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I paid my deposit today for my mommy makeover on...

I paid my deposit today for my mommy makeover on August 19th. I need a full tummy tuck with muscle repair. My PS told me I have about a 3in separation. Not sure if this is average or not? I am also getting a much needed breast lift and augmentation. I consider myself to be in decent shape , I am about 5 pounds away from my goal weight.
I am excited and super nervous at the same time. I was originally going to schedule the procedure for November but the wait and anticipation will kill me so I decided to just suck it up and do it in August and I figured I would still enjoy the majority of the summer. We have a family trip planned to disney world 7 weeks post op which is also adding to my anxiety , however from what I read and my PS tells me I will be fine by 7 weeks for this type of vacation. So happy to have this booked and ready to start preparing for the big day!

Change of drs

So I changed drs. Going into NYC to Dr Adam Kokler. I can't figure out how to change the dr in my review. Nov 4th is my date. I feel like he is a better choice for me. I am still getting lift small augmentation nothing crazy and full TT. Excited but nervous about recovery!

Had Pre-op today!!

went for pre-op today. We are going away next week and won't be back til 18th of Oct. so needed to get it done prior to vacation. Surgery set for Nov. 4th. I met with nurse who went over everything and after leaving there I become very anxious about all of this!! I am worried about getting put to sleep. what if I don't wake up!! I have been put to sleep before for kidney stones but I will be out for a lot longer and it really freaks me out! Does anyone else feel this way? How did you handle this? Im afraid I may have a panic attack the day of in the office!!

Then they give you disclaimers for each procedure that you need to sign with a long list of potentially all things that could go wrong! Its too stressful to think about it. What if I am that one rare case??

I trust Dr. Kolker. He is highly recommended and top doc in the city. That's the reason I am going out of my way (And putting out a lot more $$$) to see him in the city when I could have just gone with a local dr. But it is still very nerve wracking. I just want to be in recovery which I know will be hard but at least I'll be on my way. Will try not to worry until day of. haha guess that's why the Valium may be necessary I don't like to take prescription medications but this time I will do as the dr. says.

17 days and counting...

So my surgery is almost 2 weeks away. I am starting to freak out. We just got back from vacation yesterday so it was a good distraction but now I am home and the fact that the surgery is around the corner is freaking me out. I don't have any help, other then my husband. My parents both passed away and my mother in law is a great help but not in this situation. I don't even discuss surgery with her at all. She will make me more anxious and try to talk me out of it. I need positive people around me who are supportive. I have a wonderful friend who was supposed to help me. She recently found out she has colon cancer. She is going to be ok thank god!!! but can not be around to help out around the house and with my kids as originally planned. So I only have my husband to rely on and he's a wonderful guy….but he has no idea everything I do on a daily basis with the house and our 3 kids! I literally do everything!! So I am freaking out because I am not sure how this is all going to turn out. I know the first few days I will be out of it but to anyone that has been through this how will I feel on day 5 or so?? How many days am I going to need him around? He owns his own business so being away from the office is not easy but he will do what he has to. I am going to find someone to come in and clean my house maybe every 2 weeks or so until I am able to keep up with it again. But worried about my kids … they are used to me giving them baths, putting them to bed, helping with homework, driving them to their after school activities, feeding them….the list goes on and on!! I feel guilty doing this like my kids are going to suffer!! Ahhh sucks having the mom guilt.

2 weeks until surgery

Ok so i am 2 weeks til my surgery. full TT, BA with a lift. for the ladies that have been through this, where is the most comfortable place to set up ? I would prefer to lay in my bed but I have been reading that may not be the best idea? I don't have a recliner, nor do I have room for one. Any advice or feedback would be appreciated! And I am assuming I will be swelling in my abdomen area for much of the winter, so should I say goodbye to my jeans and maybe get some more leggings with tops? I plan on getting some wedge pillows and gel ice packs. I have a heating pad. What else is a must have?? Thanks ladies! Trying to remain calm and plan

Getting Ready!

So I am 10 days away from my surgery. Seems sort of surreal. I spoke to Jillian the patient coordinator on Friday who put me more at ease. I just keep going back to how guilty I feel putting my self out of commission when my family needs me. Not to mention how It is something I constantly keep struggling with. I am also worried how I am going to recover from having the Tummy Tuck. The drains, the pain! oh my! hahah

have made all the arrangements for my kids, got all my scripts filled, getting blood work on Monday and I am reserving a lift chair.

something else I am struggling with is going through with the breast implants. I am a very natural person. I feed my family mostly organic, non -gmo foods. I read labels from everything from personal cosmetics to food. I don't rush to the dr when i am sick, I find natural ways of healing , especially with essential oils. I realize that I sound crazy to most of you. So yesterday on my Facebook feed pops up an article from a site I follow about how breast implants are the ticking time bomb in women's bodies. Of course I had to read it!! And it is all stuff I had read before about linking the breast implants to auto immune diseases. Now I know the FDA "studied" the implants and no link has been found, but for me, that doesn't give me peace of mind. I don't necessarily trust the FDA or the gov't to have our best interests. I realize that putting anything foreign in our bodies carries a risk. I know a bunch of women who have implants who have no complaints about them. It is just something that I keep going over in my head. second guessing my decision, even though I want to have nice boobs again!

So, now you ladies probably really think I am crazy, and that's ok. :-) Had to get this off my chest and god knows my husband is tired of hearing me talk about all of this! hahah have a great day ladies!

3 more days !

Can't believe it's almost time. I'm as ready as I will ever bE. I just want to get it over with at this point and be in recovery. I have been taking my vitamin regimen since last wed . I am due for my period tomorrow and feel like crap. My boobs hurt , and I'm so tired and bloated. Perfect timing! And I have a bit of a cold or allergies I think which involves coughing every so often. Especially in the morning and at night. Should be a good time on Wednesday haha.

I also wanted to post my stats. I should post a full frontal pic but I'm scared too. Haha maybe I will. Anyway I'm 5'5 and 142 pounds. I wear a size 6. Would love to get back in a 4. Hopefully after this surgery I will get back into my workout routine. I fell out of it the past month between being on vacation and life has been busy. No excuse so looking forward to healing and getting back to it. I also have stopped my shakes and I miss them!!! They had some ingredients in it that I was told to avoid at least two weeks prior to surgery so I played it safe and avoided it even longer. Ugh it's contributing to my over all not well feeling .


Full blown in the bed sick with a fever. :-( it's hard to believe. I mean I started this journey in April and have patiently waited for my date nov 4th to come! And bam wake up sick as a dog!!! Wth!!! I'm so sad and disappointed as I am sure I will have to postpone my surgery :-( I am waiting to speak with patient coordinator. Sent her an email and called. I'm so upset about this. Has this happened to anyone out there??? I NEVER get sick. Feeling deflated and sad and very sick

Surgery is on For tomorrow!

So last night I was on my death bed had fever body aches. I woke up this morning feeling better not 100% however. Still feel not the greatest but I spoke to my PS on the phone who assured me I was fine for surgery tomorrow. So now I am freaking out as I lost an entire day yesterday being sick Everything is a mess around my house I need to take a deep breath.

Made it !

So I made it through surgery. It was definitely not easy yesterday. Waking up was the worst. I was nauseous and shaking crying just a complete hot mess. Thank god my PS keeps you overnight with a nurse. I couldn't imagine having to go home. I am feeling better as the day goes on. Keeping up with the pain meds every 4 hours. I have 4 drains 2 in my breasts and 2 in my abdomen. So far they aren't causing me any pain. My boobs either. My stomach is very tight and painful once meds start wearing off. Hard to sleep but renting the lift chair was definitely a good idea . Hope i continue to feel better and that day 1-4 are the worst.

Took a shower

Wow didn't realize how exhausting taking a shower would be! My husband and I were both nervous but we did it haha. I felt lightheaded after wards. So I've been resting. Still don't have much of an appetite. He made me some eggs around lunch time that was the first real thing I have eaten besides crackers since day before surgery. I am getting more and more swollen in the stomach area. My boobs so far so good aren't causing me too much pain or discomfort. I'm just living in my lift chair haha getting up every so often to pee it hurts to walk. I'm still very hunched over. One day at a time ...

Day 4 thoughts

I am more swollen in my stomach. I don't feel like I am draining a ton of fluid then again I don't know how much is supposed to come out. Wasn't told a range or anything just if it was over a certain amount a day to call. My left abdominal drain incision is leaking outwardly but dr said its ok. It's just annoying.

My lift and implants are barely giving me anything to even talk about. They don't hurt. I feel minimal discomfort. They look and feel very natural like I have always had them!!!

I am trying to wean off the pain killers but I'm still in pain and needing them. I was taking 2 vicodins every 4 hours around the clock so now I'm just taking 1 every 4 hours will see how this goes today. My kids are now home so I went downstairs and tried to help get them out the door for soccer and hockey. I was limited and my kids were asking me a million questions about what everything was and why I was walking funny. I made a pot of coffee. That sort of thing. I'm a little lightheaded but I think I need to eat a meal something other then crackers , soup, or eggs. I'll do that today.

At night I get this terrible dry cough. It's beyond painful. I have to keep getting up to stand. Every time I recline back I cough. And it's terribly painful. Last night wasn't as bad as the night before but I am not sleeping well.


Back pain

My back is killing me. From sitting I guess but I can't stand for too long. I shuffle to bathroom. Maybe walk down stairs twice a day that's all I can do before I need to sit again but I feel like I am rotting in an old persons lift chair!! Has anyone got any relief with a heating pad?? Any other suggestions???

I also just had a horrible bout of nausea. It came out of no where. It was so bad. My husband asked if there was anything he could do and I say pray for me this is going to hurt so bad :-( i was able to ward it off and finally take an anti nausea pill. I feel better But wondering what triggered it? Maybe all the supplements ? Ugh I feel sick even typing about it.

Regulating pain

How do you ladies regulate your pain???? I only have few Vicodin left. So I have been taking extra strength Tylenol which is nothing great not to mention you can only take 6 capsules over the course of a whole
Day which doesn't keep you covered if you had to take 2 every 6 hours. So I'm on day 5. What do you ladies do??? I'm miserable today. Over all of this. Tired of feeling like crap. :-(

1st post op

Had my first post op today. I have been feeling a little down unhappy because I have felt bad can't sleep back aches. It probably did me well to get outside today! I got two of my drains in the breasts removed. It was horrible for 30 seconds. I am tentatively scheduled to go back Thursday for my 2nd post op and get abdomens drains removed. I feel better already with two gone!!!

My PS said everything looks like it's healing great! Said to expect more swelling in my abdomen until 2 weeks and then should start subsiding. It's numb and uncomfortably swollen. I have been getting better everyday though !!

Hope everyone is healing well have a good night!!

1 week post op!

Wow can't believe it's been a week!

I still have two drains that are hopefully getting removed tomorrow. I'm walking around doing some thing for my kids like making their lunch every morning etc. I can walk around for small amounts of time then I need to rest. I've been trying to take a nap in the afternoon before my kids get off bus. It's been hard being home with my 3 year old alone...she's been watching a lot of tv! It's only temporary. My house is sort of going to crap. I can't do much to upkeep it and I have hard time picking stuff up off the floor. Have to bend ackwardly to do laundry. Let's just say it isn't easy.

I have been off pain meds for days now. Just taking some extra strength Tylenol before bed. I finished my antibiotic today thank god!! It's been reeking havoc on my stomach despite eating before I take it probiotics. Ugh so happy I took last dose at lunch today.

I had rented a lift chair and did sleep in it for the first 5 days but it just wasn't comfortable for me. My butt was numb my back was aching more. So I moved to my bed the past couple nights propped up on a ton of pillows and I have actually slept!!! It was glorious! Haha

I just need to feel a little bit better so I can start pitching in around more. My husband has been great taking kids to all their activities but I know he's tired When did everyone drive again???

Leg pain

So I somehow hurt my leg. I don't know if it's my siatic nerve but it hurts in the middle of my right butt cheek and travels down my leg. Thinking I hurt it doing skmething I probably shouldn't have been doing bending down who knows. This sucks is all I know. I actually woke up feeling wayyy less sore and walking almost completely upright but now I am two huge steps back with this damn leg pain. Just had to complain somewhere. I'm beyond annoyed. Hope everyone is feeling great today !!!!

2 weeks post op today!

Can't believe it's been 2 weeks. It's definitely been a long two weeks. The first being the longest. I aggravated my sciatic nerve over the weekend and that was a set back but it's feeling better. My stomach is still very swollen. I've been living in leggings that I roll under my incision and long roomy tops. I can't wait Til the swelling subsides and I can wear something else My PS said the swelling peaks at 2 weeks then starts to subside. So I'm looking forward to that. My breasts seems to be doing well. Not much pain or discomfort. Sometimes I get some shooting pains but nothing horrible. I'm walking pretty much normal now. Driving, doing my normal day to day activities with the exception of heavy cleaning and stuff like that. I'm definitely sore still but getting better every day. I'm exhausted by night. Sleeping propped up on pillows in my bed. Can't wait to be able to lay on my side. I had rented a lift chair and used for first week and that was it. I didn't sleep the first 5 days I couldn't get comfortable in that thing and It wasn't until I went back to my bed that I ended up sleeping .

My next post op is Friday. Looking forward to seeing how I feel and look in another week. Hope everyone is having a great day :-)

3 weeks!!

Today marks 3 weeks. It's so crazy. Time has flown for sure !!! I'm back to doing all of my pre surgery duties. I just get super tired by bedtime. I end up falling asleep with the kids at 8:30-9 . Still dealing with swelling. It is slowly getting better!!! It's not too bad in the morning when I wake up but then bam! It comes! I started to walk this week. Definitely more swollen after that. Other then that feeling pretty good!! A little sore but nothing horrible. My breasts are doing well. Doing my exercises 4xs a day. I love them!! So happy I got the breast augment!! I hope all you ladies are doing well and have a wonderful thanksgiving !!!

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