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This site has been such a big help to me in my...

This site has been such a big help to me in my journey on getting a labiaplasty and I really wanted to document my experience so that I can help others too! So far I've contacted about 10 different surgeons, many of which never got back to me. There are 2 that stuck out the most for me and that was doctor davison in washington DC and doctor medalie in Cleveland Ohio. I liked the look of their results and that this is something they do very regularly! Also their assistants were very good at replying and answering any questions!
Kylie with doctor davison has been absolutely fantastic so far. We've exchanged about 30 emails in just the past 3 days, shes so fast at replying I didn't have to deal with sitting on the edge of my seat for more info!
I'm already booked for the surgery on February 25th, I chose a Thursday that way I could have a followup the next day, and just rest over the weekend. I have an office job where I just sit all day so I'm hoping to be back to work on Monday, at least for a half day.
What I'm really looking to get done is a wedge labiaplasty, I find their results look a lot more natural and balanced. The trim methods look choppy at best and have weird scalloping a lot of the time. Also, I don't really have much in terms of a clitoral hood but my labia do extend up on either side. I don't really mind that but I was wanting that to be slightly reduced as well. A modified wedge is what I felt could resolve this the best. I have yet to do my in person consultation but from what I've read up, Dr davison does do a sort of extended wedge method. He has a video of a procedure on YouTube also which even though it may be stomach churning is very helpful! I could see right off the bat how skilled he was and how much care he took into involving the patient and making sure their satisfied with the result. That is very important to me
I've got a good chunk of the balance paid out already, instead of the $500 booking fee I opted to pay $1300 then the rest on the 12th when my taxes come back. I'm so nervous and excited
No more pinching and discomfort!
I'm going to keep this updated throughout everything

Day one! I did it!

First off I want to mention that I am plus sized
I am a very large woman at 340 pounds and no one mentioned my weight or any difficulties it may or may not have caused. Everything went smoothly and Dr Davison and his staff were very kind and understanding. Don't let being a bigger girl turn you away from wanting to do this! Also I want to mention that Dr davison was the only man I saw, everyone else was female so a female staff is an extra plus
The drive into DC from where I live was about 7 hours, which went totally fine. The whole drive was very easy, no scary confusing parts. Things got a little weird once I got within 20 minutes of the office though, because I was in the city. But my phones GPS got me through it. Seriously Google maps GPS is the biggest life saver
I parked in back in the parking complex thingy then I went in. The building is almost like a mall? Except small, quiet, and fairly upscale. Just small pricy shops. Nothing like that where I'm from haha
Also there is a Rite Aid right downstairs from his office so the prescriptions are filled while you're in surgery! SUPER CONVENIENT. I was prescribed hydros and an antibiotic, which came to 80 bucks all together.
My appointment was for 3pm, and I was brought in at 3 on the dot. I went to an exam room where one of the assistants had me undress and put on a hospital gown, except backwards so the slit is facing forwards. She also brought me a warmed blanket so I could cover my boobs and belly since the gown was a little small on me. She briefly asked my reasons for wanting the surgery, and then Dr davison came in and asked a couple questions like that as well. We went over the steps of the procedure and he did a quick examination. It was all very quick, which I liked. I didn't ask any questions but if I did i know they would have been explained to me. I'm a very shy person and I don't do well with small talk or explaining things so I'm honestly the biggest factor on why it was so brief. He asked what about my labia bothered me and said that a basic wedge technique would work very well for me. The assistant then took photos for their records then put some numbing cream all over my labia, she made sure to use a lot and to be thorough. Then I waited maybe 10 minutes for it to kick in. They stepped out of the room at this time and I touched it and boy that stuff works well! I pinched my labia to simulate a shot and didn't feel pain. Then I had the numbing shots. I closed my eyes because needles make me squeamish, but it was only about a 2 or 3 out of 10 in terms of pain. Just a mild very temporary discomfort. Then they stepped out again while that kicked in. Then I was moved into the operating room and was positioned in the stirrups. The whole set up was very size friendly, no issues with me being big. A nurse made sure everything was adjusted right and put all of the sterile cloths on me and disinfected me so I was all ready. Then he did some more shots just to be certain I would feel zero pain, these ones were probably less than a 1/10 in discomfort. It was like nothing almost.
Then he got to work. I felt no pain. Occasionally when the cautory was going I felt a warmth in my clit but there was zero pain or discomfort. Maybe it was from the blood being warmed up? No idea but I didn't even mention it. There were 2 nurses and they held my labia majora out of the way while he did it. I was most worried about the cautory but it didn't make any scary sounds, and the smell wasn't bad either. Kind of smelled faintly of burning hair? No scary burning flesh smell which I was worried about. The nurse cleaned me all up and let me see and I was so amazed. She was like "how's it look?" and I was just like "I can't see anything!" my labia are now completely tucked away between my outer lips. She also spread it open so I could have a peak and I am just amazed at how well it turned out. There was no swelling at all yet and it looked a billion times better than I could have even hoped for.
I was done and out of the office by 5:00pm and out of the building and pharmacy by 5:30. They gave me a care sheet and told me some tips too. I also have a followup scheduled for tomorrow at noon just to make sure everythings OK.
Traffic to was a bitch so it took me about 30 minutes until I got to where I was staying, then I decided I should get food and ice so I got Chinese take out from around the corner and a bag of ice from the CVS. I got home at 7. Yeah I know
Should have been in bed right away I'm a total dummy but I needed ice and needed to take the pain pills with food. By the time I got my food one side of my labia was starting to mildly sting so the shots were wearing off.
At this point when I'm writing this it's 8 and I think they're worn off completely. I took one of the pills already though so it isn't bad. I also iced a little. I peed as soon as I got here and it did sting a little and I couldn't spread it open to wipe so I just poured a bottle of water over the area and that seemed to do the trick. It is bleeding a bit but that is to be expected and it isn't what I would call excessive. He said that if it's bleeding heavy to apply pressure for 10 minutes straight, and if it's really really serious to go right to the ER. I think I'm doing good though.
I still can't believe how good it looks, I was worried about how the Tightness of the resected skin was going to be since the outer side of my labia was looser and longer and the inner part was coming from my clit but he did a perfect job. It's perfectly balanced. Once I'm totally healed I'm going to have the vagina I've always dreamed off. Seriously!

Day 2, yes I drove home!

I ended up falling asleep on my stomach, I normally sleep on either my stomach or side. I just couldn't sleep on my back. Not worth the back ache for me. I found that if I slept on my stomach with my legs spread, there was no pressure or anything touching down there. I did wake up to a bit of pain at 3 am, but I took one of the pills and iced and fell right back asleep. Then I woke up at 10am. Not a single tinge of pain or stinging. Nothing at all! Didn't even feel like I had surgery! I did walk with quite a waddle though just out of caution. My followup appointment was at noon and I got there a little early. I took a motrin pill on the way there just because sitting while driving gave a little sting. He said it looked like I was healing very very well so far and that I had very little bleeding, which I noticed myself. He also mentioned that my right side was more swollen, which it's normal to have one side swell more so I'm not concerned. He said that side swelled more during the surgery itself too. Right after the surgery I bled a little, just enough to make a line of blood on the pad, similar to a light period, but for today all I need is a pantyliner. He said to just make sure I keep it clean and I should be good to go, and though the stitches are disolvable he said that if they get pokey later on and have trouble coming out all the way that my gyno or doctor could help pluck out the reminents. I don't think that will be an issue though. These stitches seem quite fine and very well done, they look thinner and softer than most I've seen on here? Very comfortable stitching, I don't even feel it there.
I saw the same nurses that assisted in the surgery on my way out and they were amazed that I had no pain at all the day after.
Once I left went ahead and drove home. All 7 hours in one shot, only stopped once to fill my gas tank and kept going. No discomfort, pain, or stinging. I started with the donut cushion but didn't really like it so I just sat on a pillow. Didn't ice the whole time either. I took a motrin pill here and there, not because of pain but because they help with inflammation and I thought that would help down there.
I got home at 7:30 and threw my pre-assembled lasagna in the stove, put on a nightgown, then I had to pee. Peeing causes a small amount of stinging so I was worried, before I was just pouring a bottle of water over it while I went then dabbing dry, but now that I'm home I can just sit on the edge of my claw foot tub and use the hand held sprayer. I have bad water pressure too so its a very gentle spray, so I "went" while that was going. That also helped rinse away old blood and discharge and God knows what. I highly recommend a hand sprayer for cleaning down there! I dabbed dry with a small towel and I was good to go. I didn't really feel the need to ice but I got one of my small square ice packs out anyway. I put it in a clean sock to create a buffer from the cold and stuck it right in my panties. Just enough cold without being uncomfortable, and because it's rigid it keeps my thighs just far enough right there so that there is no rubbing while I waddle. All in all its been a very good day and I'm still very happy with my results, and I'm astonished at what an easy recovery I've had. I honestly could go back to work tomorrow if I wanted, but I have until Monday off so I'm going to take advantage of that ;)
No pain no pain no pain! Not even any stinging! Wooooo!

Day 3, something strange?

I've noticed a little lump that's slightly different in color than the rest of everything down there. Looking back it's been in all of the pictures ive taken since day one, I had just overlooked it thinking it was mucus or something of that nature. Upon further inspection I think it may be a popped stitch right there? No clue. There was more bleeding in that spot I can see in the pics. I'm not really concerned either way, just something to keep an eye on. I've seen many many cases on here where a stitch has popped and left a gap and it always heals just fine, just takes time. I figure the lump or whatever is going on will smooth itself out in a couple weeks. I circled it in one of the pics just so you can see better. Even if it doesn't smooth out it doesn't really bother me. I am very happy with my overall appearance down there now and labia are strange things, it is normal for there to be irregularities in natural ones, and it's something so minor that I can't feel nitpicky about it. Just adds character haha
All in all its been a good day. Still no pain, a bit more swollen though. Peeing brings no stinging anymore either. I think tomorrow I'm just going to take it easy and stay in bed with some movies though, just to take in my last day off :)

Day 5

I sent an email with a photo to my doctor yesterday, just to get his input on the small separation. He said what I had expected, that it should heal fine with time.
I'm still quite swollen and everything basically looks the same these past couple days. I can't wait until the swelling starts to go down!
I've also started drinking a glass of strawberry kefir everyday, as it is a probiotic smoothie. I've never had a yeast infection before but I definitely want to avoid getting one! I've noticed the space between my labia minora is a little itchy, which could be caused by a number of things, like the swelling or how I can't really clean too well right there at the moment. But I figure better safe than sorry.
I also go back to work tonight, just for a half day, 5 to 9. After that I'll be doing my regular shifts. I feel pretty ready for that, though I wish I had a cushion I could bring to sit on. Sitting on fluffy stuff is no problem. I have my donut cushion but that's kind of embarrassing, and I can't just sit on a bed pillow. I dunno. I'll figure something out
I've done some photos with the flash on this time, just because it shows a bit more detail. Makes it look grosser though haha

Actual day 5, I think my counting has been off

Work ended up being a no go today. I was there for about an hour and a half before to leave
Sitting just put way too much pressure down there and I started bleeding quite a bit. Looks like I popped another stitch too. So I went home and have been in bed all day, and called off for tomorrow too. It sucks because I feel so good to go but I'm so worried about tearing myself open.
You can see the separation on my more swollen side, also it looks really dirty because I tried using some aquaphor, but you can't really wash it off? I'm not sure how to use it but it got all weird
No more of that, maybe when I'm a bit more healed
I'm so ready for this swelling to be gone! I've been pouring over other reviews trying to figure out when most people have the swelling drop off

Post op instructions

Just for anyone curious of what instructions I was given
I haven't been doing some of them, I figure I will keep taking my antibiotic pills and when those are finished I'll use the neosporin, then the aquaphor.
And instead of sitz baths and baby wipes I've just been cleaning myself with my shower sprayer on a gentle setting about 2 or 3 times a day after I pee. That way it's 2 birds with one stone. The thought of baby wipes on my incisions doesn't sound nice

Day 6

More emails to my doctor, even though I already know there's nothing that can be done except wait for wound dehiscence. Sucks because It looked like I was healing so great now things are getting kind of crazy looking. Swelling is putting pressure on my stitches and icing isn't helping at all. I just have to lay in bed and wait. I called off from work for the rest of the week, just out of caution. Fingers crossed, I don't want it all to fall apart

Forgot the pics

First week finished!

So I've finally made it through my first week
Very easy very painless recovery so far, but I've stayed in bed far longer than I wanted to. You don't want to put any stress on your incisions and I'm still pretty concerned about my separations. I just want them to heal fast. I finished my bottle of antibiotics today so I began slathering myself up with neosporin. Should I have been doing that from the get go? Who knows
I'm going to apply that 3 times daily for the next couple of days then switch to either aquaphor or coconut oil. I just got done showering and smeared more on, and while I did that I found a broken stitch on my finger. Needless to say no pictures right now I don't want to freak myself out. I feel fine, so I'm just going to pretend it's fine and let it do its thing.
He did the outer stitches with a absorbable "5-0 fast"
No idea how I remembered that but I Googled it and apparently it's normal for them to start breaking at a week. They have "effective wound support for 5 to 7 days" so I guess what I'm experiencing is very normal for these stitches. Maybe I'm a slow healer and that's the issue. Kind of wishing I requested non dissolvable sutures. I'd rather have the embarrassment of going to get them out at my gyno than have to worry about my incisions
Food for thought for anyone looking into getting this done

Day 12

I think I'm finally over the hump! I went back to work Monday with no issues, no pain or bleeding or excess swelling. I can sit and move and walk totally normal now. Finally back to real life! It also looks like my separations, mainly the large one on the side are healing up finally as well.
The only thing that's bugging me now is that I can't really clean myself down there like I'd like to. So scrubbing or cleaning between my inner lips yet unfortunately. I'm glad I took a break from checking on it, seriously it will drive you crazy haha
Especially with the flash
My one side is still a bit swollen but not like it was.
My MOTHER decided to pick up around the house while I was sleeping in this morning
And I woke up to my post op instructions on the kitchen counter to my absolute horror. She didn't say anything but placed it in a really obvious way. Remember to keep any surgery papers hidden away if you plan on keeping this private! How embarrassing!

Day 16, another discovery

I hadn't been paying much attention to down there lately just because everything felt so normal. A little itch but that's all
Also these past 2 or 3 days, peeing started burning again. So while I was going to bed I was feeling around and discovered the cause. I have a huge and very deep separation in the inner area. Just when I thought I was done! The other one sealed up already and now I gotta deal with this one! And in such a moist and hard to clean location. Any idea what that yellow stuff is? How should I even care for this? I just slathered on some neosporin which I haven't used in days. Last thing I need is my labia rotting inside out

Day 24, just over 3 weeks

Everything is still the same as last update, the wound doesn't look like it's healed? I don't think it's infected though. No pain at all from it either or inflammation. Swelling seems to be nonexistent at this point. Just gonna keep on waiting it out. I want to start going to the gym again but I'm not sure if I should while it's still open like that. Patience!

31 days

It's officially been over a month since I've had my labiaplasty! 4 weeks later and everything is still pretty much the same as last update at this point. The separation hasn't improved much but it hasn't gotten worse so that's good enough for me haha. Initially I was so paranoid that it was MRSA or some other type of staph or flesh eating bacteria
Really weird thing to be worried about I know but my mom had a flesh eating infection once and it's so scary and so hard to treat. It hasn't gotten any worse and if it was anything other than a separation it would have definitely gotten worse by now, those things are fast moving. I still have no signs of infection, no redness or swelling or puss. I think there has been some clear weapage but that's it. No pain either, I can stick my finger right in there when I'm cleaning it and it doesn't hurt a bit haha
I'm hoping that once I hit the 6 week mark everything will be back to normal.
I'm also able to masturbate at this point, tmi I know
But with a little lube there's no pulling on my incisions
My bf is getting a little suspicious at this point too, he doesnt understand why I'm suddenly being such a prude but I don't have the guts to tell him.
I'm also planning on getting bariatric surgery in about 6 months, pending insurance approval. Maybe I should start a review on that? I'm not sure if there's a section for it but it's such a long process it would be nice to document it for others. I plan on getting the sleeve done since my best friend has had such success with it. I've been nervous for a long time about losing so much weight because of the skin factor, but I've been looking a lot on realself and it seems there's actually a lot of really affordable options for getting a tummy tuck, arm lift, thigh lift, etc. Apparently there are a lot of very talented surgeons in the Dominican Republic that charge WAY less than in the states and I've seen some incredible transformations! Just something for me to ponder :) my body might just have hope yet!


Does that spot look any better to you guys? Theres no more of the yellow so I guess that's good
It's a bit red, which could be "granulation tissue"
Google says that means it's healing
Who knows

7 and a half weeks?

It's been a while since I've updated, everything is still looking pretty much the same
My separation is still there, still healing. It feels less deep now though. I can't literally stick my finger inside of it anymore haha
Still no pain
It also feels like my incision lines are softening and that makes me happy. You can see the lines where my incisions were but I'm pretty confident they'll fade out with the surrounding tissue and even out. Kind of like when you get your wisdom teeth pulled, you get your stitches out and there's, for lack of a better description, a divit on the gum that feels like a butt crack.
Months, years later you can't see or feel where your wisdom teeth were taken
I've heard that vaginal tissue heals a lot like the insides of your mouth, so thinking of it that way is helping me.
I think where the big separation is there will probably be a wider scar, I think it will probably level out and scar instead of closing. Its all just a waiting game at this point
I'm still very happy with my results and am very glad I chose Dr davison last minute
I truely believe he is someone you can trust your body with without waking up botched
He cares about your wants and needs, and has the skill to execute it in the best looking way possible. Plus I found him to be more affordable than anyone else in my region performing a wedge labiaplasty. Instead of tacking on 500 bucks here and 500 there he seems to use a pretty flat rate, any alteration your hood might need seems to be included, which I liked because I was still indecisive on how I wanted my lateral hood tissue dealt with. If youre anywhere in his general area I highly recommend him and his staff :)

The big reveal

Finallyyyy sent the boyfriend some pics because he was being a big baby about not getting anything in so long. Didn't even notice a difference! Or if he did, he didn't mention anything. It's nice to be able to show off without strategically tucking my "flaps" under my fingers though haha
Everything is still doing pretty well, and things are still improving
My scar tissue has all softened and is now indistinguishable from the rest of my labia. My separation is still there but it's much shallower, it's making slow but steady progress. You can't really see it in the pictures though, but I can feel it very prominently with my fingers or if I look in good lighting. Just needs some more time.
I'm seeing my boyfriend at the very end of may so hopefully 4 and a half weeks more is enough for everything to be all healed!
I'm also including some bonus before pics, I honestly forgot how bad it really was!
They were almost 2 inches long when at rest and could stretch to almost 4 inches if I pulled on them! Talk about gross
It's amazing not having any discomfort from my labia becoming twisted or sat on
Ive also had to relearn how to wipe after I pee? Before I would have to pull this way and that way to make sure nothing was lingering in my folds, but now I can just dab
Shaving is a little more difficult though. I used to pull my labia minora over to the side so I could smooth out the crease between the minora and majora to shave in that spot more thoroughly, but I can't do that anymore. I just have to be more careful now

Forgot the pics

Washington DC Plastic Surgeon

Dr Davison and his staff are an absolute pleasure to work with. The nurses and assistants were so kind and everyone was always making sure I was comfortable. Dr davison is a miracle worker! I'm so glad I made the decision to go with him for a wedge labiaplasty, not only is he very experienced but his prices are very competitive as well. My result is neat and well balanced :) you wouldn't even know I had something done--it's that good. Also everyone responds to emails so quick and I really appreciated that when making my decision to get my surgery, working out payments, and for when I was recovering. I'd recommend Davinci Plastic Surgery in a heartbeat for anyone who wants a labiaplasty done, I trust Dr Davison completely

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