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I am a mother of two beautiful children of a 3yr...

I am a mother of two beautiful children of a 3yr and a 1 yr old . Both of my pregnancies were very large. I am 5'0 on a good day and both children were over 9 pounds not including that I had a lot of extra fluid around them. Add a little weight gain and my belly ended up a disaster. I am obviously very self conscious as well as it affecting my ability to find clothes. I just don't feel strong in my tummy despite working out. I decided to consult with a plastic surgeon. He found a small hernia at the top of my abdomen as well as the separation of abdomen muscles. He recommended I get the fluer de lis abdominoplasty due to the elasticity in my skin, also some Lipo to help shed down the fat off my flanks and back. I then requested if I can have the fat transferred to my butt . So I will have total of three procedures done Fluer de lis Abdominoplasty,Brazilian but lift and Lipo as well as hernia repair. Am I crazy to do this all at once? I hope that I am able to obtain the results I am seeking. I am little concerned how the recovery will go because I have the two little ones to keep up with when I get back home. I will have four days where will my husband will here to take care of me and the kids but after that I will have to find help because he works out of state. Also I have a history of mrsa after my c-section so that is also HUGE concern of mine. The doctor seems confident that everything will be fine. I have to get a swab done to make sure I am not a carrier of Mrsa and also my pre-op blood work. He plans on keeping me overnight in the hospital for one night possibly two if my pain is not managed. Then home with a pain pump. I am VERY excited to get my body back and then some.

31 one days out until surgery!

So it's getting to be crunch time. I have to make the final payment to my doctor on the 22nd of this month. I was sent the consent forms yesterday evening to look over and sign. I also recieved a list of all the things that I can't have because it thins blood or it affects the clotting time. This list includes things I eat on regular basis such as almonds,ginger.strawberries,cucumbers. crazy right? I have to also do a Mrsa scrape at the infectious disease doctor have a physical and have my pre-op blood work done. I literally feel like I have an appointment every day this week to clear me for surgery. I have two consults next week one with the nurse and one with Dr.Davison. Right now we are trying to work out details of who will help me care for my little ones when my husband leaves. I am not sure how I will feel after the surgery but if it is anything like my c-section then terrible. My husband will be home for the surgery on the 16th but leaves the 21st of may. So that will give me 5 days with solid help. I was told I can't lift anything over 5 pounds for two weeks which is a little hard considering that my 11 month old is 25 pound. Hopefully I will have a quick recovery with no complications. I will update this after my consult with the doctor next week.

22 days out from surgery and it is paid for!

The last couple weeks have been crazy busy. I feel like I have not stopped moving since April 1st hit. I have a wedding that I am the maiden of honor in which has consumed a lot of my time ,as well as working the horses, being a good mom and wife. The wedding is this coming weekend so after that I will feel a little less stress of that but will shortly be followed with other stresses I am sure.
A big update is that I have been sick for a good 6 days now with a nasty head cold. The lovely beautiful children from daycare, my son goes to, decided they wanted to share their germies with us. No one in the house was spared. I have lost my voice but it is now returning (my husband was thrilled with this. He threw his hands in the air the morning I walked downstairs and indicated my voice was gone and says "thank you Jesus my prayers have been answered. LOL) As you know being sick before a surgery is never good ,but I notified my doctor and just told me to keep them posted. I have 22 days to get better after all.

SO here is an update on the surgery. I decided to go with Dr. Davison and paid the remainder of the surgical fee of 5,492 to the plastic surgeon. (still need to pay hospital fee of 1,630) They ordered my pre op blood work that I completed on April 17th. At that time they also did an EKG,Mrsa culture and a full blood panel. My blood panel and EKG came back good but had low blood sugar of 63 (normal is 70) so they just told me to eat smaller more frequent meals. As far as Mrsa culture they called me and told me they need to redo the culture because the wrong lab was ordered. I am waiting on those results. Let you know what that comes back as though.

I had my consult with my RN Buffy at the plastic surgeons office on the 22nd.I loved her! She made me feel very comfortable and answered my laundry list of questions about post op and the surgery and just really took the time to make sure that I knew what to expect. I am staying one night in Sibley Memorial Hospital after surgery to manage any pain. She also called in all my prescriptions into the pharmacy which include Lovonox - A blood thinner which is injected into the abdomen to prevent blood clots, Zofran-anti-nasea medication, Colase - to help me poop and Bactroban- an ointment to put up my nose to help treat Mrsa as a preventive measure she also gave me a script for my narcotics to pick up prior to surgery. She did say that they were going to put me on an antibiotics but just looked through my bag and don't see it so I will call to double check that that was called in. She also requested I start taking a multi vitamin to keep me healthy. I also let her know I have a low pain tolerance and think I may be a bit of a wuss. She told me the pain pump should help for the first 3 days or so. EEEKKK,I hope so because if I stub my toe I am cussing people.

I had my last consult with Dr Davison today. My appointment was at 11:30 but wasn't seen until 12:30ish. (which I was fine with I made some real head way in my candy crush game). We added the BBL since my last consult with him so we talked about that today as well. Here is the readers digest of what the went on during this pre op appointment please note that I am paraphrasing ..... I stripped in my bra and panties and he was very much a gentleman compared to the other plastic surgeons I have seen who would man handle my "meat". He looked at me lifted up my tummy fluff and took a look at my "less than blessed" booty and agreed that I would benefit from the BBL. He then told me to get dressed because he didn't want to make it uncomfortable for me. (After having two kids I strip my clothes off before they even close the door to have me change but I did as I was told) They took more pre op pictures but this time naked so they could get a good view of my toosh. Then I dressed and leveled up on candy crush before he returned to the room .When he returned he said he was going to tailor the surgery to me and my body. He told me he would start off by lipoing my love handles he used the word "flanks", and contour my sides and inject about 400cc of fat into each cheek seems like a little to small amount for a butt to me because 400cc is roughly 1.8 cups of fat. Then he will flip me over make an incision from hip to hip pulling in my sides and then doing panniculectomy portion of the tummy tuck. Depending on how much excess skin I have when he pulls the skin from the sides he will then make his decision if he is going to give me the Fluer-de-Lis (vertical incision). Or if I can get the best results without it. I also requested he lipo the upper part of my vajay area. He did warn me that sometimes things are not always symmetrical for example that their may be a bulge pocket on my upper abdomen depending on healing. He offered a revision surgery if the results were not what I would like free of charge. If revision is done in office and was minor I wouldn't have to pay anything if it was a bigger revision it would be have to be done under general anesthesia their would be the cost of that but would waive his fees. Let me just say not every surgeon offers this so I think it is great that he is standing behind his work it shows confidence and also that he is not all about the money. Though I would rather pay a little more for the best. He told me the first 2 weeks are going to be rough and I am not going to know why I did it until a month out or so. My line drawing pre op is the day before surgery on the 15th but I will update you sooner than later!

1 week out

My mind is so scattered because I have so much going on.I feel very stressed out. I have my sons birthday party this weekend which we have a ton of people coming in from out of town and staying with us. So I have worked hard to get the house ready for all the company. I wish I was a little more calm but instead I am thinking I don't have time for this surgery. Is it bad I want to cancel because I am so nervous about the whole thing? I think I am worried about after surgery more than the surgery part. We are paying to have my husbands younger sister come down to stay with us but she doesn't have a lot of experience with children which worries me. She doesn't have a license to do any grocery shopping and will not be able to take me to any post op appointments. I am worried about her ability to hold the fort down. The boys are into EVERYTHING these day. She says to my husband "how hard could it be." ( HUGE RED FLAG) Any mom knows that she is going to eat her words when she is here. I know it is terrible and I sound ungrateful. My husband tells me "bad help is better than no help."
I purchased the makemeheal vitamins and read great things about them. When I told my Plastic surgeon about them he told me he was unfamiliar with them but could take them if I wanted. I also have to start putting that antibiotic for Mrsa up my nose starting 5 days prior to surgery (which is sunday). I feel like I am being so negative about the whole thing. I want this for myself but the recovery time will be the hardest part for me and just hope it is worth it. I have my line drawing appointment on the 15th and will post pictures of that too. Sorry this was such a negative blog.

Surgery done and I am so pleased!!

I am sorry I have not been on to update this since my surgery. I stayed one night in the hospital which was less than impressive care from the nurses and have been in a lot of pain my husband has done everything for me. I couldn't for 3 days because I was so nauseated after the surgery. Let me just state that I cannot believe the results after the surgery!!!!Dr Davison is AMAZING artist and took his time to make sure everything was perfect!! My stomach is flatter than it was in high school. He told me he removed roughly around 15 pounds of fat and skin. I am not wearing nay abdominal binder just ret but may start tomorrow after my first post op appointment. I know I mentioned I was less than impressed with his bedside manner in the beginning but he has so been kind and caring and I have been his work of art. My dad was a nervous wreck he took the time to answer all of his questions. I feel like a new woman I am very swollen right now but will post more pictures tomorrow.

Some photos

I have been through the wringer

Reading my last post it was obvious I was tired and misspelling EVERYTHING! So much has happened in 5 weeks I always sit down to write a quick update then get side tracked. I honestly don't know where to start. My doctor was an artist as far as my tummy tuck goes I can't believe how beautiful the work he has done. I will say though that I see very little if any difference in my bum though which is very disappointing but honestly my tummy was my main priority and that was achieved. (rant coming) The only complaint I have with my surgeon is pain management. I have been jerked around a lot with managing my surgical pain. The physicians assistant (Nora) is who I have seen most of the time. I felt like she doesn't listen to me or try to understand what my pain is. Constantly being told "you're going to have pain,but narcotics are not the answer" and talks me out of whatever drug relief I am looking for almost making me feel guilty for asking. I have 2 small children to keep up with I really did need something so I can keep up with them. I will have to say the whole thing was very frustrating to me. Then I notice a different kind of pain started on my left side about 3 weeks ago. It was at the bend line of my left side. It is like electrocuting shock pain. At first it started out as just uncomfortable but bearable then within a day or so it was literally crippling pain. The best way I can describe it is touching a hot fence and not being able to move away from it and on scale of 1-10 it would be a solid 10. I can't lift my leg walk,twist,sit down without randomly getting a shocking pain. My 3 year old helps me put on and pull up my underwear. I made an appointment right away to be evaluated this time I had my dad go with me to kind of be in my corner because of the frustration I felt with my previous visits. I felt like she treated me like I have a drug problem. She evaluated me and was told it was the nerve pulling and that it will resolve on its own they prescribed me Gabapentin which is supposed to help with nerve pain. A week went and still felt no relief I didn't feel as though the Gabapentin was making any sort of difference. I never did hear back from the office but had some help at home so just figured time will heal all. By week 2 I couldn't do it anymore and call back and I finally get Dr. Davison on the phone who then refers me to see a Physical Therapist in my area to evaluate me but to continue the Gabapentin and take Toradol (which is a stronger Ibuprofen anti-inflammatory) So FINALLY 3 weeks later I get an appointment today to see PT. He evaluated me and within 5 minutes knew exactly what the problem is. Apparently the scar tissue has wrapped around the femoral nerve which is causing the unbearable pain. He couldn't believe that the reluctance in providing me narcotics to relieve the kind of pain I am in. I felt like he got it. He knows exactly what I am going through. He was so sympathetic to what I have been going through. Just imagine every step being painful some days better than others. He worked on me for 2 hours today stretching ,ultrasound,electroshock therapy massage and alternating hot and cold compresses. I had tears streaming down my face through half of this. He told me he was going to contact my doctor as soon as he could to discuss pain management but encouraged me to do the same. I called and told them that I don't want to see Nora anymore and I just want to see Dr Davison. Unfortunately he is in surgery so Nora was who I got. She had to call me back and I discussed the findings and the PT said he cannot work with me and do what he needs to do without some pain relief and that the Gabapentin is NOT working. She was not proactive in any of this. She prescribed me vicoden to get me through untilI see Dr. Davison next friday and more Gabapentin. I am done with her she is a terrible physician's assistant she does't listen to the patient what so ever. Avoid her like the plague if you have a complication she is NOT your girl. The good news is we know the problem is and we can finally start addressing it! Physical therapy starts monday again and will be 3 times a week. I am sorry I ranted most of my review. WIll take updated pictures and post tomorrow. Happy healing ladies!

5 weeks post op

Still a lot of swelling would compression wrapping help at all?

Started with girdle today

I have been wearing the light control spanx because the firm one aggravates my femoral nerve more than I can tolerate. I also have been doing the silicone strips ( thought I have to be honest and I have not been consistent as I should be). I want to get the best result as possible of my surgery so I am hoping wearing these will help shrink my waist even more. I bought the girdle from amazon it is called squeem and it got the best reviews that I could find. The only complaint is I 5'0 on a good day with a short torso so it it is about 2 inches to long on me That being said I am only going to be wearing it at home and at night.

Night and day

So since my last update I have been going to physical therapy routinely. It's been great and has helped me with the nerve pain that I have been feeling. I have been 5 times now but at 30$ a visit I decided to cut back so I am not draining out bsck account so quickly.

I had my appointment with Dr.Davison today which could not have gone better. He had the staff move my appointment to 4:30 so he could spend the time with me and not have to worry about another room. Traffic was especially awful today so it took me 2 1/2 hours to get there. When I got in the room their was little wait time as always time is valuable for everyone which I apprecaite. As soon as he came in he addressed my concerns immediately he left it up to me with two options, option A. Continue with phyiscal therapy and let the nerve pain get better with time. Option B. Make a small incision along scar and remove some of the sutures which may or may not have been causing the problem. I honestly was conflicted I didn't want to cause myself anymore pain than I have been in but if I could find immediate relief why not do it right? I went with option B but as I laid there waiting for the lidocaine to work my palms became sweaty and was second guessing my decision.Dr Davison came in to room and I told him I didn't know if if this is the right choice but said recovery will be a week and is a minor procedure and so I went with it. I didn't feel anything except when he pressed with the gauze my femoral cutaneous nerve was screaming. He then pulled on a suture that made my eyes well up with tears. He told me to hold very still so he can pull this suture out. I had immediate relief when he pulled it out. He said the nerve is deep their was no trama or damage to the nerve but the suture was pulling on it and he could see why I felt so much pain. He took time with me told me he was sending me home with pain meds and wanted me to start to take vitamin B-12 to help with nerve healing and continue with gsbapentin for one more week. He addressed my dislike for Nora and told me it isn't that she doesn't care but everyone's technique is different. All said and done I am happy with today . Honestly , I wouldn't change a thing he is a master at his work and would chose him all over again. I will go back in a couple weeks to get these sutures removed.

Side not posted a picture of my scar per request. Also posted pictures before and after the procedure.



Swelling going down and the results are beautiful!

I retract my statement of not noticing a difference my bottom is defiantly bigger and rounder than before without being to big for my body frame.

Updated photos 2 years post op

I just had a follow up last week with dr Davison. He is truly a lovely man and really enjoyed our visit. He has truly made a huge impact on my life and restoring the confidence I once had. I could tell he was equally impressed as I am. He has sculpted me into the woman I have always felt I was. You couldn't have asked for any better results. The tummy tuck is still the best choice I have made for myself. My scars have faded considerably and I honestly don't bother me what so ever. They were a great trade off that I would make ten times over again for the body I received afterwards.

I did do a butt augmentation, which I wish I waited for because I always planned on being back in shape which I am successfully accomplishing. I know it seems as common knowledge but I wish it was explained better that if I would if I lost the weight I would lose my butt with it. I still have some shape to the top but I my butt is becoming flat again ??I have to say I was disappointed. When I asked about getting it revised, I was quoted 8k which is beyond what I ever expected to be to hear since it was a past surgery that was payed for and just needed a revision due to weight loss. Unfortunately, I am not wealthy just don't have that money to repeat the surgery. I do feel like i threw money away with that procedure.

2 years post op

I have worked hard to lose the weight too so this isn't just all surgical. I will say was I never had a flat tummy like this, even before babies.My core feels stronger than before. This was the best choice for me. I don't regret a thing.

The first consult was short I felt little rushed with him but his staff was AMAZING. After 7 interviews with different plastic surgeons I decided to go with Dr Davison. I arranged a second consult in which he spent more time explaining the procedures to me. From what the nurses tell me he is a perfectionist (which is awesome in plastic surgery). He spent more time with me and I am happier and feel alot more comfortable with him after the second consult. after Post -Op,The man is an artist! The result was amazing and still healing. The only complaint is pain management. They give out very small dose of the narcotic at a time which is an issue because I am not close by other than that I am so happy I chose him to be my surgeon.

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