PEMF - Actipatch - Lipoma Removal

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I have used PEMF for pain relief. I have listened...

I have used PEMF for pain relief. I have listened to doctors say it is not "ready". I have little respect for plastic surgeons to with. Their title "PLASTIC" Surgeons - seems to indicate a predisposal to CC surgery anyway. Please make an informed decision by doing your own DD - just as you would in selecting a MD. There is no Back Side to the Doctor - they won't tout it.

This MD was better 4 years ago now she seems not to listen. Two Marked Lipmoas were not taken out. She said she took all marked ones out - I know which ones I wanted out!

The PEMF helped with Drug Free pain relief - especially the itching from multiple scars! Remarkable.

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She argued with me as to what Lipomas were marekd after surgery.

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