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Seven years ago i decided to get a breast lift. I...

Seven years ago i decided to get a breast lift. I went to a reputable park avenue surgeon in nyc. He told me that if i get implants w the lift it will be a sexier look. I never liked the implant look but i decided to go for it. I was curious i guess??? I got 200cc silicone implants partially under the muscle. I wish i had pics from my pre-implant/lift. They were not that droopy at all i just wanted more fullness in the upper pole which i did not get even w both procedures. I had to wear a bra to look good still. It didnt add to my confidence level without clothes. I never showed my cleavage and no one really noticed i got a boob job! Initially i thought i'll just live w them until i have a baby and then i will go for a mommy makeover. The past 1.5-2 years ive gotten pregnant 3 times, none of which lead to a baby. I was really sick of the droopy big boobs that looked so unfashionable in clothes and didnt do anything for me without. I came across this site and i read all your stories and looked at all your pix. I realized i can just take the damn things out now and decide later if i wanted to get another lift. I have to tell you though im sick of having surgeries. We are just fine the way we are. I often appologize to my body for putting through so much. My recommendation to almost everyone is to leave your body alone. You are beautiful just the way you are!!!! I guess u have to go through it to get to this realization. No one is "perfect" like a magazine pic. Actually everyone is perfect the way they are!!
Ok well, now that i moved to sf i chose dr mele whom i found here. So far so good. No complaints yet. My surgery was yesterday. I havent spoken to anyone yet but i assume everything went well given that im feeling fine and i was in the operating room for only 30 minutes! Im a little more sore today than yesterday but nothing out of the ordinary. I just took my bandages off and took a look. Yes they are not model boobs but i love them w all their flaws. Im so happy and grateful!
Thanks to all of you who posted your photos and stories. You really helped me! <3

1 week postop

Im overal feeling very comfortable. Only time I feel some discomfort is if I lie on my stomach on the floor. This irritates my incision areas. Ill just have to avoid this which is no big deal. Wearing my sports bras 24/7.
Im feeling so happy and love my new size.
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