Periareolar Mastopexy w/ Silicon Implants after weight loss

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Never thought I would be back on realself writing...

Never thought I would be back on realself writing a review for another procedure, but here I am. It is surprisingly easy to stash away some money once you know how amazing you can look and feel for just a few thousand dollars. Just to recap on my journey thus far:
- in 2007 I graduated high school and weighed 220 lbs
- in 2008 my weight was up to 250 lbs
- in 2009 I got lap band surgery at my highest weight of 275 lbs
- in 2011 I weighed 175 lbs (100 lb weight loss), and got a Tummy Tuck & Lipo sculpting on flanks to correct excessive skin laxity on my belly. They removed 7 lb of skin!
- current weight: 165 lbs

December 2013 - Coming soon! Breast Lift/Augmentation, and Vaser Lipo.

So, not to sound like an addict, but I think it is time to fix one last detail of my body that needs some fixing up after the weight loss. At my highest weight, my bra size was a 42DD. Currently, I am wearing a Victoria's Secret 38B (which I hear run small), and its arguably a little too big on me. Due to the extreme size change, my breasts have lost all of their fullness and are looking limp, droopy, and honestly just plain sad. In a bra, my breasts fill out the bottom of the cup so much that they are spilling out the sides, but then I have an empty gap at the top where there is no breast tissue to fill out the cup. I have been measured for bras several different times, at different stores, tried different brands- really I know its just my oddly shaped, deflated breasts aren't working anymore.

Its not really the size being smaller than bothers me, its the sagging of the skin. Much like the skin on my abdomen after the weight loss, the skin on my breasts is stretched out from when they used to be bigger and it hangs now that there isn't as much volume. I think the sagging skin on my belly was more difficult to look at in the mirror, but now that it is gone I have become even more aware of how unattractive my breasts look. Additionally, the doctor who did my tummy tuck left an oddly placed fatty deposit across the top of my abdomen, under my breasts. I thought that was going to be addressed during the surgery, but it was left untouched and looks like a single roll at the top of my belly. Nearly impossible to get rid of with exercise, I have decided that my roll should be removed when I have my breasts done. I'm still only 24 years old and after all of my hard work, I really just want to be able to love what I see in the mirror.

I went to see two different doctors for consultations, and canceled the third because I know I have found my surgeon. Dr. Nagy in Wall NJ is definitely the right guy for the job. He suggested an areolar mastopexy lift to correct the sagging skin and avoid noticeable scars, a sub-glandular silicon breast implant to restore fullness, and Vaser Lipo to my upper abdomen to remove the unwanted fat left after previous surgery. My surgery is scheduled for December 30, 2013 and I CAN'T WAIT!

Morning after surgery...

I had a bilateral periareolar lift with silicone implants and vaser lipo to my upper abdomen just about 24 hours ago, and I am feeling VERY sore and uncomfortable. I only spoke to my doctor for a second after surgery and he said he went with 450cc implants. My mom said when the doctor spoke with her he mentioned that he had to do more of a lift than he anticipated because after the implants were in my nipples were pointing down due to the excess stretched skin at the top of my breast from my weight loss. He has to make an additional cut because he wasn't happy with the appearance and position of my nipples. I don't know what exactly that means for the scar/what type of incision and additional lift he did, or what it is going to look like, but I am certainly getting anxious to see what the scar will look like now. Haven't gotten to seen my boobs yet, not even a peak. This binder is on so goddamn tight I feel like I can hardly breathe, let alone attempt to see what the girls are looking like. My post-op appointment is in 2.5 hours though, so I can't wait to see the results.

As far as the pain goes, to my surprise the percocet is hardly taking the edge off of the pain, but the valium actually seems to be helping more because its relaxing my chest muscles. I'll post some pictures as soon as I can remove my mummy wrap and take a decent photo. Also, I have to say Dr. Nagy is probably the best doctor I could have asked for. I was vey anxious waiting to go into surgery, but as soon as he walked into the room his voice was so soft spoken and calming I felt completely at ease. My whole family loved him too, so it was nice going in and feeling like I was in good hands.

More updates to comeā€¦
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