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Hello Dolls! I've been searching for a PS for...

Hello Dolls!

I've been searching for a PS for sometime now. I'm 23 years old and have lost a little over 50lbs in the last couple of years. I've always wanted that small waist and round behind. So after much thought I've decided to undergo a little plastic surgery for myself. (BBL with lipo in my inner thighs, abdomen, flanks, arms)

I have contacted 6 doctors so far. 3 here in my area (Washington, DC). Dr. James Benjamin, Dr. James Bruno, and Dr. Joseph Michaels.
And 3 other doctors that I would have to travel to. Dr. Wendell Perry, Dr. Moises Salama both in Miami, and Dr. Yily de los Santos in DR

So far I have had consultations with Dr. Bruno, Dr. Benjamin, and Dr. Michaels.
The first was with Dr. Bruno. He pretty much did not seem like he wanted to do my surgery and kind of shot my hopes to the ground. Pretty much he said that I would not be satisfied with my stomach and that I would need to get a tummy tuck instead because I have a lot of loose skin from the weight loss. One thing I will NOT do. I did appreciate his honesty tho. He did make me realize I wouldn't have that flat stomach but at least it would improve. BBL includes 2 areas of lipo quote: $9,600

A week later I had a consultation with Dr. Benjamin. Went to his office which is attached to his house in Bowie, MD. He was knowledgeable and friendly and said something similar to what Dr. Bruno had said. He did make me feel very comfortable and was able to show me photos of previous clients that he had worked on. The only thing is that I only saw 2 photos of BBL procedures which I was not impressed with and kind of worries me. I was not able to find any online either. BBL Quote: $7,773 (does not include compression garment)

The 3rd doctor, Dr. Michaels, was also very knowledgeable in what he was explaining to me. Said that he would be able to take fat out of my thighs but would mainly concentrate on my abdomen and flanks. Even tho he was able to show me photos of his work I felt that he wasn't aggressive enough with the lipo and in injecting fat into buttocks compared to other doctors that I have researched. BBL quote: $7,334

So now I'm playing the waiting game with Dr. Perry, Dr. Salama, and Dr. Yily. I'm keeping my fingers crossed to hear from them soon. I have already sent them my photos and have done my research for each one of them. I'm hoping I can get my surgery done ASAP. Hopefully within the next 2 months.

One thing I am worried about are the stories of infection that I've read that Dr. Yily's patients have gone through. So far I've only read about 2 but who knows if there are more. If any Yily Dolls that have gone through the whole procedure and have any inside info or suggestions please contact me. I'm trying to get as much information as I can.

Also if anyone knows about how long it takes to actually book a procedure date please let me know.

I think thats enough rambling for now.
Talk to you dolls later.

Finally chose a doctor!!!

So I guess I'll start off with: I got denied by Dr. Campos. Pretty much he said he'd only do my surgery if I got a tummy tuck. Negative. I haven't had any kids and I refuse to have a huge scar going across my stomach. No thanks! As for doctors in the U.S. I was looking at Dr. Salama which I would have gone with but the overall cost of everything would have cost me an arm and a leg. By the way, I refuse to finance. I rather just pay everything straight out. Also, Dr. Michaels in bethesda md was one of my choices but I dont know, maybe it was just me but I feel like he isn't really agressive with the lipo or even augmentation to the buttocks. So........ I finally decided *drum roll please*................... Dr. Yily De Los Santos in DR!!! I sent my deposit today and will have my surgery August 2nd. Im super nervous and pray that everything goes well. I've been taking my vitamins religiously and have cut back on greasy unhealthy foods. I'm going to start heading back to the gym tomorrow so my body can be strong for the surgery. Im going to put up photos soon.

Quick update

So I finally sent my deposit, confirmed my date, and booked my hotel and flight. Luckily my boyfriend is coming with me and will be taking care of me. We will be staying at the hotel plaza naco which is only 7 mins away from CIPLA and has good reviews. Wifi, breakfast included and they have elevators. I called to make sure.
Now to find my passport, order a garmet/ faja and buy the rest of the things for my trip.

Does anyone recommend a particular garmet or faja? I'm getting my arms lipo'd so I need something with sleeves but I also wanted something semeless so it won't crease my stomach.

BBL Infections in DR

Lately I have read reviews where Yily's patients have suffered infections because of surgery. One women even going into a coma for 3 days!!!!! It is freaking me out!!! To the point that I have sent Yira an email about canceling my surgery. Mind you, I already sent my $500 deposit. Bet I won't see those $500 again. I honestly don't know what to do. I am torn. I really want to get this done but my life is not the price I am willing to pay.

Oh and I told my boyfriend about the infections and he now doesn't want me to go to DR to get it done. :((( What to do?!! oh and my flight and hotel are already booked. :((
Sooo much money lost for something Ive been wanting to do forever :((

Before Photos

Decided to post up photos. This is my now. Literally no ass and way too much cellulite for having no ass!!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I'm not posting my review until I get my procedure done.

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