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Well it's time. Time for me to put myself first...

Well it's time. Time for me to put myself first for once. I have 3 kids 7, almost 6 and almost 4. After my first 2 natural births getting back in shape wasn't too bad. I gained 70lbs and 72lbs but I worked out really hard and got my body back. For my 3rd I had to have a c section due to a medical condition. The c section destroyed me. No matter what I do the pouch doesn't go away. It's completely obvious my abdominals are separated. I just want to be able to feel comfortable in my own skin again. To wear a regular bikini, not the shorts or skirt to hide the mess below my belly button! I have my first of 3 consultations tomorrow. My husband has a perfect body. 6 pack, muscles everywhere. We used to match, not anymore....he loves me and my body but is fully supportive. I had my breasts done in 2003. If it is feasible I may do them over as well. But in the end if I can't afford it I am absolutely 100% doing my TT! I want to thank all of you who contribute to this site. I have gained a wealth of information in a short time. I will post pics of what I look like now when I can. I will keep updating as I go on each consultation.
I do have questions about taking care of my kids after surgery. I don't need to lift them but as far as cooking, bathing them, laundry, driving etc. My husband can not take off work. He is a contractor running his own business. I can line up some family but I don't think around the clock for days... I'm also wondering if I should do it before school starts so there is less running them around for other ppl...but then I think when they are in school so at least I'll have the quiet during the day...Any advice will be appreciated!

1st consultation. ..

I absolutely love the dr. He was a wealth of information and a great listener. His office staff were extremely professional but caring and sincere. The nurse came in and asked me about my pregnancies and previous surgeries. My current weight and if i fluctuate. What my daily routine is like in general and how old my kids are. The doctor came in and gave me a general rundown of the tummy tuck procedure and removal of my old implants and new augmentation. Answered any questions i had at that point. Then the nurse took my pictures (terrifying for me). The doctor came back in a did a physical examination. He was so enthusiastic about performing the surgery. I was in excellent physical condition before kids and I showed him a pic of myself and told him that's what I want. Of course with continuing my exercise routine he said it's totally realistic! He said I don't need lipo! Most of my muscle damage is at my c section sight so he was very happy to tell me that with a full tummy tuck my results will be phenomenal! He answered more of my questions and showed me before and after pics. He is a sculptor! The soonest he had is Sept 4. I booked it even though I have 2 more consultations next week. I just figure to see what other surgeons have to say. But I feel 100% comfortable with this doctor. I only had to leave a $300 deposit and it will be refundable 2 weeks prior to surgery date. Turns out September 4 is the first day of school ????...Unfortunately they can't give you a time until the day prior to surgery. So I'm praying I won't miss sending them off..oh, he did say I will have drains for 2-3 weeks and that the first 3 days plan on doing nothing but resting! After that it gets easier. I had my boobs done 2 times already so I already know how that recovery is. My c section I don't remember being in pain just uncomfortable when moving around. I'm hoping it's similar with the TT! Any advice or info would be appreciated! Thanks for reading?

Living like this almost 4 years! I'm done!

Some pics of what I've been dealing with...

Going to Vegas!

So we decided we are going to visit our friends in Vegas the first week of December. It's our 10 year anniversary plus my hubby will be 40 at the end of November. I will be 3 months post op. I really hope my swelling will be gone! I also don't know how flying will affect my swelling at that point..Vegas is the last place on earth I want to look swollen, lol

2 more consultations! more confused!

Long story short. ..2nd ps said my scar may be higher than I expected bc I don't have any loose skin over my bb to pull down. He will get scar as low as possible. 3rd ps said he'd need to do a small vertical incision bc of skin issue! Ugh! I Don't Want a vertical incision or a high scar! So apparently I'm in too good a shape for what's needed to have the results I want but not good enough to stay this way any longer! I want to scream! Btw 1st ps didn't mention anything about my scar being higher than usual! I called his office to get some answers and the coordinator is out until Monday. Waiting game...

Getting discouraged!

So the ps I really wanted to go with is telling me this: In his experience I will have a high scar bc I don't have loose skin over my belly button! And he said he may not be able to get me as flat as I want. He probably can't get me as flat as when sucking it in. So he told me a mini (no) or look into an endoscopic tt. Another surgeon I saw told me to "suck it in"..that's as flat as I'll get. I was fine with that. Off to another consultation tomorrow! Ugh!

Doctor Godek!

Scratch everything I said before! I found my surgeon! There is a reason he is on the NJ top doctors list! He was so thorough with his examination I was there for 2 hours! And I enjoyed every second! He explained in full detail everything he will do with my TT. From the pre op appointment to recovery and beyond. I am also having him do a revision of my 11 yr old implants with a peri areolar lift. But as a separate surgery. He is double the price of the other surgeons I saw. He nor his coordinator made me feel the least bit uncomfortable about that. They completely understand and respect that I have a set budget. My tummy is the priority for sure! As a bonus he does computer simulated "after" pics. So exciting to see! My new surgery date is Sept 8! He's also removing a small hernia and a fatty tumor I have from my 15 yr old appendix surgery at no charge. My hmo won't cover it and he said since he'll be "in there" anyway he'll take care of it. That's even more reason to respect him and know he's just not in this for the $$.

paid deposit today...

I paid my deposit over the phone today. I feel so calm about it all of a sudden. I feel so confident in Dr. Godek I'm guessing that's why. My pre op appointment is August 26th. My surgery felt so far away until I made that appointment. Lol. I'm sure time will fly by!


I received my T25 workout today. Did the first dvd. Needless to say you think you're in decent shape until you try this workout, lol...just trying to get as prepared as possible for my TT!

pure trim

Giving this a try for some weight loss plus vitamins and minerals. ..heard great things about it. I'll let you know how I feel about it as I go.


Pure trim tastes delicious! I tried the milk chocolate first. Secondly within 10 minutes of finishing the shake plus 16 oz of water I was in the bathroom! It has ingredients to help cleanse the colon. I also feel like I've taken an energy pill. Not in a bad, shaky way. But definitely feel the difference. I'm making brownies and cupcakes for a party tomorrow and I can honestly say I have no desire to even lick my fingers! Normally I'd skip dinner to eat dessert! No craving, not even tempted in the least bit. For me this is HUGE! Worth the money!

I survived!

Today I had my nieces 16th birthday party. I just started my pure trim shakes yesterday. I had my morning shake today then a super healthy lunch. I made sure I was full before I got there. Your typical bbq food. Plus tons of treats! I made it through without eating any crap at all! It's totally mental for me. Even if I wasn't hungry I'd eat it bc it tastes yummy. Especially dessert! I really want to be on the right track by the time my surgery date gets here so I don't sabotage myself. Why go through all that plus pay a small fortune to just eat like crap and ruin it...I'm not saying I'll never have a treat again, I know I have to be realistic. The first couple of days are always the hardest though so I have to keep telling myself it'll all be worth it. I read so many great reviews on here and get so excited to see all the great results but I just can't believe that in 50 days I'll be one of them! It just doesn't seem real. Anyway enough babbling. Just had to get it out. I'm proud of myself for making the best decisions for my health today.

1 month til pre op!

Not much to report but I'm excited that August 25th is my pre op appointment! I had my blood work done today. 44 days from being on the flat side!
Started the pure trim shakes 6 days ago. Started at 153.4lbs this morning I am 149.6.
I'll take it! Clean eating 100 %
Want to make sure I'm in top condition for recovery. Thanks for reading!

34 more days..feels like eternity!

Still have 34 days to go before I'm on the flat side. Pre op is August 25th. I'm so excited that I feel sick, lol
Just wanted to report that I started the pure trim shakes and eating clean 17 days ago and have lost 6lbs. Started at 153.4 and today I'm 147.4 I feel so much better! I haven't been consistent with my exercise but I'm not beating myself up over it. I'm trying to get my weight down so when swell he'll hits I don't get too depressed and sabotage myself. I still can't believe my surgery is really happening! Thanks to everyone who reads my story. Your support means more than you'll ever know.

loose skin after 6lbs weight loss

Here is a disgusting pic of my belly sitting down showing my roll of skin and fat! Enjoy hehe. .

31 days pre op

19 days on pure trim and eating clean has my weight down 7lbs! I am thrilled!

30 days til I'm on the flat side!

It still feels like it's far away but 30 days will go fast...I'm so excited! Eating super clean and losing weight every day.

3 more weeks!

I can't believe by this time 3 weeks from now I will be on the flat side! Hopefully comfortably doped up in my automatic recliner, lol!
I've lost 9lbs in 29 days thanks to puretrim and clean eating! I'm going to keep going until my surgery day. I'm currently 144.6lbs
I'm trying to get down as low as I can so when swell he'll hits I'm starting from a lower #.
My ps told me his patients average an 8 to 10 lb weight loss after surgery bc the motivation is back once they see their results from the surgery. That's exactly what keeps me motivated right now. I'm not going to spend all this money to then ruin it with crap eating. I have zero cravings. That was my ultimate goal. When I'm recovering I did not want to be craving any sugar. Mission accomplished.
Monday is my pre op appointment. I'm really excited. I'll keep you posted!

I day til my pre op!

It's getting real ladies! My pre op appointment is tomorrow at 4:30! I feel like from being on this site and reading so many journeys all of my questions have been answered, lol
Yesterday I started getting my house in order. I'm still 2 weeks out but rather than exhaust myself the last week I figured I'd do one room at a time without being frantic about it. When other ppl are going to be in and out of your house taking over it helps to be organized and uncluttered. So I did my kids bathroom and laundry room yesterday. Feels better to be more organized for sure. Now to keep it that way! I'm also very excited to say that this morning I weigh 143.6lbs! Some of my pants are literally falling off me! I can actually see obliques! I'll try to get a pic but it's hard to get the right angle with my phone. I'm hoping this makes my results that much better and makes an easier job for my ps. I'll definitely update after my appointment tomorrow night! Hope all you ladies already on the flat side, still recovering are healing nicely! Thanks for reading!


It's hard to see without natural light but a lot of my upper bloating is gone and I can easily feel my obliques right under my skin. You may be able to see a faint line on my side pic. Anyway I have no doubt that after my surgery and recovery I will be well on my way to the best me I can be! Better than before kids! At least that's my goal. Especially when some people know I've had this surgery. I'm sure I'll be judged by my results. It's human nature.

pre op appointment!

It's official! I'm paid in full! I've learned so much from all you ladies on here I pretty much only needed to go to pick up my prescriptions. My surgery is scheduled for 9:15am. I need to be there at 8:15 am. They will call me the night before to confirm. I wanted to get my kids off to school before my surgery but that won't happen now since they don't get to the bus stop until 8:40. But they know I'm getting my tummy "fixed" so I know they'll be fine. The nurse explained everything that will happen when I arrive. That morning I need to pay for the surgery center and the anesthesiologist separately. I was given a beautiful 24 page booklet that explains everything from what meds to avoid pre op to healing post op and everything in between. I'm so excited that I'm dead calm. Does that make sense, lol.
The nurse did stress to me the importance of getting lots of rest. Just light walking for circulation but other than that do nothing for anyone the first week at least. She said that even if I feel great a few days later do nothing! I will pay for it later. I have help for 3 weeks. This will be the first time in my life I'm going to accept it 100%. Not screwing my results up for sure! Thanks again to all you great ladies who've shared your journeys on here!

poison ivy!

My surgery is in 10 days! Somehow, I have no idea where it came from, I have horrible patches of poison ivy in very random spots on my legs and even one one hip! I am very allergic and am always aware of my surroundings. I can't imagine where it came from! It takes weeks for it to go away in my past experience. I usually use my blow dryer to help dry it out. It is so itchy that I put prescription steroid cream on it. When my clothing rubs against it it starts itching like crazy all over again even though I have it covered. I also soak cotton balls in isopropyl alcohol and let that sit on the patches too. I really hope this won't interfere with my surgery if it ends up spreading across my tummy. I am doing everything possible to get myself fully prepared for my surgery and I know I've done all I can. Why does SOMETHING always have to happen! ? Ugh! I want to scratch it so badly, lol

poison ivy pics...

So damn itchy!

11 lbs down!

8 days from now I will be on the flat side! This week will be a little hectic getting everything with my house and kids prepared but whatever doesn't get done I will just have to let it go. I'm down 11 lbs to 142. I'm very happy with my weight loss so far. Hoping it will give me even better results! My poison ivy is horrible but I think I got it under control as far as spreading. I actually have a small patch right on my hip that I'm doing everything I can to dry it out. To have to postpone my surgery for that would be devastating. I'll keep you posted.

pre op phone call for anesthesiologist!

I got my phone call today from the surgery center for the anesthesiologist. Asked me all the usual questions about past health and current stats. I told her the only issue I have with anesthesia is feel nauseous after and she assured me they will take care of that with meds. Also said they would call me Sunday afternoon to confirm my arrival time. It's getting real ladies!

What's easier...

Is it easier to step up into an SUV or fall into a regular car after surgery?

almost time!

Last minute stuff getting done before kids get home from school. Waxed, mani and pedi, and just finished getting haircut. I have 200 loads of laundry left, lol and I think that's all I can do. Trying to make Sunday a relaxing fun day with my kids. I have to have a liquid diet that day too. Shouldn't be difficult. I'll just have 3 puretrim shakes that day.
I'll definitely post pre surgery!

8:45am surgery time!

Got the call! Need to be at surgery center 8 am Mon! I'm so excited! The nurse said since my attitude is so positive about the surgery my recovery should go smoothly and be more manageable. Attitude is everything ladies! Thanks for all your support! I'll post before I go in and then asap after I'm out!

This post goes out to all the haters...

To the women who say,"you're crazy, I'd never do that!"
To the husband's who say,"you're going to have a giant scar!"
To the mom's who say,"those stretch marks are stripes you've got to love because they are from carrying your children. "
To Anyone who questions you or tries to make us feel guilty for finally taking this huge step towards taking our bodies back and making them the way WE want them, so WE can feel sexy and confident in our own skin, I say...."SUCK IT!" YOU ARE RESENTFUL, JEALOUS and probably insecure in your own way! I feel sorry for you!
To my RS family, I am so grateful for all you wonderful ladies and a man or two, lol, for sharing your journeys. Good or bad and everything in between. You have helped me in many ways and I hope I've helped someone along the way as well. In less than 48 hours I will be in surgery. I have NEVER been more ecstatic and feel I've made the best decision for ME! Can't wait to post some after pics!

25.5 hrs til I'm on the flat side!

Good morning RS family..These are my pre surgery measurements as of this morning. I figured I'd be too nervous to do them tomorrow. Plus I don't think they'll change much. My weight is 140.8 lbs! July 19th I started eating clean and drinking the pure trim shakes. I started out at 153.4lbs. I'm thrilled with my weight loss...Under my boobs I measure 26 3/4". At my bb, which I suppose is my non existent waistline (haha) is 29 3/4" and my hips are 38". I lost a lot of inches. 1" off my ribcage, almost 4" off my waist and 3" off my hips! All with proper diet!
Now this is where my post goes down hill. My husband was against me doing this surgery. He was always on my case about me just eating right and exercising. He is a former bodybuilder. For some reason he can't get it through his thick skull that my muscles are separated, that my skin is stretched out and I can't get rid of the pooch! Of course he's told me he loves me the way I am, blah blah blah. ..He will be supportive but not happy with my decision to have my full TT with muscle repair. He thinks $11,282. Is a lot of money that can be used somewhere else. Of course all of this came out last night. I asked him if he was excited for me since I'm finally getting what I've wanted for years. He said NO! I kind of knew it since he hasn't mentioned one word about it. He told me I was doing so well with my weight loss he thinks if I'd given this effort for a year I probably would have only needed a mini. It actually turned into a pretty heated discussion. This is what I told him....THIS IS ALL ABOUT ME! I DON'T CARE WHAT ANYONE HAS TO SAY! (He was trying to insinuate to me that EVERYONE was against my decision) IF YOU CAN NOT BE FULLY SUPPORTIVE IN MY HEALING PROCESS STAY AWAY FROM ME! I DO NOT NEED ANY NEGATIVITY AROUND ME AS I'M HEALING! I DON'T NEED ANY ATTITUDE IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM! He claims he'd never interfere with my recovery and that basically he would've kept his mouth shut but I asked! Omg! Like I needed this! On top of this basically he's pissed that I'm on RS and not paying enough attention to him! THE TRUTH COMES OUT! It's finally about me for once! Not him! Boy did I lay into him! By the end of the conversation he stated he's happy for me that I have the support I need from this site, that if I'm going to be a happier person in general than he's all for it and he understands that I need to feel good in my own skin. Hmmm, fast turn around I'd say, lol
Thank god I have you ladies, my closest friends and my mom and mother in law for support! This is real life ladies. It's not always a bed of roses...

pre op pics


Hi ladies! The big day is finally here! It's 6am and my surgery is at 8:45. Thanks to all you ladies who've paved the way, help me understand what I may experience and just for listening and being encouraging. .I'm surprisingly calm. That may change once I get there, lol
I'll post as soon as I'm able! Wish me luck! Oh, the title is my weight as of this morning! Yesssss!

waiting. ..

I'm waiting for the ps to come and mark me up. Running a little behind I guess. My BP is 100/66. The nurse was surprised I am so calm. I really am ready for this! Not nervous at all! See u on the flat side soon!

So tired..

I made it. I'm exhausted. I'll post tomorrow.

My surgery. .

On a side note my nurse couldn't believe i was 41! She swares i was not a day over 28! I love her, lol. I met the anesthesiologist who told me what to expect from him. He assured me he was going to take great care of me. Which he did. Like I said in my pre op post, I wasn't nervous at all. I was just ready!
So after waiting about 30 minutes from getting my IV my ps came and did my markings. He was so happy for me that I lost 14lbs. He said it's really going to make a difference. He said he'd place my scar as low as possible and I may still need a tiny vertical incision but it will be below my bikini line. He marked me for lipo although he said I won't need much on my flanks. The nurse came back and said she was going to give me some happy juice and I probably won't remember anything after that. She was right. Next thing I know someone is calling my name to wake me up in recovery. I didn't feel major pain as I woke up but it was definitely uncomfortable. Tight, burning. ..it turns out my blood oxygen levels were low. 82 to be exact. After they forced me to drink ginger ale and Graham crackers (not on my daily menu, lol) I did start to feel better. My levels went up when I was up and alert but they were still concerned bc they kept going down as I rested. In other words no pain meds until my levels went up while I was resting. They wouldn't let me go home if they were too low without being on meds bc that would lower them even further. On top of this I had fluid in my lungs. This is a double edged sword. I had fluid in my lungs bc #1 the day prior to surgery I drank almost 2 gallons of water. #2 they put 3000 ml of fluids in me for lipo...which I didn't need! After he opened me up I had zero fat! He said he cut off 7" by 3" of skin and it weighed less than 3/4 of a pound! My problem was my muscle. 3" separation!
He said my waist is so tiny and he serious believes in his 18 years of performing about 200 tummy tucks a year I will be his best patient with the greatest results! That was my goal I said...
So because I was overloaded with fluids I have a catheter in. I also have the breathing machine that prevents you from getting pneumonia. It hurts so badly to do it but I have no choice. I actually find the catheter to be a blessing because it hurts getting up. Even with my automatic recliner. After 4 hours in the recovery room my levels came back up so they gave me a percocet before I left. You know how they stress staying ahead of the pain! Well not for me! And they made me cough a few times. I can honestly say that was the most painful thing I have experienced in my life. You poor ladies that actually throw up after, I would die!
So the car ride home was tolerable enough. I had a pillow to hold over my belly. That helped a lot. Getting in and out of the truck is no joke. Walking hunched is an understatement. Thank god I have a walker. But it takes me 10 minutes to walk 20 feet. Then my arms are killing me. I'd be very happy if I'd never have to move out of my chair. But that's just not gonna happen. .my drain doesn't bother me at all. It's not putting much out either. I guess less swelling since I didn't have lipo. The pain is tolerable as long as I don't move. At all, lol
I have been taking 2 percocet every 4 hours. 1 hour later 1 Valium. It takes the edge off. That's about it. My appointment is tomorrow at 3. I'm going to talk to him about this. With all those drugs you'd think I'd be knocked out too! Nope, I probably slept for 3 hours broken up since I've been home at 5:30pm jersey time. It's 2 am as I write this. Food. I eat a piece of salt free rice cakes when I take my meds. I had 4 hard boiled egg whites and a small bowl of pineapple since I've been home. Drinking lots of water. Definitely have no appetite. But I know to heal properly we need to eat. Tomorrow I will start with my puretrim shakes again.
The hardest part I think will be sitting here resting and not being able to do anything. My mil picked up my kids from school today and brought them to her house. I told them I would be home when they got home from school and since I wasn't I didn't want them to be upset so she kept them out. But she brought them home at 8pm! Past bedtime and no homework done! I was annoyed but then realized I can't be. I need to let it go so I can heal...
My husband has been a great nurse! He's taking really good care of me. This surgery is no joke.
I have a binder on now and tomorrow I get my compression garment. I can't wait to see my tummy! He said it's so flat!
I think that's all for now...I'll post pics separately. Thanks again for all your well wishes and prayers. Xxoo

Surgery day pics


This is louie!


My kids are being great with me. Especially my 7 year old. Really wanting to help me with anything I need. Making sure I do my breathing exercises too! My little guy who will be 4 in 19 days says in his adorable, raspy voice, "mommy, are you going to die?" Omg! He saw my drain with fluid in it and of course it's a pinkish red so he thinks I'm bleeding. Awww. Of course I'm not baby...He says ok and walks off...is it crazy that I think that's cute? Lol

coughing fit

Out of nowhere I just started coughing. Omg, the pain! Excruciating pain! Somehow I got myself to stop. I couldn't get a pillow on my tummy fast enough though. Ugh, this is not easy!

First look!

pain, pain go away!

Ugh! My doc upped my pain meds. Now I'm on 5mg valium and 10-325 percocet. We'll see how this works. I was barely getting relief from the lower doses. He's extremely happy with how my tummy looks. He just kept saying that this is swollen! It's hard in this moment to see down the road but I know this too shall pass! One thing when the nurse was putting ointment around my drain site it burned like hell! I made her wipe it off. It feels better now but man did that hurt! And I couldn't stand having the binder off, even for 10 minutes. This binder is my new best friend!

slept all day..

All I did was sleep all day today. I missed a dose of percocet but took it as soon as I woke up. I guess I needed sleep so it's a good thing. This is much harder than I expected.

drug induced stuper..

So I've been taking my pain pills round The clock since I've Been home Monday. I've been sleeping all day yesterday and so far today except to eat. When should I cut back to see if I can handle the pain?

pics from day 3

Just a pic from cleaning my bb and drain site..

extra strength Tylenol

So my last dose at 3pm I took Tylenol. My pain seems manageable. I may take a Valium to sleep tonight. I feel like I'm standing up a little straighter too. Maybe just maybe I've turned a corner??

I pooped, lol

So I had my first bowel movement. Luckily it was painless thanks to all the stool softeners!

Can't imagine eating a salad right now..

As healthy as I was eating before my surgery I can't even imagine eating grilled chicken or a salad at this point. I'm so sick of water too. My ps told me to eat whatever I can keep down at this point and get back on track as I feel better. I've been eating hard boiled egg whites and some fresh fruit. But I had a pb and jelly sandwich and grilled cheese! I know if won't kill me but I've been so strict with my diet I don't want to ruin it!
It's amazing what you think about when you have so much time on your hands.

My kids!

Dear god please, please make them stop! They are giving my mother in law such a hard time. They argue over everything, everything! I'm trying to just rest and stay out of it. But it's very difficult. Ugh! I want to scream!

My first shower!

Thank god for best girlfriends! My bff made my first shower a breeze. Although I'm now completely exhausted. She is now making me lunch. We took some pics. I'll post them now. I feel like I could sleep for the rest of the day...

After shower pics..

I slept through 2 doses of meds!

Omg, I slept through 2 alarms overnight. One for my antibiotics and the other for pain pills. Lord am I paying for it now! It hurts. Really bad. Playing catch up sucks! I took a Valium along with my percocet do hopefully it'll just knock me out!
I know it's worth it, I just keep telling myself that!

Holy swelling!

I'm resting in my recliner, eating healthy, low sodium, drinking tons of water, walking every hour or so. I'm very very tired. Here's a pic from before and 2 days after...

Going crazy!

Is anyone else going crazy not being able to do anything for themselves? I feel helpless! I want to be able to just get up and do what needs to be done! I had no idea it would be this hard! Grrrr!

Post op day 7, a better day..

So today I'm feeling better as far as my tummy tuck goes. My back on the other hand is another story. Even with the walker it's killing me. I haven't even felt like I need a Tylenol for my tummy. I may take one just for my back though. I'm going to attempt another shower today but this time going to try and shave...I'll let you know how that goes, lol
My swelling has gone down a tad bit. I also forgot to mention I got my period early so that may have added to the swelling. My next follow up appointment is tomorrow at 4:15. Hopefully my drain will come out. I've yanked it a few times while milking it, ugh. I just want it out! I can't wait to feel more normal. I did help my mil get my kids lunches made this morning. Other than my back hurting and tiring me out really fast I feel like it wasn't too much. I've been in my recliner the whole time! Other than walking to the bathroom or just stretching my legs walking to and from the kitchen. When I first wake up in the morning I feel a little stiff but I am able to stretch my body without stretching my arms over my head if you know what I mean... I will take more pics today after my shower. Thanks for reading and for all of your encouragement!

shower day!

I took a shower by myself. It was a very long and slow process. It took me one hour! And guess what I forgot once I got in the shower? Soap! Lol, so I just let the warm water wash over me. Also I attempted to shave. I missed a few spots but I do feel better. ..I couldn't get any pics though. I just didn't have the energy. I'll have my husband take pics later. Although I don't think they'll be much different than the other day. It definitely wiped me out! I need to get a cream for my back pain...I don't like taking pills at all. So I haven't even taken a Tylenol today. I feel totally fine with that. Other than my kids fighting since they've walked in the door I feel much better!

2nd post op visit. .

Well I still have my drain. Yesterday I put out 38cc of fluid and he wants less than 30 for 2 days in a row. For the past 24 hrs I put out 20cc. I have a tentative appointment for Thursday but we have to wait and see. He's pretty sure by Friday it'll be out. But of course we don't want to rush anything. He's thrilled with my results so far. I did get a blister from the tape. He said it'll just go away by itself. When my tape was removed it just felt weird. Same when he clipped my sutures. My tummy just feels weird. I don't know how else to describe it. I really don't like having my binder off. Sometimes I loosen it to breath deeper but it definitely helps me feel secure. My incision looks great on the ends but in the middle I thought I split it or something. He said that's totally normal and everything looks fantastic. I'm allowed to gently exfoliate with gauze over my incision and bb. Now when the nurse was cleaning it THAT'S really felt odd. I'm still numb so I guess that's why. ..He said nothing about standing straighter yet. Also he told me I can partially lay on my side to alleviate my back pain. Stuff a pillow under one butt cheek essentially. Now i just have antibiotic ointment on my incision with non stick pads covering it then my binder on holding it all in place. I felt ok in the car and ate sitting at the table when I got home. But now I'm exhausted! The nurse assured me every day I'll feel a little better. I know I will. It's just hard to imagine giving baths and cooking dinner again. ..I'll attach pics...thanks again for all the advice and support!

Post op day 9

So today I definitely feel like I'm moving around better. Still don't feel like I could drive or put on makeup without taking lots of breaks. But moving around the house much better. I took some pics this morning. I will post. I know I have a long way to go. So far I can't complain. I weigh myself daily so I can keep track of swelling. I was 142.4 this morning with my binder and clothes on. I know I'm not even close to my final results so I figure I'll end up in the mid 130's and that's being all flabby from not working out, lol.
That'll be almost a 20lb weight loss from when I started eating clean july 19th. Yes, I'll never forget that date. We've all had our moments but yes, I'd do it again! I'm still putting out 35cc in my drain so I need to call my nurse Fri am and let her know what the prior 24hrs put out. It looks like Monday worst case scenario. Is it annoying? Yes. But I'd rather not have swell hell! Lol
I know that can still hit so I'm eating low sodium and healthy. Hope everyone is having a great, healing day! And to those who haven't had surgery yet the best thing you can do is read every one's journeys! We are all different but it really helps to know what the possibilities are! It's helped me tremendously!


Omg, I just sneezed for the first time! Don't do it! I didn't even think about it...but when I felt it coming I said "oh no" out loud, I'm all alone, lol!
It hurt! I actually took off my binder to feel my stitches to make sure they didn't pop, lol
Sounds silly but it hurt that bad! Just stop it if you can!

went out for the first time. ..

My bff took me to the pharmacy today. I was out for about 30 minutes. I leaned on a carriage when I needed to. It felt good to get out but I've been in my recliner since! But I think just moving around a little more each day is a good idea to build up stamina. ...

overdid it today!

Between the sneeze and the going out to the pharmacy plus doing more around the house I'm definitely feeling sore tonight. And I just yelled at my girls who were tucked in over an hour ago! I'm sick of no one listening and I basically can't go upstairs and do anything about it! And it hurt to yell which pisses me off even more! Just having a hard night...

slept on the couch

Last night I couldn't stand to be in my recliner again. So me and my pillows moved to the couch. It was very comfortable bc I could stretch out a little more plus I could lay tilted to one side better. I'm still very hunched so I can't stand up or walk for long. I got a blister from my tape which the ps said was normal and it would go away on its own. It definitely is healing but it hurts. It's very uncomfortable. Today I weigh 141 fully dressed with binder on. Definitely flabby though. Yuck, lol...Can't wait to be able to stand up straight and just take a walk! I'll take more pics after my shower later..

day 11 post op..

Feeling pretty good today. I was able to make my kids lunches and breakfast this morning. My mil still comes over to help which is great bc I've only been upstairs twice. So she gets their teeth brushed and helps get them dressed. Trying not to put too much pressure on my incision.
I am having a small issue with one suture. It's right under my left boob and it's sticking into me and it hurts! I can actually feel it bc I have thin skin. Don't know if there will be anything that can be done about that without a scalpel being involved? Hmmm. .I may be getting my drain out today. I have a call into the office. I am getting my hair washed and flat ironed today at the salon. I'm so looking forward to that! I took a shower yesterday but I couldn't get any good pics so I'll try again later. I'm happy to report that I weigh less today then I did on surgery day! Happy healing!

Holy s#@t! My drain removal HURT!

I've done so much research on the tummy tuck procedure for many months prior to my surgery. All aspects including drain removal. Well the only comments I recall about drain removal are "it's a weird feeling" "It doesn't hurt at all" "my tummy was numb so I didn't even feel it"
Well let me tell you that's not my experience at all! I'm sure there are different types of drains. Mine was very long, flat and wide! So the nurse comes in and tells me to exhale repeatedly fast until she tells me to stop. Like when you're giving birth...so she starts pulling! Shit! It took 7 long exhales! If felt like a major burning sensation at the incision. I immediately broke out into a cold sweat! The nurse felt really bad. She said that is absolutely the worst part of the surgery. .I totally agree! So my ps comes in and says he hides until the nurses are done taking out the drain bc it makes his patients hate him for the moment. .obviously he was being funny, but it really did hurt. Since I don't read anyone having an experience like me I wouldn't worry about it at all.
As far as everything else he's thrilled with my results so far. I'm down 2 lbs from my surgery day weight. He keeps telling me I'm still puffy so I'm going to look absolutely amazing when I'm healed. Since I have no more drain now I need to be very aware of overdoing it. Obviously since I've lost weight already swelling hasn't been an issue. I also believe 100% since I didn't need lipo that made all the difference. He wants me to keep putting neosporin on my incision and cover it up. Every few hours he wants me to take off my binder for a few minutes. I was out of it at his office for about 20 min and I was ok with that. Last week I was not so I see progress there. I drove myself today for the first time and I felt fine doing it. Moving really slow in and out of truck. But now I'm absolutely exhausted! He said I can try standing up straighter but it'll be 2 or 3 more weeks before I find myself standing totally straight. I go back to him next Thursday so he said he will discuss releasing me for more activities. Thanks for reading!

13 days post op!

I slept in my bed last night for the first time! It took a few minutes to get all the pillows situated properly but once I was comfortable I slept all night. My butt and back were really not liking the recliner anymore. I'm honestly feeling great compared to a week ago! I don't want to jinx myself but I've had zero issues with swelling. I swelled up 7lbs by day 4 and then it just all went away. I weigh 2lbs less than surgery day. 137.4! That's with my sweats with my binder on! I'm thrilled with my results so far. My incision is healing nicely. I still have my blister that is slowly healing. It hurts in that spot. Well I should say it's tender. But other than that I have no pleating or raised parts. I'll post some pics from this morning. I was sitting down. My belly is gone! Sometimes I still can't believe it!

2 weeks post op!

My how time flies! 14 days post op today. Got the kids off to school all by myself today. Definitely feeling stronger each day. My mil is here doing laundry, life saver she is! I know I'm not even close to 100% but what a difference from a week ago! I'm going food shopping today. Not buying water bottles or anything, I'll take it slow but it's been 2 weeks and my fridge is bare! You'd think my husband would care, lol...Some men! Well I took pics last night I will post. I know swelling can hit at anytime but I've been lucky so far. I'm definitely puffy but I'd still take this any day over prior to surgery. Even if this was my end result! Which of course I know isn't even close. ..I go back to my ps on Thursday. He said he'll release me for more activities. Sounds good to me but I know the bottom line is listening to my body. Happy healing everyone!

One more pic...

overdid it!

I went food shopping earlier. I had double the amount of bags since I told her to keep them light. My back was and still is on fire! The blister spot on my incision isn't too happy either! I'm definitely swollen and feel tighter for sure! Note to self. ...you are not fully healed! Just bc you feel better doesn't mean you're 100%! Slow down!

left handed compliments.....

Since I'm just getting out and about these past few days no one has really seen me besides my bff and some family. Sooo I've been hearing a lot of, "you're wasting away" or "your face is so thin" or "you were already tiny before surgery"! People! I was 153lbs before surgery! I'm 136lbs today! No where near wasting away! I understand it's a pretty good weight loss and I'm thrilled, I also get how when you don't see someone for a while the change in appearance can seem significant. Also my mom loves to tell me how "gaunt" my face looks and my eyes look tired! No shit woman! I'm pushing too hard bc you didn't seem to want to hold up your end of the bargain! If you read my journey you'll notice I'm always saying how my MIL is a saint! Don't get me wrong, me and my mom are close but she's the Nonna who takes the grandkids to NYC for the opera and ballet. On my 7th day post op she was supposed to pick up the kids from school and make dinner. She picked up the kids but said she had to leave. I said I though she was making dinner. ..her answer...I thought you'd be doing more at this point!! Ugh! I really think she feels like that "caretaking" part of her life is in the past...ok. This turned into a rant, lol
I just wish people would keep their comments to themselves! I didn't ask you how I looked did I?

Patience my dear!

I had another follow up today. I had a very small seroma, less than 5cc's after he started to drain it. I didn't feel a thing. So strange! I almost can't stand when they touch my tummy! Anyway, he's thrilled with my progress. I'm still puffy. Will be for a long time. He said at this point I can start scar treatment on my bb and the outside of my incision. I still need to put neosporin on the center of my scar. Just vitamin E cream with hydrocortisone cream over it. Also wants me to fold up my abd pads to put some pressure on my tummy. Next week he wants me to start sucking it in a little to get my posture back plus start to strengthen my muscles slowly. He still wants me to squat rather then bend and not to twist too much. I haven't at all anyway. At this point he said patience my dear, patience!
On a side note my father in law asked me how many sutures I have inside. ..I had no clue til I asked my surgeon. 1,000!
Wow! He said he loves it, could do it in his sleep and his hands tighten up when he goes on vacation! Lol
I can tell he really loves his work! Lucky me! I go back in a week. I'll take pics later. Thanks for reading! This surgery is the best thing I've ever done!

New pic

old friend...

I ran into someone I haven't seen in probably 2 years. She noticed how I was walking and asked me if I was ok. I told her I had a tummy tuck. She was so happy for me but of course the usual,"you didn't need it". What was funny was she told me how great I looked and noticed my weight loss right away. But every time she complemented me she immediately said,"not that you didn't look great before" or something to that affect. Someone who realizes some complements can come across as insults, lol
My kind of friend. ..
I'm definitely feeling more swollen and my back is killing me by this time of night. I can't imagine the days when this subsides....still wouldn't change a thing!

tender spot

I've posted in the past how the spot where my blister was on my incision was pretty painful. Well I realized last night that my blister is completely gone. It has nothing to do with that. It's my cg hitting the same spot continuously. I feel like I have a bruise under my skin. It's tender to the touch. I'm hoping I can change to a different cg this week. My ps hasn't mentioned anything about that but maybe it I tell him how bad it hurts he'll let me. I see a bunch of you get to wear different garments at different stages. It's incredible how our surgeon's are all over the map in so many ways! Continued happy healing to all!
Also my son's 4th birthday party is tonight. Getting my house ready last night, baking and more cleaning today=extremely aching back! Ugh!


Thank god for my cg because it's holding up my pants, lol!
Right now I have 2 of my kids in babysitting at shoprite and my other at gymnastics. I'm sitting in the dunkin donuts relaxing, drinking my green tea and resting my back before hosting 28 people tonight! Peace!

Thank you all!

Thanks to everyone who wished my baby a happy birthday! He's 4 tomorrow! Can't believe it! Party was great, yes I overdid it but the way I pay for it is in my back. I'm sitting with the heating pad right now.
There was a lot of "don't do too much" from people watching me from their seats, lol.. of course my mil was a huge help. I couldn't cut the ice cream cake! You don't realize how much you use your stomach muscles to cut into an almost frozen cake! Lucky for me she took over. Cleaned up for me. Even loaded the dishwasher!
My mom on the other hand commented again at how gaunt I look and she hopes I'm going to gain back a few pounds..Also said my nose will start to look too big for my face if i keep losing. To be a complete wise ass I told her I'll get a nose job next! I told her what I tell my kids...If you don't have anything nice to say keep it to yourself!
My brothers wife said "you look soo skinny!" In that you don't look so good tone. You know that tone....
My uncle's wife said "once you hit 40 what does it matter!?" Are you effing kidding me! Don't even get me started! Go stuff your face and have another bottle of wine! No discipline whatsoever! This coming from a woman who did everything she could to land a rich man, used to be arm candy, then once she had a kid let if all go to shit! I'm so done with everybody! It's a good thing I don't let anyone influence me in my decisions..I'm so happy I did this, wait til summer! Family pool parties are gonna be awesome, lol
So glad I have all of you on here :)

3 weeks post op!

I can't believe how fast time is passing. Yesterday was the first day I didn't have horrible back pain. I'm almost straight. Thursday I have another appointment so he'll give me the go ahead to try and straighten up 100%. I'm so thrilled with my results so far. No matter what anyone says, I did this for me and I couldn't be happier. I have started scar treatment everywhere except my vertical incision. Even at 3 weeks my scar is great! No redness, no bumps. I feel it ever so slightly when I put my treatment on it. I'm using vitamin E with hydrocortisone 1%. I couldn't be happier with my choice of surgeon as well. Worth every last penny!

Happy, Happy, Happy!

I had my 3 week post op appointment today. He released me to do some light arm and leg weights at the gym. Nothing hard core yet. I go back in 4 weeks. He said he'll release me to start core workouts then. He also told me to start wearing the high waist spanx. So I hit kohls on the way home. I got one spanx and 2 maidenform. I am to wear them all the time. He still wants me to wear my binder on top of the spanx when I go to sleep. I've been sleeping in my bed for 2 weeks. Still have pillows under my knees but I'm not propped up as high under my head. I am to start taking a deep breath in and hold it for 10 seconds to engage my muscles again. I can do that as much as I please. He also said that will get my last bit of posture back to 100%. He said I am a superstar patient! I feel like a superstar! I'm healing perfectly! I can start massaging my scar as well. Also,he informed me today that included in my cost are 3 Vaser shape treatments! Now I see part of the reason he's very expensive compared to other surgeons. I know those treatments are expensive. But he was worth every last cent! So that will help with my scar and swelling for sure...I was wearing (kinda, they were falling off) jeans to his office today. They couldn't get over my weight loss results along with my tummy tuck. I literally can pull my jeans on and off without unbuttoning them! I am down 4 pants sizes! I haven't felt this good in years! I will post pics...thanks to all who read my journey. I really appreciate all your comments! I hope you are all healing happily! And to those waiting to get on the flat side, don't regret your decision for a second! It will be the best decision you ever made!

3.5 weeks post op pics

My measurements day prior to surgery...
Under boobs-26 3/4" today the same
Waist at bb 29 3/4" today 27"
Hips 38" today 37.5"
I need to find my measurements prior to my weight loss. They're around here somewhere, lol
Needless to say I'm thrilled! My ps said I still have a long way to go still! I can't even believe it!

pics not uploading.

Will try again later.

3.5 weeks post op...

Trying on pants for the first time! Very exciting!

Thank you to everyone for your encouraging and sweet comments!

You guys are the best!

dressed for the first time in clothes that fit!

I've scheduled my appointments for my Vaser shaping. She told me to start massaging twice a day downward and out towards the top of my thighs since we have lymph nodes there. I've been doing my sucking in exercises too and I sware I already see a difference in the way my tummy was feeling. Not so numb and weird as it was. It doesn't bother me to touch it anymore. The spanx are not as comfortable as I thought. I need a thong, the full bottom keeps giving me a wedgie, lol
Not sure if they make a thong style. ..
I bought a medium bc I figured the small would be too tight on my legs, but it's a little long in the torso and bunching under my bra and it's driving me nuts! I weigh 135 now and I sware I'm losing it only in my face! Lol, I really need to get these thighs back under control!
I hope everyone is healing great! Thanks for reading!

4 Mondays ago!

I can't believe my surgery was 4 weeks ago! Time flies for sure. Overall I think I'm having an excellent recovery. Besides the first couple of days being uncomfortable and the back pain from hunching, I think it's worse in our minds prior to surgery than the reality. At least that is my experience. I definitely have the puffiness down below, lol
I know in time that will all go away. I'm so thrilled to just be rid of that damn pooch! I took some pics in my old bikini bottoms to see how they cover my scar. I'm very happy to report they totally cover the horizontal incision and my vertical peaks out a little at this point. And I don't care! By next year it should be a very thin white line. Granted these are from my younger days so I'm not even sure they are appropriate for a mother of three who's almost 42...lol. I was just so curious. We were going to Vegas in december but I changed it to a real vacation in punta cana! More fun for everyone! Plus it's my 10 year wedding anniversary. I want to be in the carribbean! Not some casino!
At this point I am 100% standing upright, I can sleep on my side in bed though I am still propped up. Haven't tried laying flat yet. Driving is totally comfortable, I'm doing laundry but not carrying the basket, just the clothes. Normal household chores are no problem. Still haven't had sex yet. MY husband is afraid of hurting me...He just can't control himself to take it easy, lol..
I'm heading back to the gym in the morning. Nothing crazy, just light weights starting with legs..my god do they need exercise! You'll see in the pics!
Pics not posting again! I'll try tomorrow.


Pictures still won't post. I'll try again later. .
I walked at 10% incline at 3mph (slow) for 30 minutes today. Felt completely fine. My husband yelled at me to start off easy! So I listened. For once. Haha
I need to tighten my butt and legs. The steep incline should work since I can't do weighted squats yet. I am doing bodyweight squats though. Anything is better than nothing at this point...hope you're all feeling great!

Let's try this again!

Trying on old bikini bottoms! I never got rid of them knowing that someday I'd get back to my old self! You'll notice my vertical incision peeks out a little. I plan on wearing skin colored silicone scar tape over my entire incision to make sure it doesn't get any sun. No, I don't care if people see it!
Ok, pictures are still not posting and now I'm getting aggravated!

It must be my phone!

I do everything from my phone. I know how to post pictures but it isn't working. I'm going to contact RS. This is getting ridiculous!

pics finally!

I've noticed in the past few days my puffiness is getting worse. I'm almost 5 weeks and besides weightlifting I'm back to normal. Maybe just doing too much but there is no slowing down with 3 kids!

You are all too kind!

To those of you who made those really nice, flattering comments, thank you! You sure know how to make a girl feel great! But I do have puffiness. My stomach feels really, really hard and it is puffed out from my Ken doll vaginal up, lol
I sware! My ps said it'll take a while to dissipate. I'm starting my Vaser shaping treatments Oct 28th. Hopefully will make a difference. I'll see if I can get a picture. ..thanks again! You are all beautiful inside and out! I'm so glad to share this experience with you!


Proof of puffiness!

disbelief. ..

Even though I'm down 18lbs and had my tummy tuck almost 5 weeks ago I still can't believe the way I look. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. Yes, I have swelling still but it's still looks much better than I looked before. I look in the mirror a thousand times throughout the day to make sure my tummy is still gone! Most of my pants are useless now, they are falling off :)
I went shopping and am a size 6 or 7 in jeans depending on the brand. And the waist is still a little loose! Thanks to my dad for his thighs, lol...I am now a size 4 in dresses.
I'm maintaining 135. I think it's a good weight for me. I'm eating plenty of clean, healthy food. I don't feel deprived at all. If I want something sweet I eat fruit and it does the trick. The only thing I really need to do now is get my behind back to the gym! I need to make it part of my routine again. I need my legs to match my tummy!
This has truly been life changing for me. I'm so grateful to have the means to afford the surgery plus the support of my husband, kids and especially my mother in law. The support from you, my RS family has been imperative in my recovery as well. I'm grateful to those especially who keep up with posting their journeys months and even years later. So when I'm ever in doubt about my swelling I look at someone who is 6 months out and am reassured it really does go away!
I hope everyone is having a fantastic recovery and those waiting to get on the flat side, you won't regret it for a second!
Thank God for skilled, board certified plastic surgeons too, lol

First cycle. .

So I finally got my period since my surgery. It's off by a week...The first 2 days I was a little more swollen but all over my tummy evenly. Tonight I'm swollen only over my belly button. .strange. has anyone experienced this? I'm guessing it's from my cycle. .

ridiculous swelling!

I am sooo swollen from my period I can't even suck it in! My stomach feels so tight, like it's going to explode! I feel like I just took 2 steps backwards! It better go away!

At least. ..

Well at least I'm getting my arms back :)

Some people. .

Some people would never consider cosmetic surgery. Some people would spend thousands on a purse but not a procedure. Some people are judgemental of those of us who elect to have surgery. Some people think we took the easy way to get our bodies back (ha! If they only knew!) Some people will talk behind our backs. Some people will think we are selfish. Some people will be envious but never admit it. Some people will be happy for us. Some people will ALWAYS have something to say about anything. Are you happy? I know I am! Some people can try to find happiness by eating their way through the pantry, buying more stuff, drinking themselves stupid...We chose to live life feeling good, hell, great about ourselves! We deserve it! Keep moving forward, healing in a positive mindset. ...keep the negativity out of your process!
You won't be sorry!


Today I got my first brazilian wax since my surgery. I'm almost 6 weeks (Monday) and my surgeon said that would be plenty of time. I was a little nervous but it was fine. Felt the same and she was careful when she got close to my incision.

change. not tummy tuck related.

I've never colored my hair. Since I'm all about feeling great and making positive change I figured why not...it's only hair. Time for some fun. It may not be everyone's cup of tea but I love it. I did a test strip to make sure I will really like it. I'm going for it Tuesday next week...

6 weeks (tomorrow)

I got through my first cycle and it pretty much sucked. I was so swollen! I went up 1-2lbs and I think it was all in my tummy! Also, which was kind of dumb of me, but I started lifting (light) weights at the same time. So I'm not sure if that had anything to do with the swelling. I was doing different kind of squats holding 10lb dumbbells. ..anyway the swelling is gone now. I am still wearing my high waisted compression underwear 24/7 and my binder over it at night. My binder is now a little too big, it definitely doesn't compress like it did but I think it's mental at this point. I don't go back til Nov 12th so I'm just going to keep doing what he told me to do until I see him. Yesterday I bought a pair of jeans at Macy's without trying them on. I guessed I was a 6 in Inc brand. I was wrong! The waist is so huge! But of course my usual problem. Legs feel comfortable. Waist is huge. All I can do is try the 4 and hopefully the legs won't be to tight. Oh the problems, lol.
As far as activities go I am completely back to normal (sex too) except for the weightlifting. I can sleep flat and on my sides. I'm not a stomach sleeper so I haven't tried that. I'm still using my shower seat to shave my legs but that's just laziness, ha! My tummy is still numb of course but doesn't bother me to touch it. Besides the blister scars along my incision I think it's a great scar. Honestly as long as it was able to be hidden under my underwear and bathing suits I really didn't care what it looked like. My vertical incision is healing very well already. As long as I keep it out of the sun I have no doubt it will be a super thin white line.
Honestly I feel like a new person! I have my confidence back 100%. To put everything and anything on and not have the bulge to ruin the look of the outfit feels incredible! The pictures are from this morning. ..happy Sunday!


This is why I needed to get my "old" self back! :)

realself, wtf!?

I'm getting zero notifications, I see rs changed their site...why? Ugh!
I am not ignoring any comments, just need to check my profile more often...

new pics..

My red hair!
Funny, every man has told me how great it looks. My family and some friends love it but of course there are "those" women you feel the need to make a comment like, it looks like 2 different shades (it is) and "I'm going to have to get used to it" to which my reply is "no you don't! " ha!
I love it!

comparison pics..

I've come a long way! I need to do another collage of some weeks in between. It's amazing how much swelling has gone down....

Vaser shaping. .

I'm 7 weeks and one day post op. I'd say I feel about 90%..I can do my everyday activities but the workouts are not 100% yet. I still feel numbness of course and the occasional twinge here and there if I twist or turn too quickly. But overall I feel fantastic! I had my first of 3 Vaser shaping treatments today. It's basically a massage with a warm ultrasound device. It felt good. It's supposed to loosen up swelling and any scar tissue build up. My scar is completely flat so that's not an issue. But my swelling of course comes and goes. But it's still a million times better than before surgery! She told me to massage twice a day especially at night. I still have swelling that will go away...issue may take a few months but to me I'm thrilled even at this point. I'm so grateful to my surgeon. He gave me my confidence back!


I'm a little over 2 months post op and overall I'm thrilled with my results. But the swelling in my tummy is ridiculous. My weight is stable at 135 but I Get this crazy swelling over my bb. I think it's from the waistline of my pants or my compression garments. My pants are not tight but it's where the waistline hits. They are 2 to 3 inches loose but I still get it. It's obvious to me and I don't know if I'm going to ruin my results. I go back to the dr on wed so I'll definitely ask him. I stopped wearing all but one of my garments. The one I wear now is a spanx but like a control top panty hose to the thigh. The panels on the other types seem to indent me in weird spots.
It's freaking me out! I have a very clean, low sodium diet. When will this swelling ever stop! I know it's a long recovery, it's just amazing how long it really takes to heal on the inside. It's hard to see in a pic but I'll try to post one later. Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!

9 weeks and 2 days post op...

I had another Vaser shaping treatment yesterday. The massage feels good but I really don't notice a difference in swelling. Although I expect to be dealing with that for many months.
I had another post op appointment today with my ps. He absolutely without a doubt said I am his best patient ever! I listened to every instruction he gave me to the letter. I did everything I could to be at my best weight before my surgery and continue to live a clean lifestyle after. I am maintaining a perfect weight for me. He and his nurses really made me feel great about myself. He said he's putting me on his website for sure. I get my after pics at 6 months. I go back to see him at the end of January. He gave me 2 more Vaser shaping treatments as well. I have one more from the first batch he said was included in my surgery fee. He put his hands around my waist and they were almost touching! I found my old measurements prior to my weight loss and my waist was a 32! Now I'm a 26! Holy shit! Lol
For our 10 year anniversary we are going to the Dominican Republic the first week of December. He asked how my husband looked and I said he has a sick body, that's why I needed my tummy tuck, lol..
So he said now I had a sick body to match and he expects bikini pics sent to his office from vacation! Of course with my husband in the pics...no funny business. I think he's just really proud of his work and appreciates the fact that I was dead serious about getting the best results possible.
I'm also free from wearing any spanx except when I go to the gym. Good news bc I was getting sick of them!
He also told me to expose my scar to the sun on Vacation. Cover it up with sunblock but to get it tan. Research shows that the uva and uvb rays actually help to heal it. Old school is to cover it up. Definitely don't get a sunburn on it but tan it..I was happy to hear that!
I'm still puffy and swelling comes and goes but he said for 2 months out I'm looking incredible. I'm a really good healer and I know that plays a role. Well that's all for now. Thanks for reading. I'll post again at 3 months after I get home from vacation. Continued happy healing to all and those waiting to get on the flat side good luck! It's all worth it!

new pics

9 weeks and 2 days post op. ..

gym @ 9 weeks 5 days.

Today I hit the gym very hard. I feel 100% normal. I did not work my core specifically but it was Obviously being engaged in my other exercises. I did a total body workout. It felt great! I jumped right back in using my pre surgery weights. also did some kettle bell workouts the past few days at home. My 16kg bell didn't bother my tummy at all. Gotta get my legs to match my arms! Hopefully get them a little tighter before we get to the DR!

running and Vaser shaping. .

I ran 2 miles on the treadmill last night. I felt great. No cg! I want to lose about 5 more lbs so running is in order. Trying to get the fat off then build up my muscles. My legs are a mess compared to the rest of me now, lol.
Also had another Vaser shaping treatment this morning. My swelling seems to sit over my bb the past week. Strange. .I have 2 more treatments. Do I see a difference? No. But it feels good. I'd never pay separately for these treatments.

Victoria's Secret

I went to VS to get fitted for a bra. I couldn't fit into them in the past but I figured with my weight loss and shrinkage, lol, they may fit. I measured at a 32DDD but they still don't fit properly. But the point of this story is the girl fitting me called me TINY! she saw me with no shirt on helping me with the fit and she kept telling me how tiny I was! I was in heaven, lol.
It's amazing how I still see the 153lb girl in my mind, not the 133lb girl...
Now i understand how a person with an eating disorder who is rail thin still sees themselves as fat...
Also I've been running. Honestly I haven't done it regularly in years and I ran 3 miles last night without getting winded at all. I said something to my husband and he said losing 20lbs makes a big difference. I didn't even think of that! Must be true..
I'll post another round of pics later. Happy healing everyone!


Tomorrow is my 42nd birthday. Yesterday was my husband's 40th. I had a party for him at home. Basically a thanksgiving feast. Normally I eat low sodium diet. Yesterday I ate ham. And lots of it! I still skip the bad desserts and stick with fresh fruit. Well I am so frigging swollen today! Up 4 lbs! Wtf! I also have been running. Will that cause swelling? I ran 4 miles today to burn the calories off. I feel like crap! Great way to feel on my birthday eve.

Swell Hell

I was so concerned about my swelling yesterday I called my ps. I went from 133 to 138lbs overnight. I've been running and excercising but have felt fine. I have been eating very clean up until this past Saturday. I ate ham! I know it's loaded with sodium but didn't realize how much it would affect me. Anyway my ps told me to stop excercising for a few days and wear my binder overnight for a few nights to see if it helps. So today I am down to 135 again. Obviously it was swelling but I was so worried and upset. This recovery is definitely a long road and full of ups and downs. Now I know sodium will be my enemy for life. Ugh! Lesson learned!

The new me!

I feel like a million bucks! Thanksgiving day we all say what we are thankful for. ...not allowed to say family, that's understood. So I said I was thankful for being in a position to afford my surgery, to be blessed with an uneventful surgery and recovery. That I was lead to my surgeon with a few bumps in the road but Nonetheless Ended Up with the perfect one for me. Also for all the journeys I read on here preparing me for my own and all the people I follow and follow me, that you're a continuous support system in my healing process. Thank you all!

3 months post op..

Wow, 12 weeks have flown by! Healing nicely. Scar looks good. I remember reading at 3 months it looks the worst then starts looking better. Honestly as long as I can hide It I DON'T CARE! My only issue at this point is the swelling at and above my bb. My hubby says I'm the only one who notices it...but it makes my bb look weird. But I was told repeatedly the swelling can last up to a year. I'm still 100% thrilled with my results and would do it again in a heartbeat! To me it's like Child birth. You forget about the pain once you see your result. Leaving for the Dominican Republic tomorrow! Super excited to wear a regular bikini, no more boy shorts! Woo hoo!

size 4 skinny jeans!

Yes, I am now a size 4 in this brand. Skinny jeans! Woo hoo! Still has a gap in the waist too!

vacation. ..

Vacation was amazing! The resort was gorgeous and the weather was perfect everyday. ..not to mention I felt great sporting my bikinis. My ps was right about getting my scar tan, it blended my vertical scar nicely.
I ate as healthy as you can on vacation. The food was delicious but of course not "clean". I only worked out one day and had my fruity drinks while laying by the pool. I really enjoyed myself. I gained 2 lbs but already lost it. I must tell you I still only get swelling behind my bb. My incision stays flat. It's very strange. My next appointment is January 21st. I'll be asking about that...hope everyone is healing nicely!


The picture shows what I'm talking about. I'm not flat anymore! My husband thinks it's my organs! When I bend forward you can see a ridge. I'll get a pic of that later. I'm still eating clean! I know I'm being super critical but I was totally flat! Grrrrrr!

binder is my Best friend!

Since I was in a panic about my stomach yesterday I wore my binder to bed. Worked like a charm. Flat this morning. This recovery really is long with ups and downs! Back to the binder!

4 months! wow!

Today I had my 4 month post op appointment. My surgeon is thrilled with my results. He said my scar is at its ugliest right now. Doesn't bother me one bit. No one sees it. To me it's a scar, is there a pretty one? Lol..I get it. As long as it wasn't a botch job I'm ok with it. I asked about my upper abdomen swelling and he said I need to really concentrate on "sucking it in" and building up my core strength. So it's perfect timing that a new cko kickboxing is opening 2 miles away. Taking my first class tomorrow. He said I'm good to go just listen to my body. My eating is still on track and I'm 132-134lbs. Definitely need to workout consistently and make my bottom half look like my top half. Pants are a size 4. But I attribute this to my weight loss not tummy tuck. But it sure was my motivation! Since I didn't have lipo I don't have a dramatic hourglass look to my waistline but I'm very happy overall. I get my "after" pics taken in April. He already told me I'm going on his website. I'll post pics asap. Hope you're all continuing to heal and move forward doing what makes you happy! This was worth everything I went through for sure!

CKO Kickboxing

Today I took my first kickboxing class since my TT. I absolutely loved it! It was so much more than kickboxing. There was a lot of ab work, burpees, jumping jacks, laps, stretching, push ups, etc...I modified the ab work for sure. I did no crunches. Tried a plank and felt ok but then thought better of it and decided to just lay on my back and suck it in while everyone was doing the exercises the instructor laid out..I told him ahead of time about my surgery and he told me to do whatever I felt comfortable doing. During the bag work I did NOT take it easy. I was working at 100% and I felt great! I was kicking that bag full force and it didn't bother my stomach at all. I made sure I was sucking my abs in tight to engage the TVA (freedom20, thanks to you!!). I signed up for a year and my plan is to go at least 3 times a week. Then lift weights 2 days. They have kids classes every Saturday too. My kids will love it! I feel very tired tonight and a little swollen but nothing major. I'm hoping the more I work out the quicker my body will adapt and the swelling will be non existent. With my clean eating and all this working out I feel 100% I will attain my goal of being in the best shape of my life! Thanks for all your support and encouragement. I don't get on here as much as I'd like lately but I always look forward to everyone's updates and following your progress. It's so exciting to see everyone's changes!

4 month post op pics

Kickboxing/Exercising 4 months post op...

So I've been taking CKO kickboxing classes a few times a week and I feel great! The actual kickboxing doesn't bother me at all. I can kick the crap out of that heavy bag and it feels like I never had surgery! But we don't just kickbox. There is a lot of push ups, burpees, jumping jacks, running, squatting, and ABS!!!! When they are doing the ab exercises I totally do my own thing. They are completely uncomfortable and cause a ton of swelling. I just tell the instructors I had abdominal surgery a few months ago so they don't think I'm being rude. I know doing traditional ab exercises push them out anyway and that defeats the purpose of the TT surgery. So I just do my "sucking it in" or vacuum. Also doing push ups bothers my stomach so I modify by putting my knees down or doing them against the wall. Being 5 months post op you'd think my swelling and tenderness issues would be gone but they aren't even close. This recovery process really is a LOOONG road! Also when I have my period I gain 5lbs of water weight every month and my cycles are horrendous! Before I overhauled my eating habits they were like this. Prior to my surgery after I changed my eating habits I didn't even know I was getting my period. I'm eating clean still so it's very frustrating. The nurses keep telling me the surgery can affect our bodies in many ways and it may take a while to return to "normal". Feels like that's never going to happen! I hope everyone is continuing to heel well! I'll post pictures in April at my next post op visit when I get my "after" pics taken.

7 Months post op..

I've been working out really hard at the gym. As I go along I'm discovering what I'm still not able to do comfortably when it comes to my abdominal muscles. I can do zero isolated ab exercises. I can do any incline dumbbell/barbell exercise but nothing laying flat! If I go super light I'm ok but the reason I lift weights is for change. I don't do light...even after all this time I feel it when I sit up to get out of bed instead of rolling to the side. My ps did what I wanted for sure. Pulled me tight! ! Is this my new normal? For now it definitely is. I'm totally bloated from my menstrual cycle so I'm not posting any pics today. It's so bad I go up 5 lbs every month. I know it's water but it still pisses me off! Also since lifting again it makes me so hungry all the time! I know how to eat properly so it's not an issue physically but mentally it screws with me. I've been stuck on a number for so long it's hard to let that number go. I know it's how you feel and look not how much you weigh..especially when it comes to weightlifting, but in the beginning when the numbers go up it's hard. . Kickboxing is not an issue at all for my abs and I totally find that strange since getting out of bed still bothers me but I won't complain, lol
I haven't been getting any notifications for a few weeks so please forgive me if I haven't responded in the past..
I think about my RS family often! My after pics are April 17th. I'll post them when I get them...thanks for reading!

7.5 months post op

I had my "after" pics taken on April 17th....WOW! What a difference! I need to get copies sent to me and then I'll post the side by side. I can't believe I used to look like that, lol! I'm working out really hard at the gym. My PS says he can feel my ab muscles right under my skin so I'm working on getting my body fat lower so they will show themselves. I feel a difference even from 2 weeks ago when doing isolated ab exercises, they don't bother me anymore. I even started doing hanging leg raises! I can also lay flat and bench press or any other type of exercise that requires laying down and pushing weight. Not too long ago this really was uncomfortable! This recovery really is long but it does happen! He told me I was a "Superstar" and I told him he is a "superstar" maker, hahaha. This surgery was exactly what I needed to get me to be my best self. I see some of my RS sisters feel the same way and their transformations are incredible and totally motivating...You girls know who you are!! My whole life is changing for the positive! I feel so confident and it shows, my husband sure is happy I did this surgery now, lol! I vaguely remember the days he was against it.....My scar is healing very nicely. My ps gave me 3 micro needling sessions for my vertical scar. It doesn't bother me one bit but he said it will break up the build up of Scar tissue and redistribute the collagen so it softens up. They use it to treat acne scars on the face. Like I said, it doesn't bother me at all but he's a perfectionist and if he wants to give me free treatments I'll take it! I spoke to a prospective patient of theirs and after speaking with me she had her tummy tuck. They sent me $100.00 gift card to their medi spa. I wrote a piece for their blog about my experience and I'm also recording a video testimonial for their website and Facebook. I'm not on FB but I'll let you know when it's posted and you can check it out...I definitely made the right decision in choosing my ps. His whole office is amazing. I feel like I made lifelong friends. I want to have my boobs redone but I'm apprehensive about another recovery. I don't want to have to stop working out again! I wouldn't do that until next year anyway but I do need to start thinking about it seriously soon for scheduling.. I will post some pics asap. Thanks for reading!

pics at 7.5 months post op

Toms River Plastic Surgeon

From the moment he started talking I knew why he is on the NJ Top Doctors list..A true expert in his field. I feel 100% confident he can give me the results I am looking for. Extremely personable and down to earth. Office staff equally welcoming.

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