Upper Lid Bleph Scheduled...QUESTIONS??? - Wall, NJ

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I just turned 49 and am seeing the small changes...

I just turned 49 and am seeing the small changes related to aging almost everyday, and boy, does it suck!!! I've had several non-surgical procedures over the years, but never surgery. My eyes have been bothering me for a while, and I just decided to take the plunge and do something about it. I'm also looking for support...for someone who's had this done and only needed mild correction in the first place. There is that TINY voice inside me telling me it might be too early, and that's another reason I'm posting. However, it is bothering me enough so that I want to do something about it now, while it's not so noticeable. The thing is...it takes me soooo long to get ready in the morning to try and camouflage my small lids with an ever disappearing crease. I also noticed small fat pads in the corner of my eyes closest to my nose, and I'm starting to see my mother in my mirror! The combination of small lids with a high brow has made me start to sag in the outer corners as well. I will post pics soon, but would LOVE to hear people's stories regarding eyelid surgeries. I'm also scheduled to have laser done on my lower eyelids to tighten, since my doctor says I'm not a candidate for surgery there.

Another close up pic!!

Better pics!!

Trying to post photos without makeup. When I put makeup on, I THINK I can camouflage it...cheating, I know!!! I think we should all cheat a little!!!
Dr. Anthony Sparano

He is a facial plastic surgeon only, and his background is impeccable. He is not warm and fuzzy, however, and I'm typically drawn to that. He has a very busy practice literally FIVE minutes from my house, and he seems to know faces very well. He actually told me that the last filler I had was not placed correctly, but that I should just let it dissolve on its own, and he'll fix it sometime down the road. It has been bothering me for the last couple of months, and it was reassuring that he picked up on it. He also injected voluma( one vial) on my cheekbones last week and it looks amazing.

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