BBL, Lipo and TT

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I've been wanting to get a TT for several years...

I've been wanting to get a TT for several years since I had my daughter and I finally got the guts to book it.

Flight is booked, Deposit is sent. so far the staff at walkiris office has been responsive and I'm counting down the days! Anyone getting their procedure done on May 12th? I'm traveling alone so I'm a bit nervous!


Decided to Go with Yily! TT, Lipo, Bbl

I was scheduled with robles but decided to go with Yily instead. I'm following her on IG and just had to switch, I love the results I've seen so far and love how thorough she's been so far with her emails. I'll be flying from NY on June 27th - need surgery buddy! I'm flying alone.Right now my Hemo is 12.6 so I've been taking Blood builders, iron, folic acid and complex b . Will post pics soon

So excited

I started seeing a trainer - would like to drop atleast 5-10 lbs before surgery. I'm 5'8 and weigh 170 right now which is not normal for me I've always weighed between 150-160. I'm eating right and hitting the gym 3-5 days per week. I have 8 wks to go!


Can't wait to sit down and not see this anymore

Down 5 lbs and got my Hemo up!

Yesss 13.1 I'm so anxious!
I highly recommend buying blood builders to raise ur Hemo - it worked for me :)

The day is finally here

At the airport ???????????????? sx tomorrow god willing

Snatched but oh so regretting it

Keeping it 100 - all u need to know

So I got to the airport and Jose was waiting for me with a sign- The driver is so pleasant and I give him 5 stars. All you women who talk shit on here that he charges you is because you either didn't get the all inclusive package, or you asked for rides to places that are not included. FYI the package includes rides to clinic, follow up and round trip to airport.

Anyway- so I get to the hospital immediately after landing. we get to the hospital, sign in, girl at reception knows English. she asks what I'm getting done and has me take a seat for blood work. There's about 10 other girls there, some talking about how they've been there all day. Little did I know I'd be in their shoes too. So I get my blood work done and find out my Hemo is only 11.8. Which doesn't even make sense because in the states it was 13 before I left. I ended up having to pay 40 something dollars for the iron treatment. FYI - bring lots of cash and change because no one had any change. Iron treatment was so painful for me and my arm is bruised up..

After spending about 3 hours in the hospital the driver brought me and a few other girls to luxury RH. The women here are extremely nice, accommodating and had food ready for us when we got here. Ladies please keep in mind you are in another country, where the Norm is rice and beans. I'm Dominican so this is nothing new to me. We also had fresh sneezed juice that was amazing. The house is huge, spacious rooms and restroom inside of bedroom that fits 3. The beds are twin sized which makes for a bit of discomfort especially after a TT.

First massage

So many extra expenses I wish I knew of before I got here. I'm 3 days post up and had my first massage today. It costs 100 for 5 and they recommend 10.
One complaint I have about this house besides the fact there are no hospital beds so sleeping is the most uncomfortable thing ever is the fact that u have to go up so many flights of stairs to get ur massage on 4th floor. Like is that even realistic? 4 flights for someone hunched over. 3 days po and I still can't stand for more than 1 min. No wonder I've fainted tWice.

The massage lady is so gentle and nice I give her 5 stars. She knows her shit. It was painful af but a weird pain that I can't describe. You can't opt out of this massage cuz u won't heal

5 days PO

They say the first five days are the worst. No lie!
It's not even the tummy tuck. What's killing me is the Lipo on my back. After TT you can only lay on ur back and there's really nothing u can do to make it comfortable. My stomach has lots of fluids so my compression garment is extra tight to help lessen the inflammation. At times I feel like I can't even breath.
Had my 2nd massage today it's painful af !!!!!

First check up with Yily

Today I had to wake up at 5am for my first PO appointment. The driver is here at 6 for my 7am appt. when I got to the clinic there were Atleast 20 other girls there for their po appt too!! Little by little more women came in. It got to the point where there weren't enough seats. Smfh! I waited a good hour before they called my name. I'm only 7 days PO so I didn't expect them to take my drain out I'm still very swollen and retaining a lot of the liquid so my belly looks deformed which is discouraging considering all of the pain im in. I do feel a little better today though.. Slowly getting there. Doctor told me I have to go back again before I leave this week. Girls were screaming as their drains came out so I'm not looking forward to that ????

Not sure what to pack??

Don't bother bringing under wears as you will be in your faja all day.
I brought 6 dresses and only wore one so far and several night gowns. I literally have my faja on all day and it's too hot to be wearing clothes unless ur going out or have to eat with the other girls in the house
Bring wife beaters for sure a big pack
Your own bar of soap
Iron pills complex b and folic acid (they charge an arm and a leg here)
Pain meds from states the ones here suck!!
Small towels no need to bring the big ones
Snacks to eat during po appt
Lots of pads
Baby wipes

Swollen AF

My lower abdomen is huge as if I'm pregnant - it's not fluid and my upper vag looks swollen as well. Is this normal!!! I'm 6 weeks PO and can't wear anything tight
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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