TT, MR and Lipo 50+year. Old, 3 Kids. Warrenville, IL

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Due to genetics and large babies (2 were 9lbs) I...

Due to genetics and large babies (2 were 9lbs) I have a very flabby tummy. I have always wanted my stomach to match the rest of me...I'm 5'7 #135 and in pretty good shape. Weight gain has never been an issue for me as I have been the same weight +/- 5lbs since college. I exercise and have never been able to get rid of my poochie stomach. I have to dress a certain way as to not draw attention to what is spilling over my size 4 jeans. I never tuck in or wear a belt and I have never worn a bikini- even as a teenager. I am so excited to finally be able to dress with ease in the morning, not be grossed out by my belly and to finally feel like I really am in decent shape for my age. I have the utmost confidence in the surgeon I chose ( Dr. Steven Sigalove)- I had 4 consults prior to choosing him. He seems like a real perfectionist and has an excellent bedside manner.

Just wondering...

With my surgery date being about 8 weeks out I find myself indulging a bit more with "cheat" foods- desserts more often or a bad food choice at a restaurant etc. I feel like I'm throwing caution to the wind because I know in a few weeks it should all be cut/sucked out. Did this happen to any of you? I won't go crazy, but I do feel like I may let myself go up a few lbs in the weeks to come. Right now I am 137lbs at 5'7, but I am usually around 132. The extra weight seems to be in my tummy- as usual. I actually think my face looks better with the 5lbs- especially as I am getting older. Should I be more careful with the weight gain? I feel like I don't want to be cutting calories before surgery because I want to be strong and healthy to heal properly. Comments welcome... :)


I am anxious to get rid of this view!


So, I am getting so anxious for my TT day-Sept 14. Today I received some things I ordered like a shower chair, arnica gel and Pstyle. I love to look at clothes and fashion and of course shop, but this summer I refuse to buy anything because I know that next summer I will have a whole new world of fashion open to me. Namely, I am excited to wear cute t-shirts that don't show my muffin top and to wear shorts that don't dig in on my tummy. I wear a size small and a 4 in pants/shorts but they are not comfortable because of my chubby tummy. I do hot yoga 3x week so I feel fit and strong. My stomach just doesn't match! How are all of the Sept/Oct TT'ers doing?

Dreaded Before photos

Ugh- I finally took some before photos. As you can see, I have what I call a "fluffy" belly. There are not any bad stretch marks, hanging or wrinkly skin- it is all full of fat. Most of it is contained to the middle of my stomach, but as I've gotten over 50yr, the fat is starting to form love handles too. I really have a pretty slim waist and rib cage which prompted the ps to say that my results will be a "home run." I am very excited. Photos are much worse when I let my tummy hang...ugh.

6wks pre TT

I have a question- right after surgery and for a few days (or maybe a week) after TT I think my doctor doesn't want me to try to stand up straight. He mentioned being in a hunched position for awhile. My surgery is in Sept. Just wondering if others have had this same restriction of not standing straight after surgery??

Another before pic (20days pre)

This side view is worse than straight on for sure! It shows how my stomach spills over my jeans. I couldn't wait to get these jeans (size 4) off today! They fit great in the thighs, hips and butt but are so tight on my stomach. My love handles are so apparent too. I can't wait until I can put on a pair of jeans and go about my day without having to be uncomfortable or self conscious!!!

Pre Op Today

I'm feeling so great about my ps and upcoming surgery. I had all my questions answered today, and I feel very excited and confident that I will have a great outcome. My husband met him too for the first time, and he was very impressed. My lipo will be on my flanks and lower back as needed. I was concerned after so many people said their ps doesn't do lipo with a TT. My ps said that it isn't done to the stomach area/tissues because of the need for the blood supply to be intact to allow for healing. So the skin/fat on my stomach will be removed and the areas for lipo are not in that area...yay! I really don't need lipo on my upper stomach. Because I don't have a huge area to pull down he said my scar may not be as low as he'd be able to do if I had an apron of skin, but I'm totally ok with that. I'd rather him pull me as tight as he can, which he said he would. He showed me where I have a natural crease above my private area and that is where the incision will be. It is plenty low for me! I'm going to be so pleased. I don't have an apron of fat hanging but as you can see from the pic- i have some overhang when sitting. Especially when I have on jeans or pants. This is so uncomfortable. It will be heaven to be comfortable in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt that isn't flowy or too big for me. I will fill my zofran, norco and antibiotic prescripts and then i will be all set. I plan to make some healthy meals and snacks this weekend and put them in the freezer. My mom is coming on surgery day and staying for awhile. Ill be in good hands. Pain pump gets pulled on day 3 po and my 1 drain hopefully on pod 6. Please, time go fast- 9/15...I'm ready!!

TT day 9/15

I made it! I went into surgery at 7:30am. The nurses were excellent my dr came in to mark me and I was wheeled to OR. I remember nothing after that until I was gently awaken 4hrs later. Apparently I had already been in another recovery room already so this was stage 2. I felt great and was home and in bed by 12:30pm. I had no nausea and pain was manageable. I also was able to make it up a flight of stairs and settled in my bed- a nest of pillows. I took my first pain pill at 1:30. Decided to take 1 ev 6 hrs. Pain was present but not awful. Definitely needed help getting in and out of bed. I have one drain that is easy to manage. I slept ok- not great, but not because of bad pain. It was just hard to get comfortable. Took another narco at 7:30pm and 1:30am.

PO day 1

I'm not sure why my day title is off. Today is PO 1. The day started off a little rough. I got up at 7am to go to the bathroom and empty my drain. I looked down at the bulb and realized I forgot to squeeze the bulb to create the suction when I emptied it at 1:30am. So there was very little fluid in it. So I opened it up and squeezed it which started a rush of fluids through the tubing. Suddenly I felt nauseous, sweaty and dizzy. I called for my husband who steadied me and got me some water. Thank god it was short lived- in a few minutes I was better. It was pretty scary. Today has been pretty uneventful. I've gone to 600mg ibuprofen every 6 hrs and it gives me about the same pain relief as 1 norco but doesn't have the bad side effects. I'm hoping to avoid the constipation and I also want to take a 5 mg ambien tonight. My dr ok'd this as long as I was off the norco. I haven't napped all day so I really want to sleep tonight! Girls, this has been totally doable so far- I'm early in the game though. My husband is around a bit but is also working during the day. My mom is a rockstar- she is my private nurse! So necessary to have help at this point.
A walker is so helpful. Lots of pillows too. I'm drinking a ton and eating lightly but healthfully. So far so good,

PO Day 2

Well! This is going a lot better than I had even hoped for. I slept through the night with the help of some sleep medication. Took 1/2 ambien at 10pm and 1/2 at 2am. I took ibuprofen at 8pm and went until 6:30am before I took another dose. I have so much more ease of movement and can even get up from bed or a chair by myself! I'm being really careful and slow and deliberate so as not to pull anything. I'm crediting my yoga for strong legs arms and back. No walker today either. I'm up and doing laps in a hunched position. I went down to 2 ibuprofen and I'm taking my antibiotic. My goal today was pooping- sorry for tmi. I took colace and milk of mag- and after some painful gas pains I finally had success! It was not fun- did my Lamaze breathing and got through it!
Please realize all you TT'ers that I have it pretty easy at home. My older kids are out of the house and my 16yr old is very self sufficient. I really only have me to worry about. Props to all of you that are doing this with young kids at home. Truly my hats off to you. Tomorrow is my first post op. Pain pump is pulled and first peek- so excited!

PO day2 pic

PO day 4/ 1st post op appt

Well! I continue to be feeling better every day! I slept well last night with the help of ambien. My pain is tolerable and my ease of getting up and down is getting easier every day. I can do that without help- I'm just really slow. Still getting by on 2-3 ibuprofen. My gassiness is much better today. I think once that first bm milestone is "passed" it gets much better. Went to see the nurse today. Btw she is amazing- so sweet and positive and a great teacher. She is very clear and thorough with how to care for the tummy and also explained everything she was doing. She removed the binder , took off the pads and pulled the pain pump. That was a little uncomfortable but took 5 secs. She recovered my incision and put bacitracin and a pad on my bb. Then we put a light tank on and the binder back on. How does it look?! Incredible!! I'm flat and my waist is tiny! She was so thrilled- she was especially impressed with my back contour and flanks- an area I thought was pretty ok to start with. I had definite love handles- gone. No stretch marks anymore and the cutest little bb. My incision is probably higher than most would like but I was clear I wanted the flatest, best contour over a really low incision. He said preop I just don't have a lot of redundant skin to be able to pull down far. Still can wear a bikini (which I don't own) so all in all I will be ecstatic. The space from bb to incision is closer than I anticipated but that will improve with time and as swelling goes down. I do have a rash line under my boobs which I think was where the binder was coming up too high and rubbing. Nurse said to put hydrocortisone cream on and watch it. If it spreads or gets worse to call tomorrow. So we will see- it's not bothering me too much. My drain will come out next week-I'm hoping at my Mon appt with Dr. Sigalove. It is totally waterproof so I can take a shower whenever. Because of the rash I may wait for tomorrow to do that.
So all is good- happy healing my friends!
(I'll try to take a picture later when I take care of my bb and check the rash)

PO 4 and a shower!

Felt so good. Wore me out. I would say my only complaint so far is a lack of appetite. I have to force myself to eat and that kind of makes me feel icky. Trying to eat protein which isn't appealing to me right now. Drinking lots of Gatorade and water though. So all in all every day gets better. Hope all my ladies are doing well!

Day 4 pics

Very pleased!

PO 6- Drain is out!

Today I had my second post op appointment. My doctor pulled my drain! Clipping the stitch that was holding the drain was a little uncomfortable but not bad. Pulling the drain out was a weird sensation, but I wouldn't say at all painful. I was so excited at the time, but I am hoping it wasn't too soon. I haven't taken my binder off, but I do feel a little more swollen. Maybe it is just that I've been doing a little bit more today. With my mom gone I am up-and-down a lot more. I am going to sit on my butt for the rest of the afternoon. I hope I am not swelling too much.
It feels amazing not to worry about that drain tube. I was always making sure it wasn't twisted or that it was tucked into my yoga pants just right.
Other than that I am continuing to make progress every day. My aftercare is a breeze – the only stitch I had was holding my drain in. All of my other stitches are dissolvable including my bellybutton. There is some surgical glue over my incision and my belly button. It is clear so I can hardly tell. It is supposed to slough off in the next few weeks. At my next appointment next Monday he will clean it up a bit, and I can start on my scar treatment that he provides. Until then I just need to keep everything covered with some gauze or pads. I am supposed to wear my binder or tights Spanx for the next 3 weeks. I will probably just wear the binders he gave me. I can drive now but plan on waiting until the end of the week. I really have nowhere to go! I cannot lift anything heavier than 15 pounds. That should be doable.
Not much to report other than that. I have absolutely no doubt that my PS is the best in the area! Not only do I think I'll have a great result but the actual surgery and recovery has been a lot easier than I even anticipated.
I hope everyone is taking care of themselves and resting – happy healing!

1week post op!!!

I made it to the one week mark! At this time last week I was in surgery. Again, I am feeling great! I am not sure why things have gone so smoothly for me, but Im going to continue to rest and take care of myself. I've posted some pictures I took this morning – I am pleased with the results so far. The bruising looks worse than it feels… Ouch. I love my BB and my drain was taken out yesterday and that little site is not oozing or leaking. I weighed myself this morning (#131) and I was down 2 lbs from my weight on surgery day. Yesterday the doctor said he took 1 1/2lbs of skin/fat and almost a liter of fat from my flanks and love handles with the lipo. I don't feel too swollen… yet. For those of you who had minimal swelling the first week – when did it start? I'm pretty sure I'm not out of the woods yet. Happy healing everyone!

PO 10- Look Ma, no Handles!

I was ambitious tonight – tried on one of my lowrise pairs of jeans to go out with my husband for dinner. I could get them buttoned but it wasn't very comfortable – I did the pregnant belly trick and used a rubber band to connect the top snap. But ladies, I put on a tight T-shirt and had no love handles! I am so ecstatic. I did put on a sweater over the T and when we got to the restaurant I chose a booth and unbuttoned my jeans! I was just happy to get out. I can definitely feel some swelling due to eating out, but I'm really beginning to see the results. I am a little sad that my husband dropped me off at home and went on to my sons football game. But I don't think bleachers are on my agenda for tonight. I hate missing his game though.
Yes, in these pictures I do have my binder on. But it isn't very noticeable under a black T-shirt. … I think this binder will be my safety blanket for a while. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend and are healing happily!

2wks po- scar treatment

Today I am two weeks post op and I had a doctors appointment yesterday. He said I looked fantastic, but yes, I do have swelling. He took the surgical tape off of my incision and be– a lot of scabbing came off with the tape. So I think my incision looks much cleaner and it is healing really well. I am to put a scar gel he gave me on the incision and belly button two times a day. He also told me to continue wearing a binder or a compression garment/spankx for another two weeks. I told him I would be wearing a binder just because I feel like it gives me the most support. Even though I'm swelling I am able to tighten the binder more each day. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to get the purple marker and leftover surgical glue off your tummy? I don't want to rub too hard but I still have a lot of the markings around my incision which I think makes it look worse than it is.
At two weeks I am now pretty much going about my regular day – just trying to be a little more careful and also schedule in times to rest and put my feet up. I have found a few pairs of pants from pre-TT that I can wear now. They were the ones that were a little more generous in the tummy area. It feels good to get out of yoga pants! Last night I slept on my side! I would say sleep is still an issue but hopefully getting better. Happy healing ladies!

3 wks PO and measurements!

At the suggestion of many RS ladies I took some before measurements. Today at 3 weeks post TT I got the measuring tape out and was pleasantly surprised:

Rib cage(under boobs)30 1/2same Waist (thinnestpart) 29 1/2/ 28 1/2 At bellybutton 34 1/2 / 31 1/2 Flanks (below bb) 36 1/2 / 35 1/2
Hips (fullest part) 38 1/2 / 38
Weight 133/ 132.5

So even with some swelling my measurements are going down in the right areas. My silhouette in close is so much better. I can basically wearall of my before clothes/ and not have to worry about love handles spilling over my pants. My weight is about the same but I would love to be under 130 yet still have some nice muscle tone which I have lost since the surgery. I'm anxious to start yoga again and lifting some light weights for my arms and shoulders. I have gone without Tylenol/ibuprofen for the last 3-4 days. Sleeping is much easier now that I can be on my side. It does take effort though to get comfortable. I'm not really turning over during the night yet. Today was the first day that I wore spans out under my clothes. They felt pretty good so I may just go to the binder at night. Tomorrow I have an appointment with my PS to look at 4 stitches that are spitting through my incision and also 2 small red dots on my abdomen. It's kind of a mystery as to what they are. I will let you know what he says. I have been using Skinmedica Scar Recovery Gel on my incision and bellybutton. I think they are both healing really well. I definitely still have discomfort/burning at my incision but it is tolerable. Sneezing and coughing is still not fun – but getting easier. My energy during the day has returned but by 9 PM I am ready for bed. Three weeks has really gone by fast and I'm thankful for my easy healing journey so far. I wouldn't want anyone to not do this procedure in fear of the recovery. It is doable and the self-confidence you regain is priceless!

1 mo PO

I almost didn't post pictures today at my 1-mo mark, but I thought if I can't be "real" with my real self friends that would be a shame. I feel like my scar is getting redder as it heals- and almost bruised looking around the thin scar line. I was thinking my scar would look better and better as the weeks went on. Maybe not?? I'm just being too hard on the process and maybe scars tend to look worse before they look better. What do you guys think? Is this normal in the healing process of scars? So I'm over it! Here are the pics… I am very pleased with how flat I am at this point. I have had a little swelling but just directly above and below the incision. Not too much all over swelling which is good. My weight is maybe 1-2 lbs under my presurgery weight. I think I will do measurements again at 2mo PO. I am feeling good as far as pain. Just normal tenderness and aches at the incision and muscle repair. I'm wearing compression pretty much 24/7. Even though I am tired of the dang binder or spans I do feel better with the support. I'm almost out of scar gel (Skin Medica). When I go to ps in 2 weeks I will see if I need to continue the treatment or if I can go to something over the counter. I hope everyone is doing well – I think of you all often! Happy healing

5wk po

I actually had to count backwards to check – yes I'm five weeks PO! Hard to believe… Things are going well for me and I think my healing is coming along well. I'm very happy with my scar progress. It looks a little red in the photos but it is actually thin and light. I don't have any sores or spots that are behind in healing. I am still doing Skinmedica gel 2xday. I'm going to start using Aquaphor and doing some massaging of the scar and tummy area. I'm sure this is normal but I still have a lot of hardness and tenderness in my abdomen area below my bb. Swelling does gradually increase as the day goes on. I am now pretty much in spanx or a spanx- type tummy CG 24/7. I love the shape and size of my BB and it is healing well too.
I do realize my scar is rather high. The doctor made me aware of this prior to the surgery due to not a lot of skin to pull down. So if this is the flattest I can be I will take a higher scar.
It has been so easy to get dressed now out of my closet. I can wear tighter sweaters that are not hugging love handles anymore but hugging my curves! I can't tell you how many days I was in a bad mood after changing clothes several times just to find something I was comfortable in. It's silly but it really does affect your day when you feel confident and comfortable. I'm sure this will just get better and better as I near my final result. I hope all you girls are doing well – thinking of you often!

6 wks po/measurements

Hi! Today I'm 6wks po. I had a checkup with my PS and it was pretty routine. He took a look at me and said I was doing great – my scar looked good and my swelling was not too bad. He kept saying he was very happy with the results. I agreed but asked about some slight pleating I have at times on my left side and about a little bit of "chunk" I can grab at the ends of my incision. He said that all of that was due to swelling and in the next few weeks will be getting less and less. It does not appear that I have any dog ears and my bellybutton and incision are coming along great. He told me to continue the Skinmedica scar gel 2xday and I can also more aggressively massage along my scar line at this point. He said that will help flatten and smooth out the scar.
He also said I can go without compression! So for the last 24 hours I have been "flying free". It is slightly uncomfortable but something that I just want to commit to at this point. I have noticed maybe a little more swelling but nothing too terrible. I wonder if I am just feeling it more because I don't have a binder or Spanx between my tummy and my pants. I asked about yoga and he said to give myself another 3-4weeks – especially if it is core intensive yoga (which is what I do). As I was leaving the office I remembered I'm almost out of scar gel so I stuck my head into the doctor's office. The nurse was there and she said – come look at your before's. She had them on the computer screen… OMG what a transformation! I think I had forgotten how bad my love handles and tummy were. The biggest surprise was my back/flank area. The Lipo really smoothed and thinned me out. It made me feel like I was making progress when sometimes I question that.
I went home and decided to take some measurements -and again I was very pleased!
From pre-surgery my waist has gone down a 1 1/2in, my measurement at the BB has gone down 3 1/2 inches, my flank area has gone down 2 1/4 inches, my hips have gone down 1 1/2in, and my weight is down 1 lb.
I'm so glad I did these "before" measurements because it gave me a landmark to measure progress.
I posted pictures – and I can I don't think there was a lot of difference from last weeks pictures. It's slow going… But it's going!

3 mo PO

So I made it to the magical 3 mo mark! I've continued to recover without complications and I'm so happy with my results. At 3 mo I can sleep without discomfort, yoga is coming along- still some modifications needed (no traditional core work), back in all my regular clothes and energy level is back to normal. I still have some firmness below my BB but no significant all day swelling. Definitely more of a bulge by day's end. I still do scar gel from ps everyday. My scar is thin, flat and a little red still but coming along well.
I took pics in clothes and bikini. You can see I am so much improved at my belly bulge and love handles. I can't grab any skin on my belly- yay! I showed that I can still pinch an inch at love handles. This kind of bothers me but I think it's to be expected because if I pinch and bend to the side it disappears between my fingers. I think this shows that I have to have that "extra" skin to make bending possible. So I appear thin but wanted all that have some extra fluff to see that I do too. I think that's normal. Don't get discouraged. Peek back at your "befores" for reassurance as to how far you've come.
I'll post again at 4 mo. I don't expect anymore dramatic changes. Now it's up to me to keep my weight down and keep active. I guess that will never change- TT is not weight loss procedure. Need to remember that!
Love my results and the care from Dr. Sigalove. He's top rate.

3 mo (14wk) appointment- great news!

Well, at my 3mo (14wk) appt yesterday my ps listened to my concerns about the fluff on the sides. He said he would like to reassess at 6mo and if there is still an area at my sides that looks full he would do a revision. In office-no charge. He said it looks like it may be extra skin- not fat. He said during the tt he can only take the incision so far- and that there are cases where more skin can be removed at a later date. Needless to say I am sooo happy that if this area is still a problem it can be made better with a quick revision. Another instance where doing your homework and choosing a board certified ps with great credentials and references is the only way to go!
He said that my scar looks excellent- I have no areas along the scar that are bumpy or widened. He recommended continuing the scar gel for total of 6mo. It has an anti inflammatory agent in it (SkinMedica Scar gel) that also helps with the redness.
I have absolutely no restrictions at this point. I am still careful to not do ab exercises that pooch the muscles out. No planks or crunches at yoga- unless I can really suck those muscles towards my spine.
Ps also said to massage the areas of hardness (below my bb) to break up some of that swelling and extra fluid.
Other than that...nothing new to report. It has been a breeze to get dressed this holiday season. I wore a cute, form fitting dress to a party last week and got lots of compliments- from women-whos opinions really count :)
Happy Healing and Holidays to all!!

4mo update

Hi! I'm a little over 4mo and I thought I'd better post a quick update before I let more time pass. I will get pics loaded sometime this week- i promise. Well, I am feeling fantastic. I would say "normal" but I am feeling far from what I used more unbuttoning my jeans when I get in the house, no more changing clothes a million times to find the best outfit that hides my muffin top, no more tucking in my belly when I sit down, and no more feeling generally unfit due to the extra skin/fat on my abdomen. It is so wonderful to be able to feel confident and to not obsess over my appearance!
My tummy is still a little hard and swollen in the middle around my incision below the bb. It does increase throughout the day, but it is not noticeable in clothes and it doesn't bother me. It is an issue that takes time to resolve. I also still have some numbness in that area- no worries. My incision is completely healed, thin and flat. It is still a little red but that is another issue that takes time. I use scar get 1x/day but am now out of it. I think i will switch to an over the counter oil or lotion and work more on massaging the tissue to get some of the hardness and fluid to break up.
I am very happy with my bb- shape is perfect. I do have a scar going around it completely...I'm not sure if there is another way to hide the stitches and still end up with such a lovely, clean looking bb. So I will take the scar and wait for it to fade. I certainly could put some cover up on it if It bothered me with a bathing suit on. It would be easy to conceal the healing scar.
The placement of my incision is fine- maybe higher than most I see on this site, but I didn't have that much extra skin to bring down. If he made the scar lower i wouldn't have had optimal results.
At my last appt we both took note of some extra skin I have on my side- especially the left side. This area sometimes looks like a little bit of a muffin top. But it is nothing compared to what I had before the TT. It shows when I wear certain waisted pants or underwear. My ps said we will take a look at that at my 6mo appt and an easy in-office revision could be done. That makes me so pleased and relieved I chose a ps that is professional, skilled and caring.
So happy! My weight is about the same and my clothing size hasn't changed. I still wear 4's and small tops but they fit me now!! I'm not uncomfortabley sucking in my gut or making sure I have a bigger sweater on to hide the muffin top. I'm sure summer and t-shirt weather will be when I really appreciate the new silhouette.
Happy healing and best wishes to all!

4mo Pics

Geez- I am so bad at taking these pics. I have no idea how to work the camera- do you take the pic in the mirror or do you flip the view?? So frustrating to take good angles that give you a true picture of how I look. I really feel I look better in person than in these photos but it gives you an idea of progress month to month. Not a ton of change in the last 4 weeks. Pleased with the results so far. You can see in my "pinch an inch" picture the little bit of excess skin/fluff I have. When I bend to the opposite side it is hard to pinch that much skin. So clearly I will need some excess to move, stretch and bend- lol!

5mo PO

Hi! – I can't believe I'm 5 months out from my TT with lipo and MR. I feel fantastic! I am 100% back to all normal activities. My yoga has definitely improved. I feel like my core is so strong now! I feel so much more fit even though my weight has stabilized at 133. I would still love to lose about 5 pounds. But, I am happy to stay where I am because I feel good and I am not obsessing about my eating. Just enjoying life and trying to make the best healthy choices as far as nutrition and exercise. I've posted some pictures – my scar is very smooth and flat. I think it is lightning up, but always looks redder after a shower or exercise. I do have some loose skin at my incision on my hips. My PS and I will discuss if a small revision is necessary. I would be happy to go through that if needed. Happy healing to all!

Compression undies

I have had a lot of questions regarding what kind of compression I wore after I was out of the binder at around six weeks. I'm posting a picture of the undies that I wore – and still wear many times a week. I just love them! I love the tummy control they give and especially the fact that it protects my pants waist band from digging into my incision or stomach. I got them online (so you can search the name) – Mamia, the size is "free size", 90% nylon 10% spandex. I have probably 10 pairs in all different colors. They are better than spanx in my book. I would say they are "moderate" control.

6 mo PO

I can't believe it's been 6 months. As slow as the first few weeks go – the rest of the months fly by. I am so much more comfortable in my clothes. It's even hard to remember having to " tuck in" my belly into my jeans. The biggest difference I've noticed from month 5 to 6 is that I have less of that hard swollen feeling at my center abdomen. I believe all of my lipo swelling is gone. I am very happy with the Lipo results in my flanks and back. As you can see in the photos I do you have extra skin at my hips which I believe will be taken care of with an in office revision. I see my doctor next week and we will discuss this. I have definitely more loose skin on my left side. I took a photo of me pinching my abs and as you can see – no extra skin! These photos were taken mid day after exercise, after eating, and after a shower. My incision always looks redder after a hot shower. I am really happy with how flat and thin my incision is. Very pleased that I finally took the leap- it is so worth it. At 50+ I feel great and am motivated more than ever to live a healthy life. I will NOT throw in the towel :))

Upcoming Revision

Hi! I had my 6mo po checkup with Dr. Sigalove. We discussed my scar (looking good and it will continue to improve for the end it will be a thin white line.) We took pictures today also. Then we discussed the "fine tuning". Without clothes on, or in my panties it isn't as noticeable, but I do have dog ear areas of excess skin at my hips- right at the incision line. The dr said that that can be remedied with an in office (no extra cost) procedure to tighten the skin in that area. He said that there is not enough fat in that area to warrant additional lipo- it is just some loose skin. It will require the scar to be extended a bit longer but that's fine with me. I just don't want the incision to be made higher. So I will be sure that he knows not to bring the incision "up" anymore than it is. This should take care of the excess skin that bulges over my pants- like a little muffin top. When this is all finished I will be satisfied that I did all I could do to get the best result possible. I am happy now with my results...I will be very, very happy when it is completed.
I'm scheduled for May 9th- local anesthesia, dissolvable stitches which will be covered by a pad and waterproof covering for 4-5 days, then surgical steri strips for another week or so. I was told to stay out of lake/ocean/pool water for 2weeks to insure no infection. This is all very doable.
I'd love to hear from those of you who had this type of revision done- how painful is it, what is the after-care like, are you glad you did it?
I guess my biggest concern is that it will be a small change for a longer scar. I want the WHOLE area to be addressed and for the Dr to take as much skin as possible. Chop it off!! :))

7mo update and pics

Hi all! Hope everyone is doing well. This month seems as though everything has settled and I don't see as many changes month-to-month now. Still trying to lose 5 pounds – working out and eating well but probably due to my age, the weight wants to stick around. Oh well, I'm not willing to give up an occasional sweet or glass of wine… Life is too short! I'm not doing much in the way of scar care now – only putting lotion on along with the rest of my body. It seems to be coming along fine. I love how I look in clothes – I hardly have to worry about "pooching over" or too much of a muffin top. My doctor agreed that I have some excess skin at my sides that can easily be remedied with a revision. I'm scheduled in May for that. I'm very excited to get this fine-tuning – I just hope that the recovery and healing is worth the results.
Happy Spring to everyone!


Hi- Yesterday I had a revision to some loose skin at my love handle area. I am almost 8mo from my TT/MR/Lipo. I will post pics of the healing in a few days. I figure no one wants to see bandages (with some leaking of blood).
Here is some detail on the procedure. Interestingly I have kept my eyes open to ladies posting about revisions and I never ran across a post which had as much info as I am going to share. Maybe I had a more in-depth procedure?? It was removal of skin/fat at the ends of my incision- not dogear revision. My ps called it "fine tuning" and it was at no extra cost to me. I was the one who requested it and if I never had it done I would still be totally happy and pleased with my results. But in saying that- if I wore pants with a tighter waist line- I would have a bit of a hang over or love handle. With looser waistline pants, dresses, exercise clothes etc it would not be perceptible. So again, fine tuning.

In the exam room my ps and I talked about the area of concern and he marked me up. I went into the office OR and they prepped both sides with a betadine/anticeptic wash. The ps then started on the left side and administered approx 12 numbing shots. The first 5 or 6 were not pleasant but the last few were just a little pinching feeling. Then, I assume (my eyes were closed and i was in my "happy place") he cut out the area of skin that he marked in the exam room. He cauterized the blood vessels which was a little "stingy" in some spots but not bad at all. Then he stitched me up with dissolvable internal and external stitches. He then moved to the right side and did the same procedure. The steri-strips were put on and the incisions covered with a water -tight bandage which I can shower with. (I had the same dressing with the TT and it is so easy to manage.) The whole procedure took maybe an hour?? I forgot to look at the clock.

I was a little shaky when I got back to the exam room- from the epinephrine the nurse said. They gave me some apple juice and graham crackers and it went away. The care instructions are to leave the water-tight bandage on for 4-5 days and then remove the steristrips in 7-10 days. The ps said after that I can put scar cream or aquaphor on the scar to help healing. I was told to take it easy for a few days so as to not cause excess bleeding.
I came home and took 2 ex. strength tylenol - felt no pain or stingyness until about 6pm. Because I was feeling so good I did probably too much when I got home and had some leakage of blood on the dressing. After 6pm I think the novocaine wore off and i was a little sore- nothing too bad. I slept ok at night and even went on my sides and stomach- just a little uncomfortable.

I woke up today with just a little "stingy" feeling on both sides but took tylenol and feel fine now. I ran to the store and am back to carrying on with my day as usual.

Again, I haven't had a look at the size of the revision or how it looks. As soon as I take the dressings off I will post some pics. I'm so pleased and thankful to have such a perfectionist surgeon who's #1 concern is the final product and the satisfaction of his patient. Dr. Sigalove is the best!
Any ?'s feel free to ask.

Revision update and pics

I am about 10 days PO my revision to my love handle area. I took the Steri-Strips off yesterday and was pleased to see a nice clean incision. Each incision is about 5 inches long – that means that quite a bit of skin that was removed! The extension of the incision does not go around to my back luckily. I feel like my ps pretty much just extended my original incision. I am happy with the placement and that it is a nice straight line. I will ask at my June 1 appointment how much skin was actually cut away . I am still probably a little swollen but I am thrilled with the results so far. I no longer have that access loose skin at my sides and no more muffin top! The recovery has been minimal – the only adjustment in my daily life is that I haven't done yoga yet. I will wait until next week for that because of the stretching. It is a little tender now but nothing at all uncomfortable. I will put scar cream on the new area and hopefully it will heal as well as my original incision.

9 mo po TT/ 5wks po revision

Hi – it's getting harder to remember to post as my TT journey seems so long ago. I am definitely seeing all of the positive benefits of time. I was finally able to lose about 6 pounds and am at my "happy" weight right now. That coupled with the revision - and my results are excellent. The extra skin removed at the revision surgery took care of any love handle situation. It was well worth it and not difficult as far as recovery.
I know people will freak out about my scar placement – for some reason it looks higher in photos than it really is. Remember, I did not have a lot of excess skin above my belly button to pull down so my PS said my scar would be a little higher then he would like. I told him to be as aggressive as necessary to remove the excess skin and to not worry as much about where the scar was. All of my pants easily cover my scar and I have many cute bikini bottoms that also cover the scar. It doesn't bother me at all, although may seem high to some of you. Remember I am over 50 and not walking around in a bikini very often!
My PS gave me new scar cream (Cicalfate) to use on the new revision scar – it has an anti-inflammatory and an anti-septic property. I have a little redness at the end of my left revision scar. I think I also have some stitches that haven't dissolved completely. I'm sure that takes time but I am very pleased with how the scar is healing and fading.
I am so surprised at one thing – the strength of my abs. I do a lot of yoga with ab work and planks etc. I feel so strong now – I asked my doctor about it . He said that when my muscles were separated they were working separately from each other, and now that they are sewn together they are working together as one strong muscle. I feel like I can hold a plank etc. forever! I'm so happy with this added benefit- we all know how important core strength is as we get older.
The pictures I posted for some reason never come out like I think I look – I struggle to get good pictures! I hope everyone is doing well wherever you are in your TT journey! All the best!

1yr PO

Well, actually it's about 13 months PO and 5months post revision. I had a full tummy tuck with muscle repair and Lipo in September 2015. I haven't been good about getting on Realself – my life has gone back to normal. Initially I thought I would be checking and posting on Realself for the rest of my life haha!! A year ago my tummy problems and then my TT surgery and recovery were first and foremost on my mind.
It's a relief not to obsess over my pudgy tummy or love handles. I can get dressed without worrying about what will fit me or look good. My weight is about 3lbs down from my surgery weight. I had a revision on my right side in May to take care of some excess skin. I am so happy I had that "fine tuning" done. The newer scar on both of my love handle area's are a tad redder than my original scar in the center of my tummy. I know that will take some time to fade and obviously it will always be a scar, but that doesn't bother me at all. I have not been very diligent with scar care – I just massage occasionally with lotion. I still have some numbness in the center of my abdomen around my belly button. I also feel as though I get a little tight or swollen depending on what I have been eating or drinking. It is not ever really noticeable – but keeping the salt limited I believe is important to keeping the swelling down.
The confidence my new shape has given me is worth it!
My plastic surgeon Dr Sigalove and his staff are excellent! I can't recommend them highly enough.
I will be happy to answer any questions and will always be fondly thinking of the many women who elect to have this surgery – best of luck in your journey!
Warrenville Plastic Surgeon

Dr Sigalove is excellent – I have no doubt that his techniques and his expertise is what is responsible for my swift recovery. He spent an hour with me during the initial consult. He answered every one of my questions and put my mind to ease. He was confident that I would have an excellent result. The pre-op was very informative, and he went over his entire plan with me. I felt comfortable asking for clarification and asking questions. His staff of nurses and front desk personnel were always friendly and made themselves available at any time of the day or night. I highly recommend Dr Sigalove! At every step of this journey I have felt so blessed to be under his care.

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