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This was a totally visible injury to my ear, and...

This was a totally visible injury to my ear, and it was also a danger for more damage because of the large hole in the upper portion of my ear. I can't believe how great it now looks and feels!!


It's been nearly 4 years since Dr. Chaboki repaired the horrific damage to my left ear. No one can even tell that there used to be a hole you could put a ballpoint pen through, and, even better, he repaired it using my own cartilage, skin and fat. Perfect! Our next "fix it, please" came a year ago when I launched myself into a driveway, leaving me with a broken nose and a gash filled with bits of asphalt in the middle of my forehead. Seventeen stitches and a few months of healing later, not even a scar. Perfect!! Then there was my right ear - it had always been bigger and had stuck out more, at least to my eye, than my left. It also ruined a lot of hair styles! There was no question in my mind as to who I wanted to discuss this with - Dr. Chaboki. That is one of the many things I like about him. He actually sits down and talks WITH you - not at you - about your concerns and addresses any and all questions you might have. He reminded me that no one has "identical ears," but if more symmetry was what I was looking for, he felt that this was a totally reasonable goal. We discussed the procedure - an OTOPLASTY - how it would be performed, where it would be performed (in office), how long it would take, costs, post surgical pain management, healing time and everything I might expect. He then asked one more time, as he always does, "What questions do you have for me?" His administrative assistant, Star - a true "sweetie," was able to schedule me in just a few days. When I arrived for my procedure, Dr. Chaboki's nurse - another "sweetie," took me back to the procedure room, adjusted the music to my liking and then Dr. Chaboki numbed my ear. He kept checking until both of us were sure I would not be in any pain during my surgery - something he kept asking me about throughout the procedure. When I was done and wrapped, I went home with Dr. Chaboki's telephone number with instructions to call him 24/7 if I had any concerns and to come in the following morning. Later in the day, HE called me to check and make sure I was okay, reminding me to let him know of any problems. When I returned the next morning for a bandage removal/change, I simply could NOT believe the immediate difference! Symmetry! One week later, even better....PERFECT!!!! So if you ask me, I cannot recommend Dr. Chaboki highly enough. He is a stellar surgeon, a wonderful, caring and compassionate person whose opinions and advice I totally trust. This is the person you want to speak with concerning any plastic or reconstructive surgery you might be contemplating, remembering that he is also a board-certified ENT. I don't waste my time and money going back to physicians in whom I do not have total trust. I TOTALLY trust Dr. Chaboki...you can too.
Washington DC Facial Plastic Surgeon

The upper part of my left ear was nearly destroyed by an infection. Dr. C used MY OWN cartilage, skin and fat not only to close the HUGE hole in my ear, but to make my ear look perfectly normal!! No one can believe how good it looks!! Dr. C is an incredibly skilled surgeon who is interested in the total health and well being of his patients. If anyone even has a question they need answered by someone they can completely trust, call Dr. C.

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