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It pains me to write this, but I can't hold it in....

It pains me to write this, but I can't hold it in. Let me start off by saying initially I was in love with Dr. Davison and his staff. I actually still love most of his staff. I felt very comfortable despite the initial red flags in the very beginning of not having exemplary pictures of previous patients' procedures. However, just days before my procedure, the anxiety began. I had a question about medication and no one, like nobody, returned my call. Someone is supposed to be available afterhours for questions or concerns, especially for someone who is having surgery in two days. Anywho, I let that go. Then after my procedure, I was expecting someone from the office to call and check on me, given that I had major surgery and spent almost 10,000.00...but nothing. I let that go too. Then I things happened that I didn't expect...my results for my fat grafting don't look as expected. It looks like my body is reverting back to its pre-procedure shape. Plus my entire torso is hard as a rock, literally hard as stone, and its tight and stiff. It feels as if theres a body shaper or corset or super small spank beneath my skin that I can't remove. Very uncomfortable. I called the office, left a message. No call back. Then I called again the next day, and finally spoke with someone, but felt rushed. And to top it off, I called afterhours recently to address some concerns that I have (cuz calling during business hours doesn't guarantee a response) and Dr. Davison didn't even call me back. Instead he told the operator to tell me "No need to be concerned." That's it. Nothing more. Now granted its only been 2 weeks since my procedure, but I strongly believe that he isn't able to empathize with me and understand my concerns because he's the big shot, rich,
perfect-bodied doctor and I'm the hopeless patient trying to transform from mediocre to super model status. That's the vibe I get. He just wants me to be quiet, be patient, and heal, and I get that, I do, but at the very least, someone, even a Medical Assistant, should be available to speak with me about my concerns. I feel very disrespected and I'm starting to regret choosing him to implement this procedure for me. Should have chosen a more experienced doctor when it comes to Fat Grafting, especially since the expected results that HE, himself, set for me were obviously unrealistic. But all the good reviews sold me. Nonetheless, hopefully I can come back on here and update my review with positivity in the next month or two or three...or six. But if I can't, at least whoever is reading this, knows how I feel. He's a good surgeon, neat and clever with his entry points, but not compassionate enough nor experienced (in this particular area) enough for me.


Saw Dr. Davison about 3 weeks ago for a pre-post-op appointment and again today for my official 6 wk post-op appointment. I'll try to be brief. We had communication issues to say the least. I really think he got me confused with another patient because he thought that the focus of my procedure was one thing when it was another. Semantics created confusion as well. All in all, he has decided to do a "round 2" of the procedure in 3/4 months to add more fat to my hips to help get rid of my hip-dip that it still obvious. The hip-dip isn't as pronounced as it was pre-procedure, but still very obvious. Obvious enough that I don't even want to tell my friends and family about my procedure cuz I'm scared they're gonna say "You got fat put into your hips? Where? Your hips look the same to me!" I'm also scared to ask him "So, Dr. Davison, after round 2 is complete and I'm all healed up, will my hip-dips be COMPLETELY gone?" I'm scared to ask him that question, because I already know the answer will be filled with "ifs" and "buts" and "it depends" and "maybes" and "possiblys" and a whole bunch of non-directness. Its like he doesn't want to be held accountable. Damn. Bingo. That's it right there, he doesn't want to be held accountable for the results, so he gives a lot of fluff in his answers to leave a bunch of gray area. I look good so far yes, but that's only because my abdomen & back look great and my waistline is more pronounced so my new shape gives the ILLUSION that all is well. But in fact its not. Better, yes. Complete, no. I'll give another update after the round 2 procedure, which will probably be in October or November (at the latest). Pray for me yall :-)

Second Update

Had my revision procedure about one week ago. More fat was placed into my hips to help achieve my desired shape. Still healing, but this one was way easier to manage than the first time, as expected. Regarding Dr. Davison and I, the communication is much better. I feel like he stepped up to the plate and delt with the situation head on, and I truly appreciated that! I'll post some official before (before the very first procedure) and after (after this revision procedure) pics on here once I finish healing...perhaps in about 6 weeks or so. So far, because I am known to judge super early, I like what I see. Is it perfect, not quite. But its about as good as its gonna get, and does indeed look better than after the first procedure. Therefore, I am willing to accept whatever the final results will be and looking forward to my final shape. Plus I don't wanna keep putting my body through this, acquiring new scar tissue underneath and all of the other side affects that come with plastic surgery, so this will definitely be my last one. Anywho, let me get back to healing. Be back soon with the final update. Thanks everyone for your support! xoxo
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Great in the beginning, but then I quickly felt he saw me as "just another patient trying to look like a super model". No compassion, understanding, or empathy.

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