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As you may be able to see from my join date here...

As you may be able to see from my join date here on the site I've been thinking about this for a while.

I have unknown infertility which contributed to the breakdown if my marriage. I am 43 and don't see birthing a child in my future. Ironically, I've always had "birthing hips." So time for them to go!

I'm 43 yrs, 5'8", weigh 178, divorced and single, no kids. So if you know a handsome wealthy nan, let me know!!

procedure day

will update this momentarily


Post-op Day 1 8/8/14
They removed 2,750 cc of fat. I guess max allowable is 3,000cc.

I feel quite light headed and very nauseous when I stand up. The pain is about a 4 when I move from sitting to standing and vice-versa. Overall it feels like I did a really hard workout.

I slept on a plastic shower curtain covered by doggie wee pads. I was able to sleep on my sides and tried to alternate through the night. I also found I was able to sleep with my feet on the headboard to elevate my legs during the night.

I'm not yet sure how I feel about my shape. I'll give it time. I'm also going to get my upper, lower stomach and my flanks done in two weeks. I do believe my shape would be terribly awkward if I weren't doing this. I still have a muffin top and belly that seem to be wider than my hips are now.

I'm sad my curves are gone. this is not something that I realized would happen. I really just wanted my inner thighs so they wouldn't touch and it didn't occur to me to discuss the shape I was looking for. But like I said maybe when the flanks and upper and lower stomach are done it will be more balanced and my curves will be back.

Tidbits if advice (updated as they occur to me)

so some practical advice:
-bring a personal advocate with you if you possibly can
-make a scrapbook with idea of what you would like your body to look like and have that conversation with the doctor. this way you can both get on the same page as to what you think you look like and he/she can have a better conversation and expectation setting.
-buy incontinence pads instead of Maxie pads. I then just changed them every 4-5 hours. I leaked everywhere with the pads.
-buy doggie wee pads. I massages my legs while the garment was washing and trying. these came in handy.
-have all cooking and cleaning done before. I did it and I wish I had.
-Organize a stack of papers or things to sort or organize while standing up during recovery. You can only take so many walks and I didn't feel like being outside anyway lest someone see my packed pants and gimpy walk and ask questions.

postop Day 4

Feeling pretty great. Only took the Vicodin the day of and postop day 1.

I can't express how much you should get the incontinence pads instead I'd regular pads. It's so messy. But I've really only had two incisions leaking. (be prepared to be grosses out) The incision on my left lower side-ish inner thigh would spew when I massaged my leg downward as directed. It went through the most pads and is still leakimg but just a bit and now it's an odd orange color instead of lighter reddish pink. I find this whole process fascinating fascinating but even this was repulsive to me.

I finally told one of my friends today. She of course was supportive and curious. I find I'm feeling guilty about spending so much money on something so superficial.

The swelling and bruising has set in. I can still see a change especially with yoga pants on, but the doc said the swelling would happen around day 3.

PO Day 4 Pics

I couldn't seem to get one from behind.


I only had that one incision continue to leak. it stopped today. The areas worked in all feel incredibly swollen and tight. the compression garment is actually very soothing. The bruising also set in two days ago. Much less surrounding the cooperative leaky incision on my left leg. My right leg is purple and awful.

I'm massaging like crazy.

Lymphatic Massage

I'll post more pics soon. I just wanted to emplor you to google lymphatic massage. It is helping so much with the tight stiff feeling and I have heard it is wonderful for reducing bruising.


Not sure why but the right leg is more bruised and stiff than the left. Maybe the doc did the right first? I also remember getting jabbed at some point during the procedure- do much my whole body jumped. I don't remember much else.

2 weeks today

Maybe it's because I've been do stiff and not active, but I feel as big as when I began. I hope it's just swelling. The bruised are nearly all gone. The family still doesn't know and I'm off to the Cape with them now. Two of them are nurses. Hopefully they don't notice the remaining bruises.

Week 2 bruises remaining

Round 2

Tomorrow getting my upper and lower belly and my flanks done. I'm actually more nervous about this than Round 1. I think because I vaguely remember some of it, like being asked to move a few times, but I don't remember everything. Wish me luck!!

Round 1 update

the bruising was all gone by Saturday. Not bad, 2 weeks and two days. Now I have the hard areas near the incision sites. I've read that us normal. I LOVE LIVE LOVE being able to wear shorts and not having them ride up because if my inner thighs. They still touch but I'm hoping that will change when the swelling goes down further.

Round 2 update 4 days post

any idea what the red spots on my sternum are?

The drainage is almost done. one spot on my right side is being persistent. The two most active incisions at the bikini line seem to have stopped. We shall see.

I took a close up of the largest bruise on my right front/hip. Here is some bruising on my lower back around the two incisions there.

I've been using Arnica gel and taking arnica tablets. This may have helped but it may just be because the upper body doesn't bruise as much as the lower extremities.
Newton Physician

I'm not quite ready to write a comment until it's all said and done.

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