1 year post TT - the journey continues

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I'm a 44 year old mom of 3 adult sons. I feel...

I'm a 44 year old mom of 3 adult sons. I feel like this is my time to take care of me. I have given my belly the name Maggie. She is always in the way. I'm forever cropping her out of pictures or squeezing her too death in my spanx. I love traveling and I hate wearing that darn one piece on beaches all over the world. I have been wanting this surgery for years. So,I decided to bite the bullet this year. I'm feeling excited and anxious. My sons will be my nurses...lol. It should be interesting. I'm thankful to you ladies on here because I don't feel alone in this process. I haven't told many folks thus far. Just not in the mood for their opinions about my body. I'm 5 days away from divorcing Maggie..She will NOT be missed lol. Again thanks for all the information. This forum is like Trip Advisor for your body. Nothing like hearing it from someone who has been there.

Yellow Bikini here come!!

11/12/11 This is my final weekend before my TT....

This is my final weekend before my TT. I'm just trying to relax and stay positive. I'm finished all my shopping for post op supplies...I think. I can always think of something else to purchase. I picked up all my prescriptions. Visited the library for books. Gonna grab a few more fruits and veggies tomorrow from the farmers market. If you ladies can think of anything that made your recovery easier please respond.

I added pictures this morning. I decided that I...

I added pictures this morning. I decided that I wanted to take some to really appreciate the pain.So,here is a look at Maggie..lol. I will definately post after pics. 2 days and counting.

11/14/2011 - Thanks for all of the well wishes....

11/14/2011 - Thanks for all of the well wishes. I've had my dinner just relaxing right now. PS office call 2x today to make sure I was ok. I thought that was a nice person touch and very unexpected.I did a final walk through of my recovery room and I think I have everything and some. I will let you ladies know how it goes tomorrow.

11/15/2011 Morning ladies I'm at the surgery...

Morning ladies I'm at the surgery center. Feeling nice and relaxed thanks to my zanax. I'm starving and thirsty. I would kill for some lotion my hands feel like I've been laying bricks.
I'm uber-excited right now.

I will chat with all on the other side.

11/16/2011 Hi everyone. I made it through with...

Hi everyone. I made it through with flying colors. This is day one post op. I feel ok just a bit tired. Had a visit with my PS. He said everything is looking good. I got to see the tummy and I'm so happy.No more Maggie. My son's and their friends have been doing a fantastic job taking care of me. My body feels like I worked out too hard. I'm moving around slowing. I haven't had a BM yet but constant peeing. Drinking lots of water and organic juice. Making myself eat. I'm not feeling hungry. No major swelling so far. I have 2 drains. Nothing is really coming out of the one on the left. Next visit to PS on Monday. Hopefully one or both of the drains will be removed. I will post pics in a few days.
Thanks for all of the well wishes!!

11/20/2011 Today I'm 5 days post op. I'm feeling...

Today I'm 5 days post op. I'm feeling really great today and looking forward to escaping this house. I really haven't had tummy pain except a burning sensation a the corner of my incision. The lipo on my flanks and hips now that's a different story. I'm battered and bruised but very happy with my results. I've been walking around the house and doing the steps a least 2x a day. I'm still eating heathy lots of fruit (especially pineapple) veggies,turkey,chicken,bran flakes and oatmeal,shakes,tuna etc. I love spicy food so this has been kinda rough. I don't want the excessive gas or salt so I havent grabbed the Texas Pete. I haven't tried on any of my clothes yet. I'm not sure why. Mostly just lounging in yoga pants. I have a some swelling but that is a part of the process. I coughed today unexpectly and it brought tears to my eyes. I still have both drains and I'm praying Monday PS will remove them both or at least one. I think then I will be more excited about clothes. Right now I'm just happy that when I look down my tummy is flat and I'm not sucking in my stomach....it's a blessing. Now this binder...I'm ready to toss it into the fire pit. I totally understand why I have to wear it but it is so freaking uncomfortable. I can't wait to get into a regular compression garment. I think that would be better for me. I still haven't slept a full 6-8 hours yet. Like other TT's I've been having some weird crazy dreams but I'm sure that has to do with the meds. My only regret is that I don't have a recliner. I wish I would have rented one for at least the first 10 days. Sleeping in the bed is rough I'm constantly trying to adjust and all the pillows just make me hot. But at this point it's whatever. I still gotta post some pics. I will update on Monday after my 2nd post op visit. Thanks for all the support!

11/20/2011 OK decided that I would update this...

OK decided that I would update this again after my adventure to Target. I was very excited to get out of the house today. Yesterday I was almost in tears I wanted to escape this place so bad. Maybe you can tell I'm a street runner and this house thing is killing me. So, I got myself dressed in some tights boots ,hat and a coat to cover my drains. I was still feeling a lil light headed but I refused to let that stop me. My sons tried to talk me into getting the motorized cart thing. I refused that there isn't anything wrong with me. I only had major surgery 5 days ago. ..lol. They grabbed me a cart and I was off on my journey for undies. Things were going good for about 15 minutes. Then I noticed in was getting hot and starting to feel some pain in my lower back. My tummy felt really cold under my coat too. I continued my search. I found undies and a few nighties. I left Target sweaty and exhausted around the 20 min mark..lol. I'm home now laying down in my new nightie watching football with the boys. All in all it's a good day. The fresh air was good for my spirit. Next adventure in the am to see my PS.
Loving life in the flatlands.

11/21/2011 I went to my second post op visit...

I went to my second post op visit today. I still have the darn drains...schucks! He said that my drainage has not decreased enough. I kinda already knew that but I was being hopeful. PS removed my surgical tape today and told me to feel free to thoroughly wash the new tummy. I'm nervous about that but I will follow his directions. I also found out that Maggie weighed 5 freaking pounds and he removed a pound off each hip. I don't have too much swelling today. PS said everything looks great and I'm thinking ok. Assured me it's normal for my lipo hips to look like I got kicked by a horse. Promised it will all be better in time. Oh well I go back next Monday with wishes of no drains and more strength. So the next couple of days I will continue walking and maybe even attempt to drive around the block which he said I can do. On a side note it never ceases to amaze me how I feel so good in the morning and by mid -afternoon I feel like the crip keeper.
The journey to the yellow bikini continues....

11/27/2011 It's now day 12 of my journey. I can...

It's now day 12 of my journey. I can honestly say that I finally feel like me again. I'm hanging out with my friends and enjoying my clothes again. I'm still playing pee a boo with my drains. It's a challenge to hide them under my clothes. Hopefully tomorrow they both will be removed. I have been enjoying my bouts with swell hell too...NOT!! I'm still working on the bruising from my lipo. I'm massaging and using bio oil. Its much better but it feels hard in places. I have a list of questions for my PS tomorrow. I'm ready to start treating my scar too. So, hopefully the worst is over. I love my new tummy and I would do it again in a heart beat.

Day 13 finally got my drains out and stiches out...

Day 13 finally got my drains out and stiches out the belly button. The before and after is amazing to me! If this is my results while Im swollen. Yikes!! I will be to sexy for a shirt in a few months...lol. Just joking but I love my new tummy.

Day 23 - I'm now around 3 weeks and I have had a...

Day 23 - I'm now around 3 weeks and I have had a great recovery up until this past weekend. This weekend I noticed that I was developing a bulge in my incision line under my bb.I first thought it was just swelling and then I noticed that I was having some discharge from a small opening in my incision line. Long story short I saw my PS on Monday and he opened up my incision a bit and I have an infection. So,once this was cleaned up. Im left with a open wound on my incision line because now PS wants me to heal from the inside out. I have so many emotions about this situation. I'm wondering if it was something I could have done differently. I'm sad because this will push my recovery out another month or so. I feel like I'm in my last trimester of pregnancy because I'm seeing my PS 3x a week now. I'm so ready to start working out. I have a weak stomach and its is pretty gross changing the bandage. I still dont feel any pain because of course my tummy is still numb. On the upside my tummy is still extremely flat except for my new accessory the bandage. Of course if I hid the drains I have figured out a way to cover the bump aka bandage. My swell hell has calmed down a bit. I'm still in my binder especially at night. My shirts and pants are feeling pretty loose. At this point I'm just trying to stay cool and not let this mentally and emotionally tear me up. I have read so many articles and I'm the not first person to experience this situation. From everything that I've read my doctor is doing everything correct. So, my journey continues to my yellow bikini.

Happy Healing!!

Hi ladies! I have been missing for a minute. Well...

Hi ladies! I have been missing for a minute. Well the last time I updated I was suffering from a infection and an open incision. I'm very happy to report the infection is long gone and the incision is almost closed. My PS and his nurses have been great thru this process. They made me feel at ease when I was in full panic mode. I can't believe that it's already over 30 days since I had surgery. I'm feeling really good. I'm ready to get back in the gym but thanks to my open incision I haven't been able to do that yet. I have dropped 2 pant sizes since I had the surgery. I remember my second week PO and I couldnt even zip up my jeans. Its still amazing me that I no longer have to shop for shirts to cover my belly. I haven't been experiencing much swell hell. Just the normal end of day swelling. I'm finally out if my binder. Although I still love sleeping in the binder. It's funny how things change. The first week after surgery I wanted to burn the binder and now it's my security blanket. Overall I would do this surgery again in a heart beat! I will post updated pics later this week.
Happy Healing Ladies!

Hi Ladies! Wow where to begin? I guess I will...

Hi Ladies!
Wow where to begin? I guess I will start with I can't believe it has been 2 months already! Technically,Sunday the 15th will be exactly 2 months.I'm feeling really good and life is pretty much back to normal. Some swelling in the evening but nothing too severe.I still have a very small hole in my incision line.Not sure if I will need a revision yet since its still in the healing process. Its about the size of a q-tip now. My upper stomach muscles get really sore now.I'm tempted to rub on some Ben-Gay.It feels like I have done a 1000 crunches some days. My PS said that its normal. Its just my body saying "hey slow down I'm healing".I'm working on my acar with vitamin E and nightly massages. It still has a way to go. Honestly, I can live with the scar its so much better than a saggy belly. I have finally been released to workout. I'm so excited! I'm not a gym rat but I do enjoy working out once I get into the rhythm. I'm not even sure where to start I feel so out of shape. My booty and thighs needs some work. Any of you ladies out there have any suggestions for my first workout? Should I wear some type of compression garment while I workout?
I'm not seeing my PS again until March unless I have a issue. I was seeing him weekly since this surgery.I guess that means I'm doing fantastic!
Happy healing everyone I hope you are loving life in the flatland.

Hello everyone! I will be officially 5 months post...

Hello everyone! I will be officially 5 months post surgery tomorrow.I have so much to tell you guys. This has been a real test of patience for me. OK, here we go...I still have numbness and uncomfortable pain in my upper abs like I've done a thousand crunches. My incision line itches like the dickens and its still numb too. My upper abs swell if i eat to much salt or caffiene. Trust me I can literally see it swelling sometimes.Its a lil weird but at least I know when I've over done it. My incision line has lighten up. But not to the degree I've seen some folks on here. I use a lil bit of everything on it. I'm really not to worried about the scar. Its under my bikini and my flat tummy is all that matters to me. I feel like my skin on my tummy could have been pulled tighter.. Its not tight as I would like it too be. I have a fat pocket on my side aka dog ear. My Dr thinks I still have swelling and wants me to wait a few more months before he lipos the dog ear.His nurse thinks I should wait until after the summer since I will be in a garment AGAIN. I have decided since he has to fix the dog ear anyway. I'm going to get my entire waistline,tummy and back fat lipoed too. I read on here that its pretty normal to get or want lipo on your waistline after a tummy tuck. Trust me I can totally see now how folks get addicted to PS. It's like the dentist no matter how much it hurts or cost you will look so much better afterwards.Then the pain and money don't seem to matter as much as the end result. I'm thinking after this lipo in a few months I will be done...Hopefully...lol. Overall all is good and I woud do the surgery again in a freaking heart beat. I posted a few new pics so you guys can see the areas I'm talking about. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect yellow bikini. I'm starting to think I will never find the perfect one. Maybe I will once the problem areas are resolved. I hope everyone I have met along the way is happy and healing chat with you all again soon!

Hi Everyone! I'm now past the one year mark. It...

Hi Everyone! I'm now past the one year mark. It seems like the time just flew by. I was left with a fat pocket on my hip and I have been dying to have it removed. My PS wanted me to wait a year before doing anything. So now since its pass that point I had lipo yesterday. I'm sore but very happy with my results. I had my upper and lower abs,flanks and upper and lower back. Luckily, I only got have 2 more scars. He did most of the lipo through my tummy tucks incisions. I'm doing great ! The pain is a walk in the park compared to the TT. I actually feel like I did on day 6-7. I did a load of laundry this morning if that gives you any indication of the pain. I will post some pics soon. Of course right now my body is battered and bruised but that is too be expected.. So, ladies the journey continues.

Dr.Bitar is really friendly and professional. He answered all my questions and I never felt rushed. The staff is friendly. They were all very knowledgable and helpful. They called me last night to make sure I was feeling ok. The surgery was performed at the hospital surgery center. I received a call from the hospital today just checking up on me. Over all I would recommend Dr. Bitar and his staff to anyone seeking a better body image.

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