36 Years Old, 4 Kids and Much Needed TT and BL with BA - Walnut Creek, CA

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I'm a mother of 4 kids, ages 4,9,12,14. I breast...

I'm a mother of 4 kids, ages 4,9,12,14. I breast fed all 4 of them until they were about 2 years old..I have been thinking about doing this before I had my fourth but struggled with the cost and spending that much on my body.. But now I'm done having children my husband is on board with me getting this done and I think it's about time I do something for me..My belly is stretched out, tons of stretch marks and my boobs hang and sag.. I have lost my baby weight and and I am at my ideal body shape and when I look in the mirror all I can think about how I wish my boobs didn't sag down to my belly and I wish my belly didn't stick out so much.. I look like I'm pregnant and have been asked if I was... Not a good feeling..my surgery is scheduled for November 1st.

Anyways, I hope writing this review and tracking my journey will help others make their decisions.

Having the bouts of freak outs!

This morning I woke up with the procedure on my mind, I guess I was dreaming and thinking about it all night in my sleep.. Going through scenarios and just trying to imagine how it's going to be like after the surgery, how my kids are going to react seeing me in pain and hoping my husband can handle them with grace lol! My sister will be helping out too the first 3 days to help my husband ease his load with the kids so he can focus on me.. And then my very good friend is taking the younger 2 ones over the weekend. I think I'm driving myself a little batty lol! I try to distract my mind but it doesn't work for long.. I just really hope it's a smooth recovery and if anything comes up, it's just minor.. Next I need to take time and get some clothes ready for post op.. I probably should have started this review weeks ago but oh well..

Pre-op pics

Here are some pre op pics.. I will post booby pics once I get the courage lol!

When in doubt call your PS

So I was just overthinking like I have been lately, about my implant size and realized that I don't remember if I was going to get a different size for my right boob, because that one is a tiny bit smaller or if they both are going to be 375 cc.. My brain has been on overload and I assumed my ps would have extras or something..I called my ps to ask him just in case and he was not impressed at all.. I'm about to leave to see him so we can go over the size again.. lol! I feel like an idiot but I'm very happy I called him..

Losing my mind lol

Now I'm on over load and overwhelmed.. I bought some new button up shirts and some pjs to come home in. I will probably pack my bag tonight. It's getting real! It almost feels like when you're having your first born lol! Have no idea what to expect but a lot of pain..

Feeling butterflies in my stomach

All day I kept feeling butterflies in my stomach.. Super excited and ready to get the surgery over with. Packed my bag and ready for Tuesday morning. I included a pic of a post op bra I got on Amazon just in case anyone is wondering what kind I got.. (I bought 4)And included some pics of my current boobies. After breastfeeding 4 kids, they are deflated and need to be plumped back up.. Before I had kids I was a 34b and then I grew to 36D.. Now I'm a 34c and I'm suppose to be a D afterwards..my nerves are surprisingly better today. I'm trying to be as positive as possible and enjoying my kids while I can still be mobile. I haven't told them yet but I'm sure they have a feeling.. I don't want to worry them.

So I made it

I came home this morning, my surgery was yesterday.. The surgery went smoothly.. Waking up from anesthesia was actually not bad, I didn't get sick or anything, I just felt like I wanted to keep sleeping.. I think I feel my tt more then my boobs.. My boobs feel swollen and numb while my tt feels like cramps and tightness. The pain is constant and I have been icing as well..I am able to walk around now but very minimal. Doctor told me that if walk a bit it should help with swelling. The drains of course are annoying but obviously necessary.. Trying to be positive as much as possible, thinking of the end result

Pain is getting better

My pain is getting better.. It's gotten easier to get up to use the bathroom (with help of my hubby) I have walked up and down my hallway just to get blood flowing. I haven't pooped but I have a lot of gas, I have been burping like crazy, lol! I have taken stool softener and will drink the tea later.. I'm actually really trying to enjoy doing nothing.. My kids are busy with school and sports and auntie is helping out so they haven't really been asking for me. The drains are actually not as bad as I thought.. I just have to say that this community has helped me get mentally prepared and it's amazing.. I hope my recovery is as smooth as some of the other ladies.

Getting cabin fever lol!

This morning, I feel better the pain is more tolerable but I think I may be having a poor me moment.. I feel dazed and confused since the surgery.i haven't slept very well or ate very well either..I have eaten small things like crackers, yogurt, soups and a little bit of coffee, some fruit but no #2.. I haven't taken my binder off because of doctors orders and I haven't really looked at my boobs, I can barely move my arms, not because it hurts, I just get tired fast. My butt hurts though like crazy, so I have been trying to get up every few hours..and now I am
Really look forward to getting the
Drains out.. Hopefully the doc will take
Them out Monday. So the pain has switched, in the beginning I felt it more in my tt, felt like everything was sore and sometimes cramping..my tt is still sore but I can stand upright more.. My boobs hurt more now, I feel more tightness and soreness then I did before.. Ice has been helping.

Drains came out- post op

My drains came out, I hardly felt them come out.. It was a weird sensation but not painful.. So far so good.. I can walk better now that the drains are out, but I get tired quick..Hopefully it's smooth sailing from here.. I also need to add that I took a shower for the first time, and that was really hard to do, my husband had to give me a shower, my lat muscles, back muscles were on over time!! I felt so weak and felt like if I stood up too straight my incision was going to rip.. Now it's over and I'm air drying while
My garments wash. I smell slightly cleaner lol! But I feel better. Tonight I'm going to try to sleep in my bed propped up.. I have been sleeping in a recliner and I'm tired of it lol!

Getting annoyed lol

So I'm still somewhat hunched, my abdomen area feels like it's constantly pulling and my incision is itchy sometimes.. My muscles are sore on my upper arms and boobs don't hurt much but out of nowhere I'll feel like a pinch in the middle of breast.. I'm so uncomfortable, not so much pain anymore just really uncomfortable and over it.. Mentally I feel great, I'm not daze or dizzy or tired but when I start to walk then I'm like oh yah I forgot, I have to move slow.. My kids are doing great for the most part..they are being helpful but still bicker and fight with each other.. I guess the honeymoon phase is over cause now the husband is forgetting that I still need help somewhat, like reaching for things in cabinets or picking things up. I still can't really wash my own hair..looking forward to getting my arms more mobile. Regardless how I feel, I'm still very happy so far with the results.. Will update with pics probably tomorrow after I take a shower.

Standing up with better posture

This morning I finally took a shower by myself, no help from the hubs, I'm still not brave enough to shave the pits or even the legs, so I'll just be a hairy for a while lol! After I took my shower and put my binder back on, I feel
Like I have better posture and don't really have that pulling sensation as much anymore.. Maybe by the end of the day, things will change.. I have my 2 week post op appointment in a few hours, so hopefully after the tape is removed from the boobs, and the incisions around the nipples look good, I can start massaging.. Starting tomorrow I will be on my own, driving kids around and doing my normal activities minus working out.. Hopefully this week goes smoothly.

Scary looking boobs

Had my 2 week post op on Monday and the Dr.
Says everything is healing like its suppose to. After he took off the tape on the breast he noticed I had some blisters that drained on their own and told me it's normal and to just make sure to keep it moisturized.. I have been using aquaphor. He also said I can be more mobile, I can finally take my little dogs for a walk.. By the end of the day though I have noticed that I get pretty swollen that I need to loosen my binder a little. My breasts go through a spiral of feeling tight and swollen to feeling normal, goes back and forth through the day.. I'm wearing normal clothes and pretty much stand up straight..once in a while I will feel a slight throbbing on the incision of the tt but doesn't last long.. When that happens I sit down or go on my recliner.. But So far so good.


So far everything is going pretty good, hardly any pain- but the one thing that is driving me bananas is the strap to hold down the boobs and the compression garment! I feel so itchy! No matter what I do lol! The CG I don't mind too much because it does help with holding everything in and feeling secure but the strap for the boob I want to burn lol! So in a way I guess I rather have this issue then any other.. But seriously I want to burn it! And I have to wear it for another week and half. Venting over lol!


So far not much has changed, I don't really have pain, just discomfort and itching attacks sometimes, I have swelling by mid day and I feel like I'm going to burst from the CG when my bladder is full or when I'm digesting.. still numb from Belly button down. The Tt incision is finally starting to flatten out a bit. The breast I think are doing better then the Tt.. the incisions are flatter, not sure if the implants have dropped yet. Im standing up straight but I notice my back starts getting tired even from trying to hold good posture.. I have been sleeping in my bed on my back, I can't sleep in my sides yet.. every time I try to lay on my side my breast start to feel tight and cramped. And getting out of bed is still a tiny bit challenging.. I'm walking a lot better and faster and not super slow, but when I notice that I get cramps below my incision line when I walk faster then I should, so still trying to take it easy.. I was able to go shopping the last few days with minor discomfort so that's a plus.. I look normal to everyone and no one has a clue I had major surgery 4 weeks ago, maybe In the summer I'll get the questions lol!

4 weeks post op appointment

Saw my doc today and so far everything is healing fine with minor bumps on the road.. apparently I have a stitch that was causing some inflammation ( no infection) below the TT incision, he was able to open the bubble and drain the blood/fluid and cut the stitch out.. it was a bit painful but I feel less pressure there then before, he assures me that it should heal fairly quick. My belly button also had a suture hanging out that should have been absorbed, so I need apply antibiotic ointment for the next few days..My right breast has some fluid coming out where the lift incisions are, he put some gauze and antibiotic ointment on that too and he says as long I keep some gauze and ointment on it, should heal quick too, apparently my bra kept rubbing on it. So hopefully the gauze will do the trick until it closes.. I will post pics later.. hopefully no more spitting stitches lol! But other then that I feel fairly good..just minor muscle aches here and there but nothing bad enough to take ibuprofen.. he told me no exercising, just walking, I see him in 2 more weeks and at that point he will let me know what type of exercising he will allow.


Earlier today was interesting.. however I have no infections that require antibiotics so that's good.. so far everything is healing quick.. will post more pics in a few days.

Not much to report

Healing at my pace, I think my breast look pretty good for now, looking forward to wearing regular bras and having them feel like normal breast.. my abdomen seems the same, the incision hasn't flatten out just a bit.. looking forward to having it flat and not having to worry about it.. emotionally I feel fine, once in a while I get annoyed only cause I'm uncomfortable and ready to be me again but then I remind myself to chill out, with time.

6 week post op appointment

I saw my PS this morning.. unfortunately I had another spitting stitch along my tt incision, he drained it and was able to take a piece of the stitch out.. hopefully that will be the last one.. other that, my tt is healing well and now I can ditch my CG completely, unless I have swelling then he suggest to wear it until it goes down. The breast are doing great, still need to drop a bit and fluff out at the bottom.. no more straps on the breast either, whoohoo! I'll update with pics later.. oh and I'm cleared to do cardio, such as running, spin.. he recommends to lay off overstretching my muscles since the have been moved around.. so basically I need to start slow, like if I never worked out before.. so that's what I will do, even if I feel like I can do more.. he says if I over do it I can get a muscle tear that will take 2 months or more to heal, so I will listen to him for sure cause I don't want that to happen.. I'm so excited though! I can't wait to go shopping for new clothes :-)

Update on spitting stitches

I haven't been wearing my CG and it's been amazing but awkward? Lol! I love not having to wear it but I feel strange with out it at the same time.. I haven't swelled up more then normal so I haven't put it on at all.. I do feel more achy at the end of the day, for example at the end of the day I'll sit down and then when I get back up I feel like I have to haunch and then straighten out slowly cause my skin and abs feel achy. But now that I think about it, I had this same feeling when I wore the CG so I guess I'm more aware of it? I posted pics.. my incision for the Tt is healing as expecting, but with two holes that have to close up from my doc taking out a spitting stitch. (So annoying) but I guess it could be worse. I'm feeling like myself a little everyday so that's great, and my breast are healing really good.. sometimes I feel achy on my right boob the most, in the pics you can see the right one is still a little higher and tighter.. been massing as doc instructed.. I haven't bought any new bras, still wearing the post op bra, I bought 4, now they are raggedy lol! I need to make time to go and shop for some, hopefully tomorrow with my hub :-) so that's my update, oh yah I haven't started exercising yet, I'm going to wait a little longer, I have been more active then before.. so I'm not babying myself anymore though, the hole on my tt is what makes me nervous though.. and I also want to mention that as you can see in the pics I still have plenty of stretch marks (battle scars from giving birth lol) and I was aware of that and very realistic about my results.. i am very happy with my results, it's still 1000 times better then before. And I will proudly show these battle scars now that my tummy is flat lol! Before forget it. Happy healing everyone and happy holidays :-)

Bloating and burping and some gas

I haven't been wearing my CG now for about 2 weeks.. everything seems fine, I don't see any crazy swelling.. what has been bothering me is the bloat feeling and I have been burping a lot lately.. I feel like I have indigestion.. so now I'm wondering if I have some underlying something.. I have an appointment tomorrow to be referred to a GI, I rather investigate even if it's nothing to worry about. But I keep reading on here that indigestion has nothing to do with a tummy tuck. I wonder if I have developed an intolerance for certain foods and just starting to noticing now.. before my tt I felt like I was bloated all the time but I thought it was because of my big gut puffing out lol! Well back to the Tt, the holes have closed, I still wear a band aid on one cause it still leaks, but very little. I keep having like a sun burn feeling recently on my abdomen,
Especially above and under my belly button. I have also realized that I have really bad posture., because when I think I'm standing straight, I'm actually not and then I have the pulling feeling again on top of my belly so I need to work on posture. My right boob still feels tighter then my left, but I can tell it has dropped a little more. I forget to massage them during the day and then when I remember it's at the most inappropriate times lol! I also have to mention that my ps has been amazing so far. I see him again in 2 weeks. Hopefully it's smooth sailing after this.

Acid reflux and poor digest

So I ditched the poison my primary doctor prescribed.. he made me mad cause he didn't even listen to all my concerns or symptoms.. I talked to an advice nurse and she agreed that I shouldn't be on this powerful medicine and that usually natural ways to control acid reflux is way better.. she and I both agree that it was the antibiotics and the meds during and after surgery that cause this prob. So I took pics of the stuff I picked up at the wellness store, I went to sprouts and I also included the medicine the doc prescribed and that I won't be taking. I will update after a week to let anyone know how it's worked out but according to reviews and the associate at the store and advice nurse the supplements will work and probably even better. And I also want to add that having an internal corset doesn't help either, I also read that wearing tight clothes around the belly will mess with the stomach and digestion as well and something called a hiatus hernia which I'm crossing my fingers that I don't have. I did have an umbilical hernia so who knows. The human body is very mysterious and amazing.

Feeling so much better! Like myself finally!

I finally feel like myself again!! Thank god! I was feeling so discouraged and alone in this digestive issue lol! But after going natural and being really careful on how much i eat in one sitting has made such a huge difference..

Now I can report on the progress of the surgeries.. my tt feels great not much bloating anymore! Whoohoo! And hardly any swelling..

My breast feel great, the right side is slowly dropping but it's getting there and my breast are staring to feel like normal full breast, not right hard like before..

Right now my only complaint is my upper back, especially my right side and shoulders are sore and achy.. not sure why, i did get some new bras so not sure if that has anything to do with it.

May have loosen them up more on the straps or something.

Finally getting my butt on the treadmill

I'm not going to lie, it's been rough getting back into a workout routine.. my husband got me a treadmill so I don't have any excuses lol! As of Monday I have been speed walking and light jogging for a little over 1.5 miles on a 2% incline , that's about 25 min on the machine.. can't wait until I can run a solid 3 miles and get back into strength training. Hopefully in another month or so I'll be back where I was, that's if I don't have anymore set backs.. but regardless I'm loving my figure and looking forward to spring vacation and summer.

Sick with a bad cough and fever

I wanted to do a quick update.. in regards to my stomach issues, it all seems resolved, haven't had any issues since I went natural and more aware of what I eat.. I did start exercising which was short lived because my youngest, 4 year old, got a stomach bug that lasted at least 4 days and then right after that she got an ear and chest infection that took her 1 week to get better.. and now I'm sick with a horrible sore throat and fever, my abdomen feels like I did a ton of sit ups, it's horrible! And my other three kids have a bad couch with sore throat. Can't wait until I feel normal again :-(
Walnut Creek Plastic Surgeon

I went to see DR. Mele because he did my moms TT and she looks great.. After I went to my consultation with him, I knew he was the one lol! He was very nice, compassionate and was very thorough.. He was relate able. I felts safe, and that's important to me.. I have never been under anesthesia ever and that makes me nervous along with many other things, but he made me feel at ease. My husband got very good vibes from him too.. To compare him I went to see another highly recommended PS.. He was nice doctor but I hardly got to talk..He went straight into his background and about himself.. He just made me feel uneasy and made me feel like I was just another body. Regardless of how well his work turned out, I wanted the whole package in the surgeon I picked.. And Dr Mele sure proved that to me, I'm excited and anxious/nervous at the same time but then I feel at ease that I picked him as my surgeon and would recommend him to anyone.

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