1 Syringe of Voluma Spread on Each Cheek - Washington, DC

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*Treatment results may vary

I got 1 syringe even though the nurse said it...

I got 1 syringe even though the nurse said it would take 3-5 to make a difference. Face was a little sore for a few days but almost no swelling or bruising. Voluma lasts up to 2 years, which was the main reason why I chose it over Radiesse. Also, I wanted something to fatten up my cheeks, not get rid of wrinkles. The volume added also made my skin look clearer since it puffed out areas where my pores looked big.
The filler was injected along the cheek bone (which was uncomfortable but not awful).

8 Months later...

Cheeks still look good, definitely not as sunken as the "before picture," but not as full as it was following the first week. I can still feel the Voluma in my face, so it hasn't dissolved quickly as some people have been wondering. In short: my face hasn't deflated and I still think Voluma was worth it.

I also added 1 syringe of Radiesse last week for the nasolabial folds.
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