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I've lost 50 lbs in the past two three years. I've...

I've lost 50 lbs in the past two three years. I've led a healthier lifestyle the past year. However, I still have back rolls, fat around bra line, and a slight pooch that hangs a little. Even though, I've been toning, I'm still not satisfied so I've decided to look into Lipo.

I met with Dr. Araya/ Vita Surgical on October 8th for my consultation. I have a lapband and a small hernia. I can't get my upper abdomen done because of the lapband which is a bummer. However, he can treat my lower abdomen, sides, flanks, top of buttocks, and arms. He said he couldn't do my bra line and my lower abdomen. He was very pleasant and I was impressed with the before and after pictures especially all of the patients of color.

I'm going to send an email and ask if I don't get my arms done can I get the bra line done. Thats more important to me.

Also, starting to get nervous after reading so many reviews about liposuction, the pain and the healing.

Pre Surgery

Headed to Surgery

Hey everyone. My surgery is scheduled for 6 AM and I'm on the way now. I'm a bit nervous since I don't know what to expect. Also, about the pain that's in store for me. I sent an email to my admins and I'm taking next week off. I purchased two garments to start off with. I also ordered Arnica, Arnica gel, and Bromelin. Prayers up!

Numbing Process

It's true. This might be the worst part. I used to work at a tatto shop and I refused to get ink. I don't like needles at all. I didn't feel it when he made the incisions on both sides. The numbing feels like a wand of death. It's an uncomfortable foreign feeling with sharp pains. My Lowe abdomen and sides hurt the worst. On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd say a six. I have a low pain threshold. However, that didn't scare me. I could go through the process again. I didn't even cry. Though I do tend to suck it up and act like a champ as my father would say.

I lied....

The numbing is the worst. I thought he was done, but since I was so sensitive he could only do certain areas and had to give me breaks. Rating it at a 9 now.

At home recovering

So I'm at home recovering now. The surgery ended around 9:30 AM. Took about two hours and they removed 8 canisters/liters of fat! I was super surprised about that. I'm draining like crazy and still numb. The soreness is slowly creeping in. My doctor recommended that I lay flat on my stomach for eight hours to minimize the bleeding and help with drainage. Everyone is so surprised that I'm so lucid even the staff as well. I'm also swollen like a balloon


The drainage is real. I bought a 36 pack of super pads and I'm pretty sure between today and tomorrow I'll have used the entire pack. I recommend buying the protective sheets or the large dog training pads. After 7 to 8 hours, i started to feel sore. Took some Meds to help and they have helped.

Day 2 Post Op

I'm very sore and I've stopped draining for the most part. I still have not bruised at all. Skin has a burning sensation when I rub my sides or the bottom of my abdomen. I thought I wouldn't have an appetite, but I do. I've been super hungry. I drank a gallon of Gatorade yesterday and drinking another today as directed by my doctor. I'm still swollen but not as swollen as yesterday. The first pic is from yesterday. The second from today.

First Follow Up Visit

Mary Lou, his assistant said I'm still very swollen but my stomach has gone down some. Dr. Araya said everything looked fine. No signs of infection and that my body has to started to heal (asked about the burning sensation. He also said that the fluid from my back was going to start migrating down to my lower abs and not to be alarmed. It's already started happening.

Also, be sure to check your body washes. They ask that you avoid fish oils and products with Vitamin E. I was beyond sensitive to the numbing process. The day before my surgery, I so happened to look at my body wash, black soap wash from the Shea Moisture line. Low and behold, one of the main ingredients is VITAMIN E. When I told him of this, he said that's probably what contributed to my skin sensitivity. Also, that I was lucky. He's seen people's skin slough off. Smh. So please read!! My parents are nurses and recommended that I get Dial antibacterial soap which I did today.

I'm also not as sore as I was yesterday.

2nd Post Op Visit

It's been a little over a week since my surgery. I can tell a difference in regards to my back. I had huge rolls. Now they're super small. Instead of three big rolls,now I have two small ones but probably just because those areas are swollen.

I also started my cycle two days after the surgery. Not fun at all. I was more sensitive and retained more fluid.

I stayed away from salty foods but I had cookies on one day and KitKat on another day. When I went to my visit today, I found out I wasn't supposed to have sweets either. Smh.

I've been super uncomfortable this past week. Everything is fine when I'm resting, but when you get up or move from a resting position, it's like a burning feeling and the skin is super sensitive and painful to touch.

Today was also my first day back at work after a week off. By the end of the day, I was ridiculously swollen. I went to the appointment and he drained me!!!! I felt so much better! I couldn't even feel the needles. About a bottles worth of fluid was drained.

My weight before the surgery was 217. It was 221 afterwards. Right now I'm weighing 211. I've lost about 11 lbs. I've been eating super clean minus my sweets. But after knowing that's causing me to swell up, I'm not touching sweets anymore. Super motivated right now!

Almost two weeks Post Up

Tomorrow, will mark the 2nd week since I had my surgery. The burning sensation/pain in my lower abdomen when moving out of resting position has gotten better. Though, I felt like I was more sensitive after I was drained and especially on my sides and lower back. I was now experiencing the burning sensation there. My doctor said the burning sensation is the fluid/lymph.

Two days ago I started massaging my body since now bearable to touch. I noticed that my skin was super firm at the bottom of my abdomen, the area that was previously sensitive. I'm still swollen but not as much as before.

I ordered a electronic massager to help massage the areas that I had lipo. Since using the massager, I've been in less pain and less stiff. I also, have my first lymphatic drainage massage scheduled for tomorrow. In addition, I've list seven pounds since the surgery. I've been eating clean and have only had two cheat meals in the past 14 days.

Two Weeks Post Op!

I've made it to my two week post op! No complications. Still super swollen. Curves are improving abc tomorrow I'm getting drained again.
Dr. Henok Araya

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