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I am 34, 5'9" and now 222 lbs. I am...

I am 34, 5'9" and now 222 lbs. I am scheduled to have my upper and lower ABS done January 12, and after I will have my back and flanks done later. Since im paying cash, it will take me a little bit to save up the rest. I had not lrepared to have surgery so fast, and so thats why.

Right now, my doc is running a winter special so you should check him out.

I can't say how many times I almost made the mistake of going to a MedSpa, that later I would find really bad reviews or horror story. This site has been a godsend. I was impressed by the comments and instruction that Dr. K has provided to members in this community and so I followed his advice and looked for a dr that was a certified plastic surgeon and NOT a cosmetic surgeon or person certified to use equipment. Over the past month and a half I have read horror story after horror story and one of the most common denominators I could see was that many of these poor women went to MedSpas and not actual certified plastic surgeons.

I used to model for a national laser hair removal company and more often than not, they'd have people who would go to weekend conferences to purchase and get training and certification on equipment and new procedures. These boost the annual revenue of many practices that have now had to think of other ways to make money because HMOs and insurance premiums are breaking their pockets. Regardless, it's simply never a good idea. They simply aren't skilled.

Saving money when it comes to your body shouldn't be the goal. This, ultimately, boils down to your life in the hands of another. I wouldnt go to my dentist for an orthopedic issue. And I wouldn't go to a general surgeon to do eye surgery. There's much to be said about a doctor who practices regularly in his/her specialty. Cutting and suturing they may do, but an artist is required for plastic surgery. I think Dr. k will do quite as well as this is his specialty and what he does 24/7/365.

My body generally has always responded well to exercise....until I had issues with estrogen dominance. Taking birth control to correct my periods since I was 18 has done terrible damage to the estrogen/progesterone balance in my body as well as my thyroid. It's been cause for much unexplained weight gain, specifically breasts, abdomen, hips/butt, thighs.

I exercise regularly and eat pretty healthy. I did ballet for several years as well as Pilates. I still have a strong core even though you cant see it underneath the layers of fat. I also do heavy lifting three times a week, and it has been the best way for me to shed pounds very fast, even moreso than any cardio exercise, but it also preserves my muscle whereas cardio burns it up. With all that, I burn about 900-1000 cal in one workout session of only an hour. But if you looked at me, you simply cannot tell.

I've counted calories etc...been there done that. I realized that I have to try a homeopathic approach to regulating my hormonal issues. I've found great things that are working but they take more time to be effective than traditional medicine.

In the meantime, it has been really discouraging to work my ass off exercising only to see that these areas, mainly my stomach,refuses to budge. I will provide measurements and pics later.

I'm not using surgery as weight loss, but as a way to take care of an area that is NOT responding well to exercise. The rest I will take care of on my own.

My doc did explain to me what he would do, and he also set me up to have both sensible and reasonable expectations. He also explained to me about doing my part in getting the best results that are lasting. He talked about weight gain after and how that would look, and about the responsibility of keeping my weight down. He said that many people use this as weight loss and relax after, not watching what they eat, nt exercising, etc... And they gain10 pounds and don't know how it happened. But now that an area has had fat removed, the other areas will bear the weight gain, and then you have more problems.

So I am taking his advice to heart and I feel a strong responsibly to take seriously what he said, and to exercise and eat right.

Four more days!!!! I've just been trying not to...

Four more days!!!! I've just been trying not to think too much about what I'm about to do. It's really hard not too though.

I've been working out religiously and plan to continue as soon as my doc will allow.

Other than that, it's just a waiting game here on out ; )
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