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I wish I started this blog sooner as I was going...

I wish I started this blog sooner as I was going through the process but my life has been so nonstop I am just now getting to it. I didn't plan on having a labiaplasty/vaginoplasty to honest, it wasn't something I was saving my pennies for. Although I knew after birthing my two BIG beautiful children it had taken a toll on my "flower". I was very self conscious about it and it made even worse when my husband made a comment about how much it had changed and wasn't as sexy as it use to be. (Please note my husband isn't monster just an honest man with sometimes not meaning to hurt peoples feelings.) Not only were my outer lips curtains hanging down the inside of my vaginal wall would protrude out when aroused.

After my last child I went in for my yearly appointment and the doctors couldn't get my cervix in the speculum it took 4 doctors to FINALLY get it! I When I asked why it was so hard to get cervix they said my vaginal wall was collapsing around the speculum and it made it difficult. After that visit I did kegal religiously thinking it would improve things. It didn't. My 2nd yearly appointment when I spread eagle I got an "OH, I remember your vagina now." I was horrified after she tried she fetched the Dr. who was able to get it the year before . If the OB says it then you know it is pretty bad right? They see dozens of vajays a day and your remember mine from a year ago?! I found another OB after that visit because I was Horrified to ever return. I scheduled a visit with he examined me and told me I would benefit from a vaginoplasty and he could also run some test because I would leak urine from time to time. I went through a urodynamics testing and was told I would be a good candidate for a bladder sling. I opted out of the sling but though LONG and hard about the vaginoplasty and decided to go for it. I originally scheduled it with the OB for December 12th. I was nervous I didn't know this doctor and I didn't know what the end result of my vajay would be. I did however know Dr Davison and having a surgery with him in May and the body he gave back to me I wondered if he could do this type of procedure. I called his office they told me to come and be evaluated just to be sure. After my examination Dr. Davison said that I had excess mucosa from trauma from my vaginal deliveries and that he could fix it. I also decided to finish the work he started and get the monsplasty and make my flower beautiful again. Since I had outer curtains which apparently is called a labia majora he recommended to do a reduction of them and an evening out of my labia minora (inner lips). He also offered said I could benefit from a little inner thigh liposuction. I said I needed to think about it because I wasn't planning on spending that kind of money. I went out to my car and sat there and thought about it for a good 30 mins. Why would I want to go somewhere else and spend a little less when I know the work he does is nothing short than artistry? I cannot express to you impact on my life he has made since my surgery in May. So I gathered my savings and borrowed a little money which I have since paid back and walked back in that office and made the appointment.
I had two options I could do the procedure at the hospital again or do the procedure at his office because this one was outpatient. After discussing I went with is recommendation and did it in his office even though it was a little more money their was going to be no surprise out of pocket expense from the hospital. I trust him. I made the appointment for two weeks out.

Before my big last surgery I took supplements geared toward post-op healing a month in advance. This surgery I didn't I just took an over the counter vitamin and bruised a lot more than I did before with my bigger surgery in May.

Day of surgery-I was scheduled for 1pm. Unfortunately, my husband was working out of state and wouldn't be able to drive me so after a very vague conversation about what I scheduled I was able to get my dad to drive me to DC and wait for me to finish my surgery to take me home. We showed up a little early because traffic was surprisingly good I wasn't aloud to eat or drink after midnight the night before. I thought I was going to parish from starvation by the time I was wheeled into surgery. I remember thinking to myself as I was waiting,I should have eaten at midnight. The process was much smoother in his office I was more comfortable there as well vs the hospital . I met with Nora his physicians assistant first got undressed and gowned up,footy socks on and even little warmers. The nurse Buffy came in and put in my IV and started fluids. Maybe 30 mins later the Anesthesiologist came in and introduced himself to me got a history. After that Dr Davison came in and gave one last look at everything and confirmed what we would be doing. It was defiantly a team effort! Everyone was there for me and were prepped and ready to go.
I walked into the operating room in the back and laid down and got into position they gave me a little valium to relax me. To be honest I was already relaxed I didn't feel any stress or anxiety at all. All I felt was hungry. ;) When I woke up Buffy was there monitoring me saying everything went great. I remember being in a little more pain than I anticipated. I told her I felt sick and I was in a lot of pain. Im sure they gave me IV painkillers but it just wast quite enough. They gave me a percocet by mouth which I immediately vomited back up. I drank 4 bottles of water because I was so thirsty. They kept me for a little over an hour and I left by 7pm.

Recovery-By the time I got home I got upstairs and got into my bed I was fine. I had a pain killer on board and I was good to go. I was of course uncomfortable but if you have had children is nothing you haven't experienced. I had more pain from the liposuction than I did from my hooha. I wasn't aloud to do any heavy lifting for 6 weeks. The only thing I can say is as it was healing HOLY itchiness. I mean all the time it itched. It is not exactly a polite thing to do in the company of others so that would be the negative for me. I did bruise a lot on my legs and was painful but not that bad at all. As the swelling went down I was eager to see what she looked like and I am very happy with the results. My husband would not look at it until I was completely healed he said he felt like a kid on christmas waiting for his present.

So I guess I will be the one to share how this has changed things sexually for me. The question everyone wants to ask but no one is willing to share. It is totally different. I actually feel like my clitoris is much more sensitive than it was before because it doesn't have all those lips in the way. I climax so much faster and so much more intensely than I did even pre-pregnancy. We couldn't have penetration for six weeks so we had to improvise until then. On the day we got the go ahead it was the day before my husband left to go out of state so we have only had intercourse twice since surgery. The first time was a little painful. It felt like my first time again fortunately it didn't last long. :) My husband said it's so much tighter than before. I am once again happy with my choice to choose Dr Davison. I am happy I did this for myself and have no regrets.

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I love Dr. Davison! I will admit my first impression was a little guarded and felt a little rushed but I trusted my instinct and after exploring many different doctors to do my tummy tuck I chose him. After I was done with that surgery and how impressed I was I decided I will never see another plastic surgeon except him. He has given me my life back. The confidence that has been restored back to me is incredible. I trust him 100% with my life (after all you are on his operating table) and my body. I have had 3 procedures done with him over the last year and the man is an artist! His office is top notch. His staff are caring and make sure you have the best experience possible. I have nothing but positive things to say about them. Choose your doctor carefully! I'm glad I did!

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