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Hello, I had the coolsculpting procedure done on...

I had the coolsculpting procedure done on my lower abs on April 24th, and my flanks on April 29th. I am 46 years old and in decent shape with stubborn fat around my abdomen. The procedure itself was not bothersome to me. A little strange at first on the lower abs, I compared it to getting a mammogram! It wasn't comfortable, but not painful. Especially after about 3 minutes, it was numb and totally fine. Afterwards I was a little swollen and sore, and the massage was uncomfortable again, but not painful. I was a little sore for about 4 days, and then the pain started. Like others have described, it was shooting, stinging, stabbing pains that got worse days 5 and 6. I could barely function and could not sleep. On a scale of 1-10 the shooting pains would be a 9. The only thing that really worked for me was ice. I used BioFreeze spray and took Motrin, but for the most part they only helped a little bit. I have a soft icepack that goes in a belt that I wore around my waist almost 24 hours a day for 4 days. The Dr's office gave me a prescription for a painkiller, but it didn't help the pain, just helped me sleep a little bit. By day 10 I felt much better and by day 14 it was gone. The pain was only in my abs, mostly lower. Flanks didn't hurt at all. As far as the pain goes, my advice is- BE PREPARED to be in pain between days 5-10. Not everyone has pain, but some people do, and if you think you'll have zero down time and no pain, you may be disappointed, scared, and angry if it happens. If you expect it to happen and it doesn't, all the better!! It's definitely a possibility, and they don't know why, so they won't be able to tell you if it will happen to you or not. As a matter of fact, they will likely tell you that you won't be in any pain at all. Hopefully, if you are doing research, you'll read reviews like these and won't have any surprises. If you are in pain now, just know that it WILL go away.
Results: I started seeing some results around 3 weeks. I am now 5 weeks and am very happy so far. Lost about 1/2 inch in lower abs and 3/4 in upper ab/flank area. Will try to post some pics, but had trouble in my first review and NOTHING showed up.
My advice about results: Also BE PREPARED that you may not have good results. In my extensive research I found an article by a physician that said 7 out of 10 people have good to very good results, but 3 of those 10 have no results at all. Again, they do not know why, so they won't be able to tell you if you'll have results or not. Definitely research your Dr's office and make sure whomever is doing the procedure has a lot of experience. It will make a difference in your experience and your results.
Also, I encourage people who have pain to report it to their physician's office, maybe if more people report the pain, the offices will be more forthcoming about the possibility of the pain after treatment.

4 weeks

8 Weeks

Went for my 8 week consultation today. So far I have good results, but one problem. There is one area that is either not responding, or responding much slower than the others, so there's a bulge. My technician didn't seem to have seen this before. She did say to wait another 4 weeks to see if it goes away, and if not I'll need one more treatment just in this middle area. You'll see in the pictures exactly what I mean. According to her measurements, I've lost 3 inches on upper abs (pretty much right under bra strap) and 2 on the lower abs (right across belly button). The loss on the upper abs is making the lower abs seem to protrude more. But you'll also be able to see that the very lower part of the abs is flatter, it's just the middle that is still there. I'm not sure what to think. It has shrunk a little, so I'm hoping that it will continue to shrink and the overall look will even out. Worst case scenario, I'll get one more treatment on that middle area.

second treatment today

So this week is 12 weeks since my first treatments. There was not much change since my 8 week follow up. I lost one more inch on my lower abs, for a total of 3 inches, upper and lower abs. I am up one pound since the 8 week follow up, and the pictures from 12 weeks looked the same (if not worse!) than the 8 week pics. I had a second treatment right in the middle ab area that was still not where I want it to be. It has improved in the last 4 weeks, but not as much as I'd like. SO, she used the large applicator again,which likely means pain again :( Going back in 4 weeks to check progress.

pain is back!

Today is day 6 and the pain is definitely back. Following pretty much the same pattern as the first time. I am in the stage now where I need to have ice on it 24/7 or it's almost intolerable. Very tolerable with the ice. I was not able to find many reviews about how the pain compared from first to second treatments. Maybe not many people who have this pain after the first treatment go ahead and have a second one! So if you're wondering if pain is the same the second time around-it is!! I think it's the large applicator that is the culprit though, so if you have a smaller one, you should be fine. I probably have 3 more days of this, I'll update when the pain subsides.

11 days post second treatment

Still in a TON of pain. So bummed and exhausted. Last time pain was done by day 10, this time, not even close. I have been icing so much my skin is permanently red and now swelling a little. Have to lay off the ice so got lidocaine patches AND a neurontin prescription today. Lidocaine patches have taken the edge off the pain a LITTLE bit, so I haven't been icing since I put it on. Since I've only taken one neurontin I don't expect that to be helping yet. I'm going to have to use ice tonight to sleep, there's no doubt, but I'm hoping the neurontin will kick in sometime tomorrow. This is absolutely brutal. BEWARE if you decide to do it. Almost everyone with the pain says it's done by day 14, so I'm hoping only a few more days of this.

Day 12

So today is better than yesterday. I think the neurontin is working. I am not pain free, but it's definitely under control and I can function and leave the house. The neurontin
makes me a little sleepy and slow, but I don't care! Much better than to be in intense pain. I am hoping I only need to take it for a few more days.

Day 14

Happy to report that I am feeling better and was even able to work out today, although I am not pain-free and am still taking the neurontin, but not using the lidocaine patches today. At least I am able to function and slept last night without any ice. I am still swollen and sore. Starting to massage the area with arnica gel in hopes to get the swelling to go down. This has definitely been a different experience the second time around. Pain and swelling lasting longer than I thought it would, but at least I am on the upswing.

Day 17

Day 17 post procedure and am off all the medications. No more shooting pains, but the area still somewhat sore. Swelling down but not gone. For anyone who experiences pain I encourage you to let your practitioner know and don't be afraid to ask for the medications. I was beginning to think the pain would never go away, but it does, just hang in there. Hopefully I will start seeing some results in the next 2 weeks and it will make all of this worth it.
Freehold General Surgeon

Dr. Nagy's office, technician named Alexandra. Very nice office, very professional, very helpful. Alexandra definitely knows what she's doing.

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