Smart Lipo Outer/Inner Thighs. Waltham, MA

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I had smart Lipo on my outer/inner thighs today. I...

I had smart Lipo on my outer/inner thighs today. I have always hated my thighs (especially my saddlebags) so I decided that I would take the plunge and do smart Lipo. I've read reviews on this site and have been so encouraged by other people's incredible results! The procedure itself was actually very easy. This morning I took an antibiotic and a pain med. When I got to the Dr, I took more meds. The Dr marked me up, gave me an injection to numb me up before he started the incisions and once I was sleepy, they started the procedure. I fell asleep and to be honest I remember very little of it. When they woke me up, I saw the jug of fat and the nurse told me they took 1.4 liters of fat out.

I'm home now and feel very sore - like I worked out super intensely. The worst part is the leaking of fluids from the incisions. I almost passed out the first time I took off the garment to change my pads. Thankfully my best friend has been with me to help me every time I change the pads. I have been able to walk around the house and do light cleaning without any problems. My legs already look thinner but I can't wait to see the final results! I'll post progress pictures in a few days.

Day 2 - Post Op

I'm on my second day post op and have for the most part stopped leaking. I was able to take a shower yesterday, 24 hours after the procedure. It was the best shower ever! The nurse said the antiseptic wash would help get rid of the surgical markings but I think it will take a while for those to completely go away.

Day 1 Post Op, I washed my garment while I showered and massaged my thighs while I waited. They were sore and tender to the touch but it felt good to do. I was able to change my pads and put on my garment with no help at all. I cleaned around the house and went for a short walk outside. But by the end of the day, I was exhausted.

I'm going to take it a little slower today so I don't get as tired so quickly. I'm starting to see the bruises starting to form but will massage myself again today to see if it helps. I still feel swollen and very stiff and sore but overall, it was what I expected. I will post pictures once I get closer to 1 week post op.

5 Days Post Op

I am 5 days post op today and the swelling is pretty significant. Sadly, I can't tell much of a difference at all from my before pictures. During my follow up, the Dr said I would be in my peak of swelling days 3-5 so I hope I start to see some progress in the upcoming weeks. It's so hard to be patient! Pain-wise, I'm just sore. I don't take any pain meds at all and haven't since day 2. The bruising is on both my inner and outer thighs. Ive been back at work since day 3 and have been fine... just sore sitting down and getting up. I've been eating pineapple to help with swelling but read that garlic helps as well? I've posted updated pictures.

12 Days Post Op

I am officially 12 days post op. The bruising has reduced a lot and the swelling is starting to go down but it's still pretty significant. It still hurts to get in and out of a car and the process of standing and sitting is not fun but otherwise, I'm feeling good. I start my Velashape treatments with my Dr in a week and a half and he said that will help with the swelling and smoothing out any lumps. I am taking arnica tablets and bromelain for bruising and swelling. I'm down a little over an inch on each leg and looking forward to more!

Picture - Before and Day 12

4.5 Weeks

I'm officially one month post my surgery! The swelling started to dramatically go down after week 3 and I'm very happy with my results so far. The Velashape has definitely been helping with getting rid of the swelling. I'm glad it was included in my surgery! I have one left in my package. My inner thighs still get sore if I sit too long and can hurt a bit if I do any high impact movements but overall, I'm feeling good! Looking forward to seeing how I look at 2 months post!

Last Velashape Treatment

I just finished my last Velashape treatment and I have to say I am very pleased with my results! I am 5 weeks post op and I see improvement every day. I can't say enough good things about the staff at the office. They are all so pleasant and attentive! I can't wait to see what I look like at my 3 month post op check up!

7.5 Weeks Post

I'm now almost 8 weeks post surgery. I'm no longer sore and would say a lot of my swelling has gone down but I have a little bit left - 3 months should be the magic number I hope for all the swelling to be gone. I've gone down from a 29 jean size to a 26/27 and love that! I do find that some days I have pronounced cellulite on the front of my thighs as well as the back and others not as pronounced. I'm not sure what causes that. I have been trying to massage my legs most days with bio oil to see if it will help with improving circulation and reducing swelling. 5 of my incision holes are completely closed up but 4 are still healing. I have two more months before I go on vacation and have to be in a bathing suit so hopefully they will be all healed by then. I have my next appointment at the 3 month mark so I hope to post good progress!

3 months

I'm officially past the 3 month point and I am very satisfied with my results. My legs are the shape I always wanted! I've gone down 2 pant sizes and look so much better in my jeans! I still have cellulite where I used to have cellulite prior to my surgery so my body didn't respond to the laser part of the surgery like some other people but that's a whole different story. I just need exercise and a proper diet to help reduce cellulite. I'd ideally like to drop some weight to get closer to my goal weight so I'll see how that impacts my overall results when I hit the 6 month mark. My skin has tightened up quite a bit - especially in my inner thighs. I started trying to lighten up my incisions. I did get some hyperpigmentation but they honestly look like freckles and the lightening cream has been effective. I'm hoping the scars will be completely gone by the 6 month mark. Overall, very happy!

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