My story with implants and extrusion scarring and implant removal

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My experience 15 years after breast implant...

My experience 15 years after breast implant removal due to an exposed implant. I had my implants removed at 23. I was left with a disfiguring scar on my right breast. My right lower breast tissue was removed due to the result of implant exposure. I also needed my chest scrapped of scar tissue. My original date for surgery to try and repair my breasts was in May. My Dr. Asked me to get a mammogram. I did and the results can back with lost of lumps in my tissue. They think it is from my past surgery's and asked me to wait six months and come back for more pictures. I am currently in the middle off my wait time.

Called Dr.s office to get my new pre-op appointment and surgery date....

The woman in charge of appointment's is currently out of the office. She is returning on July 24th. I am very excited to hear from her. I will post pictures of my current state with my scarring once I get back the results of my mammogram the first week of October. I posted a question for the Dr.s to answer asking if my situation is fixable. They sounded hopeful but they did not mention what I could expect specifically. Neither did my current Dr. The not knowing makes me very nervous. I am all around nervous since my experience with surgery had never been good. I am documenting the process in hopes to help women like myself know what they can expect if the have a similar situation since I can't find anyone who had a situation like mine then attempted to fix them. So I will attempt to tell my story including pictures. My next post will either be my full story or my surgery date let's hope both!!!!

I have my dates!!!!

Ok I only have a few minutes to post an update. I heard from the woman in charge of appointments today. I was very happy and excited to hear from her. So my pre - op appointment is October 23, 2013 in the morning. My surgery date is November 4, 2013. Omg! I am so happy and nervous. So I HAVE to quit smoking ASAP! That's the hardest part of all for me. I started again right after I had my son. I almost died in my delivery and I felt I deserved it. Stupid mentality I know......
So once I hear back from my mammogram the first week of October I will post my current pictures of scarred breast. Remember this is a repair on my breast of an implant that broke threw my skin and I had them removed and left with a disfiguring scar on the side it broke threw. That happened to me in 1999.
I did the rice test and my husband helped me pick a size. The doctor brings in three sizes to O.R. So it looks like I am going with 375 400 415. He picks the size that works best for me in surgery. I will mention my choices at my pre - op. Anyone know if this rice test is a good way to go? I put it in a sports bra. It looked pretty good. :)


Ok I just took a picture to post now. But it looks so bad. It will probably take all the way till October for me to get the nerve to post it.

Posting pics

This feels terrible

Every time I see these in pictures I wonder how I waited so long to fix them. They are so ugly. They were so beautiful prior to any surgery at all. Ladies just know this is a life time investment with boobs. You will not just have one surgery even in the best of circumstances. I am exhausted my little guy just learned how to crawl out of his crib so for the past week sleeping has not been good. I will tell my whole story soon.

Full story that brought me to this point

This is my attempt in telling a fifteen year old story. When I was about twenty years old I decided I wanted breast implants. I was about a 34 A. They were pretty little boobies and I thought how great would they look bigger. I had lots of girlfriends at the time and we all worked in a bar. Living the young woman's Jersey Shore beach life. I was the (at that time) the only young woman in this circle with the idea. Then a new girl came in and she had the most beautiful boobs. I gave her a compliment on them and she told me I could have them too. I asked how and she recommended her P.S. in Winter Park Florida. She mentioned how much less it would be if I went their than if I went to a P.S. in New Jersey. Which was true and as a young woman this sounded like a great idea. A vacation and boobs for less how could this be bad? I thought to my self. So I called P.S. saved up and asked my sis to come all expenses paid to have a bonding vacation at Disney if she would come with me and help take care of me after surgery. So she agreed.
Everyone I knew including my current boyfriend begged me not to do it since my itty bitty 's were so pretty the way they were. Now my sister was like a double D since birth it seemed and we were like one year apart in age. Went threw high school together, shared friends, boyfriends , same pretty looks and nice figures ...... All except the boobs. So I was always made fun everyone. "Where were my boobs" as funny as it was to them I wasn't laughing and got a complex.
So me and my double D sister left for Florida to get me some boobies. We actually call my sister D.D. So from now on in my post that's how I will refer to her. So D.D. And I head to the the surgeons office. Everyone was so great in the office. I meet the Dr. He was young, charming, handsome and professional. I felt very confident. I go in for surgery and wake up......coming out of surgery for me sucks. Chills and convulsions were not fun. But we head to the hotel and I am up and feeling great in a 1/2 a day. A few more days go by and I go into the office for my check up before I head home. I told him I didn't feel right. Like something is wrong and one side was bothering me more than the other. He said that's all normal even my low grade fever. Which contributed to my "not feeling right" feeling. So he said your safe to go home. My sister and I get on the plane and head home.
As I was in recovery at home in bed I still was running a fever and in some pain on one side. "Normal" so I decide I will feel better if I get up and go see my friends at work. They noticed I was very medicated. Over in fact. They asked why I seemed high as a kite? I told them I was strictly following the pain med. as directed on the bottle since my one side was in a lot of pain. They all agreed I looked insanely good but needed to get take home and back to bed. Since I was raised by a pack of wolves these ladies were my family that truly loved me so I went home and back to bed. My fever got worse, in fact it shot up. I called the surgeon and he said I had to hop on a flight out something was wrong. Being very young I did not have money saved for an emergency. At 20 your invincible anyway.....nothing was going to go wrong and the surgeon and office workers did not prepare me for such an emergency.
So I asked my current boyfriend to drive me to Florida.....sick ugh.....fortunately I don't remember anything but him being very pissed! I get to the P.S. he tells me I have a bad infection on one side of my breast and it needs to be flushed out possibly removed. I gave him very strict and serious instructions about NOT bringing me out of surgery with one breast. He felt that the other one was fine leave it alone and if one needs to be removed I could keep one and come back in three months to put the infected one back when it was healed. Now in his world that makes good reasoning. But in my world, with my job based on how I just was not possible. I would have no income and no way to pay my bills let alone get back to Florida for surgery. So I made it clear.....don't wake me up with one implant.
Well guess what happened next. I went in surgery to have him take a look and see if he could save the infected implant. Nope! He woke me up with one implant. So I made him put me out again and remove it! Oh what fun!
I recovered and went back to the girl who recommended this P.S. and told her what happened. I can't remember how I came to find this out by either this girl or just being in the P.S. office. But the P.S. who did my surgery was the younger brother of the much older and experienced P.S. that i was really suppose to go to and that did my friends surgery. When your twenty everyone seems old when they are older than yourself. So I didn't think inexperience when I meet him. I guess it makes no difference. But there were two brothers - P.S. with the same last name practicing in the same office. One inexperienced and one experienced.
So the older brother of the P.S. calls me since I pitched a fit in there office about going against my decisions which resulted in me being putting out three times in a week and not listening to me and sending me back to N.J. When I had a fever and told him I was not feeling right......that I was feeling worse as the days went on and not feeling better. Honestly the P.S didn't even mention the pain pills and Valium were only to be taken as needed and not every three hours like the bottle said too! Ahh.....I was 20 What did I know! Well I did know he should have taken them both out. So any how the older brother invites me back for three months later tells me he is putting in my boobs free of charge and promises I will have no more problems again. Let me tell you .....that sounded great! Especially after giving a 20 year old boobs for a week and taking them back. It's like being told you won the lottery then someone taking back and said just kidding!
So three months later I fly back and have the older brother P.S. give me boobs. They looked great. I loved them too. So did all my friends and it started a implant craze everyone went and got implants after I got home.
Now this story is fifteen years old so I am missing a detail of surgery here. So sorry. But I met my ex husband. I had implants at the time. I remember him going with me to Florida to the P.S. in Florida too. He was there to help me recover from another surgery that I can't remember why I was there. It must have been contracture / implant revision. I have pics of me right after surgery looking great! When I am recovering from surgery I get constipated really bad. So his mother recommended I use a suppository, I was desperate so I did. I did not know it would cause an emergency type of evacuation. So I used the suppository and got in the car. What happens next is almost unbelievable. When I tell this story people roll on the floor laughing and swear I am making it up.
I tell my current ex husband then boyfriend pull over at the next place with a bathroom. Ok it's a fast food joint. I go in and head to the bathroom with serious urgency. There is a young man mopping the floor. He is really into what he is doing. I mean putting all his might into every stroke to mop the floor. I notice he has a mental handi cap. So he tells me to walk past him. I said no that's ok. And wait a sec to find a clear way around him. The man mentions to me that its ok he will wait for me to walk by. Remember I have a real urgency to make it to the restroom. So I said ok and start walking slowly across the wet floor. Now it's maybe two or three days after surgery and all is well. As I am walking this man with all his might pulls back his arm to continue washing the floor, but I had not yet cleared his swing I guess you would call it. So I catch an elbow on the side of my chest. Right where your underwire would be on a bra directly under the arm pit. The pain was unreal. After this mess I went to the P.S. for my last check up to be released to fly home. I told him what happened and showed him the bruise. He was sooooo mad. So I go home.
Years later I develop a problem in the same area. I don't know that the mark the man who elbowed me ever healed completely I can't remember now. All I remember is the skin had a dime size circle that looked bruised and started peeling. My P.S. was not local so I waited a few days and it opened up and fluid gushed out. I seen a few Doctors that flushed it out. And a plastic surgeon that refused to help me. I was due for a cross country move for my husband who was a Marine and was due in California. We had the moving truck ready to go. It could not be put off no matter what. So I packed my boobs up tight in a sports bra hopped in the truck and left. None of this ever hurt from the first sign of an issue to the fast growing bruise like appearance to the bottom of my breast. As soon as I got to California we went to the hospital and they rushed me into surgery.
When I woke up I was in awful pain the worst ever. When they told me why it was because they needed to scrap my chest of accumulated scar tissue. Which I found out years later that this would stop me from being able to breast feed. Now to some that many not be a big deal but to me it was. Made me feel like less of a woman and I felt guilty that my vanity and decisions would effect my future children!
It was so hard to come to terms with my new appearance. I was only 23. I have been like this now for 14, almost 15 years now.

Sorry about typo's

I just don't have the time to spell check. I will try to wait until my son is asleep to post. He is the energizer bunny and never sleeps. So so tiered.........

Over the Moon

Omg I had a P.S. post an answer to my question about my current situation. He attached a link of a picture of his corrective surgery with someone who was in a much worse situation than myself. I got so excited I called their office. They are in Arizona the P.S. is Dr. Prichard. I have a phone consult with him on Thursday Aug. 1. We are going to discuss what it would cost and how many surgery's if any extra would be needed for my repair and what questions I can ask my current surgeon that may help me achieve the same excellent result if I decide not to take a trip to Arizona. Since he is out of state I am very apprehensive about doing that again in case I develop a problem like the first time I went for my surgery. His picture of the woman he repaired was way worse than my issues and you could not even tell she had any problems before. I cried a little on the phone with the concierge because it gave me hope. I am really considering going and my husband was actually supportive of me going and may come with. He hates leaving NJ because of his work. I feel so good right now. Lets hope I can afford an Arizona trip in addition to the surgery cost. Fingers crossed! I can't wait to up date on Thursday!

Changing Plastic Surgeons

I spoke with Dr. Prichard about five minutes ago. After explaining my history and current state he quickly explained what it would take to correct my problem. He was very nice and easy to understand his plan for me. Which was way more specific than my current Plastic Surgeon that I have my scheduled surgery with in A few months. Dr. Prichard had answered one of my questions that I had put out for the Dr. S and he posted a picture of work he did on someone else as a reference of the experience he has and that I am fixable. I am calling to cancel my appointment with my current plastic surgeon. I am waiting for a phone call from Dr. Prichard 's office to find out cost and a date.. I will be changing my physician's review to Dr. Prichard. I have had to many problems in the past to go into another surgery blind. With Dr. Prichard I feel like already I have more information and a plan to achieve the result I need. My confidence level is high now. I can't wait!

$$$$$$$ !

Ugh. I got my price quote in an email very soon after speaking with the P.S. it is a lot of money. I understand that I am not a straight forward case. It's just enough to not be able to justify spending that much on myself. I will need to put off my date and continue saving money. I emailed the office back about trying to reduce the price since its out of my range and hope they can work with me. Also I will be coming out of state and will also have the expense of my trip. Hopefully they can work with me. I cried a little last night. I was so close to fixing them. I Can Not go to my original P.S. after speaking with Dr. Prichard. I have had implants and several surgeries. I pretty much know what to expect. If I do straight forward implants I will still have several issues to deal with like not being symmetrical . That's a big problem for me, I now know that the symmetry issue in my case CAN be fixed so there is no settling for lopsided boobies. I could also wind up with a " double bubble"! So I am waiting for the office to send me a new price quote then go from there. Wish me luck I will think happy thoughts instead of the sad ones! It's just all part of the process that will lead me down the right path.

Made the call.....

I made the call to my original Plastic Surgeon' s office to cancel my appointment. I have mixed emotions. I want to cry. They asked if I wanted to reschedule I told them no and why. As the words came out I felt confident this was the absolute right thing to do. But sad that I could possibly be waiting a very long time to save double the amount I had expected and travel expenses on top. Honestly, I think I want to cry so much because I know I can't go have an affordable straight forward augmentation because I will probably look worse and continue to have problems with implants. I now must save more much that I may never be able to have the corrective surgery done. So the feeling is I may NEVER EVER be fixed again. My job is commission based. We introduced a very new service that is amazing. So far in my slowest time of year I have seen a rise in my income due to this service. My busy time will start very soon. I am hopeful I can get a few good checks and be caught up on my bills when I get them. Maybe my husband will gift me some money too. But I think he may be angry if he finds out I plan on saving the money for my self since we have a house that needs repairs and two kids.

I'm gonna try. Try to be positive and save. Or come to terms with it in the mean time. It's been almost 15 years since the exposure of my implant and removal of my boobs. I haven't come to terms with my appearance yet....... If I continue to post it will be under a new review with Dr. Prichard .

Thanks to anyone who read my story and if you are like me and have scarring from
breast extrusion and want to fix them it's best to find a Plastic Surgeon who has experience fixing them. Don't settle on a Plastic surgeon and HOPE for a good out come like I almost did. Pay the money if you can so you can truly be fixed. What I
came to understand is yes it can be done with the right surgeon. Thank god I found Real Self.

My story continues on the next review please read and see pics

I am scheduled surgery in less than six weeks my story with pics continues in the second review please follow me there......
Freehold General Surgeon

Did not share a plan on how he would address my very rare situation of repairing a breast extrusion scar. Being a man of few words left me feeling scared of what my possible out come would be. His straight forward implant procedure left me wondering how this could possibly correct my problem. To me it seemed my problems would be magnified. My questions and concern lead me to this site and to a physician who seems more qualified and experience in my very rare situation. So I am grateful for Dr. Nagy's consultation because it ultimately steered me in the right direction. I am sure he is a wonderful surgeon. But not the right one for me.

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