26 Yrs Old Mother of 2. Washington, DC

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I'm going to have liposuction done on Tuesday at...

I'm going to have liposuction done on Tuesday at vita surgercal in d.c. I'm getting my whole abdomen, flanks ,love handles, and sides done. I'm so excited to b able to do something for a change and to feel good about my body . I had a baby 3 months ago . I worked out alil n change my eating habits . but my love handles, bra fat or stomach would not go away. I aways had a lil purge. I kno it's only been 3 months but I want to beat ready for the summer . these are my before pictures.


today I went to get lipo my up, middle, lower abs, sides, flanks , love handles. It hurted a lil. but the dr try to make it easy as possible. I'm swollen alot but I do see a difference. so far good he was able to remove 11lbs of fat.

when I spoke up from my nap

when I woke up there was so much blood .

day 2 post opt

I went to my follow up my waist was 36 today it is 29. he said I should b 25 or 24 after the swelling go down. the pain is bearable today. I was able to do some runner around .

day 2 post opt

getting liposuction

it wasn't bad . I took pictures while he was doing it . it only hurt when he numb me . he was very gentle he made the time go pass fast. but after it was painful . the 2nd day was a Lil eaSY going

day 3

I feel a lil better

6 days after

today I woke this morning not happy . I'm so swollen I still think I have fluid in me . I look bigger then I did before . n I have been wearing my garment 24/7 accept for whn I shower. I pray my stomach go down but I regret getting liposuction . now ..

2 weeks

so today I went to get drained . n it helped alot. it hurted a lil when she put Needge in but it was fine . I feel better n look better. vita is great they made sure I was ok . whatever I needed they got it for me. the secretary even went out of her way to call around 4 me until someone answer the phone to put My prescription In at CVS. the dr is very nice n very patient. n I see I big change today . I'm still swollen but I feel 10 times better

almost 3 weeks

I must say I'm pleased. so far . I'm still a lil swollen but I see a big difference

Almost 4 months

So i wanted to give an update .
Dr Henok Araya

so far he is great very friendly

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