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I have lost approximately 75 lbs over ten months...

I have lost approximately 75 lbs over ten months from 230-165 and remained steady the only thing standing in my way is approximately 15 lbs of stomach fat that goes down below my pubic area. I'm 5"6 and after two children I literally haven't seen my waist line in about 10 years. I'm covered under Medicaid which will pay for my PANNICULECTOMY but I have no idea where to start please help me, any direction is appreciated thanks .



Okay after much research the Panniculectomy is an no go for me. I would have to pay for it out of pocket essentially so I would rather use my funds to get what I desire which is an flat tummy and big booty. I plan on going to Dr.Almonte in either MARCH OR April and will be paying my deposit this friday. Lesley has been so helpful thus far. I am super excited !

Future Fisher Doll coming 2015!

After much thought and consideration I have decided against going to the DR for surgery and am choosing to stay in Miami with Dr.Fisher at Vanity. So far things are okay with me, I have booked the home away BBL package for $5,000 getting my surgery in April of 2015. My coordinator is okay, she checks in on me periodically but isn't too pushy which I appreciate. My main goal is toning up the portions of my body that he isn't cutting off which is my ARMS! I hate them. my dream shape would be Miracle Watts but I heard she's a Cabral doll and thats a no go. Hopefully Fisher can get me as close to that as possible.

Vanity Cosmetics.....Coordinator has gone AWOL?!

So my original coordinator disappeared out of thin air, then I've been in contact with another coordinator but she seems to have gone AWOL. Should I call to request another coordinator ? I really would like to book my date with Fisher...any advice??

Recent hospitalization....I am feeling discouraged about being cleared for surgery.My plans have been ruined.

This is very hard for me. In december I suffered a ministroke and found out a heart arrhythmia condition was the underlying cause of it. I am so hurt because April was supposed to be my planned surgery and now my life has been disrupted. I have been unable to work and I don't know if i will be medically cleared for surgery, I have the money to pay for my surgery but I just want to cry because I am disgusted at my body and my life.

Looking to become a Vanity doll either April,May or June and looking for a partner....

Okay this is my life and I have to live it...after much debate with myself and no one to support me period I have decided to go this alone. I am scared but after being trapped in a 250 lb pound body then working my sweat and tears to get down to 165-170 I want the body I know I deserve. No one understands why i want to look like a "video hoe" as they say so I am looking for a partner to take this journey with me. Any takers?

I am officially 90 days from becoming HASSANIFIED and I do not feel prepared!!!

So my surgery date is fast approaching June 12th, which puts me at 90 days away! I am so nervous because I have nothing prepared. I dont have a RH, I dont have a travel buddy, I haven't bought planes tickets. I did get 2 fajas but I am unsure of where to even get started. I dont think I am going to be prepared for the big day!

Pre-op question? I am so confused...

So I am just going over the pre-op instructions I recieved from my coordinator and pricing labs. She told me that I need to come to Vanity the day before my surgery for my pre-op clearance. Is there an additional pre-op that I must have done by my PCP? or will Vanity take care of that once i get there?
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

After much though and consideration I have decided to undergo an body transformation with the pro's at Vanity. I am torn between either Dr.Hasan or Fisher. I originally booked with Hasan but have recently fell in love with Fishers work....he gives a$$, a$$,a$$,a$$,a$$,a$$! lol and thats what i want but Hasan is sooo much cheaper and seems to be easier to get with. my biggest issue with Vanity is the coordinators. I have been through about 4. Once i get comfortable with one, they leave.thats sucks with me trying to lock down a date, i am equally frustrated because I have zero support and would be coming from out of town alone....I feel so lonely lol. Anyway I just want to be happy with me.

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