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Hey everybody im team Yily and i know alot of...

Hey everybody im team Yily and i know alot of people that have had surgerywith her! I plan on having surgery in Jan. I have four kids and even though i dont have a huge problem with my body i would like a smaller waist bigger butt and breast impants size d cup. I am 30 yrs old and ive been thinking about doing this since i was about 27. Ive no made up my mind and plan on going fourth with these perfections to make me feel alot confident in my skin.
I weight 155 pounds and im about 5'3" with breast size is small C cup. i would like to add up to a D cup I have never had any type of sx before to alter my body so i dont really know what to do what to bring i got my quote from yily it was for a tummy tuck but i dont believe that i will be getting one because im afraid of the scar. I would really like it if anyone has any information to share with me about the healing process i woluld like to have any and all information that i can get

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Looking to find a good place to stay while I'm in the DR but not at a recovery house!

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I would like to kno what's the down time after having these procedures done?

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I wanted to know from looking at my pictures do I need tummy tuck or just Lipo!

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So my surgery date is finally set for Feb. 20,2014! Anybody else going on that date so excited

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Hello everyone Ive been on this site all night looking at people results and im in love with alot of the different doctors work! Even though imm sticking with team Yily I am very impressed with the stories and how people keep u updated on there experience. So back to me i really dont wanna get a tummy tuck so Ive dedicated myself to working out everyday so i wont have alot of loss skin and Ive also have started using tighting creams and alot of fat burner cream that restore ur elastiality! I also had a very important question which was do the doctors do mini tummy tucks, and do you have to have the drain around ur waist cuz i would prefer it to be in the back between the but verses on my side if i just have to get a tummy tuck? please if you have any info let me kno. Thanks in Advance!
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