision (hopefully to be done in October) to see if it would be best to try to lose weight without alot of exercise or if hard exercising would help. I called in the evening with the idea that she may have to call me back the next day. Well, I called and she called me back in about 10 minutes. I started to ask her about the exercising and she explained that if I was exercising I should continue because the goal would be to lose some more weight to losen the skin so that she can pull down the scar that is higher on my right side. When I met with her at my last follow up and we talked about my revision, she explained to my husband and I that she could lower the scar on both sides and tighten the tummy by pulling down the skin (since it was lose and my stomach is not flat) and get rid of the dog ears that are on both sides as well. When we talked yesterday, she started getting real edgy and saying she was only going to lower the scar on one side and I questioned why she would not do both because they would be uneven if she just did the one side. I was really shocked by the way she was talking to me. I had to ask her was she irritated with me. She said no but proceeded to be brash with me about how she was just going to do the one side and was not going to have a 4 hour surgery or fix things that are atomically not possible, which I was like, I don't see why that would be necessary. I asked her about lipo on the sides and honestly I didn't even hear her response because I was so put off by her tone with me. She finally said that she had other patients there and was just trying to call me back since I had called like I was taking too much of her time.... Well, I told her to just go ahead on back to those people and we ended the call.

I was sooooooo upset after that call. I am the kind of person that doesn't do confrontation well unless I am prepared for it in advance. I had called with the intention of having a nice conversation with the PS that told me she would be with me through this journey and that I could call whenever I needed to and instead I was confronted with a very direct, and frankly rude PS that I didn't even recognize. I am just telling myself that maybe she had a bad day and when my husband and I go back and she sees my stomach again (cause maybe she forgot), she will realize all that still needs to be done and do the right thing to fix it and give me the result that I deserve. Its so sadening when I hear these stories about all these male PSs and how they seem to really want their patients to be happy and to please the women they serve. They do whatever revisions that need to be done, free of charge and genuinely listen to their patients when they have concerns. I am really sadened that I am not having that experience for myself. I know many of you would say I shouldn't go back to her at all but I do not have the money to pay anyone else to do this surgery over so I feel like I have no choice. I am going to keep this in prayer that God will touch her spirit before I see her again and that he will soften her heart and mind to help me. Keep me in your prayers ladies Please!

Well ladies, I had my follow up with my PS on last...

Well ladies, I had my follow up with my PS on last Friday. My husband went with me. Her assistant took some pictures and joined us in the consult. We discussed what options there were for me to get the results I am looking for. She said she would try and lower both of the scars and remove the dog ears with a scar revision which carries an office set up fee but doesn't have a surgeon charge. But then to address the extra fat in the stomach (since I still am not flat), she mentioned the Smart Lipo again. She said I should trust her that she did the best she could on me and that she wants me to be happy. I thought we were on the same page and and then she went to do a fee sheet for both the scar revision and Smart Lipo. When I saw that, I almost lost it. It was for almost the same price I paid for the TT itself. She did offer some discounting but her original fee was so high that even with the discounts, it didn't do much for the cost for me. Well, I am definitely not going to be able to do all that so my options with her at this point would just be to get the scar revised (for the office fee) and either save for the Smart Lipo later or go somewhere else. Still not sure as to what I am going to do :-( I just really want to get this healing and surgery behind me. I have sooooooo much else going on in my life right now. This really has been one hell of a journey to say the least. If you learn anything from me from this review it is to really question, question, question your surgeon on all aspects of the scar, healing, revision procedures and your expectations UP FRONT. I think I was just overly excited when I moved forward that I didn't really do my research as much as I should have. I met with like 4 different PSs, and several other GYN and URO doctors that I just was tired of talking to doctors and being examined, that I just settled on my surgeon out of price (since my hubby was paying for it and I didn't want to be greedy) and just being worn out. We also had a vacation that we were planning and I wanted to get the procedure done quickly so I would be healed for that. I am not saying that I did not pick a good surgeon, but I do feel like we didn't discuss the after care, revision and expectations as much as we should have. I also never looked at her pictures of TTs. I had not even asked because one doctor told me that if he's going to show a picture, it would be of his best work, but I think its important to see what your PS thinks is good work in regards to scar placement, flatness and results. If I had seen her pictures and we discussed them, that may have given us a point of reference for her to understand the results I was looking for. I think she feels I should be satisfied since I look better. But I could have "looked better" if I lost weight. But I wanted to look my best and that is why I chose surgery instead!

Hi my friends! Its been quite some time since I...

Hi my friends! Its been quite some time since I did an update. I have just been busy with life and there really wasn't much change in my situation so there wasn't much to say, but I have great news to report. I met with my doctor Monday to discuss my concerns again. She said she had been reviewing my pictures and what my concerns were. She said she is going to fix the scar (lower it and make it wider on the sides) and tighten me more as well as do Vaser lipo on my stomach to get rid of that remaining fat that makes me look still alittle pudgy and swollen. She is also going to get rid of the dog ears so that I can get the result that I have been dreaming about. I am so pleased! Its going to be done at the hospital and I will be asleep since she is going to be doing alot and she is estimating it will take about 3 hours. I will probably have 2 drains, ughhhhh!!! I will need to pay for the anesthesia and hospital fees but SHE is NOT going to charge me for her services!!! YAY! I am so glad to finally be working towards a resolution. We scheduled the procedure for December 6th so I just need to try and get the money together for that between now and then but I am very happy about this plan. I will keep you guys posted on how things go and I will definitely post some before and after pics along the way! Thank you all for your support and concerns for me for this long journey I have been on and still am on!

Hey guys, just updating since its been a while. No...

Hey guys, just updating since its been a while. No real change over here. I think since my surgery, I have gained about 3 or 4 pounds. Not sure if its fat or just the way things have settled. I was not ever really motivated to get in shape after I saw my result because I didn't want to make things too tight so it could not be revised. Either way, I hope for it all to be gone and fixed with my revision. I had to change it to January 9th because things were already tight financially around here and the holidays wasn't the best time to try and squeeze this in. I'm kind of glad because I didn't want to be recovering while trying to prepare for Christmas and the New Year so I will start the new year off getting my revision! I really hope this will be the last time I have to do this. I have good expectations on the lipo treatment and the scar revision on my left side. My right side I am alittle worried because its so high and I don't have alot of extra skin. However, I am hoping that once she does the lipo, it will free up some skin so that she will have more to pull down. Well ladies, please keep me in your prayers and check on me in January!

Hey my friends! just wanted to be sure I stay on...

Hey my friends! just wanted to be sure I stay on your radars with an update. Not too much going on these days I STILL look the same. STILL looking forward to the revision. I am so nervous as to what can actually be accomplished with this ugly scar of mine. The left side is starting to lighten up which sucks since I will lose all of that healing for a new line, but I hope the new incision is smaller and thinner than last time. I know that the lipo will make a big difference in how I look. At least I am really hoping it does. I still feel like I have a big stomach so I hope this will rid me of that look and feeling. I still can't wear the things I thought I would be able to following surgery like tight fitting shirts, dresses, ,etc.. cause you can see my stomach poking out still. NOT COOL. I think I am still around the same weight as before my surgery but may have gained 3-4 pounds. Dr. Walker said she removed like 8 lbs of fat/skin with the first procedure but it was weird because my weight never went down that much. Maybe the fluid I was retaining or swelling offset it.

Well, my doctor's office called today and we pushed back the surgery to Jan 11th from the 9th due to some training that she needed. That's fine with me. I was planning on using the weekend to recover so that will just mean less days my husband will have to deal with the kids alone right after the procedure. I may need a few days on the following week but if I have the weekend to rest, I may be better to move around by Monday. I hear the revision process isn't as bad as the first since there is no MR going on. I hope so. Well, keep me in your prayers ladies and I will certainly keep everyone posted as to how things are going.

Happy Holidays Ladies!! Well time is a ticking....

Happy Holidays Ladies!!

Well time is a ticking. No real change to my appearance so I have not posted any pics lately. I will post some though before the procedure so I have a good before and after look going on. I am nervous, excited and worried at the same time. I keep looking at my stomach and I just really hope Dr. Walker can do something with this ugly high scar and get me flat. The more I look at it, I just can't believe how it looks. She said that she wasn't going to redo my belly button so I am wondering how she will pull it down enough without changing that, but I will ask her all about that when I do my pre-op appointment this Friday. I am supposed to be getting a scar revision (lowering and touching up) along with some lipo since the first procedure did not tighten things up and left me with a not flat tummy and a high and thick scar (for those who are new to my story). My surgery is scheduled for Jan 11th.

My sister in law is very pregnant and is due on January 15th. I am hoping that she will have the baby before my surgery date. She is supposed to be having her baby at the same hospital that I am having my procedure at but I don't want my surgery to take any attention away from that. This is the first child for my husband's little brother. The last time I had surgery was when my father in law (husband's step father) was in the hospital with cancer. We didn't know how serious it was when he first went in and he actually ended up going in in the beginning of the month and I had foot surgery and he passed away before the month was over and I was visiting him at the hospital with my foot all messed up and on meds. It sucked and I felt so bad because I was on crutches at the funeral and I felt like I was taking away the attention from his funeral and passing because I needed help. I don't want to be in a similar situation again so I hope she comes alittle early so my husband isn't pulled in 2 directions with that. And so I can be a supportive sister and new Auntie!

Well, I will let you all know how my pre-op goes and post the pics later!!! Keep me in your prayers ladies! I want to be as sexy as zizi!

Hi guys! Just updating you on where things are. I...

Hi guys! Just updating you on where things are. I went to my pre-op appointment on Thursday and it was really informative. We went over the whole procedure, risks, paperwork, medications and everything. Dr. Walker spent alot of time with me making sure I understand what she is going to be doing and what I should expect. She still thinks I will have at least one drain (which I am not looking forward to), but I know it may be necessary. I was able to ask lots of questions and she took lots of pictures. I have a much better feeling about things this time. I really think Dr. Walker is going to really work hard to do a good job and get as much fat out as possible and fix and lower the scar. She discussed her plan and I wore the bikini I will wear at surgery and she thinks she can meet the goal of it for the procedure. I will most likely be alittle uneven still because of where I am but she's going to do her best to make things lower, thinner and more in line with that I wanted the first time. My scar will go further around the sides this time. I think its going to be better since its just the PS going on and nothing else so the focus on everything will be on this procedure.

I had my blood work done today so she should get that by the end of the week and the only thing I still need to do is to fill my prescriptions and get my house all cleaned and in order. I got the Arnica Montana and I have started taking that already. I bruise very easily so I hope this will help with keeping that to a minimum. My procedure is really early on Friday so my friend/co-worker will help us with the kids (getting them to school) in the morning. Hopefully we will be home in time to pick them up. She will also come over the following week to be with me if I need it. I am glad I will have the weekend to recover. Hopefully that will be the worst of it.

I will post some pre-surgery pics later this week. I think I need my husband to take them. I want to get some good full body in underwear and in the bikini that is my goal so you can get a good before/after effect with that. Well, its New Year's and I am TRYING to make it to midnight! Happy New Years to my realselfers out there, Love yal and wishing you many blessings and happiness in 2013!!

Just added some before revision pics. I know the...

Just added some before revision pics. I know the quality isn't good/clear. I am going to have my husband take some with my real camera. I took these myself on my phone. But this is the bikini that we are using for a guide. As you can see, the high scar needs to come down drastically. Dr. Walker said she is going to shoot to get it under this bathing suit.

Ok, I am getting closer and closer. My surgery is...

Ok, I am getting closer and closer. My surgery is next Friday. I got a taste of what it will be like next Saturday as I was pretty much in the bed all day. I had the partial hysterectomy but I still have my ovaries so I still go through PMS. I am waiting on my bio-identical progesterone to come as I have low progesterone and it makes me have low energy, be irritable and not very social. So that was my day today. I have lots going on next week. I go to work Monday and Tuesday and then I am off Wednesday through Friday but I have several things going on. I will have a hot stone massage and facial and then I have a doctor appointment for my daughter and then one for myself with a dermatologist about a wart I have on my finger. I also have a hair appointment. Last time I didn't get my hair done before the surgery and it was a pain to take care of so this time I am going to get a roller set which will be low maintenance.

We have to be at the hospital at 6:30 am on Friday so my friend is going to have to come and take my sons to school. My 18 year old daughter will be here so hopefully she will be of some help but I am not counting on her. I have my friend and my husband who I will be relying on. I thought I was going to be in great shape financially but I have made some bad financial choices lately so I am alittle worried about paying for this now but I can't turn back now! We are still on baby watch for my niece. I hope she comes after my procedure when I am on the mend. My Sister in law is due on Jan 15th and this is her first so you never know.

Well, I will check back with you ladies later this week and I may take a few more pics as you can't really see my waist line in the ones I took since I didn't lift my arms up.

Hey guys! Today's the day! I am nervous and...

Hey guys! Today's the day! I am nervous and excited at the same time. Had a very busy couple of days getting things done to be somewhat prepared. I'm in the car now with hubby on the way to the hospital. Thank you to my sweeties for all the well wishes and prayers. I will update you guys as soon as I'm able.

Hey guys!! Well I had my revision done yesterday....

Hey guys!! Well I had my revision done yesterday. Check in was pretty smooth as we were a few mins late. The only issue we had was there was an extra charge they had on my hospital bill which hadn't been shared with me before. I told them I was not prepared for that and the OR manager talked to Dr. Walker and she said she would cover it since it was a mistake on her office's end. So Dr. Walker marked me up using the bikini bottom in my pre-revision photos and off I went. The procedure was scheduled to be 3 hours but went more like 4 or alittle more. My husband said she told him she did extensive abdominoplasty on me and that I should definitely be pleased this time. I sure hope so! We got to the hospital at 6 in the morning and didn't get home till about 5:30 pm. I was in recovery for a long time! I was very sore and got alittle nausiated from the anethesia so they gave me some meds for that which made me go to sleep. I didn't realize I would be hunched over and feel tight just like before. I was having trouble going to the bathroom too (number 1). I think part of that is due to this tight outfit I have on. My garment is like a full body suit that has a tank on top and goes to my thighs with an opening in the bottom and back to go to the bathroom

Last night it was hard to get comfortable to sleep but the pain meds and sleeping pill

Sorry, I was doing my last review on my phone and...

sorry, I was doing my last review on my phone and it cut off. Anyway, I didn't sleep the best last night. I kept waking up and having to go to the bathroom. That sucks because I can't seem to get it all out when I go. I sit there and alittle comes out and then I wait and more comes. Not sure what that's about but its annoying.

I did not realize how sore I would be. Its almost like the first time. I am sore and stiff and bent over. I am definitely having my husband get my Ambien prescription today so I can just go to sleep. I feel really swollen right now and looking at myself in this outfit, I have no idea on how I look underneath. I go for my follow up appointment on Monday afternoon. Dr. Walker doesn't want me to touch anything concerning the dressings or this compression outfit until she sees me.

Well, I will post some pics alittle later.....keep praying for speedy recovery for me!!!

Hi guys. Today is PO revision day 2. Its been...

Hi guys. Today is PO revision day 2. Its been alittle rough. Feeling really tight and sore still. I am still hunched over but then there are times that I can stand almost straight. It just depends on where my pain level is. Today I have been really constipated. I think I did too much with eating solid foods and also the side effect of all the pain meds. I have been so uncomfortable and even nauseated at times because I hadn't gone to the bathroom. I was able to go alittle earlier but I still feel full and tight. I may need a laxative or something. Sorry for being so candid!!! My husband brought up our recliner from the basement into our room so I slept in that last night and have been in that most of the day. Its way better than the bed. I can get in and out easier on my own. Sorry I have no pics yet. Not much to see except me in this body suit. I still feel swollen and big though. I can't wait to take a shower as I feel so icky and this garment makes me itchy under the breast and on my thighs. Well, I can't write too much as I am still uncomfortable. I promise I will write morre in the coming days! Love you guys!

Hey ladies! I am so sorry I have not been on here...

Hey ladies! I am so sorry I have not been on here more. I have been really going through and haven't felt much like typing. I really take my hat off for you ladies that are on here and update often and post pictures often. That's a big job in itself. Well, I am PO revision day 5. I am finally starting to feel better today. I have not taken any pain meds today. I have not been sleeping good at all lately which has been really stressful. I think its a combination of not being able to take a shower which relaxes me at night and not being able to really get comfortable to sleep. I still am very sore on my sides especially and I have to be really careful about how I lay with the drains. They are coming out of my pubic area again so they are tight under the garment I wear so I have to be sure that area is padded really good. Hopefully those will be out Friday. I finally was able to go to the bathroom good today. The pain meds really had me binded up. I have used Collace, drank Miralax and had some tea called Smooth Move but nothing was working. I used a Mineral Oil enema last night but still nothing. I finally decided to have some coffee with cream and that did the trick getting things going. I did take some pictures on day 3 but they are in my husband's tablet and I need to find that so I can upload them. I look better this time. I think I am going to finally be happy but its still kind of early to tell for sure since I still am pretty swollen. I can tell the scar is lower though and it looks like its right on the top of the line of the bikini line she drew on me. The incision goes around to my back more this time. It looks like she may have redone my belly button too but I am not 100 percent sure. When I get these drains out and the pain eases up a bit, I want to get a garment that goes more in on the sides to create that hour glass shape. My friend says that Kohls has a good selection so I am gonna check there. Well, I will post another update tomorrow or Friday after I see my PO for the next follow up and hopeful drain removal!

Posted some pics from revision day day for and...

Posted some pics from revision day day for and today in my body suit. I just finished cleaning up a bit so I am feeling alittle swollen today but I am getting my energy back every day and I can stand up straight after moving around for a while. When I sit for a while I am alittle hunched over. I am still VERY sore on my sides and swollen but I am glad to be able to move around more. I go tomorrow for another follow up and hopefully to get the drains out. I am SOOOOO sick of them and I am dying to take a shower!

Hey guys! Sorry I have not been on here more often...

Hey guys! Sorry I have not been on here more often. Been busy working at home. Well, I don't know what to think ladies... you all have been so encouraging but I am still not feeling my results right now. I do like my scar revision. It appears lower so I do love that but the tape is STILL on so I haven't seen the actual incision though. Dr. Walker does do good incisions though so I am not so worried about that. What I AM worried about is my stomach. I have alot of lipo dots all over so I know she did alot of Lipo and my sides are still quite sore and tight which I hadn't imagined at this point but I just don't know. I still feel like I have alot of fat left on the front of my stomach and around the incision line. I just am not thrilled at this point. Maybe I am not being patient enough or I don't understand the swelling and time process with Lipo but I guess since this is my SECOND time around, I am very sensitive to everything. I want to be FLAT and I just don't see it yet. How long am I supposed to be swollen? When does it end? Also, how long should I still be sore and hard on the sides? Is that an indication that I will be smaller there still? I just don't know. Trying not to get upset and depressed. I want all the encouragement but I also want honesty from you guys on what you REALLY think. My husband was holding some of my pics hostage so I finally just got them off his computer. They show where the new line is in the baithing suite that we were shooting to get the incision line. Its pretty damn close. I still have the tape on so I don't know exactly where it is but its a huge improvement. How long should the tape be on anyway? its getting lose from the showers, but its still on pretty good. I did take some more pictures last night but my camera died so I need to get some more batteries in it so I can get the pics off of it. Let me know what you REALLY think guys.

Hi guys. Well today I am alittle over 2 weeks now....

Hi guys. Well today I am alittle over 2 weeks now. I have seen a major improvement from last week in regards to the swelling. I am alittle more defined on the right side with my curves than the left but I am still swollen and alittle hard on the left side. I also am still alittle swollen in the front around the incision line. My tape is still pretty much in tact on the incision so I have still not seen it. I have been able to peek alitlte bit and it looks way better than before. I also really love the line being lower. My stomach had alot of stretch marks on it. They are light, but they are there so the fact that my skin isn't smooth I think will make a difference on how smooth and tight it gets. I am hoping that with the Vaser's statement that it tightens skin, this will improve over time. I know I am still early in this process. I will work on posting some more pics this week so you guys can see the improvement. I hate the fact that I have to wear a compression garment for so long but I want good results this time so I guess its a sacrifice I have to make. I do want one that doesn't cover my private area because with this body suit, it irritates me down below along my inner thighs and under my breast. I am now wearing underwear underneath it but its makes it awkward when I have to go to the bathroom. The compression has an opening there but with the underwear underneath, I have to move it to the side to use the bathroom.

I have been working at home up until now but tomorrow I will have to go into the office. I can move pretty good but I am still stiff. especially if I sit down for a long period of time. I have to move around alot to loosen things up. Once I am walking and moving more, I actually feel better. Well guys, I just wanted to give you a quick update.. I got to get back to my work. Love my RS ladies!!!!

Added some pics from today - alittle over 2 weeks...

Added some pics from today - alittle over 2 weeks revision. You can see the swelling going down. My curves are more defined on the right side, but I am hoping that will be the left and more as it comes down.

I am trying to do this update for the THIRD time....

I am trying to do this update for the THIRD time. I don't know what is going on with RealSelf today.

Anyway, I am alittle over my 3 week revision mark today. Things are going pretty well. I am still alittle puffy and look swollen in both the front and sides. Hopefully this will continue to get better and my skin will contract in over time. I always get nervous and weary saying I'm swollen since last time the "swelling" was actually fat.

I went to my 2 week follow up last week. PS said everything was looking good and commented on my small waist. She also removed the tape from the incision. I don't know, I do see improvement but small waist? I'm not so sure yet. My right side flank area looks more shapely now than before but my left side still looks bulgy and puffy. Dr. Walker did say she did extensive undermining which is the surgical removal of fat on the sides and pulling it from the sides to pull it down for the scar lowering and revision. My sides are still pretty sore. I cannot lay on my stomach comfortably and when I sit for long periods of time, my sides get tight and stiff and I have to move around alot to loosen it back up. Its like something settles or something.

My PS said she removed 2 liters of fat with the lipo procedure. I am thinking of a 2 liter of soda... is that alot? I am still taking Bromelain, Arnica and wearing my CG. She said to wear that for at least 6 weeks straight. I may try wearing it longer but I am looking for a little break from it.

Walking helps out alot with feeling better but its sooo cold here in Maryland that I am not inspired to do too much walking outside. My right side is showing some curves. My left side is still alittle lumpy and is more sore. Not sure if she did more lipo on the right since she had more to pull down on that side. I hope the right side will go in soon cause mama wants some curves!! I went earlier this week and had a stomach lymphatic massage. The lady who was doing it didn't specialize in it but she was trained in it. She did ok but it will feel like it loosened some things up and felt pretty good. I think I need to have a few more sessions to really see a difference.

My PS didn't do anything to my BB. I originally thought she did. My BB is kind of ugly to me but I think its because of all the stretch marks around it. I think it makes it look rough and baggy. I may ask if anything can be done to that later and the only thing I would consider too is more lipo if things don't go down. But no more major surgeries for quite some time. I am tired of the down time and recovery process.

My scar is looking pretty good. This one is longer than the last but I don't care because its lower and more in line with what I was expecting. Its alittle fatty above the incision line too but I read that fluid tends to collect there during the dealing process but again, I hope so because last time, it never quite left. I am using Palmer's skin therapy oil and scar cream that I massage into the scar.

I will post another update in a week or so when I see some more improvement and changes.

Updated pics

Updated pics

One thing also I noticed that I wanted to ask you...

One thing also I noticed that I wanted to ask you all about is that I am seeing a little buldge right above my belly button. Did/does anyone else have this and if so, what was done to fix it?

Hi Ladies!!!! I have been missing you all so I...

Hi Ladies!!!!

I have been missing you all so I thought I would drop some lines and give you all an update. Well, I am looking better each day. I have not been good about posting my pics. I am so sorry. I do have a few that I took alittle over a week but I need to upload them. I kinda figured I didn't want to update so frequently so you could really get an idea of the progress over some time as its not like its so much improvement from week to week. I am STILL sore on my sides and some movements are hard. Its also not really comfortable to sleep on my stomach either. The undermining really was alot of work I believe and that healing is taking a long time. I am still wearing my CG pretty much 24 hours a day. I take it off to shower and for a few hours in the evening sometimes for hubby time and then right back in! I have another fitted maidenform thing I wear too that goes from under the breast to the thigh. Its open for the bra area for when I don't want to have the top part showing or don't want to be all zipped up. Its pretty tight so I think it does the job too. My left side still isn't as curvy as the right which I think she spent more time on. I still feel like there are lumps and soreness there though so hopefully once that fully subsides, it will look even. I do try and massage it myself often. I also have this little spot over my belly button that protrudes. It looks kind of weird so I hope that it will either go down or Dr. Walker can do alittle lipo on it.

I have started to work out alittle. Just alittle cardio and weights but no ab work. I go back to my PS on March 1st so she will probably let me do more after that.

My scar is looking pretty good. I am not doing anything major for it. Using Palmers skin therapy oil. I am going to order me a silicon strip I think so I don't have to worry about keep rubbing something on it. I think I will get one tube of mederma as well.

Hey there my ladies. Well, its been about 5 weeks...

Hey there my ladies. Well, its been about 5 weeks now since my revision. Things are going pretty good. I am so sorry I haven't been on here much and I have been doing a terrible job with my pic updates. I think I was getting to the point where I didn't see alot of improvement over days so I decided to do my updates more spread out so I wouldnt get so stressed. I think its better to gauge your updates this way and let it stretch out so you don't expect so much. I am still alittle sore on my sides but its alot better. I went and got another stomach lymphatic massage last week and that really felt good and helped to loosen up some of the tightness and stiffness I was dealing with. My scar is doing very well. I have been using a few different things on it. The skin therapy oil, mederma and something called scarguard silicone gel. For the most part, its soft and flat. Its alittle pinched in the back on my left side and slightly raised on the sides in the front but I think that is going to get better in time. The lumps and hardness on the left is getting better now too. Its still not as curvy as the right but I think maybe that's because she worked harder on the left since that was the high scar side. I go back for my follow up on this Friday so I will see what Dr. Walker thinks about that and if I need another revision down the line.

Hey my beautiful ladies, just added some 6 week...

Hey my beautiful ladies, just added some 6 week pics for all you picture junkies!! I think I am coming along really well. I need to exercise though and lose a few pounds I think to really love my results. I also may need alittle lipo revision but I don't know yet. I go to see my PS tomorrow!

Hey my girls! Happy Tuesday! Things are going...

Hey my girls! Happy Tuesday! Things are going pretty well with me. No major changes in my appearance though so I don't have any new pics to post. I think I am alittle swollen due to PMS bloating so I'm not feeling super flat today. I went to see my PS Friday and I think I have come to the conclusion that she is just not the PS for me. I always feel when I go there that she doesn't like me. Maybe I am just sensitive but I just didn't feel that way when I went for consults with other doctors. I go in and she just looks at me and sees what she wants and is ready for me to leave. She never asks me if I have any questions. She just says I look good and is ready to send me on my way. I feel like when I have questions that I am bothering her with them. She doesn't really offer me any suggestions that I don't have to pull out of her in regards to what I can do to improve my results. I have to ask her about everything so thank God for this site so I can become educated and get advice, support and tips on here because if I didn't, I would really be lost and frustrated. I guess I just expect to come in and for her to look at me and then sit down for a minute and ask me if I have any questions or concerns to make me feel like she is concerned about how I actually feel about things. But noooooo, I don't get that and I always leave there with more questions or feeling like I am missing something. I don't like that feeling at all! I don't know if she realizes that since I have had to have a revision since the first surgery was not successful that I am overly concerned and worried about my outcome this go around. I don't trust "swelling". I don't know if when I look full if I am swelling or just not pulled tight enough or if I still have remaining fat and a sub-par result. I think that she is not as aggressive with the tightening as I was looking for and even with the scar revision, (which I love since its way better than the first go around), I still feel like I didn't get what I was expecting. I still feel like I have to work out and lose weight to really be flat as I have seen bigger women than me come out looking better in my opinion. Oh well! I do still hope that with the vaser lipo that it will continue to resolve and tighten over time but if it doesn't, I guess I'll have to step up the exercising to get what I want.

I have an appointment for a lymphatic drainage massage of my belly tomorrow. its not a super professional in this technique but its a standard massage therapist that has been trained in lymphatic drainage. I also made an appointment for Thursday for an endermologie consult. I have some areas, especially on my left side where my contour is not really there and its alittle hard like there are some areas from the lipo that need to be softened and smoothed out and from what I read, endermologie is good for that. Anyone have great results from having that done?

At my appt on Friday, my PS said that I don't need to wear my CG anymore unless I want to and the same for taking the bromelain. I tried to go a few days without wearing it and although it was nice to to be free of it, it was actually uncomfortable so I think I will wear it during the day as much as I can and take it off at night so I can cuddle with the hubby. What have you all heard from your PSs regarding wearing the CG. And does anyone have any good recommendations on a good, not so expensive stage 2 CG that is not so invasive as the post-surgical one and also that provides good support on the sides.

I am now wearing scar away silicon strips (for C-section) on my scar. I hope this will help to speed up the process. I have noticed alittle improvement already and I just started with them last week. My sides, where my PS did the undermining to pull down the scar are still sore. If I sit in one position too much, I still get stiff and its still alittle sore to rub but the massaging does feel good and it does help so I can't wait for my massage tomorrow as long as I can get there in the snow storm that we are expecting here late tonight.

Well, that's about it babes! Stop by and show me some love and I will do the same!

Hi ladies! Well as I say in my review title I am...

Hi ladies! Well as I say in my review title I am starting to get alittle depressed with my results again. I feel like dejavu all over. I know that my scar is better this time and I'm happy about that but at this point I'm not so sure about the lipo. When I'm sitting down I actually see my stomach out and even some rolls going on and this is WITH my CG on! I am also very aware of my stomach meaning it is not flat so when I wear something really fitted I can feel my stomach protruding. I have been wearing my original CG day and night. Yesterday I ordered a new spanx heavy hold undergarment so I'm hoping it will be tighter and will pull me in more. The issue is that I swould think I would be tighter without it at this point. I understand that I may be having some swelling still but I don't feel like most of my concern is swelling. I feel like last time in that she just wasn't very agressive at all on the lipo. I don't know what to do. I'm at the point where I feel I have to diet hard and work out and although I'm not opossed to working out more, I really resent the feeling that I have to do it in order to get my flat tummy that I paid for!

I was supposed to do my endermologie. Wednesday but I ended up having to cancel because I had to take my daughter to the doctor. I guess I will wait a few months to se how it goes and go see someone else but I'm just sick with the idea of having to have more and pay more for the results I should have gotten the first time.

Well there is my raant for the day. Thanks for letting me vent my friends :-(

Hi ladies!!! I am sorry I have not been connected...

Hi ladies!!! I am sorry I have not been connected on here more. Something is going on with my notifications from this site and I am not getting them. I keep going back into my settings and it says my notifications are set to never and even though I keep changing them back to daily, it keeps going back to never! Not sure what is going on with that.

In any case, I am feeling alittle better. Not really because of any major changes, I guess its just my mood and level of acceptance to what I am working with that is the reason. I did go to a place called the Laser Center of Maryland to look into Endermologie but they actually don't do that. They recommended something called Exilis skin tightening treatment but she said it should be done later. She seemed to believe that I was still at a swelling point which was relieving to hear. I still can't grasp the fact that this process is soooo long and the length of the swelling time period. She was saying that regardless of what I want to do that I should give myself more time to heal. She said I looked good and she said my belly button looks good. I was so glad to get the positive feedback from someone outside of my situation.

Looking at myself, I don't see that much change. I need some batteries so I can take some more pics so you all can see for yourself. I am now in a Spanx compression garment that is open for my own bra and the bottom is more like underwear so there is nothing to show when I wear tight jeans or leggings or anything like that. Its sooooo much more comfortable to me. My PS said I could be out of compression after my six week check up but I tried it and it didn't feel comfortable at all so I still think I am healing inside and I need it. This one is not super tight though but I was just really tired of the feeling of the girdle. I hope this doesn't hurt my process. I think I will try wearing my other garment every now and then just to take it up to the next level every now and then.

My scar is doing pretty good. I am still wearing the scar away strips and its pretty smooth and flat at this point. As far as the darkness I don't see any major change. I may try some whitening cream that Tmonie was using which seemed to work wonders for her. The only thing people say about the creams, oils and lotions that make it alittle better is that you are massaging the scar more which doctors say helps.

I haven't really been doing any diet and exercising yet although I want to. I am just not motivated. I know that once I set my mind to it, I will be good but I haven't pushed myself yet. I know I need to lose some weight since I am about 155 which is kind of high for my height and body type. I feel like my arms are huge as well as my thighs! But don't we all notice everything else when we fix the belly? So there are more reasons other than my tummy as to why I need to get in shape.

Other than that there is not too much going on with me. I promise I will update some pics before the end of the week. Love to my ladies and my close friends Zizi, wonj, Tmonie, tjuana and mak46!!!

Added some pics. Not too much going on with me...

Added some pics. Not too much going on with me ladies, I haven't been doing a whole lot of exercise and diet has been the same so I haven't made a huge amount of change. My swelling is down alot. I do look much better in the morning though and I will swell alittle as the day goes on but not a huge amount. I am still wearing my spanx garment. Its not too tight but its comfortable and does the job, I believe. My scar is coming along. Not a WHOLE lot of change to that. I wear the strips off and on and then alternate with the cocoa butter skin therapy oil. I am going to try and get that skin whitening cream that tmonie was using to see if that helps. The scar is looking ok but its alittle dark in some areas.

Ok Realself just pissed me off! I had wrote a...

Ok Realself just pissed me off! I had wrote a review, added some pics and then hit submit and Poof! No update, and my pictures were not loaded! Ugh!!! Ok, let's try this again... anyway, I am about 2 1/2 mos PO from my revision now. Alittle over 1 yr PO original TT and MR. I am doing ok. I still swell regularly. I may go back to taking the Bromelain because I think that was helping in the beginning. Anyway, I am pretty flat in the morning but depending on what I eat and my activity I swell up as the day goes on. I wear my Spanx pretty much all day but I wear it off and on at night so I can cuddle with my hubby. My scar is doing ok. Its pretty flat. I still use the scar away strips although I am probably at the time I need to get another one and I use Ambi fade cream off and on too. The scar is alittle red and shiny in some areas but mostly its alittle dark but doing well. I have not been exercising very much... I know I know!!!! I keep saying I plan to but I haven't been able to get a good routine going. I have a friend who has a hoola hoop that I am going to see if I can borrow cause money is alittle tight for buying a new one but I want to do that for my sides. I have been doing some walking but the weather has been iffy so it hasn't been consistent. Overall I feel pretty good about my results although I think alittle more lipo wouldn't hurt. I still am VERY aware of my stomach for some reason. I go back to see my PS in July so we will see what she thinks too. I have been so busy with life and I miss all of my girls on here. I hope everyone is doing well! HUGS!!!

7 Month PO revision update

Hey ladies, here are some pics from this morning. I am doing pretty good. I didn't take any from the side as for some reason they weren't flattering to me. I am not super flat but I have improved alot. I think I have reached my full potential with the last surgery at this point. I still swell sometimes and wake up pretty flat. These were from this morning. I am not super flat and I still think alittle more lipo of the stomach would firm things up or if I lose a few pounds and do some more ab work that may help. Well let me know what you think. Happy healing TTers!

9 months PO revision update!!

Hi my babes! So sorry its been so long since I have updated. I went to see my PS a few weeks ago for my follow up. She was very happy with how things looked. And I am feeling alot better about things as well. I worked out for a while this summer to prepare for our family Bahamas trip but I have to admit that since then, I have slacked off quite a bit. I was not really feeling great about my look but everyone around me was saying I look good. I could not understand why I was feeling this way but a friend of mine helped me to put a new perspective on it. Previously when I had lost weight the natural way with diet and exercise, my body changes were gradual so my brain had time to keep up with what was going on and it was easy for me to accept my new body both physically and mentally but when you go through a surgery such as this and its unnaturally changing the shape and size of your body, sometimes your brain doesn't catch up with what was physically done and I think that is what was going on. I still felt in my mind that I was fat and when I felt bloated or anything, I would instantly revert back to the way I felt before my surgery because what I feel is still the same. I think as time has gone by I have slowly been able to accept my new body and I feel so much better about it now. The only small complaints I still have is there is a spot above my belly button that sticks out a bit and looks alittle unnatural. And I also have alittle pouchiness above my scar line. Both are things that my PS said she could possibly fix after my year follow up appointment in January. She said she could aspirate the area above my belly button and also slim up the scar line on both sides. I think it she did that, it would help get rid of the extra skin and little fat above the scar line.

Other than that, I feel great and I am soooo happy I had this surgery, especially the revision. Well, take care my girls and I will try and post some pics before the end of next week so you can see how I am doing.

9 Mos PO revision pics (sorry for the quality of photos - cellphone)! Feeling pretty good :-)

Hey my gals, here are some pics from this morning. Let me know what you think! The scar is alittle brown right now but I honestly haven't been putting much on it other than cocoa butter at times so I probably should step up my treatment but I am hoping it will fade and lighten with time as my other body scars have.

One thing I did want to mention was how things feel. My stomach is still numb and it is alittle tender around the scar line. Its probably still a good time to do a belly piercing that I was thinking about since I probably wouldn't feel it as much. Other than the tingly and numbing feeling around the scar line though, I feel great! I am finally happy that I did this. I love the feeling of putting on jeans, pants and skirts and not having to make adjustments to my stomach area. Its such an empowering feeling. I think with some sit-ups and the few minor revisions my PS was talking about, I will be 100%!!! Thanks to my babes on here for all the love and support on my long journey with this TT makeover!

1 1/2 years PO revision -maintenance is the key!

Hi my ladies! Its been a long time I know. I went to see my PS today. This was actually supposed to be my 1 year PO revision appt but I kept having to reschedule and it never seemed to fit my schedule to get in. Then I had gained some weight and I didn't want to go then. When you get this done, you really need to be ready to maintain it. If you were a person who was overweight before, if you don't put in the work, via your diet and exercise, you can gain weight... it may not go to your stomach, but it will go everywhere else. In any case, I was able to lose about 10 lbs that I had gradually put on. Its crazy when you get this procedure because although I was gaining weight, it wasn't really going to my stomach so I didn't realize it as much as I would have normally and then one day I was just like WOW! My arms and legs are huge and so I realized things had gotten alittle out of hand so I had to lose some weight. I went on a Green Smoothie cleanse where you drink smoothies with greens and fruits for about 10 days.. No sugar, no meat, no real food except fruits and veggies, mostly raw. It was good for me. I lost alot of fluid weight and got more energy and was able to detox my body a bit. I lost 10 lbs from it which gave me the energy and motivation to get in better shape. I have been back in the gym trying to get it together even more. I also am trying these stomach wraps called IT WORKS body wraps which are supposed to help tone and shrink your body (belly, arms, legs, etc..). In addition, I bought a body modifying waist training corset. Its a size 24 but my waist is more like a 29 or so now. I am trying to encourage my body to have more of a waist line and hour glass shape. I wish I would have worn this right after my surgery but I was being cheap and didn't want to buy it then. Cost about $85. I wear it for several hours a day and over time its supposed to permanently modify your body by bringing in the stomach and shrinking in the sides. We shall see! Welll I will post some pics by the end of the week so yal can see how I am looking these days.

Went to see my PS today and we scheduled for her to do some aspiration/lipo on the area above my belly button as it was protruding out a bit and didn't look right in tight fitting clothes. She also prescribed me some skin lightening cream to put on my scar on the areas that the incision didn't close really tight on. You will see what I mean when I post the pics. Other than that though I am doing well and I am still glad I got this done. I will definitely say to anyone considering doing this to do all the research you can so you are prepared. I don't think I really was as prepared and educated on the process as I should have before hand. I was too excited and just jumped in. Anyway, Love to my TT ladies and I will talk to you soon!

One Year and 5 mos PO revision - minor revision done today

Hello ladies... I know its been forever since I have updated and you probably thought I would never come back. Well I am here and still working on perfecting this TT result. Today I had a small, in office procedure done at no charge from Dr. Walker to remove some fat that was over my bellybutton. I kind of noticed that in that area it was sticking out a bit. It wasn't really bad but you could see it from the side (which you will see from my pics) and when I wore a tight fitted dress you could see it protrude there and it looked weird. So today she did alittle micro lipo to remove it.

To start, her assistance numbed me in the area where Dr. Walker had marked. Thankfully my belly button area is STILL numb so it didn't hurt as bad as it probably should have. She had to stick me maybe up to 10 times but it got easier each time. Then Dr. Walker came in and did the procedure. I would say it took maybe 20 minutes or so. She said she took out about 5ccs of fat so I am hoping it will make a difference. It wasn't too painful except when she went alittle outside of the area that was numb. I could feel her going in and ramming that took that suction thing that gets the fat out so it was not the best feeling but it was short so it wasn't too bad. Here are some pics of what I looked like before this. I am taking Arnica Montana tablets and some bromelain for swelling and bruising so hopefully it won't be too bad. I noticed that it is kinda swollen in that area so I put on my corset to make it tighter there. Originally I just had my spanx on which I will try to wear for about a week. I go back for a follow up in about 3 weeks. In addition to this procedure I am also using some bleaching cream she prescribed me for my scar. Its been working well so far!

3 years PO/2 years PO revision update

Hi Real Selfers! Well I cannot believe its been as long as it has since I started my journey to be on the flat side. I was just thinking the other day that I really am glad I did this. My life has changed so much by having a flat stomach and I totally love it! It really took my body a long time to fully adjust to the body change. I think when you have been bigger longer, your body doesn't really register that you are smaller because it took a long time for my mental to realize that I no longer was fat. I still felt fat for long after the procedures. My scar looks pretty good. I am not doing too much to treat it anymore. I had gotten some bleaching cream from Dr. Walker and used that and it lightened it a bit but you can still see it and its alittle dark on 2 places on each side where the stitches has opened up alittle when I was healing from the revision but I don't pay much attention to it. It still looks better than the fat tummy.

I know its been a while since I posted pics so I will try and get some up here soon. Happy Healing to everyone!
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Dr. Walker is a knowledgeable, accomplished and a capable surgeon. She is professional and has a very good reputation in the PS community. I found Dr. Walker when I was researching on the internet about having a TT and Hysterectomy surgery together. She is very comfortable and familiar with combining these surgeries.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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